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VAIBHAV LAKSHMI VRAT KATHA BOOK IN GUJARATI PDF. Vaibhav Lakshmi Vrat Katha Book In Gujarati. Welcome to the very best site that supply hundreds. Read and Download Ebook Vaibhav Lakshmi Vrat Katha Book In English Vaibhava Laxmi Puja (Set Of 8 Books) (Vaibhav Lakshmi Vrat Book In English) PDF. Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat book is available in Gujarati, Hindi, Marathi, Kannada and English .. Hi do u hav TELUGU pdf of this pooja if u hav plz send me I count find it .. i read the katha in english or does it have to be in hindi. i am a tenant .

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Can some of the women be divorced? Many years ago there was a very big city. Now I am in India and its my 24th or 25th Friday. I purchased grams of gold, and ornaments were prepared from it. Unhappiness is 6 followed by happiness and happiness is followed by unhappiness in this worldly life. Moreover Sheela had to suffer much due to the abusive language of her husband.

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Sheela was pleased to know about the observance of the Vrat from that old lady. You have shown me the ceremony of the Vrat. Now I will surely observe it. This Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat should be done for eleven or twenty-one Friday. On the last Friday, the Vrat should be celebrated offering a coconut and sweet dish of rice. Afterwards you should bow down your head to the photograph of Goddess Dhanlaxmi and should pray in the heart! I have observed the Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat. Please fulfill all our wishes!

Kindly give wealth to the poor and give children to the childless woman. Let the married woman enjoy the happy state of wifehood. Let the unmarried girl fulfill her desires. Hearing the ceremony for the observation of Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat, she closed her 8 eyes and decided in her mind to do the Vrat with full faith according to shastras for twenty-one Friday and to celebrate the same with ceremony.

When Sheela opened the eyes, she was very much surprised to know that the old lady had disappeared! That old lady was no one else but Laxmiji Herself! As Sheela. On the very next day it was Friday. In the evening having washed her hands and feet, Sheela placed the wooden seat. She put her nose-ornament in the small bowl placed on the copper pot, which was on the heaps of rice arranged on the handkerchief spread on the wooden seat.

Sitting in the east, Sheela observed the Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat with proper ceremony as informed by that old lady. Then she offered some sugar to her husband. As usual her husband did not beat her! She was very much happy to see such miraculous change in husband. Then after observing the Vrat with devotion and faith for twenty-one Friday. Sheela celebrated the last Friday. She gave a book of Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat to seven ladies and bowing down her head to the photograph of Goddess Laxmiji, prayed: I have finished observance of the Vrat today.

Kindly fulfill the desires of the unmarried girls and return the happiness of those who observe the Vrat. Be merciful to bless us with bliss of life uttering, "Give wealth to the poor, a child to the childless woman and preserve the happiness of the married woman.

Kindly fulfill the desires. In this way, Sheela could get the result as she had observed the Vrat according to the prescribed ceremony of the shastras. Her husband gave up the immoral way of life and began to earn with great efforts. With the pious power of the Goddess, her husband became wealthy.

Katha vaibhav pdf vrat lakshmi

He got back the ornaments of Sheela mortgaged by him. Hence forward he became a noble man and Sheela regained the peace and happiness in her life as before. Having seen the pious power of the Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat, other women of the street began to perform the Vrat according to ceremony described by the shastras.

Goddess Dhan Laxmi! Be merciful to all, as you had been to Sheela. Fulfill the desires of all. Bless all with peace and bliss. Jai Ma Dhan Laxmi! Jai Ma Vaibhava Laxmi!!. One should offer a sweet dish to Goddess Vaibhava Laxmi and sing a prayer.

Then one should recite the following verse to obtain immediate fruits of the Vrat. Patrabhyagvadanman Charan Prakashshalan Bhojan! Satseva Pitrudevarchan Vidhihi Satyamgavam Palanam! At the remaining places, I rarely show my favor.

A letter of one lady from Navsari is presented here. Our financial position was very feeble. My husband was invalid and ill. I had young sons. My elder daughter had been serving in the post office.

