Canada business visa application form pdf

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Completed and signed application for a Temporary Resident Visa form Self- employed: please provide a copy of your business/trade licence. Student: please . Download Free Canada Visa Application Form & immigration forms here. All the following forms are in PDF format Schedule 6 Economic Classes Business Immigrants [IMM SCHEDULE 6] – Download Form – For. Entry to BLS International Services Canada Inc., Indian Visa Application and on page 2 of the application form and on both Business Information Sheets.

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Application for Visitor Visa (Temporary Resident Visa - TRV) Use this form to apply for: visitor visa, transit visa, super visa. Get help to open. Business and industry . If you have problems opening a form in your internet browser, you Get help to open an application form or to fill one out in the Help Centre. .. your stay · New Temporary Resident Visa (to re-enter Canada) Northern Immigration Pilot Community Interest Form (PDF, KB). To submit your application at the Canada Visa Application Centre, you have The forms are available on the Citizenship and Immigration Canada website: pdf.

Ask ko lang po if okay lang ba na different ang of days naka indicate sa invitation letter and sa application letter ko? Pero hintay mo muna yung visa result before mo asikasuhin yung for immigration. If I were in your shoes, okay lang yun since shorter ung nasa application form and within the dates na indicated sa invitation letter. Tama na yung website na pinag-applyan mo? How did they inform you of your Visa Denial? Hi Yoshke, kelangan ko po ba talaga ilagay sa person or institution to visit yung hotel namin?

What is a GCKey? You will be asked to create a username, password, and security questions. Accept the terms and conditions on the next page. Create an account. Provide your full name, email address, desired username, password, and security questions and answers. Take note of these details because you will be entering these bits of info many times during the process.

If you are logged out, you will have to log in again. Since your account is new, the list is empty. You will be asked a series of questions about your trip and your background: Just answer truthfully. You will also be asked whether or not you have a family member who is a citizen or permanent resident of Canada. Upload your documents. You will be asked to review all the information you entered in the previous step. You will be presented with a Personal Document Checklist, which displays all the required documents that you need to upload.

It looks like this:. You have 30 days to complete the requirements. Once you have completed the requirements and submitted your application, you will be prompted for an electronic signature.

You simply have to enter your full name. Just type your name. Just enter your card details and click Process Transaction. It may take a while to process so be patient.

Within a few hours, you will receive an email containing your Application Number. It starts with letter V and then a series of numbers. Effective December 31, , visa applicants from Asia, Asia Pacific and the Americas are now required to submit biometrics. This is a new requirement. When I applied, this was not yet implemented.

But if you received a Biometric Instruction Letter BIL , then you have to visit the Visa Application Centre usually within the next 30 days so they could collect your biometric data. The letter has instructions already, but here it is. Special thanks to the members of our Facebook Support Group , especially Kate Villanueva and Mary Thrasher, for providing these details.

From hereon, you will be getting a message each time there is an update to your application. The first few messages will be updates that your application has been received. On the next page, info about the application is displayed. Scroll down to the bottom again. Under Correspondence , you will see the messages. When you click it, a PDF document will be automatically downloaded.

Submit your passport. If your application is denied, you will receive an email telling you just that. If your application is approved, you will receive a message that they have come to a decision regarding your application and they are requesting that you submit your passport.

Submission by Mail. According to the staff I talked to, the passport will be ready in 2 weeks, but she also said that it usually takes much shorter than that.

Operating Hours Passport Submission: Once it has your visa, you may receive your passport by mail or collect it at the CVAC office, depending on what you paid for. It varies. Case-by-case basis. It can take as short as two weeks or as long as months. In my case, the entire process from the moment I submitted my application to the moment I received my passport spanned 16 days.

Although mine took only 2 weeks, I know people whose waiting game lasted for over a month! So to be safe, I would say 3 months in advance is ideal.

In my case, 2 years. Download it anyway here:. Leave the signature field blank. Upload the form with the signature field blank. You will be providing your electronic signature later in the process. After you have completed the requirements and submitted your application, you will be prompted for an electronic signature.

Once prompted, you simply have to enter your full name. No need to actually sign anything. When you start your application, you will be asked if you are also applying for a family member.

They say that if you answer yes, your checklist will include requirements for them too. Every individual gets their own unique number. I left mine blank. If you have been issued a Canadian visa before, you have your own UCI number.

