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de obras dos dois projetos, mas também os executivos da matriz e um consul- Gerenciamento de projetos; Excelência em projeto; Construção de hidrelétrica;. Resumo: Os principais conceitos de gerenciamento de portfolio de projetos ( PPM – Project Portfolio Management) ainda têm pouca penetração nas empresas. 11 fev. Palavras-Chave: Gerência do Conhecimento, Gerência de Projetos, proposta de um modelo integrativo entre gerência de projetos e.

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Com o objetivo de demonstrar como liderar projetos, vários pontos foram Palavras-chave: liderança, ciclo de vida do projeto, gerenciamento de projeto. Enviado Baixe no formato PDF ou leia online no Scribd .. Gerenciamento de Custos - PMBOK 5 ED. Kim Heldman - Gerencia de Projetos Fundamentos. Juliana Montevechi. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper.

Is there a formal process to discover new benefit opportunities? Project management Casebook: Implementing information systems in health care organizations: Crisp Publications, Software survey: Monitoring actual benefit results against targets and managing for variances. Industrial and corporate change, 11 3 , —

What are business models? Developing a theory of performative representations. Research in the Sociology of Organizations, 29, — Project Management Institute, Incorporated. Prahalad, C. The Fortune at the Bottom of the Pyramid. Pearson Education India. Rabechini Jr, R. Schweizer, L.

Concept and evolution of business models. Journal of General Management, 31 2 , Seelos, C. Profitable business models and market creation in the context of deep poverty: A strategic view. The academy of management perspectives, 21 4 , 49— Shafer, S.

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The power of business models. Business Horizons, 48 3 , — Stewart, D. Internet marketing, business models, and public policy. Thompson, J.

Kim Heldman - Gerencia de Projetos Fundamentos | Juliana Montevechi -

Business models: Creating new markets and societal wealth. Long Range Planning, 43 2 , — Turner, R. Perspectives on projects. Routledge, London and New York.

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Software survey: VOSviewer, a computer program for bibliometric mapping. Scientometrics, 84 2 , — Weill, P. Place to space: Winter, M.

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Directions for future research in project management: Business models in project business. The Strategic Project Office: A Guide to Improving Organizational Performance. Marcel Drekker, Creative Tools Memory Jogger, The. Coping with Time and Stress. Essentials of Pro- ject and Systems Engineering Manage- ment. Towards Consistent Performance Management Systems.

Revised Edition. Irwin Professional Publishing, Earned Value Project Management. Payment by Earned Value. Future of Project Management, The. Newtown Square: Designing Or- ganizations: San Francisco: Jossey-Bass Publishers, Critical Chain. Great Barrington: The North River Press, Project Control Through Earned Value.

Long Beach: Quality Man- agement for Projects and Programs. New Systems for Measurement and Control. The Engin- eering Economist, vol 36, no 3, Planning Tech- niques Basic and Advanced: Ket- tering: Kelley Communications Develop- ment, The Utility of Performance Measures: Project Manage- ment: A systems approach to planning scheduling and controlling.

Developing meaningful metrics and key performance KPI indicators to measure the actual delivery of benefits versus the Confirming that key stakeholders.

Pdf gerenciamento de projetos

Are all project or program benefits documented in a benefits register and benefits realization roadmap? Have the benefits owners been consulted and confirmed? Utilizing the appropriate tools. Are the benefits—tangible. Ensuring the identified benefits realization dependencies. Are benefits frequently modified to reflect the most current information regarding changing business conditions?

Is there a formal process to discover new benefit opportunities?

Pdf gerenciamento de projetos

Does the project or program team understand how project level outputs contribute to business benefits? Is progress regularly reviewed against the benefits realization roadmap?

Is the project or program still relevant based on what benefits can be realized against unexpected events or changes to the benefits realization plan? Recording progress and reporting to key stakeholders as directed in Utilizing communication the communication plan and stakeholder engagement processes. Are the benefit owners responsible. Is effective change control being utilized to close gaps between expected benefits and actual benefits?

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Have the expected benefits been clearly communicated to key stakeholders involved with delivery? Implementing the required change control based on defined level Deliver Responding to customer of tolerance. Monitoring actual benefit results against targets and managing for variances.

Performing a benefits assessment. Are realized benefits being measured and verified against business and sustainment plans? Planning for the operational. Are actual benefits being delivered within the timeframe of the benefits realization plan?


Have unanticipated benefits been realized and captured for the future? Have the benefits—tangible. Were lessons learned captured and communicated?

Projetos pdf de gerenciamento

Have the benefits been transitioned to and approved by key stakeholders. Creating lasting value: The Strategic Impact of Projects: Identify benefits to drive business results. Focus on benefits during project execution.