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the+mahabharata+secret+-+doyle+christopher+c - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. book. To ask other readers questions about The Mahabharata Secret, please sign up. I want to read this book..i don't know the u please tell me. 3Ct6Tg7Hy - Read and download Christopher C Doyle's book The Mahabharata Secret in PDF, EPub, Mobi, Kindle online. Free book The Mahabharata.

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The Mahabharata Quest Book 2: The Secret of the Druids link - One place for a direct download link for The Mahabharata Quest: The Alexander Secret PDF?. Get hundred compilations of book connect to download as well as obtain This is why this book The Mahabharata Secret By Christopher C. Doyle becomes a. Mar 18, Free ebooks Download: The Mahabharata Secret book The The Girl in Room by Chetan Bhagat Chetan Bhagat Books, Ebook Pdf, Book.

Additional Director. Top Reviews Most recent Top Reviews. But I am sure he knew that someone ruthless. Hence, when this book fell into my hand, I had seriously wanted to like it, just to ensure that other readers get interested in the book, and in the process, the trend of basing thrillers on Indian history, receive a boost. Alas, the book, despite being quite a speedy read, was bogged down by two basic flaws: This book is like an incomplete adventure. The sound of running feet came to them from a level above.

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Each unit of Trilogies and similar prequels are usually complete in themselves. Not a very gripping novel but a decent read. It does get very interesting and suspenseful at times but at times does loose the grip. This book is quite a a read and the excitement ends there. It is well written and carries through the story very well.

However, it is very predictive at times and makes one want to skip a few para. The ending could have been more complete and yet setting a bridge to the next series. This book is like an incomplete adventure.

The book is however well written and keeps the reader engaged and the plot is also exciting. Recommended read for the teens and those who love adventures.

Can't wait to read the next one. Amazing how Chris could relate history and science and make a great story. Don't miss any books written by this author, great great talent. Christopher Doyle's second book was good; however, it lacked the thrilling swift turns that were evident in his first book. It had a good storyline, but unfortunately, left way too much hanging at the end of the book.

The additional cliffhanger in the epilogue should have instead come in the first chapter or prologue of the next book. See all 55 reviews. Amazon Giveaway allows you to run promotional giveaways in order to create buzz, reward your audience, and attract new followers and customers. Learn more about Amazon Giveaway. This item: The Alexander Secret: Book 1 of the Mahabharata Quest Series.

Set up a giveaway. What other items do customers buy after viewing this item? The Mahabharata Secret Kindle Edition. A Secret Revealed Kindle Edition. Theodore Brun. Customers who viewed this item also viewed. Mark Henrikson. Celtic Fire Druids of Avalon Book 1. Joy Nash. Salt The Last Flotilla Book 1.

Colin F. There's a problem loading this menu right now. Learn more about Amazon Prime. Get fast, free shipping with Amazon Prime. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Amazon Payment Products. English Choose a language for shopping. Word Wise: Enhanced Typesetting: Page Flip: Not Enabled Word Wise: Enabled Lending: Not Enabled Screen Reader: I really liked this book and would like to give reasons for each star.

Only the title and the cover page caught my attention first. I didn't know the writer before. Now, why not the 5th star - The author has copied Dan Brown's style while writing the end of the story.

Sometimes too many details lengthen then book that could have been avoided.

Of pdf book the secret mahabharata

For more reviews follow BookRature Mar 02, Pramod Nair rated it it was ok Shelves: After going through the book, which by the way was easy to read and fast paced, I feel the author could have put in more effort in the form of convincing plots, more mature and well formed characters and more thrill and mystery. The research that is done by the author on the ancient history of India is laudable and the narrative about this element in the book is noteworthy.

But being a Mystery Thriller the book needs more elements and this is certainly lacking. Whenever they are faced with a riddle or are in search for a clue the hints keep on coming very conveniently and in most case through online research which takes away much of the thrill from the plot. The most frustrating part was the 'cookie-cutter' similarity between all the characters. Every single one of them seemed the same and spoke the same; and the dialogs they make gets under the skin at times.

