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Dungeon Magazine - pdf, , KB. file, Dungeon Magazine - pdf, , KB. file, Dungeon Magazine - pdf. Issue # Vol. XIX, No. 2 . Guidelines, c/o DRAGON Magazine, as per the above address DRAGON or DUNGEON® magazines in any. Issue | October A Dungeons & D ragons ® Roleplay ing Ga me Supplement Contents 1 Developers of the Dungeon ezine content into a single PDF.

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Dungeon Magazine # The BookReader requires JavaScript to be enabled. Please check that your browser supports JavaScript and that it is enabled in the. 1 ALL TOGETHER NOW By Christopher Perkins We've bundled all of this month's Dungeon ® content into one PDF. How scary is that? 2 32 40 TIMBERGORGE. Dungeon Magazine # PDF download · download 1 file · SINGLE PAGE PROCESSED JP2 ZIP download · download 1 file · TORRENT.

Each chest her sanity. She is secretly Sustain Minor: Ilshae- ren actually had them poisoned and quietly 8. For the past sev. The smell of ripe berries the double doors. The treant knew enough to be vigilant against such efforts if they should occur.

Any creature that ends its turn in the zone takes 10 poison damage. Dungeoneering or Perception DC 22 standard action. The character determines that the doors are hollow.

Arcana or Thievery DC 31 standard action. The character must be trained in the skill used and adjacent to the doors. The doors open without triggering the trap. When the characters enter, read: This 7-foot-high chamber contains three wooden tables.

Two long, narrow ones along the side walls are covered with dusty relics. A wider table holding similar relics stands directly across from the entrance. Second Floor Areas Two stairways, opposite each other across the court- yard, connect this level to the ground floor. The ceilings here are 10 feet high. Floors are constructed of tightly fitted wooden planks. Thicker walls on the map are made of masonry.

Thinner walls are faced with wooden planks. Upper Gallery Exploration Encounter This corridor surrounds and overlooks the inner courtyard area 6. Bright sunlight during the day, and torches in brackets. A series of columns and railings separate this upstairs gal- lery from the courtyard below. Flickering torches line the corridor walls. Three-foot-high wooden railings run between the stone columns that buttress the ceiling. When the meteorite crashed into the fortress observatory, it punched holes in the ceiling, wall, and floor along the northern side of this gallery.

The double doors to area 22 are barred from this side. The bar can be easily lifted. Guard Room Exploration Encounter This chamber overlooks the outer courtyard. Arrow slits in the walls of this otherwise empty room over- look the main courtyard. The slits are too narrow to crawl through.

Dungeon Magazine #207

This room is unfurnished and unoccupied. Library Roleplaying Encounter The adventurers encounter a crazed order member. Bright magical lights. This circular chamber has a conical ceiling. Its walls are lined with 15 -foot-high bookshelves packed with tomes and scroll cases.

Attached to the bookcases are two rolling lad- ders. Similar bookshelves stand in the middle of the room, and they too are filled with books and scrolls. Floating points of magical light bathe the area in a warm glow, and tiny bats flutter among the shadowy rafters overhead.

Pdf 207 dungeon magazine

Softfootfalls come from behind the bookshelves in the middle of the room. When the characters enter, an elf named Ellerin is hiding behind the central bookshelves. This elf grew up far away from Starhaunt Observatory, learning of the Order of the Endless Night from his grandmother. For years, he prepared himself to join the order.

He is terrified of the star spawn, and he tries to avoid other order members, whom he believes are utterly insane. He fears the adventurers are new initiates sent to test his loyalty and punish him if they find his devotion lacking.

Consequently, he pretends to be doing research to help the order, although when pressed for details, he panics and becomes incoherent. If the adventurers approach him in a friendly manner, kind words assuage his paranoia long enough to strike up a productive conversation with him. The elf has defenses of 27, and any attack that hits him and deals damage kills him.

About six months ago, Ellerin came to the observa- tory. He quickly realized that the astronomers were corrupt and took it upon himself to infiltrate their ranks and learn more about what was happening. Although he remained free of corruption, exposure to the influences in the observatory has rendered him insane. He speaks in disjointed sentences and is easily distracted, so getting information out ofhim can be difficult.

These prisoners are being held east of the courtyard area He rarely leaves. His subordinates, Linza and Vaden, wander the fortress with their star spawn lackeys. If the characters help Ellerin escape, he might with the aid of a Remove Affliction ritual become a key figure in the revived Order of the Endless Night. Upper Cells Exploration Encounter This area contains quarters set aside for initiates.

Sev- eral of the rooms have been destroyed. None unlit hanging lanterns. This area, a narrow corridor and several sleeping cells, has been torn to pieces. Rubble and destroyed furniture are strewn across the floor. Damaged Areas: Vaden managed to calm the star spawn before any lives were lost.