Our family was maintained from the income of her salary. She had completed twenty-five years of her age. So we were anxious to get her married. Luckily we selected a bridge-groom for our daughter. Our daughter also gave her consent for that young man. That young man also liked our daughter. The marriage was arranged.

But one obstacle stopped the marriage. But this marriage can be done if you give grams of gold to your daughter, otherwise I wont give my consent. We felt that our ship was sinking on the shore itself.

We had no saving at all. Then how could we purchase grams of gold? I had been sitting on the verandah highly disappointed. At that time a motorcycle passed by my house. I saw something dropped and fallen into the corner from that motorcycle. I was very much curious to know what was dropped there.

I wiped the book with one end of my sari, touched the same to my eyes and began to read it immediately sitting on the verandah. While reading it, I thought that our problem might be solved if I observe this Vrat of Vaibhava Laxmi. Probably Goddess Laxmiji might have sent this book to me to help me in my difficult situation!

Deep and intense faith arose in my heart to observe the Vrat. The very next day was Friday. In the evening I put my golden ring in a small bowl placed on the copper big pot, kept on the small heaps of rice. I worshipped according to the rites described in the book of Vrat and offered the sweet dish to Goddess Laxmiji and fasted for the whole day.

I began to see the photograph with devotion everyday and entreated her to exempt me from my miseries. On the fifth Friday I began to worship Goddess Laxmi. My mind was completely absorbed in the photograph of Goddess Laxmi, seeing devotedly at the photograph.

Exactly at that time my son, who was fifteen years old, came to me running fast and said, Mother see! We have won the lottery of Maharastra State, and we are lucky to win the prize of fifty thousand.

I leaped with over-joy. Let me complete the worshipping, we shall talk after eating the sweet dish offered to the Goddess Laxmi. I finished the ceremonies of the Vrat whole —heatedly. We all ate the sweet dish offered to Goddess. Afterwards we checked the number of our lottery, and found that we had won the lottery. Goddess Laxmiji had relieved me from the distress. Having received the amount of the lottery.

I purchased grams of gold, and ornaments were prepared from it. Thus by the effective influence of the Vrat of Vaibhava Laxmi, my miseries were removed once for all.

Jai Dhan Laxmi Goddess!! My husband was the commission agent in the market of diamonds. He had comparatively good income we used to live happily with our two sons. We had no trouble at all. We had neither a motor car nor a bungalow.

Katha pdf vaibhav lakshmi vrat

We were not even well to do from the financial point of view. But my husband was praised well in the business of diamond-market. Hence he had a great prestige in the business. We felt that we were very happy. No body would have been so much happy as we had been. We were satisfied with our family life. But who would have passed all the days happily? And really, the day dawned in our life when the dark clouds of calamities heavily fell on us. At night my husband returned home. As usual he hung up his bush-shirt on the peg.

Having changed the pantaloon, he tried to take out the packets of diamonds from his pocket, but unfortunately the packets were not found. Hurriedly he again tried to find the packets from the pockets of his shirt, but did not succeed to get the same. Afterwards he tried to search on the floor of the house and in all directions. I saw from the kitchen that he had been trying to search something. Yes, the packing of diamond-packets is not found.

I had put it into the left pocket of my pant. If we cannot find it out, we would be drowned into debt. We shall have to sell out this flat also. I lost all my senses. I switched down the gas and ran from the kitchen and hastily tried to find out the packing of the diamond packets on the way of coming and going and on the staircase of the apartment and behind the staircase.

Unfortunately the packet was not found. We both of us-husband and wife sat down on the sofa with great shock and disappointment. How much happy we had been!

Pdf vaibhav katha lakshmi vrat

And how great calamity had crushed us! Shall we lose everything? Tears began to drop form my eyes. I welcomed them and gave them a glass of water. Having seen the shadow of sorrow on our faces, he said with a smile. Have you quarreled today? While weeping I described every thing that had happened. They too were dumb with shock. Ramilben said to me.

Men may not have faith in the Vrat, but we should have full faith in the Vrat. This is the Vrat of Dhan Laxmi. It has miraculous influence in this Iron Age age of vice and irreligious prescribed by Kali. You do observe the Vrat.