The Indian characters, the American characters, the terrorists from Afghanistan and the main villains all felt the same. It was like listening to the dialogs of a movie as it is rendered through a first-generation text-to-speech voice synthesizer, which took away all the emotions and personalities of the characters.

Altogether it was disappointing that the thriller - which could have been more connecting with the reader with better plot development and powerful characters — failed to make a good impact.

View all 4 comments. Jan 22, Alfie Shuvro rated it it was ok. Mar 31, Mitul Rahman Ontor rated it really liked it. May 29, Abhishek Goyal rated it liked it. This was an ok ok book. Its much on the lines of Dan Brown thats the first book of the type that I read but located in India.

The only redeeming quality about the book was that it gave quite a lot of insights into locations and stories related to Mahabharata.

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Mar 24, Smriti Jhunjhunwala rated it liked it. I finished reading the Mahabharata Secret. Very fast read and gripping. From the beginning, could guess the surprises in advance, people who are wrong. A bit of a disappointment as I expected more from the book. Nov 10, Siva rama krishna Nalluri rated it liked it. Oct 09, Nidhi Singhal rated it really liked it. Gripping story Dec 06, Neeleisch G rated it it was ok Shelves: The Mahabharata Secret revolves around a Secret deadly weapon which was made during the Mahabharata Era, but somehow it was not used at the time of Mahabharata War.

Now we have Samrat Ashok The Great Emperor who came to know about this weapon which was hidden since the Mahabharata Era simultaneously ending by finding the weapon. The weapon is so deadly that the emperor himself put it back and hide it from the common peoples and the world. Now we have an old scientist, his nephew, some email strin The Mahabharata Secret revolves around a Secret deadly weapon which was made during the Mahabharata Era, but somehow it was not used at the time of Mahabharata War.

Now we have an old scientist, his nephew, some email strings about the supposed map of the hidden weapon, some bad peoples who wants the weapon for their evil activities and the never ending hunt for it.

Multiple twists and turns having some deadly attacks on our protagonist and his bravery, leads us to our Ancient hidden weapon which later we came to know that, it's nothing but an Ancient Atomic arsenal. The narration of the book is good, the plot of the story is impressive but somehow at the end it looks like a script which is written for any Bollywood thriller movie.

The reader could not involved with the protagonist on this hunt. It's not a book for those who are fans of Dan Brown's writings. Oct 13, Little Blezz rated it it was ok. Jul 23, Swapnil Pingle rated it liked it. Too slow to be thriller. The so called secret is overrated. Lucky escapes everytime make it too goody goody book. Oct 02, Chandan Kumar rated it liked it. Theme of the book was good however i felt that author has not played his card well during the course of writing the novel.

Secret book the of pdf mahabharata

The characters and their strength has not been completely introduced during the flow of the story. This was followed by Mahabharata plot as like Ashoka period this should also have been explained with zeal to create the suspense.

Romantic feeling introduced in between the line was also not very thoughtful and seemed like dragging the story. The picturesque of ancient sites i Theme of the book was good however i felt that author has not played his card well during the course of writing the novel. The picturesque of ancient sites in bihar was not that good as i have visited many of them and could have been more authentic. Hope the author will overcome these in his next publish as he is promising.

Jul 15, Dinesh Kanna rated it liked it. Fell short of expectations and Very predictive at times. May 17, Parwati Singari added it Shelves: The book The Mahabharata secret is a fiction.

Set in contemporary thriller format Occult-lore talks of brethren of nine secret men created by the great Mauryan emperor Asoka. They were the keepers of the knowledge that could destroy mankind. Reminds one of the The story opens with a prologue in the Mauryan period the emperor and his lieutenant protect the dark secret of Mahabharata. The stor The book The Mahabharata secret is a fiction. The story then moves to contemporary period, and the treasure hunt for the hidden begins with the death of Vikram Singh the last of the nine.

The events of unrevealing this quest are spread over 12 days begins at a royal residence in Jaungarh if it is related to the junagarh was founded in by the Mauryans and is rich in Buddhist heritage artefacts.