The ruined rooms are littered with debris that is difficult terrain. Despite the damage, the ceiling throughout the area remains intact. Intact Cells: Each cell contains a wooded bunk bed and two chests. Each chest holds clothes and other personal items. Linza is usually found wandering Starhaunt. This large chamber contains a well-made bed, a clean desk with matching chair, a tall wooden wardrobe, and a wooden chest.

The walls are adorned with six tapestries depicting illustrated representations of the constellations. Linza lives here, and although she is quite mad, everything in her quarters is neat and clean. She uses these tools to write and seal letters on behalf of the Order of the Endless Night.

It is unlocked, but it scuttles away up to 7 squares when someone other than Linza approaches within 10 feet of it. It con- tains neatly organized letters from various sages and astronomers, each one addressed to the order or to one of its leaders Ilshaeren, Linza, or Vaden. Some of the letters report the existence of newly discovered stars and comets; others contain information about possible aberrant and Far Realm incursions into the world.

This room is destroyed. The remnants of a bed, desk, shards of glass, and various other pieces of furniture lie strewn about. Vaden tried to confine a maw of Acamar in this room, but it destroyed the place, broke out, and laid waste to several adjacent chambers. Vaden finally calmed it down, but nothing in this room could be salvaged. Since Vaden no longer requires sleep, he has little use for quarters anyway. This room contains a simple bed, a desk and chair, a tall wooden wardrobe, and a chest.

It is in pristine condition, despite the destruction in the corridor outside it. Each sheet features a charcoal sketch of a young female eladrin being embraced lovingly by an older male eladrin.

Nerielle drew these pictures depicting her and Ilshaeren, whom Nerielle secretly loves. Once evil began to take hold in Star- haunt, Ilshaeren and Linza poisoned the priests and disposed of them.

None unlit wall lanterns. Saloma see area 30 uses the middle cell for rest and meditation. This chamber has three wooden doors along one wall. The faint smell of incense lingers here. Each cell contains a simple bed and a nightstand. Sacristy Roleplaying Encounter This room once served as a preparatory chamber for clerics who supported the order.

Tall bookcases with glass doors stand against the walls of this carpeted room, which also contains an ornate wooden desk, a matching chair, and a small, round table. Upon the table are a silver candlestick shaped like the symbol of Ioun, a golden amulet shaped like the stylized sun of Pelor, and a platinum aspergillum with a head shaped like that of Bahamut. A half melted candle stands in the candlestick. It whispers the following truths. The other two were a human priest of Bahamut named Lannik and a half-elf priest of Pelor named Orvoth.

He was writing a letter to his temple, requesting material components for rituals, when he drank poisoned wine from a chalice an initiate had brought him.

The meteorite was hollow and contained a small, spherical device, which Ilshaeren believed to be an astrolabe. Tormerian encouraged Ilshaeren to study the artifact and learn its secrets— advice he now regrets. The other priests were more inclined to destroy the item, fearing it had been sent to dis- rupt the order. As the conversation closes, the spirit urges the adventurers to destroy the evil in Starhaunt before it spreads.

Once the apparition has conveyed all the information it can, it disappears and never returns. The candlestick gp , amulet gp , and aspergillum 2, gp can all be salvaged from this location. Dim candles on mounted sticks or sunlight from the holes in the walls during the day. Saloma shadar-kai deathless mage , Daarzan ghost beholder , 1 star beckoner, 4 star- warped initiates. This is a grand temple, its foot-high ceiling buttressed by pillars and rafters. Candles on mounted candlesticks sputter, barely pushing back the gloom.

A hole in the northeast corner of the roof is open to the sky, and torches cast shadows throughout. Part of the south wall has collapsed, but no rubble remains. To the west, a wide alcove is painted with three murals depict- ing Bahamut, Ioun, and Pelor that have been defaced. Insubstantial Daarzan takes half damage from any damage source, except those that deal force or radiant damage. Daarzan uses one of the following eye rays.

This attack does not provoke opportunity attacks. Crave Ray cold, necrotic: Mind Ray psychic: Will; ongoing 20 psychic damage save ends.

First Failed Saving Throw: The target is also dazed save ends both. Before these icons is a plain stone altar draped in a crimson shroud. A wizened, perhaps elderly, female shadar-kai stands at the altar, chanting in Deep Speech with her back to the murals. Her strange, violet robes cover dark mail of fine metal links.

Four cloaked figures kneel before the altar in silent supplication. A human-sized, tentacled monster lurks in the shadows along the north wall. Second Failed Saving Throw: The target is instead domi- nated save ends. Fear Ray psychic: Each square the target enters must be farther from Daarzan. Withering Ray necrotic: Daarzan becomes invisible until it hits or misses with an attack, or until the end of its next turn.