And she described to give fifty-one copies of this book as present to the women. At the rising of the sun, in the dim Sunlight we went out in search of packets of diamonds inspired by the Goddess herself. We began to utter Her pious name and tried to find looking minutely on both sides of the road, from where my husband had returned home by scooter. As soon as we entered into the neighboring street of diamond-. I pointed it out to my husband. There it is!

It was the same packing in which all the packets were tagged with a rubber string.

Vaibhava Lakshmi Vrat Book

At last we regained the same packing of the diamond-packets. Tears of joy dropped from the eyes of my husband. We deeply felt that we were saved from the terrible destructive disaster of our life.

I told my husband about the oath taken by me for the observance of the Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat for twenty- one Friday. And from the following Friday we-I and my husband, began to observe the Vrat. With full faith and devotion we completed the observance of Vrat for twenty-one Friday and gave fifty-one books of Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat as present to the women.

Dear readers! The above-described incident proves the pious influence of Goddess Dhan Laxmi. The laborer carrying the bags of sand was dishonest by intention.

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Seeing the flat open, he misused the opportunity. He went into the flat and began to search minutely and carefully. Nilaben had gone for bath. There was no one in the flat. While searching, he happened to find the gold necklace, the auspicious golden marriage ring, and two golden bangles under the pillow in the bedroom.

The laborer put the ornaments into his pocket. He stealthily went away putting the pillows as before. Then for an hour, he continued to bring bags of sand. Afterwards he pretended to have pain in the stomach and escaped away. Nilaben had this bad habit to put the ornaments below the pillow in the bedroom everyday and to put on the same after finishing the cooking work, the next day. Nilaben did not know that her ornaments had been stolen. Being disturbed, she began to shed tears.

The neighboring woman rushed there. All began to pacify her giving consolation. Her parent house was just two streets away. Her mother and sister hurriedly came there. Seeing her mother, Nilaben started to weep again. If you remove the ornaments your should put them properly in the cupboard. You know well that I have deep faith in Goddess Dhan Laxmi.

Take the religious oath to observe Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat for eleven Friday. Goddess Laxmiji will do every thing good. Immediately Nilaben washed her hands and feet and solemnly affirmed to observe the Vrat of Vaibhava Laxmi for eleven Friday. She also decided to give 11 books of Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat as present to the women. Afterwards she decided to recite the name of Goddess Laxmiji with deep faith. After some time 14 her husband returned home and Nilaben narrated him the whole incident shedding tears from her eyes.

Come on; let us go to the police station to report the matter. Both the husband and wife closing the door of the house went to the police station. They requested the police-inspector to register the incident narrated to him. The inspector began to write the report. I suspected his behavior and caught hold of him. I found these ornament from him. And he presented four ornaments of Nilaben on the table of the police inspector, the details of which Nilaben had reported to him.

The laborer also confessed his crime. He told everything from where he had stolen and how he had stolen the ornaments. He recognized Nilaben too. Having completed the procedure, the inspector entrusted the ornaments to Nilaben.

In this way, by the grace of Goddess Dhan Laxmi, Nilaben immediately received all the stolen ornaments. Then Nilaben immediately received all the stolen ornaments. Then Nilaben gave eleven books to the women as present, after having observed Vrat of Vaibhava Laxmi for eleven Friday. Thus she observed the Vrat according to the oath taken by her. Such is the great and pious power of the Vrat of Goddess Vaibhava Laxmi.

Jai Ma Vaibhava Laxmi!!! The dispute began for partnership in the business. Then there became four partners in the business.

Since then began the days of disparity for Sureshbhai in his business. He used to work hard but was not successful to run his business by any means. He was mentally depressed within a year. His wife Saralaben was very wise. She gave courage to her husband. How could he be in the happy mood when his business had been slack? Her heart had been weeping to see her husband gradually becoming weak and feeble mentally and physically.

She had very close relations with her. Saralaben narrated everything about her miserable condition. Goddess Dhan Laxmi would relieve you from all your miseries. The following day was Friday. S he took an oath to observe the Vrat for twenty-one Friday and began to observe Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat. Next Friday Sureshbhai returned home with a joyous mood. She said to Saralaben, "To day a miracle happened. One very big and reputed company has approved the quality and design of the spare parts stocked in our shop, and it has given a very big order for the same.

