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double as ultra-discount places to sleep (p). Tokyo Cheapo This expat-run website (http:// is full of ideas to enjoy Tokyo. Buy Tokyo Cheapo: A Cheapo's Guide To Tokyo: Read 14 Kindle Store Reviews - First off, this is a cheapo's guide and they barely stray from that subject You can buy the Tokyo Cheapo book online for $15 as either a PDF or.

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Don't Visit Tokyo Without It! Get 40% off with this special coupon code: The guide is available in Epub, Kindle and PDF, so you can read it on pretty much any. A Cheapo's guide to visiting and living in Tokyo. Cheap restaurants, hotels, entertainment and shopping. A cheapo's guide to Japan. Sign-up for monthly updates from Japan Cheapo and a direct shuttle is also available from Tokyo Station and Ikebukuro Station.

Two 1 hour Skype "Business in Japan" consultation calls. Our Ebook Plus: Salone Vendredi. Dinosaurs, Temples and Tea in Fukui Fukui city is all too often just a jumping off point for visitors to Eiheiji Temple, but the town, in Fukui Prefecture on the Sea of Japan, is worth a look in its own right. Grigoris Miliaresis Having fallen in love with Asakusa even before actually seeing it, Grigoris Miliaresis has been roaming its alleys with a camera, a notepad and on a writer's budget i. I'm Marceline, the creative mind behind Asking For Trouble's cute characters and products.

Alvin Cheung talks third wave coffee, body painting in an abandoned warehouse and what the perfect mechanical keyboard feels like. May is the official start of festival season in Tokyo. With mega-fests like Sanja Matsuri and the Golden Week holiday, you're […]. The Tokyo Metropolitan Central Library offers a quiet workspace, fast wifi, cheap eats and even views! Read our guide on how to […]. Want to explore Harajuku? Here's our guide to enjoying the sights—quirky, serene and everything in between!

Eggs, bacon, sausages, mushrooms, tomatoes, beans, toast and at least two hash browns, not to mention a mug of tea to wash it […].

Cheapo pdf tokyo

Tokyo Bay has long been the stomping ground of the infamous God of Destruction, so it should come as no surprise there are […]. Few things spell satisfaction like gnawing on chicken wings and leaving behind a little pyramid of bones, like a less ambitious […]. Everything you need to know about visiting the new Moomin theme park in Saitama. Plus an impressive and free Moomin park alternative! See a breakdown of the most popular options for travel—guide to taking the bullet train, bus and cheap flights.

A no contract unlimited data and voice SIM for all. No residency card or visa required! Don't get stuck in an expensive 2 year contract. Sushi Wi-Fi is fast, cheap, and unlimited to help you stay online anywhere in Japan!

Truly Unlimited mobile Wi-Fi - no data caps and no speed restrictions mean that you can watch as many videos, play as many games, listen to as much music, and download as many files as you want.

Both Haneda and Narita Airports are within an hour of the hotel by train. Close to the hotel is the major Tokyo […]. Simple, friendly and very low priced accommodation on the nostalgic Eastern side of Tokyo.

Special offer: About 40 minutes from Haneda and an hour by rail from Narita Airport, it is roughly 30 minutes' ride from the bustling stations of Shinjuku and Ikebukuro. The […].

The Tokyo Cheapo eBook – 3rd Edition | Tokyo Cheapo

Beer Music. Music Party. Looking for a place to crash in Tokyo? Read on to see what your options are. New to Tokyo Cheapo? Read this.

With the dollar stronger than ever at time of writing, 90 USD will buy you 10, yen , now is […]. Events Tours Eating Stay. Get the Top Tokyo Cheapo hacks in your inbox. Send me the tips!

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April 15th, Prior to this move, she was an exchange student in Tokyo from fall to winter , and she visited Japan a number of times for vacations. Wanting to save money to be able to spend on her interests e.

Cheapo pdf tokyo

For instance, she enjoys cheap but delicious Japanese lunches at the school cafeteria, buys mori-girl clothing on sale at Wonder Rocket, and takes the night bus when visiting Kansai. In between academics and part-time work, Tiffany enjoys reading novels, crafts, and taking pictures of interesting things, places, and events though she is no photographer.

Lately, she's also been trying to maintain a blog called Golden Time Lover. Sometimes, she also enjoys dressing up, as can be seen in this profile picture. Two years of living in China has skewed Cal's perspective of how much things should cost, but after a couple of years of writing about Tokyo he's found that Japan can be just as inexpensive with the right knowledge.

Avid reader. Avid writer. Avid eater. When she's not working or moseying around her apartment, she loves to sample the great food which her home city has to offer. Given her love of dining out and collecting books, she's glad when she can find ways to stretch out her monthly earnings just that extra little bit. Apart from the guide, we've got some great rewards to choose from.

You can learn Japanese, get help with your trip to Tokyo or get help for your business in Japan! These beautiful and very popular Japanese language flash cards from White Rabbite Press will get you up to speed reading the Japanese "Kana" alphabet in no time. They include helpful visual and verbal cues for remembering each character plus an audio accompaniment for pronunciation.

These are expertly put together audio walk through tours, complete with photo booklet and map - a perfect accompaniment to our EBook guide. This bundle includes two of Tokyo's most infamous districts, get a taste of the red lights and dark suits in Kabukicho, and mingle with the maids in geek ground zero Akihabara. Use this Ebook to get your speaking ability up to scratch before you arrive, plus you've still got our Guide book to fill in the gaps if you haven't completely mastered the language in time.

Order a custom itinerary and you can have the cheapos themselves do all the hard work in choosing what you should see in Tokyo. We'll email you a questionnaire to get some preferences and comments, then once we have your answers we'll hand pick an itinerary just for you - and it won't just be limited to items in our guide! We'll deliver you PDF doc with the details of your tour within 14 days of receiving your questionnaire response.

NB we are experts on Tokyo, so the itinerary will be limited to the Tokyo area - sorry we can't cover the whole of Japan. You can order your itinerary anytime within 6 months of the campaign - we'll send you a reminder before the end of the 6 month period so you don't forget.

Pdf tokyo cheapo

Tokyo Cheapo has hundreds of thousands of page views every month from people english speaking people in buying and booking mode - this is a great chance your product, brand or service to get in front of them at a discounted rate!

We're offering a few special reduced rate advertising bundles. You can learn more about traffic, user demographics and behavior here: Greg and Chris both have a decade of experience doing business in Japan. Their experience includes a wide range of topics including tech start ups, Japanese business culture, talking with government ministries, incorporating, attracting and hiring local staff and visa regulations.

HUGE thanks for backing our project and helping us with the publicity over the last few weeks Our publicity engine continues to power on!

The Tokyo Cheapo eBook – 3rd Edition

Your search term isn't long enough. Chris Kirkland Tokyo. Subscribe subscribers. Buy on Amazon. Pre-orders Days left 0. Tokyo Cheapo sold pre-orders by May 14, , and will be self published.

Tokyo Cheapo – A Cheapo’s Guide to Tokyo

Includes lunch and dinner. What's in The Guide? It includes heaps of information and hacks for making your trip smooth and saving you money: Carefully curated listings Heaps of ideas for Free entertainment Enjoy the best food without breaking the bank Seasonal events and activities Tips for getting around Tokyo Where to sleep at night that doesn't cost a fortune Detailed guides for all the key areas Family Tips Plus all our super cheapo tips and hacks Our guide will be available in Epub, Kindle and PDF format so you can read it on your iPad, eReader or mobile device.

Preorder Now Don't visit Tokyo without our ebook guide! Amazon review of our first ebook Is this guide book for you? Hotels, festivals, temples, shopping, partying - we've done the hard work so you can relax and enjoy your stay without constantly worrying about your budget About Us TokyoCheapo.

Amazon review of our first ebook , Monthly Readers Since starting with a simple blog, the site has grown to nearly , monthly readers and continues to grow month by month. Tokyo Cheapo is being penned by the follow scruffy rabble of expert cheapo reprobates: Chris Kirkland Being of British roots Chris has a natural instinct for being a complete cheap-arse and spending as little money as possible.

Greg Lane Greg has been pottering around Tokyo for 15 years. Aaron Baggett Aaron is originally from Arkansas known for its sax playing Presidents and he speaks almost entirely in movie quotes. Selena Hoy Selena is a curious enthusiast. Grigoris Miliaresis Having fallen in love with Asakusa even before actually seeing it, Grigoris Miliaresis has been roaming its alleys with a camera, a notepad and on a writer's budget i.

Cal Two years of living in China has skewed Cal's perspective of how much things should cost, but after a couple of years of writing about Tokyo he's found that Japan can be just as inexpensive with the right knowledge.