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David Brainerd, ( – ), American missionary among the Native Americans, was born at Haddam, Connecticut. He was orphaned at fourteen, and . By DAVID BRAINERD,. Minister of the Gospel, and Missionary from the said Society: Published by the Reverend and worthy Correspondents of the said Society;. The Life And Diary Of David Brainerd (eBook) In ePub,.mobi &.pdf formats There is one thing in Mr. Brainerd, easily discernible by the following account of.

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As Mr. Brainerd's religious impressions, views, and affections in their nature were . DAVID BRAINERD was born April 20, , at Haddam, a town of Hartford. D avid. B ra in e rd. M a y I N e ve r L o ite. r o n M y H e a ve n ly J o u rn e y. 1. David. Brainerd. JOHN PIPER. May I Never Loiter On My Heavenly Journey!. DAVID BRAINERD was born April 20, , at Haddam, a town of Hartford, in David. -- Mrs. Dorothy Brainerd having lived about five years a widow, died.

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