Nso level 2 previous year papers pdf

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Past three years papers of NSO Level 2 are now available as Instant Download ebooks. Click the link to Previous Years Papers for NSO Level 2. Past three. NSO Sample Paper Class 2 (Download PDF) Get the largest collection Olympiad Class 3 sample & previous year Papers (PDF) from −. National Science Olympiad (NSO) Previous Year Papers with Solution for the students of Class 1 what kind of questions have been asked, what would be the difficulty level and how to manage time. (ii) Questions based on NSO Syllabus.

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Class 9 Nso 3 Year e Book Level 2 13[1]2 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File photocopying, recording or otherwise, without the prior permission of the And it is based on last years papers of IMO exam. 2 Year th LEVEL . Class 3 Nso 3 Year e Book Level 2 14 2 - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File ( .txt) or read online. ggg. And it is based on last years papers of NSO exam. You can get NSO papers from here - National Science Olympiad Question link to get a free 2nd level NSO, NCO and IMO sample paper and questions? to get Science Olympiad Foundation(SOF)'s NSO, NCO, IMO, IEO Previous years papers in Where can I get free previous year papers for SOF NSO level 2 and IMO.

How many persons are there in the line? Miftahudin Subhi. Q and R be? The water took 6 minutes to reach its boiling point after it was heated. Abhishek Goyal. It provides door to door service.

A F will double while FBA will remain the same.

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Both are weighed in air by the A B C D same sensitive spring balance and under identical condition. What is the weight of the plane?

The weight of a balloon is W1 when empty and W2 when filled with air. The energy absorbed by a solar panel is used to charge a battery. According to the chart.

Previous 2 pdf papers nso level year

What is the minimum time for which the battery must be charged during the day? A s B s C s D s During the day. It has two jet engines. Objects A and B are separated by a distance r. Heavy gas oil Which of the following pairs has elements with same number of neutrons?

What conclusion can be drawn regarding the melting points and boiling points of substance P and substance Q? A Substance P has a higher melting point and a higher boiling point than substance Q. The maximum number of electrons that can be accommodated in the outermost orbit is 8. Shells are filled in a step-wise manner. Bitumen B Bitumen. The microscopic view of three different substances are shown in the given diagram.

Chemical formulae of few compounds are given. Fuel gas D Gasoline. The given table contains information about the various fractions obtained when crude oil is fractionally distilled. A Bitumen. Choose the correct order among the following.

Class 3 Nso 3 Year e Book Level 2 14 2

Naphtha C Fuel gas. The fraction X would be distilled over first and fraction Y will be collected at the bottom of the column. C Substance P has the higher melting point but substance Q has the higher boiling point.

Choose the incorrect statement s among the following. B Substance Q has a higher melting point and a higher boiling point than substance P. The maximum number of electrons present in L and N shells are 8 and 18 respectively. T2 and T3 are temperatures and F1. F2 and F3 are the forces of attraction of the particles of the respective states. Suppose that figures 1 and 2 represent the heating curves for substances P and Q respectively.

Identify X and Y respectively. D Substance Q has the higher melting point but substance P has the higher boiling point. By using the given hints.

Q is found in outer skin layer of sole and palms and is protective in function. Si B Ne. P iv Helps in development of acrosome of sperm. Shobha dissolved 42 g of sugar in g water. S is ciliated columnar epithelium and is found in inner surface of eyelids. Q C R represents neutrophil which is phagocytic in nature. Find the solubility of sugar. R is found in respiratory tract and helps in gaseous exchange.

A Some solids are evaporated with solvent B Some solids decompose or some may get charred on heating to dryness C Some impurities may remain dissolved in the solution even after filtration.

A B C D P is found in organs involved in secretion such as stomach. Y and Z. It has one shell and three valence electrons more than that of Y. There are three elements. Select the correct option regarding this.

H iii Helps in storage of secretory products. She obtained 12 g of sugar as the residue. It is the smallest element with zero valency. Identify the blood cells in the given figure and select the correct option regarding them.

Class 9 Nso 3 Year e Book Level 2 13[1]2

Y and Z respectively. D All of these The given figure shows four different types of epithelium P. It has four neutrons more than that of X. She stirred the solution well and then filtered it. Categorise the following functions respectively associated with the given cell organelles P and Q. R and S.

B P is nitrogen. Which of the following options correctly identifies P. Y is combustion and W is acid rain. Which of the following is correct regarding W. Measles Q MMR 3. Which of the following could be the outcome of this clearance? A P is Aurelia and Q is Ascaris. D iv Z is a disease caused by a protozoan and damages the nervous system. X is photosynthesis and W is global warming.

The given diagram shows a tropical forest before and after the No clearance. C W is a bacterium and Z is kala-azar. Fossil fuels Refer the given biogeochemical cycle of 'P' and select Effect of increased concentration A P is carbon dioxide. C Soil erosion will speed up because larger trees hold more soil than small plants. Body of animal is divisible into head. X is photosynthesis and Z is respiration. Tuberculosis Mycobacterium tuberculosis P 2. D W is a bacterium and Z is sleeping sickness.

R and S in the table? Disease Causative agent Vaccine 1. Refer the given table. Y and Z? A W is a protozoan and X is diabetes.

Year 2 previous pdf level nso papers

D Soil will become waterlogged because crop fields are regularly irrigated. Read the following statements. X is photosynthesis and W is acid rain.

