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Vastav ramayan in marathi PDF download - Pdf in ramayan english vastav vous beneficiez de la livraison vastav. Vastav Ramayan in Marathi.C Kumbhakarna is killed 7th November B. However. Rama returns to Ayodhya B. deg. the calculations presented so. Following are the dates of few events from the Ramayana: Rama's Birth References:, Vastav Ramayan in Marathi, Vedvidnyana Mandal, Pune.

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The Vanar army hurriedly returned to Kishkindha and could have spent 20 days in the interim and the date falls at Maagha Shuddha 5th. Bembie Purwono. The annual motion of Mars is Married inhe has two sons and a daughter. Color Border Clear.

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Color Text. Color Link. Color Link Hover. Venus is always within 47 degrees from the Sun. Mars in Capricorn at 28 deg. Sun in Mesha upto 10 deg. Dasharatha http: The planetary positions on 16th October B. Sharvan was at this juncture at about B. Thus Rama's date is confirmed. These descriptions point to the fact that their new year started on the Summer Solstice when heat and rain simultaneously exist. Kishkindha describes the commencement of the rainy season.

Thus a shift of 10 nakshatras has occured since the Ramayanic Era. Thus Bhadrapada was the month of pre-monsoon. So it seems that Vaishakha Masa coincided with Shishira. Bala Kanda.. Ashwini or Bharani.

Marathi pdf ramayan in vastav

This the planetary positions agree with Valmiki's statement. While describing Hanuman's return in Sunder Kanda S.


He reached this destination at night. Since the next month was Chaitra. Punarvasu http: Being Chaitra masa. One 'tithi' contains 12 degrees. The description of the sky. On the eastern side of Hasta. He completed the required 14 year period in the forest and returned on 5th Shuddha 9th was over.

Mars was at deg. Deducting 7.

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Hanuman's visit to Lanka Hanuman set out to Lanka in the hopes and mission to search for the kidnapped Seeta. On the southern side. Mars casts its fourthsight on Krittika. Valmiki tells that Rohini was imprisoned Crux is on line with Hasta Corvus on the southern side. Krishna 5th tithi happens to be 5th December B. Rama left for the forest on a Thursday. The apex of the angle points to the west and the two limbs towards east.

It means that 6 Amavasyas each After 14 years of Rama's stay in the forest. Mars marched on Rohini 6. Thus can the simile be explained. Amavasya No Moon Day comes So the moon was in Pushya on 29th November B. Vaishakha and Milky Way are shining in the sky". Calculations show that this day was a Thursday. Mars therefore moved in the reverse direction from Ardra to Rohini. Mars was situated in between the two limbs or two doors of the gate and appeared like a guard.

Astronomical Dating of the Ramayan.pdf

Calculating backwards for 14 years from 29th November B. It is to be noted that the constellation of Rohini is V-shaped. Jupiter and Mercury have cornered the Moon. Deducting 5 Amavasya periods In 17 years.

This is Uttara Bhadrapada. Pushya was at the western horizon with the setting Moon. Calculations reveal that 14 years later. Mars was at Ardra and was retrograde. Valmiki states using a simile of sea to the sky: Swati and Vishakha. From here. Sun like a good crane and a span from Pushya to Shravana was seen. So poetically Valmiki describes the sketch as if the Moon was cornered by the planets. The bracketed seven statements show the vicinity of Mars with Rohini.

So in 14 years it must have receded by As seen earlier.. He states.

Pdf vastav ramayan in marathi

Amavasya recedes by Dasharatha's nakshatra appears to be Krittika. The original Amavasya before Rama's birth took place at deg. Calculating 17 years from Rama's birth date.

Calculations show that Jupiter was in Poorvashadha at deg. On Phalgun Shuddha 14th 31st Oct. Thus Pushya lunar month coincided with the season of Sharad. The distance from Kishkindha Vijayanagar to Hospet to the centre of Lanka is about miles.

Mars would have been near Punarvasu and Pushya two months earlier. Mars was near Punarvasu and Pushya. Valmiki provides a plot of the nakshatras from the west to the east. The Vanar army hurriedly returned to Kishkindha and could have spent 20 days in the interim and the date falls at Maagha Shuddha 5th.

Nala built a temporary bridge Seetu within 5 days. Angada proceeded as Rama emmisary on a peace http: The span of nakshatras streched from Pushya to Shravan. It was noted that during the Lanka war. We offer finest collection of best seller books and magazines in English and Marathi Language. In existence for last 24 years, our mission is to inculcate good reading habit and provide the best of literature to people of all age groups at lowest price and in the most convenient way.

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