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This translation of the Yoni Tantra is a revised version of the edition published in , and is specifically published for the Worldwide Tantra Series. Yoni Tantra sanskrit and hindi text. Davide Tomba. Loading Preview. Sorry, preview is currently unavailable. You can download the paper by clicking the button. "Taking from the ancient books of the Kama Sutra and the Tao, "Sex and the Perfect Lover Sex and the Perfect Tantra and Kama Sutra Sex Positions.

Estudante da Vedanta. For him there is no such thing as sin or virtue. Enter the email address you signed up with and we'll email you a reset link. Without Yoni Puja one should not do useless Puja. Kaulavali Nirnayah Agamanusandhana Samiti.

The following section takes a look at some of these rituals, based on the idea of fertility. In this section, we shall first explore the sexual rites and then look at the blood sacrifices. Whether taken literally or metaphorically, the idea is to offer the tattva or essence of these elements to the goddess within. As 11 Johari, H. Principles of Tantra in Chakras: Energy Centers of Transformation p.

Inner Traditions 12 Bhattacharyya, N. It is perceived as an illicit religious license that permits seemingly perverted acts of sex between men and women. The practitioners, of course, beg to differ. Sexual pleasure is not the object of this ritual. Rather, the sexual union is seen as a key aspect of primordial sacrifice adiyaga or clan sacrifice kulayaga.


According to Urban16, ' These rites may be performed at an individual level, i. The former is known as Asana 17, and the latter as Chakra Puja The basis of these practices is using the gross sexual energies to transcend to the subtler planes. It is aimed at raising the Kundalini, through an activation of the chakras. Before the ritual can be studied, we shall take a small detour and briefly examine the fundamental concepts of chakras and kundalini. However, it has been generally agreed that they are energy centres in the body, circular in form and seven in number.

The word chakra in Sanskrit denotes a circle, wheel or movement. The Muladhara is based near the anus, the Svadhishtana in the pelvic region, the Manipura near the navel, the Anahata near the heart, the Vishuddhi near the throat, the Ajna between the eyes and the Sahasrara on the crown of the head. They have been described in great detail and each has a specific function, reigning deity, bija mantra, tattva, colour, shape, number of petals, ruling planet, etc.

An illustration of the seven chakras and the Kundalini snaking its way up through them It is at the Muladhara Chakra that energy lies dormant in the form of a coiled snake or Kundalini.

The word Kundalini is derived from the Sanskrit kundal i. When awakened, the 20 Ibid. As it passes through each chakra opening it, it unlocks more energy in the aspirant until it finally reaches the Sahasrara chakra, which is the seat of consciousness.

One who experiences this state attains non-dual consciousness and becomes enlightened However, Tantriks realised along the way that the immense energy generated during the act could be harnessed to achieve higher purposes. They explored sexual acts practically, as a measure to unify the energy polarities, outside the ambit of morality and social judgments. No emotion or sentiments were to be attached to an act that was spiritually driven.

The body was to be considered no more than an instrument, a yantra, of achieving unity with the goddess and ultimately, liberation. Two participants are needed for an asana ritual — a male aspirant and a devout woman who is considered a reflection of Shakti. According to the Lalaita Vistara, there are certain parameters that the object of worship should fulfill.

Representing the essence of femaleness, she must be of 'good health, have lotus eyes, full breasts, soft skin, and a slender waist' Regardless of caste or her station in life, the woman The aspirant's attitude should that be of complete surrender to the divine, and complete detachment to the mortal woman.

There are three chief aspects23 to performing this ritual viz. It helps the aspirant keep a single-pointed focus over the spiritual objective of the ritual. These rituals are fairly long-winded and involve many steps. These can be roughly classified as preparation, purification, worship, meditation and unification.

Ablutions, dressing, nyasa and bhuta shuddhi are to be performed correctly before commencing the ritual. The guidance of a guru is mandatory. In fact, even in a ritual of this intimate nature, the presence of the guru is symbolically acknowledged. The fixing of an opportune day, time and place of performing the ritual are important, and so is securing and protecting the environs. A bronze sculpture of a Buddha with his consort in the classic Tantric pose. Tantra had a huge influence on Buddhism, and Buddhist Tantras became a force in their own right Preparatory steps24 with respect to the woman are especially interesting to note.