Check your account to see it. We get a lot of questions about whether or not it is the same as the actual application form The answer is NO. Both are Family Information Forms.

Some applicants are required to submit IMME. Some are asked for an IMM Form. Who needs to submit what is not clear. But the right form is whatever is written on your Documents Checklist. Just submit whatever is written in your checklist. Most probably. But like I said in my previous visa posts for other countries, the rule of thumb is to always add the cost of the flights, cost of hotel accommodations, and an allowance of probably USD70 per day.

Every country has its own daily allowance requirement. Add all those and that should be the minimum amount in your bank. You can submit just an itinerary or a cover letter, if you think you have a strong reason to visit. These are different from actual tickets or bookings.

This applies not just to Canada Visa but also other developed countries. The reason is often any of the following:. More info here: Reasons Why Visa Applications are Denied. This post is brought to you by Philippine Airlines.

But feel free to post them in the comments section below because some of our readers might help. Thanks for sharing your visa application experience! Big help. One question though, how long did it take for your visa to get approved? Same ba? I tried to upload the same validated application IMM but error! Hi Meligrer. I just wanted to say how very useful your visa guides are! Thank you so much! Hello, I got refused on my student visa.

I want to re apply again thru online but i dont know how. As of now i have complete documents. Do i need to re upload again all the files?? Thank you. Good thing my brother shared this to me. It has answered a lot of my questions. Thank you soooo much for sharing this!

Germany VISA Information, Requirements & Application Form

Hi, Im currently applying for a Canadian tourist visa. What did you do? About the validity of the visa, I was advised to have my passport renewed first before I apply because they would base your visas validity on your passport validity. So if your passport has only two years left before it expires, you will be given two years multiple entry.

Is this so in your case? Were you able to get confirmation or at least more information on this? Thank you!! My brother is in Canada. I also have one cousin there. Thanks for this very informative blog. Anyway, I would like to ask if how soon should I send my passport to the embassy when I they notify me to send my passport?

Hope you have an idea!

Visa pdf application business canada form

Hi Yoshke, kelangan ko po ba talaga ilagay sa person or institution to visit yung hotel namin? Thanks po! This flight reservation, since hindi pa sya paid, hindi kami hihingan ng official receipt or proof of payment ng immigration right? Are they aware about this method and understand that this is the best we can do to at least prove na may return date talaga to come back to the Philippines without wasting money in case madeny?

Will they not see this as cheating? Hope to hear from you. Thanks so much! For visa application, flight reservations are generally accepted worldwide. In fact, even Schengen countries, the strictest of them all, discourage applicants from purchasing tickets kasi alam nila na pwedeng masayang. They actually encourage to reserve flights lang and not buy. Thanks so much for your reply. If I may ask another question, if we decide to get the reservation for immigration purpose from Gazelle, do we have a choice ba with them when the visa gets approved whether to continue buying the reserved ticket from them or buy it somewhere else?

Lastly, kung may reservation kami sa Gazelle, pag nagcheck ba ang immigration sa airline na nakalagay sa reservation namin lalabas ba sa record nung airline na may reservation talaga? Coz I heard minsan tinatawagan daw nila to check if true yung reservation. Sensya na sa daming tanong ha. The reservation with Gazelle will be automatically cancelled unless you ask them to continue the booking. And yep, legit reservation of flights ang ginagawa nila. Meron ka talagang booking code.

But these days, airlines allow a few days na lang talaga to hold the flights. The actual duration nung paghold depends sa kung anong airline. But alam naman ng mga embassies yun. This is a very informative blog. Ask ko lang po, anong ilalagay ko sa item: Name,address and relationshiop of any person s or institution I will visit?

Form canada application business pdf visa

Relationship to me Walang ako kakilala po dun. I am traveling alone. Ano po dapat ilagay dto? Thanks in Advance. Hi Roy!

I just entered the name of the hotel where I would be staying and their address.

The guard will give you these forms upon entry. I was denied with Canadian Tourist Visa last year, would that lessen my chance to get approved when i apply again next year? When I saw this blog, I immediately submitted my application and just yesterday, I got a message requesting for me to submit my passport. Eto na ba yun? This blog is just soooooooo helpful. Thank you so much!!! Sobrang nakatulong po. I actually have this saved on my bookmarks.

