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THE PATHANS. B.C. -A.D. BY. OLAF CAROE. LONDON. MACMILLAN & CO LTD. NEW YORK ST MARTIN'S PRESS. English e-Book. The Pathans B.C. - A. D. OLAF CAROE. Back to APNA Web | English Books | Shahmukhi Books | Gurmukhi Books | Urdu Books. The Pathans, B. C. A. D. book. Read 9 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. This is an authoritative work on the social and po.

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ISBN ; ISBN ; Searchable Text, With Bookmarks. Converted to PDF, Digitalised by: Kitaboona Team. Full text of "The Pathans B.C.—--A.D. I, By Olaf Caroe ISBN 10 " For enample, I have sought to cover more centuries before the Pathans. OLAF CAROE: The Pathans, B.C A.D. xxii, pp., front.,. II plates, 4 maps. London: Macmil- lan & Co., Ltd.; New York: St. Martin's Press,

Other Editions 1. I will definitely recommend Caroe. Ali Khan rated it it was amazing Sep 22, For the rest, clear printing, smooth paper, excellent illustrations and maps and scholarly annotation combine to present a great work, written in the great manner. Published Karachi ; London: Such a movement, isolated from India and surrounded by Pakistan, could never have maintained its separate identity; and its eventual support of the concept of "Pakhtunistan" could be regarded as a last gesture of despair.

Afghan domination of the Peshawar valley disappeared. Nevertheless the latter half of the last century saw the government in Kabul again feeling its way to the east. T h e Amir, Abdur Rahman, was seeking to establish authority in the tribal areas; and it was to clear up much obscurity and define the limits of Afghan ambition that in Sir Mortimer Durand was charged with the task of demarcating a boundary on the map in consultation with the Amir.

The Pathans 550 B.C.—--A.D. I957, By Olaf Caroe ISBN 10 0710306822

After only a few weeks agreement was reached, each party accepting the obligation not to "exercise interference" in the territories of the other lying beyond the line and professing to regard the agreement as a "full and satisfactory settlement of all the principal differences of opinion which have arisen between them in regard to the frontier. Nevertheless, Durand's line served its purpose; and at a time when the Afghans could have challenged the geographical frontier and raised the whole question of the tribal relationship, projecting the issue of Pakhtunistan into the controversy if they wished to do so, they withheld their claims.

That opportunity presented itself after the third Afghan War; and it is here that the author is curiously silent. The brief war of was, after all, a milestone in our rela- tions with Afghanistan and I can think of no reason for its neglect in a history of the Pathans.

A temporary treaty signed in Rawalpindi in was followed by the per- manent Treaty signed in Kabul in So far from challenging the demarcation of Sir Mortimer Durand, Article 2 of the Treaty confirmed it. Confirmation was also inherent in the terms of the Article I I which declared: In contrast, we pass over the years and find a very clear account of a development which constantly puzzled students of the Indian scene from a distance, namely the paradox of a strong Moslem group in the North-west Frontier Province, the Red Shirts, in close sympathy and alliance with the Indian National Congress.

In an area which was essentially Moslem, the status of Moslems, as such, could never have been challenged. Without the need for the protection of the Moslem League, nationalism of the Indian complexion and a sense of politics could flourish and claim the sympathy and energies of many eager young Moslems, for whom the appeal of a Moslem State as the alternative to Hindu domination from Delhi was never a reality.

Such a movement, isolated from India and surrounded by Pakistan, could never have maintained its separate identity; and its eventual support of the concept of "Pakhtunistan" could be regarded as a last gesture of despair. I t is thus that we are rewarded with some deft and analytical sketches of the main characters on the stage during this particular phase: Khan Sahib, his less enlight- ened but likeable brother, Khan Abdul Ghaffar Khan and that grand figure, the father of frontier statesmen, Nawab Sahibzada Sir Abdulquayyum.

By the olaf caroe pdf pathans

There will be many readers who will recall with affection his rival, the Falstaffian and boisterous Nawab of Hoti, whose enormous voice for years boomed through the corridors of the Legislative Assembly in Delhi. Akbar of Hoti had little political acumen; but he was a dear friend to the Englishmen of his generation and he is not forgotten by Sir Olaf.

T h e personality of Roos-Keppel was so unusual that it is curious that his fame never reached beyond the frontiers and the people among whom he built up his unique position. Sir Olaf makes no attempt to hide the seamy side of an arresting character. Results were achieved which could compare with the highest traditions of Empire pioneering. But they emerged in a most un-English way. T h e author leaves us in little doubt as to the man he himself would select as meriting the first place among the pioneers.

But more arresting than the political moves at the time is the light thrown on Elphinstone as a personality in his descriptions of nature and humanity around the bazaars and gardens of Peshawar and Kohat.

Handyside, searching the Bosti Khel villages for those responsible for the kidnapping of Miss Molly Ellis ; and I was grateful to the author for the care with which he recalled the event. We could have expected some mild elaboration of the work of the High Cornrnis- sioners who followed Roos-Keppel. In particular, the firm hand of Sir John Maffey- now Lord Rugby-could in my view have received recognition.

There are some other omissions.

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We are taken as far as the partition of the Indian sub-continent in August, Discretion and the desire to avoid the modern political labyrinth which surrounds the Kashmir problem may have decided the author to leave the part played by Pathans in Kashmir in untouched. Research into the irresponsible adventures of a few Wana Wazirs, Mohmands, Swatis and Bunerwals who, in that fateful October, passed through Abbottabad in trucks and entered Kashmir territory at Domel, might not be desirable at this particular stage in Indian- Pakistani relationships.

Nevertheless, the history of the Pathans cannot be complete without it. It remains only to pay a tribute to the striking efficiency with which Sir Olaf's re- search has been presented. I am not sure that I like the method of concentrating footnotes in a collective group at the end of the book.

But that is a matter of personal taste. For the rest, clear printing, smooth paper, excellent illustrations and maps and scholarly annotation combine to present a great work, written in the great manner.

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The Pathans, 550 B. C. A. D. 1957

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