Daarzan can end the effect as a free action. An enemy starts its turn within 5 squares of Daarzan. Effect Free Action: Daarzan uses a random eye ray against the triggering enemy. Destroy them! A spectral beholder materializes behind the shadar-kai and fires a ray from one of its ghostly eyes. Saloma leads four crazed initiates in worship at the altar, while the ghost beholder Daarzan floats silently and invisibly behind her. The star beckoner lurks in the shadows in the northwestern corner.

The beckoner can make opportunity attacks against ene- mies within 2 squares of it. Shadestorm 4- At-Will Attack: AC Attack: Will 13 damage. Close burst 5 one ally in the burst. The mage trans- fers 5 or 1 0 temporary hit points from itself to the target. When the astronomers became corrupt, they defaced the murals, tore down the shrines, and threw the wreckage in a small northeastern room.

The meteorite is responsible for the hole in the roof. An elderly shadar-kai seer, Saloma is haunted by images of her death, which she knows will come before the end times. If she is captured, she quietly warns the adventurers of their impending deaths as a consequence of meddling in the affairs of the stars.

She believes her only purpose is to help bring about the end of the world. A year ago, Allabar sent Saloma a vision of a meteor crashing into Starhaunt.

She promptly aban- doned her doomsday cult and made a pilgrimage to the observatory. While traversing a subterranean pas- sage, she encountered Daarzan and persuaded him to accompany her. Ilshaeren welcomed Saloma when she arrived and placed her in charge of the starwarped initiates.

A rickety bridge made from scrap wood lashed together with rope connects the main fortress to the tower observa- tory. The bridge spans a crevice sixty feet deep. The bridge can support up to pounds without breaking. A successful DC 22 Dungeoneering check reveals that the bridge is safe to cross, as well as its weight limit. The initiate in the easternmost cell, a female human named Zeryn, is asleep. Any attempt to wake her causes Zeryn to scream, which alerts the guards in area One starwarped sentinel investigates.

Ruined Chambers Exploration Encounter The earthquake that caused the tower to break away from the main fortress badly damaged this corner of the structure. Dim sunlight coming through the broken roof during the day, or none. This corner of the fortress has partially collapsed.

Several walls are broken, the roof has caved in, and the area is littered with wooden beams, stone debris, and smashed furnishings.

This area once contained a recreation room, a privy, and sleeping cells for initiates. These rooms are now choked with debris that is difficult terrain. Zeryn starwarped initiate. Three sleeping chambers stand next to a section of the for- tress that has partially collapsed. These three cells and the corridor that connects them were not badly damaged by the earthquake.

Each cell contains a wood bunk bed and two chests. Inhabited Cells: The two southern cells each con- tain an initiate. The initiate in the westernmost room, a male human, has had his skull crushed. A DC 16 Heal check reveals that he was killed by a blow to the Zeryn: Alow-ranking member of the order, Zeryn admits to killing Andros in his sleep because he was snoring too loudly.

Provoking her is easy, and she attacks if: Zeryn hates laughter. Zeryn hates Linza. Zeryn hates daylight. Casting a Remove Affliction ritual on Zeryn restores her sanity, but her recent misdeeds shock her into extreme grief. She can be consoled only with a DC 22 Diplomacy check. Bright torches in brackets. Captain Korev dragonborn knight , 3 starwarped sentinels.

This torchlit area once contained several rooms, but the walls separating them have partially collapsed along with most of the ceiling. The debris has been pushed into the northeastern corner, making room for several wandering guards with insane gleams in their eyes. To the south, a child is sobbing.

Korev has the keys to the prison. Prison Roleplaying Encounter Prisoners are kept here. Dim from torches in area Filling one side of this room is a large cell behind a wall of bars with an iron door set into the middle of it. The bars and the door glow with an unwholesome purple light. Eight prisoners, including two children, lie on the floor. One of the children is sobbing but stops when she sees you. The prisoners have the same birthday.

They include, from youngest to oldest: The knight uses halberd twice. V Cruel Sweep weapon 4- Encounter Effect: Close burst 2 enemies in the burst ; the knight uses halberd against each target. Ranged 10 one ally. The target can move up to its speed or make a basic attack as a free action. Starlight Blink radiant, teleportation 4 Recharge l T 53 Effect: The door to this room is locked, requiring a DC 31 Thievery check to open. The door can also be forced open with a DC 31 Athletics check.

This large chamber contains a handsomely carved oak table surrounded by six sturdy wooden chairs. An unmade bed is in one corner, a wide wardrobe at its foot. An ornate desk, also carvedfrom oak, stands against one wall. Papers are scattered atop the desk and on the floor around it. Next to the desk is an iron trunk with clawed feet. Only one of the chairs situated around the table is an object. The five other chairs are mimics.