Canada Immigration Application Forms

Palagi ko binabalik balikan during the time na nagaapply pa lang ako. HI justine, just want to ask kung may relatives ka doon sa canada or wala? Im planning to apply kasi maybe june or july and I have a sister their but ufortunately she cant help me about it. Are you registered with BIR as a professional? You can submit your ITR and registration docs. Thank you for this post. I would like to ask if the request letter require you to submit your passport within a certain period after receipt of decision?

Thank you very much. But if you decide to submit bank cert, make sure it covers the past 4 months or longer. Do they have some sort of family application, just like in US visa? Where all of you can submit as one? Thanks so much for your blog.

I will be preparing to apply soon for. Were you required to do biometrics? Will I need to bring my children with me, if and when I receive a message to submit oir passports? Hello ask ko lang po pano kung wala po akong work. Then sabi nila i need a job para maaprove yung tourist visa. Ano pong pwedeng alternative way dun. Please i need your assistance.

Pag aapply na po sana ako this MOnth Septemeber ng application kaya lang po suddenly nilipat ako ng company. Pwede ko po ba ilagay both company and iexplain ko nalang sa cover letter ko yung reason? Im currently working here in SIngapore. Sa application form po yung current company ko na ilalagay ko. Yung mga documents po? Like contract? IC, wala pa po kasi ako payslip na matatanggap pa sa pinaglipatan na company ko ngayon kaya yung previous company po which is from mar to august ang binigay nila na payslip copy sakin.

Biglaan po kasi sila nag decide na ilipat ako ng supplier company parang agency po dito sa SG. Man power supplier. Hi Rish, naku, magulo nga yan. Naging complicated lalo. Pero pwede mo itry na iexplain sa letter na lang na you have just moved.

Thank you the poor traveler. Going to Toronto this April. You are a big help for my visa application and approval. Yes, I would be going to Niagara Falls and Hamilton also. Kaya ayun, inaprove nila, multiple entry pa. Pwede niyo po ba kami mahelp sa cover letter niyo or pwede po ba makahinging assistnace sa pag apply? Pwede po makuha ang email address niyo? Thank you so much po for your help! God bless you po!

Just want to ask about the form 2nd page 8 Immigration status of applicant in country where applying. Do I have to choose Temporary Resident?

How about the validity? Applying for Canadian Visa is taking it to the next level of travel and this article will definitely helps a lot! I plan to visit my Aunt in Vancouver and I can request her to produce this letter.

Also, do you have an idea if I have to notarized it? I plan to cover Vancouver- Edmonton Banff — Toronto. Thanks a lot! Hi Jeffrey, if the purpose of your trip is to visit your aunt, then yes, a letter from her will be very helpful. Not sure if this has to be notarized though. Hello Yoshke and Vins, as of writing this reply, I am now granted with multiple entry visa to Canada and coming to visit this October , Yey!!!

Heartfelt thank you: Actually, aside from Visa Application I was wondering if you have Canada guide s as well? I plan to visit Toronto — Edmonton Banff — Vancouver, will visit friends and family but definitely solo trip for me: I am going to need Canadian visas for myself, my wife and 2 kids.

Visa pdf form business application canada

We are going to an Alaskan cruise, and it covers a stop in British Columbia. We are well traveled, having been to the US multiple times, Europe multiple times, and all over southeast asia, both individually and as a family. So I think we will probably be granted visas. My problem is that my children are already in the US ahead of us.

One is studying in New York, and the other is vacationing in California. Would it be possible to apply together, or do we do it individually. It has to be done individually. I had an early retirement from work and I have been leasing out my condo unit for a couple of years now, mostly to expats, as a source of income.

I want to visit Canada next as I have a friend there. I do have my property tax, dues, title for it though. I also have the lease contracts and tenant info. Thanks in advance for your insight. It would be helpful, but not required. You can submit other proof of income like those you mentioned lease contracts, etc.

It always goes directly to the Please Wait page.. Please help! Thanks for your reply! Did you just write your hotel name here? I answered this a couple times already. See other comments. Just write down your hotel name. I am currently working in Qatar and been thinking of applying a Canada tourist visa in the Philippines. Can you help with this please? ITR is optional. But it would really help if you can provide other proof of employment and financial means.

Thanks for responding to this. Do you also know if i can send a screenshot of my bank statement from BDO online banking or do i really have to get it from the bank? Also, should i scan my passport size photo or just send them the soft copy? Thanks for this article! Got my visa multiple entry rin: Kung hindi ko siguro nakita tong blog niyo nahirapan ako magcomplete ng requirements, pati yung sa signature ng forms: Hi Jade! Thanks for returning to our blog to share this!