After both adepts have bathed, the male adept liberally applies and massages various parts of the female adept's body with several scented oils. These help stimulate her Muladahara chakra — the one related to the earth and hence the function of smell. A vermillion dot is applied between her brows to mark the Ajna chakra.

The sadhaka and his shakti sit across each other surrounded by sacred ritual paraphernalia, with each component having a symbolic meaning. In this, he touches every part of the body, going from the feet up, consecrating them by uttering specific mantras. The sadhaka then moves on to Yoni vagina worship, envisaging the goddess Tripurasundari in the organ. The next steps involve the worship of her feet that supposedly embody the goddess Kali, and lastly, Linga phallus worship.

Having been consecrated as Shakti, the female assumes the role of the guru and if she so pleases, orders the sadhaka to unite with her as Bhairava. The union takes place even as the adepts continuously chant mantras, control their sexual impulses and are absorbed in meditation.

This state is equated with samadhi in Tantric texts. Chakra Puja The communal version of the asana ritual is known as Chakra Puja. The Penguin Dictionary of Alternative Medicine defines it is an ancient, esoteric fertility practice in which an equal number of men and women gather in a circle or chakra and engage in ritual-based sex in front of a yantra, representing the Mother Goddess. There are usually eight or more couples in a chakra but the number may vary and the adepts are chosen with great discretion by the officiating guru long in advance All participants must necessarily be part of a kula or spiritual family, and initiation into the kula is in itself a complex rituals.

Like in the asana, this ritual includes invocation or prayer, utilisation of mantra and yantra, purification exercises including pranayama, concentration, the use of nyasa, mudra and bandha, and worship of the Shiva and Shakti principles.

Pdf yoni tantra

Menstrual blood is considered a potent fluid infused with the divine energy of the mother goddess. It is a symbol of regenerative powers that is unique to women. This idea finds full expression in the cult of Kamarupa in Kamakhya, Assam, which is a highly revered shakti peetha. The goddess in her yoni form is worshipped at this centre and her supposed menstrual fluids are offered as 'prasad' to devotees.

The festival of Ambuvaci is also an acknowledgment and celebration of the regenerative powers of A sculpture of the goddess daubed in the woman, that are akin to the earth mother's. They even recommend the use and consumption of the female fluids yonipushpa to accrue maximum benefits from the ritual. Menstrual blood equated to a red flower to be offered to the goddess and is referred to as Khapushpa.

The menstrual blood of virgins is said to be especially dear to the goddess Two-thirds of this yoni tattva, or divine nectar, is mixed with wine and drunk by the congregation; the remaining one third is offered to the goddess. Pp 28 Camphausen, R.

Texts like Mahanirvanatantra, Paranandasutra, Kaulavalinirnaya make the consumption of wine a mandatory practice in Tantra, as the intoxicant is believed to help achieve ecstasy and liberation. But wine is not drunk for mere intoxication; it is to be purified ritually and consumed only for spiritual ends.

The madya of the makaras is sometimes interpreted mystically — as a symbol of intoxicating knowledge. However, in most cases, real wine is drunk. This ritual has its roots in ancient fertility and funerary practices, as wine was considered life-giving and death defying Sacrifices Concomitant to sexual rites are sacrificial rituals.

All things are pure. One of the works it deals with is the Shandramaharoshana Tantra see above. Introduction pp It is one's mentality which is evil. And he should eat with his tongue the white and red of the Lotus. It further says that there is no reason for man's disgust for excreta or urine. Woodroffe quotes the Tantra as stating: If he does.

In a tantra called Chandramaharoshana Harvard Oriental Series. Kaulavali Nirnayah Agamanusandhana Samiti.

Yoni Tantra

Svecchachara This Sanskrit word means a spiritual state in which an individual may act according to her or his own Will. The type and symbol of this way of acting is the Guru figure of India. As she or he is Shiva incarnate there can be no morality.

The Yoni Tantra advocates this course in Chapter 7.

Pdf yoni tantra

The way to be is to act howsoever one Wills. Sveccacharya is the way of the Avadhoot. One following this path is free of all distinctions as she or he is one with Shiva and Shakti. According to Woodroffe in his introduction to Kaulavali Nirnayah: When alone he is like one mad. The Avadhoot is always in a blissful state. One may be a child. But the Yogi is always pure whatever he may do and by his touch everything becomes pure.

