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Installation. Download Phoca PDF Content plugin from the Phoca PDF download site. Login into your Joomla! administration site and follow these steps. Download Phoca PDF System plugin from the Phoca PDF download site. You get a ZIP file. Login into your Joomla! administration site and follow these. As written in warning box on Phoca PDF component site, not all HTML features can be transformed to PDF document. The same is valid for content plugins.

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Phoca PDF plugin is a part of Phoca PDF framework, which is a component for Joomla!. After installing this component you need to install and enable Phoca. You are here: Download /; Phoca PDF Content Plugin Phoca PDF Content Plugin Languages: Bulgarian (Български език). bg-BG_plg_phocapdf_content. j Phoca PDF component uses TCPDF library for creating PDF documents. After installing this component you need to install and enable Phoca PDF plugin.

Otherwise - surprise. Phoca Font By Jan Pavelka. Hi, yes, before running the component and mostly the system plugin, the important notice of the component should be read. Phoca Cart Product Module - a Joomla! See more details here: Allows you to add the PDF icon to your Joomla articles. Phoca Font Component is a Joomla!

Unfortunately, articles are a part of Joomla! Phoca PDF system plugin tries to find a place where Joomla! Such feature has a lot limitations:. What is the advantage of such solution? In case you want to display PDF icon only in article view and your template output has standard format, then you don't need to modify the content files see below every time you will upgrade your Joomla!

Edit the following file if your template overrides Joomla! Edit the following files if your template overrides Joomla! If Joomla! Use Inline Browser Popup instead which is default. Cache system plugin does not create correct cache file if Inline Browser parameter is set. No Title of Article, No author, No date, etc.

Options - the count of options cannot be called "poor": To moderators - please remove this review so it will not confuse all other users. Thank you, Jan. Display 12 30 60 Phoca Download By Jan Pavelka. Phoca Download is a Joomla! It displays sections, categories and files which can be downloaded from the site.

Downloaded files are listed in Statistics View administration. Youtube videos in Phoca Download Demo http: Phoca Favicon By Jan Pavelka. Phoca Favicon is a Joomla! It is a simple component that generates favicon on your Joomla! You can change the favicon of your site whenever you like.

Pdf plugin phoca

Documentation Frontend Demo Since version 2 Joomla! Phoca Maps By Jan Pavelka. Phoca Maps is a Joomla! It is a component which displays maps on your site.

Plugin phoca pdf

The idea of using this component is a fast creation of map on your site. Finally create menu link to this map. If you need to set a marker or more markers, just go to Extension Phoca Open Graph Plugin is a Joomla! CMS Plugin. It allows adding of open graph information into site. Such information stored in meta tags can be then automatically displayed on e.

Facebook while some visitior of the site commented e. Since version 3. Phoca News Phoca Cart By Jan Pavelka. Phoca Cart is e-commerce extension - complex shopping cart for Joomla! Phoca Cart is directly written for Joomla!

Pdf plugin phoca

Phoca Cart extensions: Extensions Main Features: Responsive design Unlimited products Product attributes and options Product specifications Product discounts Related products Wish lists Comparison list Advanced stock manageme Phoca GAE is a Joomla!

Don't waste your time filling out a lot of forms. This way the Google Search code and Google Calendar code can be added too. Phoca Facebook Comments Module is a Joomla! Users are able to comment the site on which this module is displayed. Phoca Email By Jan Pavelka. Phoca Email is a Joomla! It has different functions: Phoca Emails is newsletter component. Phoca Email is used for sending emails from other components like e. If Phoca Email is used for sending emails in Joomla!

Phoca Gallery Tree Module is a Joomla!

Module which shows a tree of galleries categories from Phoca Gallery component. Phoca Documentation By Jan Pavelka. Phoca Documentation is a Joomla! Documentation Download Joomla 2.

Phoca Restaurant Menu is a Joomla! This component allows creating menu for restaurant, cafeteria, fast food, school canteen, buffet, bar, club, snack bar, wineroom, etc. Such menu can be displayed on a website, printed on a sheet of paper or emailed to customers. Menu output types: Phoca Gallery By Jan Pavelka. Phoca Gallery is a Joomla! It is complex image gallery with slideshow. Modern and responsive gallery with 15 different detail methods.

Detail window methods: Phoca Download Plugin is a Joomla! Plugin which can display: See demo of the plugin: Phoca Gallery Image Module is a Joomla!

Module which shows image s from Phoca Gallery component in module positon. Random image or latest images can be displayed. Phoca Commander By Jan Pavelka. Phoca Commander is Joomla! See demo video Phoca Commander features: Phoca Gallery Menu Module is a Joomla!

Module which shows a menu horizontal or vertical of galleries categories from Phoca Gallery component Phoca Panorama By Jan Pavelka. Phoca Panorama is Joomla!

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CMS component - it displays panoramic images or interactive virtual tours e. CMS sites. It includes categories view list of categories , category view list of panorama items and items panorama items view Phoca Gallery Search Plugin is a Joomla! CMS plugin. It searches Phoca Gallery images Phoca Guestbook By Jan Pavelka.

Phoca Guestbook is a Joomla! It is a guestbook with Anti-Spam protection which can be used as guestbook or contact form. Contact form is protected by Anti-Spam methods and emails with contact content can be sent to selected user.

Phoca Gallery Plugin is a Joomla! Plugin to show categories or images of Phoca Gallery in an article content. Phoca Site By Jan Pavelka.

Phoca Site Plugin is a Joomla! With help of this plugin, different parts of html code can be added to the site additionally. Phoca Maps Plugin is a Joomla!

phocapdf-demo.pdf - Phoca PDF Phoca PDF is a Joomla...

You can display the map or only link to selected map. When user click on this link, the map will be displayed in Modal Box window or in standard Popup window. Phoca Font By Jan Pavelka. Phoca Font Component is a Joomla! This component adds support for using downloadable fonts in your Joomla! You can upload and select your own. It may be difficult to do but with an article override as well it is possible to re add the "pdf" button as well.

This should allow you to add the extra button in all views you need. It does require some coding experience but the guides should help with that. Home Questions Tags Users Unanswered. I have been searching for an extension for this but so far without success. Can anyone give me some advice on this?

Pdf plugin phoca

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