Scattered Papers: These pages, torn from a blank book, bear charcoal drawings of hideous creatures with eyes drawn as spirals. Iron Trunk: Unlike earlier volumes, this tome is full of lunatic ramblings and references to Gibbeth, Acamar, Hadar, and Allabar.

The mimics are will- ing to share the following information. He is wholly devoted to the menacing green star, which according to myth reveals its true form only at the end of the world.

Ilshaeren intro- duced the sage to the conclave before leading him to the tower observatory. Merik found the mimics terrifying and could barely speak a word to them out of fear, much to their chagrin.

Ilshaeren keeps the astrolabe with him at all times, afraid that Linza or Vaden will turn on him if one of them obtains it. Initially he thought the orb was a gift from Ioun. It is around this time that his journal entries become more intermittent and clipped. The third, Tormerian a priest of Ioun , did not dis- agree but suggested they study it first.

Ilshaeren suspected that Tormerian might steal the device and flee with it to some distant temple.

Conclave of Mimics: Ilshaeren has enlisted five mimics to serve as his counselors, for they possess a remarkable understanding of all things aberrant. The mimics are intelligent, wise, and not immediately hostile toward intruders. A character who inspects a false chair can make a DC 31 Perception check to discern its true nature. If the characters try to communicate with the mimics, the creatures listen. If any mimic is attacked, the creatures fight without mercy or reprieve. If the mimics go unnoticed but ascertain that any character has a keen intellect, one of them reveals The extent to which the mimics are willing to help the characters depends on their interactions with the party and the extent to which you want them involved.

The mimics are not overly familiar with the layout of Starhaunt or its inhabitants, so most of what they know is limited to what Ilshaeren has told them. If the characters deal with the mimics nonvio- lently, award them full experience for the encounter. Without changing size, the mimic assumes one of the following forms.

Ooze Form: The mimic becomes an ooze.

Object Form: The mimic becomes an object, gaining resist 1 5 to all damage. A creature must succeed on a DC 31 Perception check to notice that the mimic is a living creature. Ilshaeren likes to stand at the hole in the tower wall see area 39 and peer out over the for- tress, keeping an eye on Linza and Vaden.

Ceilings in the tower are 15 feet high. When the characters see the tower, read: The tower observatory has broken away from the main for- tress and stands atop its own crag. The stone spire has three windowless floors and aflat roof surrounded by a battle- ment. Iron spikes thrust upwardfrom the battlement like rusted talons grasping toward the sky. An 8 -foot-diameter hole gapes in the south wall. It looks as though some force trapped inside the tower finally punched its way to freedom.

Dim wall braziers. The scion of Gibbeth emerges from the illusory wall and attacks as soon as intruders enter this area. When the characters approach the tower, read: Braziers mounted on the walls dimly illuminate an empty room. A stone staircase hugs one wall.

Illusory Wall: The illusion can be dispelled with a trained DC 32 Arcana check as a standard action but is otherwise permanent. The wall has no substance, so creatures and objects can pass through it, but contact with the wall does not dispel the illusion. As long as it persists, the illusory wall blocks line of sight but not line of effect. A creature adjacent to the wall can, on its turn, lean forward to peer through the wall as a free action, thus gaining line of sight.

Northern Rooms: Other than the initiates con- cealed here, these storage areas are empty. When the scion first attacks, read: A fat, demonic green visage appears in the middle of the north wall, fixes its mad gaze upon you, and then attacks.

After it starts battle, the scion of Gibbeth yells for reinforcements, calling forth the starwarped initiates. When called into battle, the initiates rush through the illusory wall in waves of four two per room every round beginning in the second round of combat. They do their best to keep enemies away from the scion of Gibbeth. If the illusory wall is dispelled, the scion activates its aura of revulsion to discour- age enemies from making melee and ranged attacks against it.

An enemy targets the scion with a melee attack or a ranged attack. Attack Opportunity Action: Offering to Gibbeth charm 4- At-Will Trigger: A creature within 2 squares of the scion spends a healing surge. V Revelation of Gibbeth charm 4- Encounter Trigger: The scion drops to 0 hit points. The target is dazed and uses its standard action each turn to charge or to make a melee or ranged basic attack against its nearest ally save ends.

Bright swirling magical vortex. Starwarp vortex. A silent vortex of lurid energy fills this level of the tower. You feel a compulsion to move toward it.

The star beckoner ritual succeeded, but the vortex that created them could not be dispelled. It occupies this entire area, and it has a driving will to corrupt all non-aberrant creatures. The star wisps wait invisibly about the room. They continually attack any enemy not domi- nated by the vortex.

Whether and how they can escape this thralldom is up to you. Dim illuminated wall designs. Half the time, or if the party needs an easier climactic fight, Ilshaeren and his brood are present.