The ethical system of sin and virtue is to protect the minds of the worldly. Chandramaharoshana Ch. Again in the text of the Nath Siddhas: Bad smells and perfume one should sense as equal. In one in whom this mental disposition has blossomed there is no difference between killing a Brahmin or the Ashvamedha sacrifice. Kaula Jnana Nirnaya.

What is his condition? What is his characteristic? What is his worldly existence? His worldly existence consists in moving about freely. Adyar Dattatreya is questioned by Samkriti: Venerable Lord. For them there is nothing righteous or unrighteous.. Just as a lotus petal in water is without stain. Introduction p. For him there is no such thing as sin or virtue.

In the Yoni Tantra. Women are heaven. A woman is the Goddess: One should worship carefully a woman or a maiden. The Kaulas regarded women Gurus very highly. She has equal rights with men on all levels. Dadaji in Values Vol. One should never speak harshly to maidens or women. No man may raise his hand. When she is naked. This sentence is echoed in many other tantras such as Shakti Samgama Tantra. Women are Buddha.

Chapter 7 we find: Women are jewels. KIN Ch. Devirahasya and elsewhere. Sodashi Chinnamastaka. Tara has close affinities with the Tibetan Tara. In Puranic legend this place is the spot at which the Yoni of the Goddess fell to earth after it had been sliced up into 50 parts by the Discus of Vishnu. A Mahavidya is a Great Mantra. According to legend. It is said that female magicians knowing Yoga dwell at Kamakhya Pitha.

Sodashi is identical with Tripurasundari. If you happen to be the proud possessor of this illustration. Mahalakshmi and associated with the diffent parts of the female Yoni.

Tantras are set at Kamarupa. Reference should be make to Rituals of Kalika Sothis Weirdglow. The famous temple of Kamakhya in Gauhati is illustrated below. In this context. The tantric type of active practice and worship most suited to one's nature.. Kaliyuga the Dark Age of destructive force. Could be described as the mystic core of the physical practice. The following are the first two of eight patalas of the Yoni Tantra.

A person should not worship the Yoni if he has not the Shakti Mantra. Ocean of Compassion. O Lord. He becomes the 4-faced Brahma for one hundred million Aeons. This initiation and Mantra is the Deliverer from Hell. O Beautious One. This liberates the mind from distinctions such as Divya and Vira.

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Dearest Parvati. You have wanted to hear this You should conceal this by every effort. Sixty-four Tantras have been created. He gains wealth. I am Mrityunjaya. Tell me. O Lady Goddess. O Surasundari.

O Devi. Listen closely. The worshipper of the Yoni should prepare the Shakti Mantra. What is the use of talking! To speak of this avails naught. Yantra Pitha and Yoni Pitha. I always worship Durga in my heart lotus. Amongst these the foremost is certainly the Yoni Pitha. On the edges of the Yoni the devotee should place sandal and beautiful blossoms. At the time of worship the Guru should not be present. Having recited the mantra times in her arms.

The devotee should place a Shakti in a circle who is wanton. If the Guru is present there is no fruit. After having recited the mighty mantra he should recite the hymn of great devotion. Having made three offerings with hands full of flowers he should bow again to his own Guru. The mantra should be recited or times in the Yoni mandala.

Loved One. The worshipper. The wise man should by every means offer to his Guru. Having put sandal on her forehead the devotee should place his hands on her breasts.

On his left he should place her. I am the worshipper. This translation is credited to Sri Lokanath Maharaj. The fruit of this is life and enhanced vitality. A look at the Mahanirvana Tantra. Natha of all the Cosmos.

You have declared the ultimate way of Yoni Puja through sexual intercourse. Which types of Yonis should be worshipped. Beloved One. The forehead mark should be made from the Yoni Tattva and dress should be of the Kula type. A yantra of yoni shape should be drawn on the ground and the mantra recited. Daily he should worship the Yoni using the Five Tattvas.

The Lingam should be inserted into the Yoni and there should he vigorous intercourse. The Lingam Puja and the Yoni Puja should be done according to the rules. The devotee should worship the mother's Yoni and should have intercourse with all Yonis.

He who employs this method attains the Highest Essence. Otherwise any maiden if she is artful with wanton eyes [is suitable]. Having open in browser PRO version Are you a developer? The type of material used for sitting on and the worship should be of the Kula form. Having gone to a cremation ground.