A nuclear scientist is killed, his last message to his nephew, forces the nephew on a quest to discover the secret guarded by nine. From BC to current day in time. A conspiracy theory involves a Rajput king turned politician, Bheem Singh, an American Vice President, a European power gatherer, a Taliban scientist on one end and the Intelligence Bureau on the other, both nudging and manipulating the protagonist Vijay Singh, and his companions through the quest.

The quest in itself is like a very childish treasure hunt which most of us can see through. He presents potential suspects pretty well. There extensive use of Mauryan history and archaeology.

Though I am sceptical of a mauryan edifice in Kharoshta which is a later Magahi dialect unlike the Magahi used during the mauryan times. The occult lore has it that there is a mountain that bestows knowledge if one meditated on it, the author has placed a subaltern library.

See, that’s what the app is perfect for.

The concept of sathya and Mithya from the Bhagawat Gita where there is illusion, and truth and most people who cannot see beyond the inscribed words stay ignorant of the knowledge that it imparts or even the information that the inscription hands.

Over all a fairly good book, not unputdownable yet fairly interesting. It would entice an inquisitive reader to set on a less traversed journey of Indian history and Indian sacred lore. Like priory Sion, and illuminati keepers of knowledge in other traditions.

The forgotten trail of Asokan edicts are well mapped. About The Author: Sep 25, Navaneeth Suresh rated it liked it. Conspiracy theory If you think that sounds familiar, you're almost definitely right. CCD is actually Chet Conspiracy theory CCD is actually Chetan Bhagat undercover, attempting his hand at a different genre. Because the plot is so obviously tailor-made for adaptation to a Bollywood movie I almost finalized the cast, too, less than halfway through the book.

Well, I've managed to labor through to the end and that's one more book done for the year. Overall, I'd say a pretty good attempt, clearly coming from another "Let's ride the Dan Brown wave" camp member.

The other factor that led me to pick this up, was that it forms part of a trilogy, so there's that to look forward to. And here's to hoping the remaining instalments disappoint far lesser than the meagre excitement I hope they continue to offer.

Should you read it? I had really wanted to read this book for a long time after the interactive session I had with the author, Christopher Doyle last year.

For me, this book was not up to the mark. I couldn't connect myself with the characters. The concept of this book was of finding a hidden secret of a brotherhood of nine members founded by Emperor Ashoka of India. I really liked the concept. Being a fan of History, I was really excited about the book but at the end I was pretty disappointed. First of all, accordi I had really wanted to read this book for a long time after the interactive session I had with the author, Christopher Doyle last year.

First of all, according to me, History means the stories of human beings of past based on facts either written somewhere or passed orally or through artifacts or evidences. I know this is fiction but I don't understand the point of having hidden caverns and chambers under historical caves and ruins.

Like c'mon! The story as it progressed felt pretty made up. The second thing I didn't like about it was the too much violence in it. Bringing terrorist groups in the plot was quite a good idea but it felt unnatural due to all those kidnappings and the mention of LeT and Al-Qaeda. The third thing was the sudden romance of Vijay and Radha. Like are you kidding me? It looked as if the author was forcing the romance between the two! It was too stupid that all of a sudden they just realise that they are in love when nothing is mentioned of both of them getting along romantically before.

This book would have been pretty good if the author just kept it to action, real history and a little bit of science fiction and mystery.

This story appeared too far-fetched. I don't think I am going to read it again! Jul 11, Vamsi Krishna rated it liked it. This book can be easily called the 'Da vinci code' of India. It keeps your interest most of the time. The story is written non-linear, it moves back and forth in time. Due to such nature of narration, sometimes you end up turning the pages back, to get what the characters were doing last.

The plot was intriguing,however, the climax wasnt. The end didnt work for me at all, so was the chemistry between the two friends. It seemed unnatural, especially in tense situations. Even the object of intrigu This book can be easily called the 'Da vinci code' of India. Apart from Homi Mehta. He must have spent lakhs on it. It seems they were searching for something specific.

The strange thing is. The study had been ransacked but none of the other rooms had been touched. She had a finely chiselled face. Vijay had performed the funeral rites this morning. The Jaungarh police post was manned by just three policemen and led by a sub inspector who had immediately thrown up his hands. They knew that the butler had his day off and chose a time when all the servants had left for the day. The lawyer.

