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General notes on inerpretation: hero = teacher, one who is to be emulated; face = teaching; feet = path = teachings; light = knowledge, darkness = ignorance. bhaktAmarastotra || bhaktAmara-praNata-maulimaNi-prabhANA - mudyotakaM dalita-pApa-tamovitAnam | samyak praNamya jina pAdayugaM yugAdA-. The author of Bhaktamar stotra, Acharya Shri Mantunga was a missionary monk as well as eminent scholar. It is said that king of Avanti, Vriddha Bhoj, had.

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Bhaktamar Stotra of. Acharya Manatunga. Transliteration by Ashok Sethi, asethi Proof-reading assistance: Surbhi Sethi Translation by Bhagwan Das . Page 1. Page 2. Page 3. Page 4. Page 5. Page 6. Page 7. Page 8. BHAKTAMAR STOTRA KATHA SANGRAHA G. Dharanendrayya. PDF Kannada Translation By Panditaratna Shree Yerturu Shantiraj Shastri, PDF.

The cuckoo sings sweet notes in the spring Buds of mango tree provide the urge Though idiotic like a laughing stock I sing Thy praise, devotion imparts the surge. Notify me of new comments via email. Thou art the world's beauty and decoration. O Lord! We update our blog everyday. The brilliance of Thy Bhamandal bright Surpasses the most resplendent of light Eclipses numberless suns without their heat Is cool and soothing like moon lit sweet.

Shlokas simhasane manimayukhashikhavichitre. No wonder the virtues not finding a place anywhere Found in Thee a fit receptacle and reposed there The sins and defects full of pride without care Could not dream of Thee. Surrounded by spotless halo below the Ashoka tree Thy light focuses upward from Thy resplendent body free The scene is fascinating like might sun's reflection Seen through dark clouds with rays in all direction. Shlokas mandara. The Dundubhi. Seated on the multicoloured throne Scintillating with the most costly stone Thy speckless golden person Emanates halo in each direction Fascinates like rising sun's disc On mount top shooting rays brisk.

Thy person golden then assumes a sight Most charming like froth and foam From the spring dancing on Meru's golden dome.

Over Thy head are three canopies Bedecked with jewels and fine rubies Thou art world's Lord they clear And absorb the Sun's heat severe. Celestials serve Thee with chanwar white.

Thy letterless speech. The brilliance of Thy Bhamandal bright Surpasses the most resplendent of light Eclipses numberless suns without their heat Is cool and soothing like moon lit sweet. O Lord Jinendra whenever Thine holy feet Fascinating like new golden lotus sweet Attractive with shining finger nails go The celestials create beautiful lotus below. A lion who has torn asunder Elephants head with blood flowing under.

An elephant mad with rage excited With cheeks by humming bees blighted Looking like Indra's Arawat elephant Cannot hold Thy devotee in fear's element.

Fierce fire fanned by ferocious gust Of wind violent as Dooms day motion lust Emitting white flames threatening to devour Whole of the universe in less than an hour Extinguishes and there appears a pool with lotus flowers The recitation of Thy name acts as pouring shower. Shlokas raktekshanam samadakokila. Scattering blood stained pearls on the ground Ready to pounce with growling sound If Thy devotee falls in his clutches Firm in faith him no scratch touches.

Where rivers of blood flow from elephants head Thrust through pierced with spears all red A person with faith firm in Thy lotus feet Conquers the most turbulent foe and their armies fleet. Through sea where hordes of crocodiles abound And dreadful fire creates terror abound Thy devotee's vessel tossed by turbulent waves Completes the voyage when indulgence Thy craves.

Stotra pdf bhaktamar

Opposed in battle field by mighty forces Consisting of yelling elephants and neighing horses Of powerful kings. Shlokas ud bhutabhishanajalodara. A cobra black as cuckoo under the neck Fangs raised.

This charming composition like rosary beautiful Containing expressions picked like flowers suitable Borne in one's heart like garland round the neck Secures heavens and Moksha at Thy devotees back Like Mantunga the author of the composition This contains Lord Jinendra's attributes exposition.

Handcuffed and manacled by heavy chains With thighs torn suffering untold pains A person who remembers Thee. A person who reads this poem with devotion Never has of afflictions any fear or notion Malady serious. O Lord!

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bhaktamar stotra

Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. With words select and expressions deep I give Thine supreme attributes a peep Just as Shruti others sang Thy praise It was Indra and other celestials craze.

Mohit Bansal.

Pdf bhaktamar stotra

Gaura Lila Das. Mayank Dixit. Bhavin R Darji. Han Sang Kim. Heena Pathak. Debashis Ghosh. Sudhir Kumar.

Bhaktamar Stotra in English With Meanings

Eliza DN. Ishihara Misato. More From Jilpa Dedhia. Jilpa Dedhia. Aditya Darekar. Vishal Topiwala.

Branka Radosavljevic. Popular in Buddhism. Brad Yantzer. Serenity of Thine face is matchless Is feast for mortals celestial sight Moon trying to vie with it, is helpless Spot it has and obscurity in day light.

Thine attributes all three worlds transcend Like full moon rays filling earth's atmosphere Because for their source on Thee depend Lord of Lords of all the worlds sphere.

Stotra pdf bhaktamar

Failed to seduce Thee with her charm Celestial beauty could do no harm Mountain Meru is too steadfast Dooms day winds other mountains blast. O Lord, Thy light three worlds illumines A lamp without wick oil smoke Thou shines O wonderful lamp, brightening the whole universe Too strong for the mount quaking windy curse. Sun suffers eclipse, clouds obscure its light It sets, disappears leaving darkness in the night Thou art not such a sun, Thy infallible light Illumines the universe and for obstacles, too bright.

The beauty of Thy face, O Lord, transcends that of moon Which sets, suffers, eclipse, disappears in the clouds soon Thou dispels delusion moon the darkness of night Thou illumines universe moon makes a planet bright. O Lord, Thy halo dispels the darkness perpetual Of what use is then sun of usual and moonlight Of what use are the clouds full of rains When all the fields flow with ripe grains.

Deities other envy Thy Omniscience Just as glass glaze diamond's brilliance In them there is no such glorification It is matching the glass to diamond's position. Other deities may be said good in a way As soul searches Thee under their sway To seek contentment and solace eternal Thou imparts unlike others ephemeral. Innumerable stars in all directions appear It is only the East from which the sun does rise Numberless sons other mothers bear A son like Thee is Thy mother's prize.

Resplendent like sun spotless, the Being Supreme Unaffected by delusion saints hold you in high esteem They conquer death on Thy realization Being the only sure way of securing salvation. Jain Songs.