He may have intercourse with any woman between the ages of twelve and sixty. Through the doctrine of Seeing the Yoni he gains the merit of bathing at The devotee would worship employing the Yoni Tattva. One should worship the essence of Devi. Instantly the sadhaka becomes regenerated and fully alive by using the water from washing Yoni and Lingam.

Cooked fish. By every effort a sadhaka should have intercourse in the Yoni. Having offered meat-food in a deserted place.

Yoni Tantra, worship of the Yoni

One should be naked. Having worshipped the Great Yoni. A person becomes Shiva on Earth having seen the Yoni full of menses after having bathed and having recited the mantra times. He becomes a son of Kalika. O Mahadevi. The Shakti becomes the Goddess. At all times and everywhere the mantra should be recited when in the great Yoni.

Tantra pdf yoni

One should recite the mantra having offered both one's own semen and the Yoni flowers. The water of the Yoni is of three kinds. Sadhakas should together at night offer using wine and meat. Wherever this great place [of offering] is. One should worship the Vidya whilst in the Yoni and Lingam. The highest sadhaka should mix in water the effusion from the Yoni and Lingam.

The Supreme Woman should be pleased by offering clothes. The following are the third and forth patalas of the eight that comprise the Yoni Tantra. See SL Vol. This translation is credited to Sri Lkanath Maharaj. Revealing it causes lack of siddhi.

One is born in due course in wondrous Devi Loka. If one worships the Yoni there is equivalence to the Sun and the Moon. Should one use Yoni Tattva oblation never again is one born on Earth.

It could be that revealing it causes one to be torn to pieces. Revealing it causes death. The miraculous Yoni Tattva Tantra is the best of all Tantras.

Without the 5 Tattvas what can be achieved by men? All is without result and one may fall into hell and be baked in pots 'til the end of the world. How can one be wicked on account of the Shakti Mantra? Having worshipped the Great Yoni the magician should worship with the flesh of goats. One should do all acts. Because of affection this very hidden Tantra is revealed. Now I will speak.

Listen very attentively!

Tantra -YONI

By every effort this should be concealed. The sin acquired in a myriad of births is immediately destroyed if one should worship. He who mixes them with wine is the discriminating one in worship. Great Lady. There resides the powerful magician.

O Lady Goddess! A yoni worshipper should prepare the Sakti mantra. He gains wealth, poesy, wisdom and omniscience. He becomes the four-faced Brahma for one hundred million eons. What is the use of talking! To speak of this avails naught. If a person worships with menstrual flowers, he also has power over fate. Doing much puja in this way, he may become liberated. The fruit of doing puja to the great yoni, deliverer from the ocean of misery, is life and enhanced vitality.

The yoni, which has bled is suitable for worship. Do not worship a yoni, which has never bled. Worshipping a yoni, which has never bled causes loss of siddhi on every occasion In the absence of the yoni of a maiden or a beautiful woman, worship the yoni of a sister or of a female pupil. Worship the yoni daily otherwise pronounces the mantra.

Do not perform useless puja without yoni puja. Parvati said: Ocean of Compassion, by what method should the yoni, which is the essence of the cosmos, to be worshipped? If you or a sadhaka should worship a yoni, how does it bestow grace?

Tantra pdf yoni

Speak of this to me! I want to hear all of this because of my great curiosity. A sadhaka wishing to worship a yoni, which is the form of the cosmos, should cause an erection and insert it into that thing which is Sakti Herself. The vagina is Mahamaya and the penis is Sadasiva. Worshipping them, one becomes liberated while still alive; there is no doubt off it. One should offer bali, flowers and so forth. If incapable of this, worship with wine, O Durga.

One should do pranayama and my six limbed puja in the yoni region. After reciting the mantra times at the base of the yoni, one should rub the linga and the yoni together.

I have thereby declared the manner of proceeding for all sadhakas. Devi, never reveal this Tantra! Do not give it to the disciple of another or to the undevoted. Mahadevi, the Yoni Tantra is revealed from love for you. If a person should gaze at a yoni while ritually bathing, his life becomes fruitful.

There is no doubt off this. Liberation is achieved through enjoyment. Happiness is gained through enjoyment.