Congrats on your visa!!! Enjoy Canada. Hi i am inviting my parents and sister for a tourist visa here in Canada and i am planning to apply it online, do i need to submit also my requirements with them like my T4, notice of assessment etc.

Thank you! I have a sister in Canada and my parents who are both senior citizens and I am planning to visit her and her Canadian Family.

I am single, government employee and a post graduate student. But in assets, I dont think I will be able to satisfy that. Can business be inclded as assets? Hello Sir, tanong ko lang po kung hand written po ba dapat sa forms nai-fillup?

Dun po sa Signature, kapag tinatype ko na yung name ko ayaw po mag respond. Parang hindi ko po pwede lagyan ng name pero sa date okay naman po. Hello po, panu po pag ung bank stmt ko is png allowance nalang? Thank you po. Hi, how about if will just go there for studying, a sandwhich program for only a year…student visa ba? Thank you.. Do I need to submit summary report of my travel history? Or I just need to scan all the stamps and visas?

If you can submit a summary report, that would make their jobs easier. I submitted a summary report too. Sorry po sa napaka daming tanong, sa travel history po ano ano po mga pwede ko ilagay dun? Pwede niyo po ba iemail sakin yung lahat ng documents na sinubmit niyo Sir?

Para may guide lang po ako. Nag avail ako sakanila. Pero ang sabi po sakin sa visa assistance hindi nila ko ma accomodate dahil working po ako dito sa SG. Sa Travel History, I submitted: Hi question lang po, I have my salary certificate dated March 18, from my employer and til now hindi pa ako nakakapagsubmit ng application ko online. Will it affect my application or should I request my employer for a new one but it would take 2 weeks.

Ask ko Lang Kung renewal need pa bang mag present Ng requirements, since I already used my visa twice, multiple 3 yrs , and if will expire on aug Do you think I have a chance to have visa , if COE is the only documents to be presented?

Do we need to submit 4 months of Bank Statement? Is it okay to submit 3 months Bank Statement only? The bank told me that it will take weeks to get the bank statement 4 months ago.

The more supporting docs you submit though, the better your chances. I am planning to leave for Canada on June for a business trip. Travel agencies can no longer commit that they can have my passport back in time for the schedule. It seems like Online application is the best options left for me. Planning to upload all documents while in the US, and God-willing once approved, Ill surrender my passport for stamping by the time I get back on June 1.

Thank you sa vlog mo sobrang nakakatulong. Naguluhan lang ako pag mag papasa sa vfs ng mga docs meaning yung mga application form walang hand signature? Sorry naguluhan ako. Saka same ba yung family information na imm and imm??? Sa site kasi ng cic. Naguluhan talaga ako. Pag mag papasa sa vfs ng mga docs meaning yung mga application form walang hand signature?

If online application, as mentioned in the post, you will be asked for an electronic signature upon submission of your application. You will just be prompted to enter your name. Yung lang. Hi there, Thank you for this helpful guide. I am working for the application of my sisters and brother and their child. They have new passports with no travel history yet as they have not left the country. Do you have an idea what I can do for this. I hope makapag reply po kayo sa mga questions ko.

I have a sister living in Canada na po and plan to visit her this year. Im single currently working here in Singapore as an admin executive engineering Company. If papalarin po na ma grant ako ng tourist visa okay lang po kaya na magtravel ako lets say nag end na yung contract ko dito sa work?

HIndi po kaya ako mahaharang nun? Hi Rish, in theory, okay lang. Depende yan sa maraming factors. Thank you so much for posting this article. I applied for a tourist visa together with my mom, dad, and husband. We got approved! I tried several times applying for a tourist visa when i was single and i was denied twice.

But when i read this article, i was encouraged to try again and luckily i got it this time. Your website have been really helpful. The way you describe the procedures and steps to follow were clearly explained.

Also, instead of availing the services of tourist agency in filing our visa it was timely that i have read your article and guess what i have saved almost 40k since the agency is charging 15k per applicant. I filed our applications myself and I just followed the steps that you have enumerated. Hence, from the bottom of my heart, thank you and more power to you and your team!

