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This includes non-relevant posts to poker, pushing your news site, . of Professional Tournament Poker, but like Kill Everyone, these books are a bit older. 'em (There is no PDF as far as I'm aware, so I bought it off Amazon). exactly, the entire purpose of poker is to approximate this as well as possible. ▻ We will replay the hand from our opponent's perspective and. “KILL PHIL is not a poker strategy book, but rather a tournament strategy book. .. Tysen Streib and Kill Phil co-author Steve Heston to write Kill Everyone.

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Kill Everyone Advanced Strategies for No Limit Holde'Em - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online. THE MENTAL GAME OF POKER 年9月4日 Download link: Click Here Kill Everyone took th for No-Limit Hold 'em Poker Tournaments and Sit-n-Go's (Poker Books PDF free download) Kill Everyone took the poker world by storm when it was first released in Editorial Reviews. Review. Kill Phil was a breakthrough book and everyone with an interest in Kill Everyone: Advanced Strategies for No-Limit Hold 'Em Poker Tournaments and Sit-n-Gos - Kindle edition by Lee Nelson, Tysen Streib, Steven .

Its perfect blend of real-time experience, poker math, and computational horsepower combine to create nw concepts and advanced strategies never before seen in print for multi-table tournaments, Sit-n-Go's, and satellites. BB code is On. Originally Posted by jmbreslin As I think about it more All times are GMT So you'll make money using the recommended ranges, but you should make more money if you can accurately adapt them. Poker Players - Streaming Live Online.

I agree http: I use it along with Harrington's odds and probabilities section on pushing. Why wouldn't you shove it if shoving is unexploitable? The Kill Everyone tables are for the situation when you are far from the money, but if you're close to the money or in the money, I suppose that the difference is that you have to shove more and call less. This might be getting too complex for my little brain, but I think there is a difference between optimal strategies and unexploitable strategies.

Unexploitable such as SAGE for heads-up play means that your opponent cannot counter your strategy with a more effective strategy - your play is correct no matter what your opponent does.

Kill Everyone Push/Fold Charts - MTT Poker Strategy - Multi Table Tournament Poker Forum

As far as I understand it, optimal means your play is correct within the constraints of certain assumptions e.

Optimal depends on your assumptions, while unexploitable is independent of any assumptions. I'm not sure what I'm saying is correct either. But as you said unexploitable is that no matter what your opponent does, you gain money. Optimal means that if you take advantadge of bad play from your opponents you win the most possible money, but I'm not concerned with this here.

Everyone poker pdf kill

So my point is that if shoving KJ is really unexploitable and that seems to be the case from the charts in KE , it makes you win money, while folding does not make you win money. Still, I'd like to know the mathematical proofs of these things, and whether or not shoving KJ in this case, for instance, is also unexploitable when we are close to the money or in the money. But this statement conflicts with the concept of unexploitable play. If a shoving range is unexploitable, then it doesn't matter how your opponents are playing.

If they fold, they're wrong; if they call, they're wrong.

Everyone pdf kill poker

If the ev of the shoving range depends on your opponents' playing tendencies, then the ranges are optimal, not unexploitable. I don't think I understood what you said either. In one post you describe the Kill Everyone ranges as unexploitable, but then in the post I just quoted you describe them as equilibrium ranges if your opponents are playing optimally.

Doesn't it have to be one or the other?

Pdf poker kill everyone

Wait, I think I might be getting it. The ranges in the book are unexploitable in that your opponents will be making a mistake no matter how tight or loose their calling range is.

So you'll make money using the recommended ranges, but you should make more money if you can accurately adapt them. If your opponents call too tightly, you can widen the range; if your opponents call too loosely, you should tighten the range.

Is that it? Let me try and explain this to you guys. Unexploitable means that say you are in the small blind with an M of 10 and your opponents calling range is only AA,KK extreme example I know shoving any two cards is unexploitable because in long run you will still make money from shoving.

However the optimal play in this example would be raising any two cards and folding when he re-raises you considering he is only re-raising you with AA-KK you can avoid the times you bust by folding to his re-raise.

Another example would be you have AA from any position with an M of whatever you want,shoving it pre-flop with an M of 50 is unexploitable but is not optimal as you can make more money from raising. Last edited by Sorrybadbeat; at Can someone post again the push-fold charts please?

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Book Review: Kill Everyone

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Mar Location: It ranges from tight-aggressive TAG play to loose-aggressive LAG play to picking up tells to what to eat and when to sleep before and during a tournament. Key concepts here are Fold Equity and Fear Equity. Nelson does give it thorough consideration, including an explanation of why and how fold equity matters even when you have the best hand. Fear Equity is a way of getting Fold Equity. It refers to building an image of a tough, aggressive player whom other players will want to avoid.

Later in a tournament, this is important for stealing blinds pre-flop and picking up pots with continuation bets.

Though much of this material will be useful online, Nelson is a live pro and his work generally assumes that context. For the most part, he is good about explaining the assumptions that underlie his plays, such as the important observation that on the contemporary tournament scene, all-in bets are often perceived as weaker than smaller bets.

Kill everyone PDF

I do appreciate that Nelson references other poker authors both to support his arguments and to explain how and why his views differ from theirs. This can leave inexperienced readers bored or confused. Nelson, a retired doctor, also addresses a grab bag of other topics such as how to deal with jet lag, how to relieve stress and clear your mind, what to eat to keep your mind sharp during a tournament, etc.

The final section, penned by guest author Mark Vos, is surprisingly good.

Pdf kill everyone poker

But he provides a competent, concise introduction to short-handed cash game play. In particular, he offers some helpful tidbits that will orient tournament players unaccustomed to seeing a lot of turns and rivers. These streets are the trickiest for cash game beginners, but also the most important. Though not particularly well integrated with each other, the contributions of each author are overwhelmingly good, and on the whole Kill Everyone is one of the better tournament books on the market.