Otherwise, they are on the roof area Space-Time Distortion Each square in the vortex costs 3 extra squares of move- ment to enter. The vortex slides any creature that ends its turn in the area up to 3 squares. If this damage reduces the target to 0 hit points or fewer, the target remains con- scious, spends a healing surge to regain hit points, and is dominated by the vortex until it is destroyed.

One creature dominated by the vortex spends a healing surge to regain hit points. Endurance DC 24 standard action or DC 33 minor action. If the character would take damage from the vortex, the damage is halved. The vortex cannot slide the character until start of his or her next turn. Arcana, Nature, or Religion DC 33 standard action. The character must be trained in the skill used.

Failure 28 or lower: All enemies in the vortex take 10 psychic damage. Merik human sage. The walls of this tower chamber are carved with intersect- ing lines that form constellations, with magically glowing pinpoints of light representing stars of every color. The room has a pair of tables surrounded by wooden chairs, one of which holds a shriveled old man. He stares off into space, drool oozing from one corner of his mouth.

A large hole has been punched through the ceiling, and part of the wall near this hole has crumbled away. Swarm The swarm can occupy the same space as another creature, and an enemy can enter its space, which is difficult terrain.

The swarm cannot be pulled, pushed, or slid by melee or ranged attacks. It can squeeze through any opening that is large enough for at least one of the creatures it comprises. If hard pressed, Ilshaeren retreats to the roof to use the glyphs there. When he drops to 0 hit points, Ilshaeren howls in anguish and bursts like a balloon, disgorging a car- rion crawler hatching swarm that acts immediately.

Any items Ilshaeren was carrying including the eye of Allabar fall amid his remains. Merik the Sage The elderly man is Merik, and the things he has seen since his arrival at Starhaunt have rendered him cata- tonic. In this state, he is immobile and unresponsive.

However, a DC 24 Heal check is enough to help him regain his senses. Ilshaeren has kept Merik alive because he wants the old sage to bear witness to the end times. He has tried to keep Merik alive. Ongoing 20 damage save ends , and the voice tele- ports the target up to 5 squares. The target is restrained instead of slowed save ends both.

Double Attack 4- At-Will Effect: The voice makes two basic attacks. V Glimpse of Gibbeth psychic 4- Encounter Attack: The swarm acts immediately. Consequently, Merik is thirsty and famished, and until his needs are tended to, he is slowed and weakened.

Once he can talk, Merik reveals the following information. These beings claimed to be his advisors, but I could not bear the sight of them! He calls it the eye of Allabar, and it was borne to this place in a mete- orite that struck this tower before continuing its final descent.

Ilshaeren fears that Linza and Vaden might try to steal the orb from him. In any case, the old sage hides or flees rather than attacking. Ilshaeren, the Voice of Gibbeth Ilshaeren looks like an elderly male eladrin in simple robes streaked with dried blood. His long hair has gone white, and he bleeds from the eyes whenever Gibbeth is visible in the night sky. The old eladrin has served as the leader of the order for decades. He fears that Linza and Vaden, his former apprentices, intend to usurp his position.

Consequently, he has withdrawn to the tower to plan for the next conjunction and has forbidden them from entering unless summoned. Ilshaeren is excited because the next conjunction will be an alignment of Allabar and Gibbeth, and he prays that Gibbeth will send powerful allies to help him withstand any insur- rection.

He believes that only he has the skill to use the eye of Allabar and that Allabar has chosen him to bring about the end of the world. Eye of Allabar This hollow orb has a golden shell surrounding an astrolabe that allows someone trained in Arcana to predict when Allabar, the Wandering Star, will be in conjunction with other evil stars.

It also functions as a powerful implement. Allabar does not allow orbs such as these to fall into unwanted hands, but Allabar allows a non-evil creature to wield one if it thinks the owner is corrupt- ible. Orb Enhancement Bonus: Attack rolls and damage rolls Critical: You hit a target with an attack using this orb. You instead score a critical hit against the target.

With an attack using this orb, you miss a target and deal no damage to it. The target takes half damage from the attack. Rooftop Observatory Combat Encounter Level 17 8, XP from this vantage point, Ilshaeren and other mem- bers of the order studied the heavens, looking for portents among the stars and comets. This area is also where members of the order perform rituals to create star spawn.

If Ilshaeren and his brood are not encountered in area 39, they are found here. The battle here is more difficult because Ilshaeren can use the aberrant glyphs.

The battlement enclosing the rooftop is set with foot-tall rusted iron spikes , though one or two of them have broken off Standing atop the roof is a foot-tall stone statue of a stern humanoid, facing north, wearing a cloak and a cowl.