Thank you Yoshke Dimen so much for your blog site. How did they inform you of your Visa Denial? This blog post is very helpful. Thank you: Thaaank you. Thank you so much for this.

And already have their requirements. Their leaving for US in June and planning to take a tour in Canasa as well. Do I need to create a 2 seperate accounts for them? Or can i just upload it altogether in one account? It was mentioned above that if i want to submit my requirements in person i will need to get a passport request letter that is from CIC?

Please, how can i get a copy? Thank you in advance for the help. Contact VFS na lang. For the Visitor Visa Application Form, should it be validated first for the bar code before uploading? Does this type of visa allow you to work in Canada? Do you know if you need to obtain employment before applying for a VISA or after? Thank you so much for posting this as things seem to be confusing on their website.

I will be visiting Canada as I was invited to attend a training as part of my work here in the Philippines. The company sending the invite will be paying for everything, and they have sent a letter stating this with the note where we will be billeted and the length of the training.

Part of the costs will also be shouldered by my company. If my company can give financial documents, should I ask for the Canadian company to send the same or should their letter of invitation stating their support of transfers and lodging suffice? Should I also submit my own bank statements or hindi na necessary yun? The letter from the Canadian company will help a lot.

Not sure about the personal financial docs. If it has sufficient funds, I would submit that too, if that were me. I applied online but I got denied, the reasons are my travel history isang beses pa lang ako nakalabas ng bansa and the purpose of visit family visit nilagay ko since nasa canada naman brothers at parents ko.. Im travelling with my 79 year old mom. Can I use the same GCKey account and upload all her requirements along with mine?

I have created 1 GCKey account and have filed applications for myself and other 2 family members. You should be able to do this by properly answering the questions at the start of your application. Where will I attach the requirements for myself and for our children Bank Certs, ITRs, old passports for the travel history, etc since only requirements for the principal applicant are provided with the 4MG file requirement? For the family members only current passport and IMM and were asked to be uploaded.

Hope you can help. Did you manage to solve your problem? My family and I are planning to apply for a tourist visa. I will be the primary applicant. I have the same question po. Hoping for your response. Hello Good day! I just want to ask if you experience invalid username and password pag nagsign up, kasi gumawa po ako ng account, nag log out ako and now hindi ko siya mabuksan kasi invalid daw pero tama naman yung username and password ko po: Baka pwede mo pa maretrieve.

Hi Good day, I just want to ask about the process of going to Canada via relatives sponsorship. My wife aunt is a Canadian residence and they want to sponsor my wife to come to Canada. What are the things and procedure we need to do? She also advised us to go to Agency to have an inquiry. Please help us with this. Hi, we applied TRV here in Bangkok as we are based here since We applied June 3, Its been 9 days as of the writing of this message.

Any case there in The Philippines that you have heard that took longer than the expected processing period? Hello, I just want to ask if you have an idea of the amount of money in your bank account needed for a 2 wk vacation in Ottawa? Would that affect my application? Thanks in advance!

The optional documents in my checklist were Schedule 1 form and Client Information. Hi Dann! I updated the links in the post above. Apparently, they moved the files to another URL. But updated na. Please check. KL, bangkok, cambodia at vietnam pa lang po napupuntahan ko. If travel history talaga ang issue, then build it first. Try applying for other visa countries first like Japan and Korea. Hi sir. Ask ko lang, pwede na po kaya magaplay ng canadian visa once nakakuha na ng japan visa kahit di pa nagagamit ang japan visa?

Isasabay ko na rin po ang question kung pwede magaplay ng US Visa habang di pa nagagamit ang Japan visa. Pinagiisipan ko po kaso kung alin sa Canadian at US Visa ang sunod kong aaplayan e.

Salamat po. Diskartehan mo sa cover letter, explain mo lahat dun. Nadenied ako, after 5 days nagreapply kasi yan ang nabasa ko sa ibang blogs, mag apply ulit kaagad pag nadenied and u refute all their reasons why u had been denied. So approve ako pag apply ko ulit. Thank you this is very helpful.

I should have read this before I applied for a Canadian Visa for me and my family! Our application took 13 days including online submission to get an approval.

I had to do a follow-up online because my family is already leaving on 13 July for the US. Hopefully they will release them asap … crossing our fingers!

Hi MG, ours took only 3 working days. Hope you receive yours in time for your trip! Good luck and enjoy Canada! Where did you follow up your application? Thank you for this very helpful and informative site, this is such a big help for people like me who want to visit Canada, but at the same time also wanted to save some bucks for paying travel agencies on Visa application assistance.