NSO Previous Year Papers with Explanation of Answers

C P is carbon dioxide. Study the given chart and select the option which incorrectly identifies any of the animals. B X is thalassaemia and Y is malaria. D S is Periplaneta and P is Spongilla. C R is Pheretima and S is Obelia. Carolus Linnaeus. Cryptogams B c. Cold blooded C b.

Select the option which correctly fills the blanks in any two of the above statements. Identify X. Gymnosperms and angiosperms.

Ayrshire D X. Phanerogams d.

Class 9 Nso 3 Year e Book Level 2 13[1]2 | Filtration | Force

Against the concentration gradient by diffusion or osmosis Against the concentration gradient by active transport Along the concentration gradient by diffusion or osmosis Along the concentration gradient by active transport Cryptogams c.

Some garden soil is put into a beaker containing water. Select the correct match. B Rotation of the Earth on its axis causes days and nights.

B The plant has tendrils to get support. In order to grow a new money plant. A Planets reflect the light of the Sun that falls on them. B Friction against movement of hands generates heat energy. It takes the shape of the container. C The plant can live in dry conditions.

Solid Liquid A It has definite size. Select the incorrect comparison between solid and liquid. Digestive system It doesn't have any definite size. C The group of planets are called constellations. In winters. Circulatory system D Windpipe. It has definite volume. D All of these It flows easily. Reproductive system C Heart.

D It doesn't take the shape of the container. D A satellite is an object that moves around a planet. Which one of the following statements is true for the given plant?

A The plant has strong and thick stem. Select the incorrect statement. C Heat travels from the surrounding to the hands. C It doesn't flow easily. D The plant does not make its own food. B It doesn't have definite volume. How does heat generate? A Movement of hands gains heat from the surroundings. A Spinal cord. Nervous system B Aorta. What was the cost of each toy aeroplane? Day Name Meeku Mohit Manoj Mintu Minku Monday Tuesday 4 3 4 3 7 5 5 9 6 2 hours hours hours hours hours Wednesday hours hours hours hours hours 6 8 5 5 8 Thursday hours hours hours hours hours 2 hours 3 hours 6 hours 5 hours 10 hours Which two friends spent the same time watching television in four days?

Minku and Mohit 2. Meeku and Manoj C. Mohit and Mintu B. The given table shows the number of hours five friends watch television in four days. The figure shows the weights of a container with different number of balls placed in it. What is the weight of the empty container? Minku and Mintu D. Figure 1 shows the volume of ink in a measuring cylinder initially. Megha is standing in a line.

How many persons are there in the line? Which of the following fractions is the smallest? How much ink was discarded? How long did the class last? Some ink was discarded and the volume of the remaining ink is shown in Figure 2.

She is the fourth person from the front and thirteenth person from the back. What is the aim of the experiment? Shape C. Birds of type 'd' are flesh-eating birds like hawks and eagles. To see if different amount of water affect the growth of seedlings.

Size It is used to make glasses It is found on seashore and also in deserts The given diagram shows three kinds of birds d. Which of the following does not hold true regarding birds d. Study the given diagram showing features of a type of soil 'X' and select the correct option regarding it. In birds of type 'e'.

When ammonia gas is liquefied. Mass B. Plants grow well in it It is used to make toys. To prove that plants grow taller over time. Solution a Verandahs and balconies b Wire netting on doors and windows c Closed dustbins for garbage d Drainage system to carry away the dirty water B.

In birds of type 'f'. Study the given graph carefully. Match the given columns and select Problem 1 Mosquitoes and germs 2 Insufficient sunlight and fresh air 3 Flies and other insects A. To see if water is needed for plant growth.

To show that water is needed for germination of seeds. The given diagram shows a box being pushed. The water in the kettle was initially in the liquid state. Size C. X and Y acting on the box. All of these Push Push D.

Shape B. The water took 6 minutes to reach its boiling point after it was heated. In process 'b'. Friction C. In process 'c'. For which of the following activities. Direction D. In process 'a'. The kettle of water was heated for 6 minutes. The temperature changes in a kettle of water was recorded for 14 minutes and represented in the graph as shown.

None of these Space for Rough Work. The given diagram represents the water cycle. Identify the three forces. There was less water in the kettle at point 'e' than at point 'a'. The shoot appears. The seed coat breaks. The root appears. Hot balloon. R and S Whole wheat bread Space for Rough Work.

Oesophagus Select the option in which the odd one among the others is encircled correctly. Small intestine B. Green leafy vegetables B. Stomach C. Auto-rickshaw Ship B. Car D. Which of the following represents the correct sequence of these events? Boat C. The events below show what happens when a seed germinates.

Study the given diagram carefully. Select the correct option regarding the given figures showing some activities. All of these. The first leaf appears. Select the correct classification of animals on the basis of their mouth parts that suit their eating habits. Liver D. Citrus fruits C. Pulses D. Raju ran for 10 minutes. Which among the following professionals is associated with hospitality industry?

Perishable goods like milk. It is a better mode of transportation for petroleum and its products as it involves crosscontinental transfers. Raju did warm up exercise for 10 minutes.

Match the columns and select the correct option. It is very useful for transporting heavy and bulky goods. It is very useful at the time of natural or any other calamities for saving people or supplying goods of their basic requirements immediately. Which of the following is the most probable condition during which pulse rate was recorded?

Q and R be? The given graph shows Raju's pulse rate. Raju walked for 1 hour. Raju slept for 1 hour. Based on the given flow chart.