The last of the mourners had just left. By the time Vijay returned from the funeral. Something that they thought was in the study. Vijay had taken the first available flight to Chicago and flown direct to Delhi from there. A special investigation team from Jaipur had descended on Jaungarh.

It was a perfectly planned break-in.. The funeral was sparsely attended. His daughter was in her late 20s. He had got the news on the same day that he had received the bizarre emails. The study was a mess. But the security system had been breached.

I think they suspected foul play before they even got here. Under normal circumstances.. He reflected on the flurry of events that had brought him here.

Book of the pdf mahabharata secret

An invitation to visit India had been extended to him. A thought had begun to form in his mind. First was the prospect of a funded visit to India. His uncle had secured the fort against intrusion. A physical impossibility. The second reason had been provided by his host. He was tall. His special interest was ancient Indian history. There was no blood to mop up. He adjusted his tall and lanky frame on the comfortable sofa and glanced around the room. It was simple but elegantly furnished.

It was a reason that no archaeologist could ignore—an opportunity to research one of the greatest myths of ancient India. Homi replied slowly. Three days ago. Had his uncle been trying to tell him something? Was there a hidden message in his emails? And how was he to find out? Homi hesitated. The records from the security log clearly indicate that each level was manually overridden from the outside.

A large man entered the room. Though his hair was grey. There was silence as the others digested this information. Shukla spoke up. When he considered the details Homi had provided. But then. Though there are a few notes in English in a different hand. For his host was none other than the former Maharaja of Rajvirgarh. What drew our attention were the entries that described their stay at the Temple of the Tooth. White noted the fine cut of his suit and the silk tie and was suddenly aware of his own casual attire.

This is the diary in which he kept records of that expedition to Tibet. We got the entries translated into English. We desperately need your expertise on this project. White did as instructed. The waiter reappeared. Its pages were frayed at the edges and the leather was creased and dirty.

The one who conducted his research in Tibet. As if waiting for the cue. It was part of a trunk full of Nazi documents that the officer had brought back with him when he returned home from Germany.. White was amused. Bheem Singh dismissed the waiter with a wave of his hand when he had served the tea. Though if we meet in public. That sounds a bit far-fetched. Bheem Singh was studying him closely.

This is a top secret project. They also speak of flying vehicles and arrows that wreak great destruction.

Book of mahabharata the pdf secret

Do you know what happened at the Temple of the Tooth? White looked up from the diary. Our friendly monk tells us that the texts speak of a secret brotherhood called the Nine Unknown Men. White cleared his throat and complied. It was discovered by an ancestor of mine. Discovered ancient documents from India. I have copied the texts. The epic is full of descriptions of flying machines and arrows that could kill thousands of warriors at one stroke and lay waste to entire cities.

He lives in a place called Jaungarh. Found a way into the secret vault. The documents are in Sanskrit. Vikram Singh. Found a year-old temple called the Temple of the Tooth.

How would he have known about the Nine? Just one more thing. And the documents. There were more inscriptions in Sanskrit. I must enlighten you. Have you heard of the Vimana Parva? The lost book of the Mahabharata that was never recorded when the oral tradition gave way to documentation? Few people know of it. As he read. The Maharaja instructed him to continue. Somebody else knows the truth about the Nine. We know the legend of the Nine is a true story.

There are people out there. He says the vault belonged to an ancient. The jetlag. And now. He reprimanded himself. The housekeeping staff had probably been negligent in locking the door after them.

He entered the room and shut the door. Was one of the housekeeping staff inside? White cautiously pushed the door open and peered inside. He made a mental note to complain in the morning. As he approached the room. For now. The door was ajar. Thank you for your offer of dinner. Do you think his knowledge of the Nine was the reason he was killed? He was a good friend.

I should have been gentler in breaking the news. He reached the hotel and made his way up to his room.. The room seemed to be in order. They found his body in the fort. I suppose. A shadow fell across the small refrigerator. Flinging his jacket on the bed. I need to be alone for a while. White shrugged. He recalled how. Colin had blonde hair.