By the way, I just got my Visa approved yesterday, so I really took time to say Thank you and more power to the Blogger! Thanks, Jigs, for taking the time to return to our blog to leave a positive feedback. We really appreciate it. Hello,please I was refused a visa this june and I was told I can reapply if I can justify the reasons for refusal. If I remember correctly, the requirements remain the same. Hi Poor Traveler! And luckily, our visa got approved last Friday!! Thank you guys for your efforts in giving assistance with the best that you can to your readers.

More powers to you!! July 7- We submitted our application online. July We received a request to submit our original passports July Went to VFS and submitted our passports July We received a text from the office that our passports are ready and available for pick-up. Is it possible to apply for a tourist visa pero invited by someone not blood related? Parang invitation visa sa other country? Hi K, if tama pagka-alala ko, pwede.

Yun ang pagkakaalala ko. I or home visit pa ba sa applicant ng visa? I will be applying for Canada Tourist Visa soon. I have few questions regarding the application. Currently, I am based outside the Philippines, Sa Current country or territory of residence, they have a start and end date. Dun sa end date, can I leave it blank or should I put the end date of my work contract? Lastly, Sa employment record. Sa current employer, sa start and end date, can I leave the end date blank?

Re end dates, naku, hindi ko na maalala ung ganyan ka-specific na detail. May option ba na hindi date? Di ko na rin matandaan nilagay ko, huhu, sorry. I submitted tourist visa application for my aunt 50 years old 2 weeks ago. Unfortunately she got denied. Reasons for denials are, hindi sila satisfied sa: Family ties nya in Canada and Philippines 2. Travel History 3. Personal Assets and financial status. I really do not understand the reasons for her denial because, actually she has 2 sisters in canada who are already citizens there.

Meron shang kphp on her bank account i put 7k CAD as her budget in her application C. She is a taxi operator, and shes in a retail business going back after a month for she will be busy again sa business nya D. In her invitation letter, aside from purpose of visiting her sister in Canada, It was also stated that if she got approved, she will accompanying my Grandmother as well 71 years old who got her multi- entry visa last year who wished to visit our relatives in canada,because grandma cant read, write, and understand English at all.

The invitation was provided by one of her sister who only send her scanned Canadian Passport as a proof of relationship. No payslips, bank statement provided. She would like stay for 1 month, should it be lesser?

She submitted a business permit ,DTI, copy of franchise certificates all under her name. I just remembered she told me she got denied for a London tourist visa 10 years ago, I talk to her about it and told me not to include it for because she forgot the exact date anyway.

Hi Melvin, I dunno, maybe 1 month is too long for someone na wala pa masyado travel history and wala pang other visas. Hello, thanks so much for your blog — super helpful. Question lang is it normal kaya na beyond 13 days ang processing nila?

You can wait a few more days before panicking hehe. My mom, sister and I are planning to apply for canadian visa by the end of august. I read all the comments in this blog na if I register for one GCkey account pwede na din iupload ung application ng kapatid at mama ko?

Thank you in advance: Hello, would like to ask if there is a personal interview for a visitor visa? Hope you can answer my questions. But the short of it is, you need clear purpose of travel, strong ties in PH, financial stability, and travel history. I hope meron po kayong alan na agency to recommend us for applying it. Or if we use po pa agency if ever mas easy po ba ang process?

Our go-to agency is Gazelle Travel and Tours pero we tap their services only for flight reservation for visa and insurance. We also enlisted their help with our Schengen visa application before, but not for Canadian visa.

Easier or faster ba pag may agency? Same lang. But they can guide you kung complicated ang case and they can provide other docs nga like flight reservation. Your blog really helped me in applying for Canada Visa. Very detailed and informative and easy to follow. Mga questions ko, dito sa blog mo nasagot. Yung days po ba na processing time for VISA stamping is working days or including weekend? I submitted my passport July 30th, then validated na the next day.

I was hoping na ready for pick up na sya by Thursday or Friday. Hi, ang alam ko, working days. Pero di ko sure kasi I got mine after 3 working days 5 including weekend , so hindi ko malaman kung paano nila kinount.

Submitted all my docs including DTI for my business, Bank Cert, Car ORCR, Employment Cert, invitation letter from my 1st cousin working for Scotiabank and staying in Vancouver since saying she will be shouldering accommodation and living expenses.