The statue aims a chiseled rod at the sky. All around the statue, on the roof, are glyphs that pulse with green, blue, and purple energy. A gaping hole along one edge is evi- dence that something must have crashed into the tower.

An iron railing encloses a staircase leading down. The tower roofis 50 feet high, feet above the base of the rocky crag upon which it stands. Aberrant Glyphs: As a minor action, Ilshaeren can cause a glyph to emit a psychic pulse, using the following power. The astronomers use the iron spikes on the battlement to track the progress of constella- tions and other celestial entities. Any character who inspects them closely can see measurement marks running the length of each spike.

Apart from being an accurate likeness, the statue serves as a sundial. As its shadow tracks across the roof, one can accurately determine the time of day. Unless the Order of the Endless Night is stopped, however, the group will continue to pose a threat to the world. Only by taking out its lead- ers Ilshaeren, Linza, and Vaden and seizing the eye ofAllabar can the adventurers end the threat.

Ilshaeren, Linza, and Vaden have been physi- cally and mentally corrupted and cannot be saved or restored to their former selves. Other members of the order can be restored to sanity with the use of Remove Affliction rituals. Any members of the order so restored do their utmost to rebuild Starhaunt and reestablish the original order.

Characters who want to join the new Order of the Endless Night are free to do so and might even become its leaders.

Merik shows no interest in join- ing the order. He has seen enough of Starhaunt and wants to return home. The char- acter begins to hear whispers at night, urging him or her to gather sacrifices and perform secret rituals to summon new star spawn to the world. The characters quickly gain a reputation throughout the realm for their dedication to oppos- ing evil.

This status might lead to other quests or opportunities. Christopher Perkins has been fascinated by astronomy since he was a wee child. Not surprisingly, evil star powers play key roles in his current 4th Edition campaign. Guardians watched over each prized plot of land.

As is the natural way of things, old guardians sometimes died so new guardians could rise in their place. In this way, a young treant became the new guard- ian of a valley of densely packed conifers that Aurusel called the Green Quills.

Magazine 207 pdf dungeon

The treant had heard of the city-building fey and knew the danger they posed to the pure wilderness. The treant knew enough to be vigilant against such efforts if they should occur. But the treant had heard nothing of humans. The treant, in its first exposure to a world outside the Feywild, was intrigued by a tribe of humans who entered its domain and asked to hunt game there. After examin- ing these creatures, the treant invited them in. They looked like beasts in their furs, and they acted like beasts with their single-minded intention to hunt.

In all the battles between our kin and the native creatures, it is the land that truly suffers. Do we allow the legacy of hate and fire to endure, or do we make this land an oasis in the bleak wastes? Fires surround every border of Timbergorge, and the smoke conceals the entire valley.

Densely clustered conifers tower overhead, and the ground slopes toward a clear, frigid river. All seems serene and natural until the packs of werewolves engage in yet another battle with the savage treant Silvermaw. The werewolves want things to change. Some want Silvermaw dead, others want to escape, and others want to heal the land. Silvermaw sees only one course of action: The werebeasts must die so Timbergorge can belong to only the animals and the forest fey.

You can use Timbergorge at a variety of charac- ter levels. If you want the adventurers to have a chance of defeating Silvermaw, they should be high paragon tier.

If you would rather they fight for survival alongside or against the werewolves, bring them in at high heroic tier. They were clearly not eladrin or elves, and they said nothing of building cities. Soon after granting these creatures permission to stay, the treant realized his mistake.

He saw a plume of smoke trailing into the sky, masking the low red sun. As the treant rushed toward the source of the smoke, the trees all around it caught fire. The treant roared and chased the fleeing humans. As he rushed under the flaming branches, he too caught fire.

When the sun had fully set on that day, the Green Quills faded back to the Feywild— or attempted to. Seeing the blazing flames that lit the night sky, Auru- sel stopped the forested valley from returning. He cut it from his demesne like rot from a piece of ripe fruit. It was cut loose from any tethers that held it to either the natural world or the Feywild. It settled in the realm where so many places of despair and darkness find a home: After being burned, the treant went on a rampage and killed several of the interlopers and their young, scattering the others throughout the forest.

He then withdrew to his grove and lay dormant for a short time. He healed the worst of his burns and grew bitter as he dreamed of revenge. They built a stockade around a settlement of log cabins, just in case the mad treant happened to return.

Lord of Timbergorge Timbergorge A Dark Lord Emerges When the treant awoke, he had been warped by shadow magic and thus transformed into the dark lord of this new domain of dread. The moment his eyes opened, the trees that encircled the valley erupted into flame.

The inhabitants became sur- rounded and trapped, and the treant rampaged once more. The human settlement was destroyed, and the survivors were again scattered into the forest. The transformed humans call the scorched treant Silvermaw, and the land Timbergorge. They spar with Silvermaw over and over, and they want only to escape the hunting grounds that have become their prison.

