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Best 38 C# Interview Questions And Answers Pdf A Deadlock is a situation where a process is not able to complete its execution because two. Our advanced C#.Net interview questions are very useful for experienced Csharp professionals. We have interview questions answers in pdf format, one. Comprehensive, community-driven list of essential C# interview questions. Whether you're a candidate or interviewer, these interview questions will help.

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Following interview questions are for freshers and experienced users. 1. What is C#?. C# is an object oriented, type safe and managed. C# Tutorials FAQ - Frequently Asked Interview Questions and Answers for Freshers or Experienced Pdf. This interview section questions contains a brief. + Advanced C# Interview Questions and Answers, Question1: What is attribute in C#? Question2: Why attributes are used? Question3: What are the types of.

Dynamic type variables handle type checking at run time, while object type variables handle type checking during compile time. It reduces the overhead of creating new object. Let's have a quick Define Constructors? In an abstract class, we can have some concrete methods. Business Skills.

Are you confused in job preparation? Then no problem we have the right solution you in in our site page. Underneath are the commonly asked Advanced C job interview questions and answers which can make you feel relaxed to face the interviews:. Question 1. What Is Attribute In C?

Best 38 C# Interview Questions And Answers Pdf

An attributes is a declarative tag that is used to convey information about the behaviors of various elements classes, methods, assemblies, structures, enumerators, etc. Attributes are declare with a square brackets [] which is places above the elements. Question 2. Why Attributes Are Used? In a program the attributes are used for adding metadata, like compiler instruction or other information comments, description, etc. Question 3. The Microsoft. Net Framework provides two types of attributes: Question 4.

What Is Custom Attributes?

Top 50 C# Interview Questions and Answers

Net Framework allows creating custom attributes that can be used to store declarative information and can be retrieved at run-time. Question 5. What Is Reflection? Reflection is a process by which a computer program can monitor and modify its own structure and behavior. It is a way to explore the structure of assemblies at run time classes, resources, methods. Reflection is the capability to find out the information about objects, metadata, and application details assemblies at run-time.

Sharp questions pdf interview c

We need to include System. Reflection namespace to perform reflections in C. WriteLine "nMethod info: Name ;. Question 6.

Interview c questions pdf sharp

For example: This is possible for Reflection. Question 7. What Is Dynamic Keyword?

Questions pdf sharp interview c

The dynamic is a keyword which was introduced in. NET 4. Computer programming languages are two types: In strongly types all types checks are happened at compile time, in dynamic types all types of checks are happened at run time. Question 8. When To Use Dynamic? The biggest practical use of the dynamic keyword is when we operate on MS Office.

Question 9. Both Reflection and dynamic are used to operate on an object during run time. But they have some differences:. Question What Is Serialization? When we want to transport an object through network then we need to convert the object into a stream of bytes. Serialization is a process to convert a complex objects into stream of bytes for storage database, file, cache, etc or transfer.

Its main purpose is to save the state of an object. De-serialization is the reverse process of creating an object from a stream of bytes to their original form. The types of Serializations are given bellow: This is used when we want a complete conversion of our objects. This is used in web services. This is a custom serialization.

Required namespaces: Xml, System. Why Serialization And Deserialization? But this is not good approach for large number of users. Extra space is required; anyone can see the XML file which creates security issue. We can overcome it by using XML serialization. When To Use Serialization? Serialization is used in the following purposes: Serialization is used to save session state in ASP.

NET applications, to copy objects to the clipboard in Windows Forms. It is also used to pass objects from one application domain to another. Web services uses serialization. What Is Generics? Generics are the most powerful features introduced in C 2. It is a type-safe data structure that allows us to write codes that works for any data types.

What Is A Generic Class? A generic class is a special kind of class that can handle any types of data. We specify the data types during the object creations of that class.

For example consider the following Comparer class, which has a method that compare two value and returns as Boolean output. Why We Should Use Generics? Generic provides lot of advantages during programming. We should use generics for the following reasons: What Is Collections In C? Sometimes we need to work with related objects for data storage and retrieval. There are two ways to work with related objects.

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One is array and another one is collections. Arrays are most useful for creating and working with a fixed number of strongly-typed objects. Collections are enhancement of array which provides a more flexible way to work with groups of objects. NET framework provides specialized classes for data storage and retrieval. Collections are one of them. Collection is a data structure that holds data in different ways. Collections are two types. One is standard collections, which is found under System.

Collections namespace and another one is generic collections, which is found under System. Generic namespace. The generic collections are more flexible and preferable to work with data. Some commonly used collections under System.

Best 38 C# Interview Questions And Answers Pdf ☑☑

Collections namespace are given bellow: What Is Unsafe Code? In order to maintain security and type safety, C does not support pointer generally. But by using unsafe keyword we can define an unsafe context in which pointer can be used. The unsafe code or unmanaged code is a code block that uses a pointer variable.

In the CLR, unsafe code is referred to as unverifiable code. In C , the unsafe code is not necessarily dangerous. The CLR does not verify its safety. The CLR will only execute the unsafe code if it is within a fully trusted assembly. If we use unsafe code, it is our own responsibility to ensure that the code does not introduce security risks or pointer errors. Classes derived from a base class are called child classes, subclasses or derived classes. A base class does not inherit from any other class and is considered parent of a derived class.

C Interview Questions 2. TCS Technical interview Questions. Data Types in C. Functions in C. Below are my brief details for your consideration. My detailed resume can be found as attachment. NET, C. This opportunity is a logical next step for in my career. This opportunity is very interesting to me, and fits very well with the direction I want to take mycareer.

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