It has favored us. The Vrat was celebrated with full faith and then Sureshbhai kept the book in the treasury. After a year he reached at the top in his business and he was lucky to purchase a motorcar. He got the first class in M. Degree examination. All were very much pleased.

From the very next day, Gajesh began to search for the job. He had already got his name registered in the employment office. All the members at home believed that Gajesh would immediately get the job as he had obtained very good marks.

Gajesh belief fell flat. Gajesh had no influence L G V G. Have you followed it? He had no degree of L G V G. No relative of his own or paternal uncle had been on good post. Having wandered here and there for the employment, Gajesh got frustration within one year only.

Belonging to be the member of middle class family, he could not afford to remain unemployed. The members of the family also began to murmur with discontent.

Gajesh was very confused, as he could not decide what to do in that situation. One day Minaben, living in the same street, invited Vimalaben at her place, as she had observed the Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat, and she was to celebrate it. Minaben marked the forehead of seven women with the red turmeric, and applied some grains of rice. She also gave a book of Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat as present to the seven women and gave them sweet dish of rice, which was offered to Goddess Laxmi.

All the women discussed about miracles of Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat. After some time all the women went to their places. Having finished the household work, she began to look into the book.

She also saw the Shree Yantra-the amulet of Goddess Laxmi. She recollected the memory of their past prosperity. Her father used to keep the Amulet of Goddess Laxmi in the treasury. He used to say that the Amulet had been the mystical form of the Goddess Laxmi. She devotedly applied her hands to her eyes after touching the Amulet. At once she experienced some divine change in the mind.

She got inspiration to observe Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat. While turning the pages of the book, she found the various incarnations of Goddess Laxmiji. She touched devotedly the photographs of the Goddess and then to her eyes. She recollected that her mother had been telling that Goddess Laxmiji got satisfied if her various incarnations were devotedly seen by any one then Goddess Laxmiji resided in the house.

Vimalaben began to think, should I observe the Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat? She collected the information about the rites to observe the Vrat from the book. Just then Gajesh returned home. Vimalaben showed him that book and entreated him to observe the Vrat. Gajesh loved his mother very much. He replied positively to respect his mother. Mother and son both took oath to observe Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat for eleven Friday and began the observance from that very Friday.

He went for the interview on Tuesday. He was happy with his interview. He got the appointment letter on the Friday. Thus at last he got the decent job.

Vrat katha lakshmi pdf vaibhav

By the grace of Goddess Dhan Laxmi, Gajesh got the promotion after a quarter year and a month. He began to get higher salaries very promptly. Thus by the pious power of Vaibhava Laxmi, Gajesh obtained the decent job and good salary due to speedy promotion.

Malatiben was very straightforward by nature. She was intelligent and had the sweet tongue. No body could stand with her regarding the efficiency of her work. Inspite of that, clouds of calamity fell on her. She had two sons. Then all of a sudden her husband met with an accident. He lost both his legs. His right hand became invalid.

It was for show only. Luckily he could save his life. Malatiben had to take over all the responsibilities of the family. She had passed four or five years of her married life. Hence they had not saved a big amount. She owned a flat only. She was very much perplexed with miseries. But she did not let her husband know the least about her embarrassment by her behavior. She encouraged her husband by cheering him up. Happiness leads you to the goldsmith and unhappiness inspires you to go at the feet of Lord Rama.

Vaibhav Laxmi Vrat Katha - Hindi

According to that proverb, Malatiben surrendered to God Rama. Only by the grace of God, one can come out safely through such calamities. She began to ponder as to what to do to find out safe way. All of a sudden she remembered that her Sushiben her maternal aunt, used to observe Vaibhava Laxmi Vrat and used to celebrate it whenever she happened to be in difficulty. She praised the Vrat very much. Once upon a time her maternal aunt had invited her at the time of celebration of Vrat and had given a book of Vrat too.

The book of the Vrat! She had kept it in one of the corners of her cupboard. Malatiben at once got up and found out that book.