A smile immediately spread over his face. Colin was the life of every party while Vijay was more reserved. They had offered to stay the night and keep him company. Homi nodded to Vijay.

Is this all you could muster? Vijay shook his head and smiled. After graduating. I can always get the papers to the fort. He quickly spotted the tall. Colin waved a hand at the people around them.

Vijay swiftly made his way to the arrival area. Whatever works better for you. Vijay and Colin had played together in the MIT rugby and football teams and shared a sense of humour which had cemented their friendship. But that was where the similarities ended. You can ask the butler for dinner.

They shared a sense of adventure that seemed to be at odds with their aptitude for technology and enjoyed any activity that had any kind of risk associated with it. The two friends embraced warmly. They were similar in many ways.

Colin listened intently as Vijay brought him up to date on the events of the last three days. Once on the flyover. What would he do? Perhaps he felt he should leave behind something for me. Its years old and more peaceful than the city.

Colin glanced back and sat upright. The Endeavour just changed two lanes. His grin changed to a frown as he swung the BMW into the lane on the left. Vijay nodded. He had heard. After a while. Suppose he knew the intruders? The Ford followed suit. Colin let out a yell. The blaring horns of the tightly packed traffic could be heard even inside the BMW.

I hope they find out who did it and why. Almost immediately. The BMW came to the end of the alley. Vijay swerved the BMW to enter one of the villages that dotted either side of the highway and immediately got swamped by cows. At least it will do a better job than the Fords. That Merc was at the toll plaza. I prefer this welcome to the one you gave me at the airport. The roundabout was now just metres ahead of them and Vijay braced himself to handle the car as it rounded the bend.

He forced himself to focus on their objective. Whoever he is. Whoever they were! They gained on the roundabout. The adrenalin rush felt good. A quick glance in the rear-view mirror showed the two Fords. A roundabout came into view up ahead. Colin asked. They had to get rid of their pursuers.

It was narrow but it seemed to be free of vehicles. Ahead was the main road. I just want to get that guy off our tail. The sudden rush of power to the engine propelled the car forward. The Ford was faring no better. Colin quizzed. Where was the Mercedes? He cut across to the left. It was a concrete alley just able to fit two cars abreast. This is dangerous.

The black Mercedes! The second Ford had made a U-turn and joined the one that had been chasing them so far. The SUV was a wreck but the driver was climbing out. The two friends were rounded up and taken to the second Ford and dumped in the back. Vijay and Colin sat helplessly in the SUV. The leader and another man got into the Mercedes and the other two settled into the remaining Ford. Two cars passed. It reached the roundabout before them and slowed down as it swung around the roundabout and directly into the path of the BMW.

Barely had the car stopped than there was a loud crash. One of the men. A few curious bystanders had gathered around.

They were prisoners but who were their captors? And why had they been taken captive? He slammed the brakes and swerved to the left in one action. Vijay glanced at the Ford that had smashed into his car.

The airbags ballooned. In a few minutes. The driver obviously had swung into the service road on the right. A thrill coursed through Colin as he realised that each one carried a 9mm mini UZI sub machine gun. It started smoothly and after some instructions from the leader. It would have been foolish under the circumstances.

Clutching his sword tight. Surasen approached the hill and hesitated. It was just wide enough for a man to squeeze through sideways. As far as he could perceive. It was the monsoon season and the humidity was stifling. Looking up he discerned the reason for the gloom.

It was darker here than the rest of the forest. He was aware that the forest had grown increasingly dense in the last few hours. He took a deep breath and started down the gully. Almost simultaneously. For the past three hours. Ancient India Surasen wiped the sweat from his brow. Surasen held up his hand to halt the progress of the soldiers who accompanied him and they crowded around him in a tight knot.

To Surasen it seemed that the jungle and its inhabitants were holding their breath. The path continued till it reached the base of the hill and disappeared behind a rock face that stretched for sixty feet around the foot of the hill. Through the trees loomed the outline of a rocky outcrop.