A few more days before i get the decision. What do you think are my chances of getting approved? Thanks, Kris! Hirap masabi. Depende kasi yan sa napakaraming factors. But good luck!!! Sana maapprove! Question, would you see it in your account if the process has already started? Like makikita ko ba kung nagstart na yung Review of Eligibility?

Planning to go to Canada by January My Brod invited me to visit them and he will shoulder all the expenses. How abt the flight tickets do I need to reserve it? Or will buy once visa is approve. Upon checking tickets reservations is only 24hrs. You can get this from travel agencies. Applying in person meaning no need to apply online? We will go and submit all docs to VAC office?

Is it OK to collate all our docs and submit as one application? My Canada tourist visa will expire on October Please assist on how to renew the said visa. Is it true? Ur info helps a lot but may i ask u any about my situation. I am to apply a visa to canada to file an insurance claim of a dead person we r not related by blood she us my Godmother by heart we r for us two we r like a mother and daughter she made me her benificiary what documents should i hav to submit then aside from the death cert and th docs from insurance company.

In more details i am a single parent and just a part time worker.. How possibly i can v given a visit visa. Hi Nora, I have no idea, sorry. It would be best to consult a travel agency for they might have had a similar case.

Thanks so mich ivreally appreciate ur quick reply.. I hope u undestand.. Hi Nora, we rarely consult agencies for visa eh unless mandatory. We once asked for help from Gazelle Travel and Tours for our Schengen visa. Schengen yun, hindi Canada.

Find application forms and guides

Okay naman ang experience namin sa kanila, naging go-to agency na namin sila pag may kelangan kami from an agency like flight reservation, etc. Hello, would like to ask if what document to submit ba? My boyfriend will be the one to cover my expenses. Do I still need to submit a bank statement or certificate? And does the school needs to write a letter for me too? Hi Jes, it will increase your chances of approval if you could provide bank cert and statement with sufficient funds, even if sponsored yung trip.

Hello po! Kailangan pa po bang mag fingerprints and photo biometrics in person o pwd po ba ang online? However, if you want better chances of approval, we strongly recommend submitting everything that you can provide. Hello po, tanong ko lang paano kung may friend ako dun sa Canada tho canadian na po sya pero currently wala po syang work kasi katatapos lang nya sa course nya last week pero willing syang gumawa ng invitation letter.

Pwede po bang instead na mag book ako ng hotel pwede ko bang ilagay yung adress nya? First time ko magtravel overseas. Yes, pwede sya gumawa ng invitation letter if dun sya nakatira. Pwede ka rin magstay sa kanya.

You will need to submit a copy of their citizen card. Pero note na mahihirapan ma-approve if first time mo magtravel abroad kasi travel history is part of the requirements.

Question lang po, if my husband is working overseas SG and me and my son here in the philippines pano kayo application process since sya ang principal na mgaapply?

This is the first question that should pop up to your mind when you decide to make a trip to Germany. If you are not a national of any of these 62 countries that have established a visa-free regime with the European Union, then you will need to obtain a visa first, in order to be permitted to enter Germany.

On the other hand, even if you are a passport holder of any of these countries, but your purpose is other than tourism or business, and you need to remain in Germany for more than 90 days within a 6-month period, then you will still need to obtain a visa. Depending on the purpose of your travel to Germany, there are different types of visas that will apply to your situation.

Whether you are planning to visit Germany, study or work or even to settle there permanently, you will have to apply for a different Schengen visa, accordingly. Although a unified document, requirements for obtaining a Germany Visa differ from one Schengen country to another.

Germany however is quite demanding on the issue, and it is recommendable to fulfill each request meticulously to the last detail. Usually the Germany embassy in each country has an updated checklist of the Germany Visa requirements for each type of visa.

Depending on your visa type and in some cases on your country of residence and nationality, there are also other Germany visa requirements which you will need to submit as required by the embassy or consulate where you will be applying in your home country. Applying for the Schengen visa includes a sequence of events in-between yourself and the designated Embassy, in this case German Embassy in your home country.

Between handing the proper documentation and getting an answer, here is a step-by-step guideline of the Germany visa application process. Germany Visa fees differ depending on the type of visa you are applying for thus the motif of your travel. Moreover, with a single visa you will be able to explore most of the old continent.