Surah al kahf pdf

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Here you find the translation in English and Urdu with Arabic of Ayat of Surah Al- Kahf. Quran with Correct Pronunciation · >. JUZ No. 15 Surah No. 18 " Al-Kahfi " Ayat No. to >. Quran Surah Al Kahf Pdf Downloadgolkes trenadwhittati/p///07/11/think-and-grow-rich-in-tamil-pdf-free- download.

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This Surah takes its name from v. 9 in which the word (al-kahf) occurs. This Surah has verses and resides between pages to in the Quran. Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. Page 9. Page Page Page Al-Kahf: The Cave. (REVEALED AT MAKKAH: 12 sections; verses). This chapter deals entirely with the Christian religion and the Christian nations, and that.

To honor thy father and mother is said to be included in the Ten Commandments in Torah and it was a directive for the long life Exodus See our Privacy Policy and User Agreement for details. An-Nisaa 5. Al-Zalzalah Al-Lahab But the other man thanked his Creator and warned his companion about the disobedience and disrespect that he showed to the Giver of all the blessings and reminded him about his creation from nothing to being.

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Al kahf pdf surah

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Quran Surah Al Kahf Pdf Downloadgolkes10

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Surah Al Kahf

Actions Shares. The Christian version is also repudiated due to the very fact. The historical detail is briefly described that Allah swt ordered the angels to bow down in prostration before Adam AS. Due to his noncompliance, he was kicked out of the command of Allah swt. With brevity, it is told that whosoever disobeys Allah swt goes out of His mercy. Historically speaking, the earliest trace of Satan is found in Jewish biblical tradition once an obedient angel, one of the members of heavenly court became a rival of God about years later.

Al kahf pdf surah

Some identify him as S. George, some other as saint Sergius of Armenia Hasluck There was a law in Torah of stoning to death the disrespectful son which is interpreted in detail by Josephus To honor thy father and mother is said to be included in the Ten Commandments in Torah and it was a directive for the long life Exodus Moral and philosophical approaches locate ethical teachings out of literary texts in order to impart morality to the readers. Morality is the most significant trait of any religious text.

Some of them are discussed in this section. In these verses, the teaching of doing good deeds is conveyed through the logical description of the consequences of bad deeds, so that the people might get inspiration of piety from the surety of never ending reward.

The typical style of guiding is adopted here and it is made clear that there are two paths: Besides the details of the story discussed above, there are some philosophical accounts need to be highlighted. First of all, the philosophy of firm faith and guidance from Allah swt is exhibited. The opportunity and capability of choosing the right path is a special blessing of Allah swt which is bestowed to his chosen ones.

Similarly, in the case of the story of Dhu l- Qarnayn AS , all the glory, success of conquests, abundance of resources and knowledge were awarded by Allah swt to Dhu l-Qarnayn AS because he was a just and righteous man. Secondly, the philosophy of life after death is also unraveled through this story. Thirdly, it philosophically communicates that Allah swt is all knowing and the knowledge of unseen rests with only Him.

It explicates that we need not to be hasty in judging the matters on our set standards and understanding. After that, the revelation suspended for some days and it put him in worry. The incident shows the ultimate glory of Allah swt and teaches us a lesson of always asking for the will of Allah swt.

Furthermore, it strengthens the relationship between the Creator and the creation and the Lord and the servant. Here, after making the philosophy of right and wrong clear, Allah swt speculates the fable for utter comprehension.

In these verses, the story of two men is told that how one of them was blessed with orchards of fruit, vineyards, stream water and abundance of wealth. The rich man argued with his companion about his profuse richness over him and said with a sense of pride that it would never perish and doubted about the dooms day and estimated about his reward better than from this world in the world hereafter if it occurred.

But the other man thanked his Creator and warned his companion about the disobedience and disrespect that he showed to the Giver of all the blessings and reminded him about his creation from nothing to being. He further cautioned him about the expected destruction of his belonging within a flash of moment due to his unthankful behaviour. When the calamity impended, he repented for his disbelief and could not find any help from others. In this way, Allah swt communicates his message in a very convincing manner.

Surah Al-Kahf - Arabic Text

The lesson of morality is best told with this exemplar that how one needs to balance a just proprietorship in the ownership of worldly possessions by avoiding the intrusion of the evil will. It discloses the secrets of success and the fright of the punishments as the consequences of our intentions and deeds. That is to say, the creation and the destruction of the universe are in the mighty Hand of Allah swt.

Furthermore, the guidance is bestowed only by Allah swt and by doing good deeds one will be awarded by the everlasting peace and bad deeds will take the doer into the endless pain. The path to salvation is told in detail that by asking Allah swt for the guidance and help one will be blessed with his mercy and blessings. Similarly, Dhu l- Qarnayn was blessed with the profusion of resources, splendor and control over the horizons of east and west as a reward of his faith and devotedness.

These are only the worldly honors and there are other eternal rewards waiting for the righteous and virtuous people prepared by the Creator.

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Through the historical reading, we come to know that the cave has a significant role in the Islamic history and faith that promulgates a deep and vast range of meaning in it, such as the oneness of Allah swt , his command and authority, the moral teaching of obedience to Allah swt , love and care of his obedient servants, Allah as the source of guidance and ultimate protection, the truth of life after death and the day of judgment, and the asking for the will and permission of Allah swt.

From the story, the will of Allah swt and expedience behind apparently unjust incidents of life are communicated. The story illustrates that one need to keep patience during hardships and always trust in the expedience of Allah swt , which one way or the other is always in the favour of His servants. Congruently, the parable of The Two Men teaches us the submission to Allah swt , asking and thanking for the blessings of Allah swt , uncertainty and mortality of the worldly possessions, learning about Faith as the standard of piety and not wealth and power, the fear of accountability and the Day of Judgment, remembrance of our being from a dust particle, and understanding of our duty to warn and guide others.

The other parables and stories supplement the themes and add in their moral and philosophical value with the help of historical detail. Their analysis show that they carry a reciprocal relationship, and to some extent, are interdependent. The philosophical reasoning led towards the morality and ethical teachings. An in-depth linguistic analysis of the thematic connectivity in the Holy Quran.

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Kahf surah pdf al

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