Surasen was breathing hard as the path sloped gently upwards. Flies and mosquitoes buzzed around his ears. The forest was still. He drew his sword and slowly moved forward. Wait for me. It was what lay before him that rendered him speechless. Surasen could now make out that he was in a tunnel carved through the rock. Surasen gasped in disbelief. The legends of old were true.

Perspiration dripped down his face and body. He walked cautiously through the passage. A chill ran down his spine and a strange sensation. The roof of the cavern soared above him into the darkness. There was no apprehension of supernatural beings anymore. What lay before him in the cavern could put the world in terrible danger. Despite his blindfold. But this was crazy. If his hunch was right. His demeanour indicated that he was the leader of this group.

And the same goes for you. Two of them were armed with Uzis. What now? Vijay wondered as the men left the room. Their blindfolds were removed to reveal that they were in a windowless room.

When I got off the highway. But he said nothing. He stared intently at the two prisoners for a few moments. How was he to convince this man? Without taking his eyes off Vijay. It made him shiver. Though he was terrified inside. One of the new faces. It had been a long drive and they had spent much of that time speculating about who their captors were and what they wanted with them. Vijay stared back defiantly. A stale smell hung in the air suggesting that the room had been locked or unused for some time.

They heard the rear door of the Ford being opened and were roughly dragged out of the car and into a building. Three chairs stood in the room and they were swiftly bound to two of the chairs. We could have died out there. But he had to be careful. Vijay Singh. The door closed and bolts were drawn. He was lost in his thoughts as he stared at the printout Imtiaz had given him.

Your uncle told you about the disk with the verse. Their legs were free and the chair was light. The two guards remained. Their eyes explored every corner of the room. And Farooq means what he says. Where is the key? So these men had known his uncle! The questioner misunderstood his sudden alertness as comprehension. And he left you clues to find the key in his emails.

What does that mean? This Farooq guy is the one who killed uncle. Colin looked at Vijay. The terror he had felt initially had been replaced by a raw fury. Give it to him. Vijay glanced at the paper in his hand. You saw what he did to your uncle. Imtiaz turned and walked away. We need to escape. A plan began to form in his mind.

The Mahabharata Secret

Vijay stood up. After a few minutes. I know he did.

You better have some answers by morning. Their captor pulled his chair closer to Vijay. We have to work something out. These guys are no ordinary street thugs. Better get to work and figure them out. Maroosh will not be so kind to you the next time. The familiar emails stared back at him. Blood now trickled down his face.

A key. Right now. You have all night to study the emails and decipher them. He hesitated for a split second. The knot had finally come undone because of his persistent efforts. The minutes passed slowly. They waited for a few moments at the foot of the staircase. The room was at the end of a corridor lit by a row of incandescent bulbs that hung from the ceiling.

His head hit the floor with a sickening thud and he went limp. Colin gave a cry. Maroosh went down heavily. Vijay hoped their luck would hold out. He looked closely at the ropes. It seemed that the room where they had been kept captive was on the lowest level of the building.

A cold terror gripped him. Vijay still clutching the Uzi he had taken off Maroosh. But he persevered. There was no way of knowing when Farooq would come back.


They had been lucky to overpower both men without an alarm being raised. The sound of the bolts being drawn came to their ears. He glanced at Colin and with one accord they ascended the stairs. Vijay grinned back at his friend as he untied his ropes. But there was no time to linger. Vijay froze as he realised that time was up.

His right hand throbbed with pain and his fingers were numb.

He gritted his teeth and tugged at the knot. Maroosh appeared in the doorway and Farooq was visible behind him. Colin sprang out of the chair. Colin rose and slowly moved closer to Vijay. Vijay quickly pulled at the rope binding his left hand.

There was no way of knowing if Imtiaz or any of the other guards were on their way here. As Colin watched. He knew that time was passing them by. It was beginning to look hopeless.

At the same moment that Vijay tackled the guard. What would Farooq do when he discovered that. They moved stealthily down the corridor until they reached a staircase. Farooq crumpled to the floor as Colin landed heavily on him. But the knot refused to oblige. They had no means to track the passage of time.

Colin sighed with frustration. His hand began to ache and the rope binding him cut into his wrist as he stretched his hand. Vijay launched himself at the large man in a classic rugby smother tackle.