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BUSINESS PLAN OF POULTRY FARM - Free download as Word Doc .doc /. docx), PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Business concept. Free Poultry Business Plan PDF - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt ) or read online for free. Free-poultry-business-plan-pdf. POULTRY. INVESTMENT. PROPOSAL. Gambia Investment &. Export Promotion Agency. Business & Export Development. Department.

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COMPLETE POULTRY FARMING BUSINESS PLAN FOR 2, LAYERS FARM EXECUTIVE SUMMARY Table Egg production via the process of raising. PDF | On Oct 24, , Faustin Hategekimana and others published Poultry Business Plan. How to start a profitable broiler poultry farming business and the poultry farming business plan (PDF, Word and Excel financial statements).

When the business plan is being used to acquire financing, detailed lists of inventories. Related Posts. By five years at full capacity it would employ about 14 persons. Most farm fail because they wanted to reduce cost of feed by compounding farms should only venture into self compounding on ground with available experiment. This is a partnership business where the main activity of the firm is to provide quality product through the Dhaka city.

Feb 7. Poultry hatchery books pdf.

Business plan pdf poultry

You are welcome to use this plan as a starting point to create your own. PDF File. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page.


Search inside document. Sunday Shido-ikwu Benjamin. Almuntasir Ibrahim Alhussaini. Michael John Mandolado. Adeyemi Azeem Adedeji. Tina Mangwanya. Avik Maitra. Manoj Bhalani. Ebuka Ekedum. Sachin Kakkad.

Starting Broiler Poultry Farming Business Plan (PDF)

Amalina Sulaiman. Growel Agrovet Private Limited. Amos Ganyam. Angelo Mwamburi. Brenda Makoni. Feasibility Report on Cassava Processing in Nigeria. Popular in Animals And Humans.


Our Compass. Fahmi Nuzarwan. Fund must be available as when needed according to plan to avoid creating stress factors which would cost so much in revenue loss B. The poultry industry is knowledge based home employment of expertise is imperative. Consultancy is paramount. Training and retraining of staff is sacrosanct no mather how small the level and acquisition of knowledge of modern trend is a factor to growth.

Proper ventilation and spacing is a critical success factor. Position your house to give the birds maximum ventilation and reduce heat. Disease entrance and spread are as a result of any form of breach in biosecurity. Foot bath, car bath, prohibition of un authorized persons etc. Watering and water source is of great importance. Foul water source or water getting contaminated in poultry house signifies that the farm will fail. Water should be managed to ensure that clear and clean water is available for bird ad libitum.

Most farm fail because they wanted to reduce cost of feed by compounding farms should only venture into self compounding on ground with available experiment.

All nutrients must be readily available in the market to prevent malnutrition. Egg produced must be sold.

Proper marketing with vigorous advertisement will ensure the product is made available to the target market. Pilfering shrinkages, indulgence, misappropriation are few of the several epidemic that constantly plaque poultry in Nigeria. Workers steal eggs, birds, feed, money and even drugs if they are not properly monitored.

Sales agents and drivers could sell at different prices and report differently. Effective management of this ends are critical factor. At full capacity, Management is separated from administration, when the owner is not directly involved in day to day management.

Absentee farming is hazardous. Someone with stake in the venture should give quality time to it to survive. The poultry industry in Nigeria is largely untapped. The poultry will provide employment in the first year for at lease two persons. By five years at full capacity it would employ about 14 persons.

Contractors and suppliers should also benefit. Nationally, it will reduce cash flight or lost in Forex and generate about N17 million per annum in revenue. The banks, insurance companies and Agricultural consulting firms shall all be beneficiaries with the attendant tax going to the government. The investors shall also have find a means of expressing their entrepreneurial skill. The manure will service proximal farms and far farms. Egg marketers, maize or feed suppliers, transporters, spent birds marketers etc shall all be affected positively.

The impact on the economy will be positive. As per their order we will directly supply chickens and eggs to the customers by our own transportation. We always try to give high facility to our customers. For quickly serve the customers we have a farm and warehouse in Gazipur that is near Dhaka city.

We also have an office in Banani which address is- Shop no, Road no- 6, New airport road, Banani, Dhaka for quick access with the customers.

Plan pdf business poultry

For making customers order easy we also have a email address, so that customers can order us easily. We are going to introduce own website for customers convenience.

We moreover supply our product chicken and Egg to the customers by own transport system with full responsibility. Our main inventory is chicken and eggs. First of all we will buy chicken and eggs from different area around Dhaka city especially from Gazipur and put it into our farm and warehouse.

Then we supply the chickens and eggs to different restaurant, super shop, hotel, community center, and bakery house as per their order. In business human resources is one of the most important factors and have a big role in a business organization. For collect inventory, maintaining inventory, and reached the product to the desired customers we will have to need some people.

They will very skillful on their own field. If additional skill and efficiency needed we will provide them training. We also supervise their work. We will supervise different sectors of this business like- buying inventory Chicken and eggs , marketing, and finance etc. We will do this on the basis of our knowledge and skill of that sector. As Mofakkharul Islam and Rokeya Khatun have a good knowledge on finance, so they will look after on financial factors.

Nazmul Hossain and Ahsan Habib has a good commend on marketing, they will take care of marketing. And Nazmul Hossain is a specialist on inventory management, so that he will care for buying and managing inventory. Investors are we all five members. We will equally contribute in business. Our contributions are showing below:. Mofakkharul Islam and Rokeya Khatun will keep the books of all our expenses and income.

Expense here means how much our cost of buying chickens and eggs, food, transportation, salary, different types of bill etc. We will keep the book of all expenses day by day with exact date. Nazmul Hossain and Ahsan Habib will look after on all marketing and distribution system.

We will know the customers about our product and additional service we will provide. How we will reach the product to our customers etc. Nazmul Hossain will give emphasize on buying and managing chickens and eggs.

From where he will buy chickens and eggs, where it will keep, food and health of chicken will manage by him. Now poultry business is a very popular business in Bangladesh.

Because it is very easy and very small amount is need to start the business. Although there have many existing competitors in the market, but there have a high chance to succeed because existing competitors are fail to fulfill the customers demand.

They are also. So we think that choosing this business is our right decision. Business concept: Purpose of the venture: To create the employment opportunity for others. To contribute the economy of the country. Objective of the founders: Description of the firm: This is a partnership business. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Nazmul Hossain Md. Mofakkharul Islam Rokeya Khatun Md. Ahsan Habib Md. Nazmul Hossain Vision Providing quality product with reasonable price.

The primary cost of our business is given below: Market research and analysis: Customer scenario: Analyze competitors: