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The Long Walk by Stephen King - In this #1 national bestseller, “master Plus, receive recommendations and exclusive offers on all of your favorite books and. I prefer to hold physical books in my hands when I read them. It's necessary for me to feel the weight of the book along with the texture of the books' covers and. In an ultraconservative America of the not-too-distant future when America has become a police state, the annual marathon is the ultimate sports competition.

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-Thomas Carlyle. "I would encourage every American to walk as often as possible. But look at this: a book about the Long Walk from an insider's point of view. THE LONG WALK – Stephen King (Richard Bachman) Only death can keep you from the finish line – in the ultimate competi. PDF | Stephen King's novel The Long Walk, written under the version of The Long Walk being cited is at it appears in The Bachman Books.

Hidden categories: The event is run by a character known as "The Major". Stephen King from A to Z: The long walk Slavomir Rawicz. Readers waiting for this title: Fotrally is an annual walking event that has been held in Sweden since

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Tell us what you like, so we can send you books you'll love. Sign up and get a free eBook! Price may vary by retailer. About The Book. The long walk , Longman.

The Long Walk

The Long walk. The long walk: Readers waiting for this title: Publish date unknown, Companion Book Club. History Created December 8, 13 revisions Download catalog record: Audio CD in English - Unabridged edition.

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The long walk , Robinson in English. The long walk , Lyons Press in English. The long walk , Constable in English - New ed.

The long walk , Nick Lyons Books in English. Thorpe in English. The long walk , Longman in English - Concise ed. Publish date unknown, Companion Book Club in English. November 23, Edited by Anand Chitipothu. November 21, Lastly, the most charismatic and mysterious Walker is a boy named Stebbins. Throughout the Walk, Stebbins establishes himself as a loner, observing the ground beneath him as he listens to fellow Walkers' complaints, seemingly unaffected by the mental and physical strains.

The only character Stebbins truly interacts with is Garraty. Stebbins, however, corrects him: Along the road, the Walkers learn that one of their number, Scramm—initially the heavy odds-on favorite to win the Walk—is married. When Scramm gets pneumonia, the remaining Walkers agree that the winner will use some of the Prize to take care of his pregnant widow, Cathy.

Book the pdf walk long

Members of the public interfering with the Walkers can receive an "interference" ticket. This nearly occurs when the mother of a Walker named Percy tries, on several occasions, to get onto the road and find her son at her last attempt, he has already been killed for attempting to sneak away.

Only the intervention of the local police keeps her from being executed.

The second instance is when a spectator's dog runs across the road in front of the Walkers and is shot. However, one man is able to throw the Walkers watermelon slices before being hauled away by the police rather than the soldiers; several Walkers receive third warnings after taking the watermelon, but none of them are shot.

Garraty becomes closest to McVries, a boy with a prominent facial scar who speculates that his own reason for joining the Walk is a subconscious death wish. When Garraty suffers a short mental breakdown following the death of one of his friends, McVries takes several warnings in order to get him moving again. By the morning of the fifth day, the Walk has progressed into Massachusetts , the first time in 17 years that it has done so.

There are only seven Walkers left.

Walk the book pdf long

Stebbins states he used to think the Major was unaware of his existence, but it turns out that the Major has numerous illegitimate children nationwide. Four years earlier, the Major took Stebbins to the finish of a Long Walk; now Stebbins feels that the Major has set him up to be "the rabbit", motivating others to walk farther to prolong the race, just as rabbits are used in dog races.

Stebbins' plan, upon winning the Walk, is to ask to be "taken into [his] father's house" as his Prize. Finally, Garraty decides to give up after realizing that Stebbins has shown almost no weaknesses over the duration of the Walk. Garraty catches up with Stebbins to tell him this, but before he can speak, Stebbins collapses and dies; thus Garraty is declared the winner.

Long book the pdf walk

Unaware of the celebration going on around him, Garraty gets up from Stebbins' side and keeps on walking, believing the race to still continue, as he hallucinates a dark figure not far ahead that he thinks is another competitor.

He ignores a jeep coming toward him in which the Major comes to award him the victory, thinking it is a trespassing vehicle.

The Long Walk to Freedom

When a hand touches his shoulder, Garraty somehow finds the strength to run. In , George A. Romero was approached to direct the film adaptation, but it never happened. By , Frank Darabont had secured the rights to the film adaptation of the novel.

Long walk pdf the book

He planned to make it low-budget, "weird, existential, and very self contained". Kirby Heyborne narrated an audiobook adaptation of the novel in for Blackstone Audio. In April , it was announced that New Line Cinema would develop a film adaptation of the novel. Darabont's rights to the film lapsed, and filmmaker James Vanderbilt , stepped in to produce the film with Bradley Fischer and William Sherak of the Mythology Entertainment production company.