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The Bleak Forest One vast, deep river valley makes up all of Timber- gorge. The steep slopes teem with ancient conifers dusted with ash. At the bottom winds the watercourse that the human werewolves call the Cold River, its clear waters slowly flowing from one end of the domain to the other.

All manner of beasts used to call the gorge home. Now, most of the other significant predators have been wiped out by the werewolves. They ruin all they touch. May their corpses nourish the earth so they have some purpose.

As he battled the humans after awakening, he discovered that they were afflicted with the curse of lycanthropy. Their lupine abilities made the battles with them far more difficult than the treant had expected.

To combat them, he found some silver among the belongings the humans abandoned as they fled their newly built settlement. After melting the metal down, the treant poured it on the sharp branches around his mouth.

The silver tines give him a weapon he uses to rip apart his hated enemies. These silver fangs caused the werewolves to name the treant Silvermaw. The stench of death surrounds Silvermaw, and his hatred causes coal-black flowers to spring up wher- ever he steps, then quickly wilt.

Though some of the dryads and other fey that share the land with him fear how morbid and cruel he has become, Silvermaw never sees his own darkness.

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He knows that he failed in his duty and that Aurusel has forsaken him; his fate is sealed. He never expects to have another care- free day. He wants only to kill all the werewolves, die in peace, and return to the earth. He slipped into a dormant state, rooting himself to the earth and regrowing his charred body over time. The adventurers might enter Timbergorge in one of the following ways. The fey lord Aurusel once tended Timbergorge as part of his grand garden. Its place remains empty in his lands, so he might send the adventurers to discover its fate and see if it could be returned to his realm.

He might demand that the adventurers slay the corrupted treant or chase off the werewolves. Up from the Darkness: Underground tunnels of the Shadowdark run beneath Timbergorge, and adventurers could breach the surface inside the ring of fire.

They might have to remain here to avoid sub- terranean pursuers or because hardy roots grow up quickly to seal the tunnels. Through Mist and Smoke: The adventurers get lost in thick fog or in the smoke within a burning building or a forest fire. A forbidding wall of red flames stands behind them. When he awoke, the land truly had become a domain of dread.

When he awoke from his dormancy, Silvermaw had not fully healed. His bark remains scarred, and the longer he spends out of hibernation, the worse his condition gets. He has even started rotting, and he remains in a state between life and undeath. Still, he refuses to return to dormancy. Doing that would mean abandoning his pursuit of revenge.

The Spires of Lost Friends Silvermaw keeps a gruesome memorial to the forest he lost. The first one hundred trees that burned never recovered, nor did they fall over. Their blackened, limbless trunks still stand proudly among an ashen wasteland.

Silvermaw calls this swath of devastation the Spires of Lost Friends to commemorate the trees he once knew. When Silvermaw defeats one of the werewolves, he impales the body on one of the spires. If he can do so, he takes an enemy captive; better that the intruder be made to suffer and die upon a wooden stake. With the ability to regenerate, a werewolf might remain alive for days, writhing in agony and coating the blackened tree with streams ofblood. Silvermaw wants every tree to have at least one body speared onto it.

The howls of the dying are one of the few sounds that make him feel at peace. The Metsuri clan considers the impalement of its members to be a grave blasphemy.

Whenever the werewolves can, they help their dying comrades escape rather than let Silvermaw claim them. On the rare occasions when Silvermaw goes on the hunt elsewhere in his domain, bold members of the clan undertake a mission to retrieve bodies from the spires and properly bury them according to clan customs. The Metsuri Clan The wandering trappers who first entered the Fey- wild, the Metsuri clan, have all become werewolves.

The leader, Patriarch Kolegg, believes that Silvermaw cursed the clan out of spite. No clan members other than Kolegg speak of the curse when they can avoid it. During the time Silvermaw was dormant, they cut some wood and made simple permanent dwell- ings— only to have them wrecked when Silvermaw awoke and attacked them on their homestead. Three generations of Metsuri live in Timbergorge.

Many of the younger Metsuri, of a more peaceable nature than Kolegg, have strong objections to his orders, but the most powerful warriors remain loyal to Kolegg. You can use this domain to bring a new player into your group, or to replace a dead or retired character of one of your existing players. The people of the Metsuri clan have strong familial bonds and are skilled at living off the land.

Most of the Metsuri have a practical streak and do whatever they must to live a comfortable life. This might include leaving the clan to find riches through adventuring. Metsuri werewolves are best suited to be druids, rangers, or axe-wielding barbarians. For race, the player can pick shifter and re-skin it as a human werewolf.


A primal class that has transformation powers such as the druid with beast form could give the feeling of playing a werewolf while still using the human race. Burn Silvermaw to a pile of charcoal.

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When the Metsuri adopted a hunting and homesteading lifestyle in the Feywild, Kolegg grew restless. It is clear to Kolegg that to avoid extinction, the tribe must destroy the treant. Furthermore, Kolegg believes that if the clan kills Silvermaw, the fires will subside and summer will come once again to this realm. Kolegg is a gruff, decisive man with battle scars and a limp from an injured left leg.

Kolegg can be a bully, and he transforms into hybrid form and snarls at those who disagree with him.

Most of them are closely related to him. His oldest son, Tuleth, is second in command, and his youngest daughter and son also fight alongside the troop.

When his daughter, Aptal, started the Sunlit Circle, Kolegg disowned her and banished her from the clan. He sometimes misses his daughter, but keeps such feelings to himself. Missions from Kolegg Most of all, the patriarch wants Silvermaw dead so his clan can rule Timbergorge. In addition, he has other areas of concern that the heroes can address. Retrieve the Fallen: Kolegg believes that the Metsuri clanfolk whom Silvermaw has impaled on trees deserve a better fate.

He might ask the charac- ters to reach the Spires of Lost Friends and pull the bodies down so they can be buried properly. The clan has found it impossible to take the battle to Silvermaw by meet- ing it in the place where it dwells.

Every time a band of Metsuri crosses the river south of the spires, the treant rushes from the wilderness to attack, never coming from the same direction twice. This is no place for anyone to live. We must get past the flames and find our people in the lands beyond. Instead, Tikmek wants to help the whole clan escape from Timbergorge. She thinks that the Cold River passes through to the world outside. No one can confirm this as fact, since a wall of steam rises from the river, right next to the flaming border.

Nevertheless, Tikmek has dedicated herself to building an enormous raft to take all the Metsuri out at once in a daring escape attempt. The process, though it has barely begun, has been fraught with setbacks.

The first two loads of wood that were cut for the watercraft were destroyed in attacks by Silvermaw, who believed that the trees were being harvested to build homesteads. Vl Missions from Tikmek Finishing the raft and getting the whole clan to agree to the escape attempt are the only things Tikmek cares about.

Keep Silvermaw Distracted: If the treant finds the wood that has been cut for the raft, he will cer- tainly destroy it just as he has done in the past. In the final stages, when the raft is lashed together, it will be vitally important to draw his attention far from the river.

Salvage Tools from the Homestead: There are saws, hammers, rope, and other useful supplies in the wrecked homestead where the Metsuri used to live. For younger or less experienced trappers, use the frenzied werewolf statistics from Monster Vault". Most of the Metsuri are unaligned instead of evil.

So far, the Sunlit Circle has been fighting an uphill battle. Though the druids realize their task would be easier without these other factions, they would rather help the sides find peace than to have them killed. Healing the dark lord would ensure that the land could return from the brink of death. It just makes the domain more accessible, for outsiders especially if you link the border going up automatically to the Metsuri Clan nearing it, or prevent the Metsuri Clan from ever leaving much like Mordenheim in Lamordia.

Second, make the Metsuri Clan true werewolves before they became stuck in the domain. I think it would add a whole new level to their motives behind the fire.

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About Timbergorge, my problem is not with the forms of the werewolves but rather the fact that they're supposed to be the RP elements: Well, afflicted werewolves that fight the curse may remain neutral, but they're becoming evil under the effect of the transformation.

So, either you have them in werewolf form, fangs and fur That's kinda hard to work around. If I use them, I'll either make them humans or humanoids cursed with something else, or non-evil natural werewolves.

And the latter is not a curse. So I'll probably use the first part. Fair Barovia brothersale While I do like the attempt to cover Barovia, it just does not really do it well. Also there are changes to the general description of Vallaki even if one ignores the timeline errors, for example the divide between upper and lower town is gone and the old fortress, home of the burgomaster is gone.

Instead we have a Thaani neighbourhood for no real reason I can only assume that this version of Barovia has shrunk and Immol has disappeared. Andral is the name of the god worshipped in Barovia so why would a church dedicated to the Morninglord, a faith that has not been around for very long and in Vallaki only from BC name its church that, let alone have at least 4 saints in 30 years or so.

Overall disappointing, the lack of consistency with previous products just plain spoils it. Even the idea behind the adventure is not a new one, first appearing the Ravenloft Gaz I. Personally I think people will, myself included, nick the bits we like and chuck the rest.

For Fair Barovia, I liked it actually. Don't compare it with the Barovia you knew and all. There's no such thing as Immol, etc. The timeline isn't wrong, it's just different than the one we know. Please send your Reviews of art, books, movies, music, television shows, and video games to submissions fraternityofshadows. Ravenloft Home Page. Cafe de Nuit Message Board. The Study FAQ. The Library Netbooks.