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Read The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle, #2) Free Reading PDF Brazillionaires: Chasing Dreams of Wealth in an American Country. Cyberspies: The. [PDF] Download The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle, Book 2) Download and Read online For download this book click Button below. Feb 13, The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle #2) by Maggie Stiefvater pdf free download.

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The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle #2) by Maggie Stiefvater · 0 Comments · Read Now. Picture. File Size: kb. File Type: pdf. Actions. Report. The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle #2) by Maggie Stiefvater Maggie Stiefvater - The Dream MB. Like Show likes. MAGGIE STIEFVATER. ScholaStic PreSS • New York the. DREAM. THIEVES. Book II of the Raven Cycle. 3. 5/15/13 PM.

I just know when shit is up, and I knew that boy liked boys. I'll make a small commission! But with that last kiss they were incredibly sweet with each other. Frost Like Night. It just means that you know yourself well enough to understand that sometimes you can't do everything alone. I love him so much.

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There isn't any way for a single review to do justice to this book, but this line from The Dream Thieves sums up its own story rather nicely: Magic was real, magic was real, magic was real. And it runs deep and true through Maggie Stiefvater's veins. This review also appears in The Midnight Garden. An advance copy was provided by the publisher. S There's a huge spoiler-tagged discussion going on down below with theories on what everything MEANS, if you'd care to speculate.

But please use spoiler tags! I also participated in a rather epic chat with several authors about this book, including Sarah Ockler and R. Anderson --and let me tell you, there are no better companions to discuss a story like this with than a bunch of smart, passionate authors who are just as excited about the book as you are. One of the mind-blowing takeaways from that discussion: I want to reread this book immediately.

View all comments. Here is a brief list of traits I have that made me enjoy this book: I think I'm going with 3rd favorite ever. This book is mysterious and dramatic and weird as fuck , but it's undeniable how much it made me fall in love with these characters and how much their particular arcs stayed with me.

I know a lot of reviewers say this, but I really want to emphasize how little I expected to obsess over this. If I'm being honest, I only somewhat liked book one. It took me at least a week to read, which is so not normal for me. So naturally, I figured picking up this book at nine on a school night would be fine.

I'd put it down 50 pages later. No big deal. Flash forward to me, five hours before I had to wake up for school, crying on my bed after finishing the book in four hours flat.

I usually am responsible. This book somewhat ruined that. It was definitely worth it. If you remember my review of The Raven Boys , you might know I actually had a ton of issues with that book. But I really think this book alleviated that, both by fixing my concerns, and by improving.

The Dream Thieves is my fave by far, but Blue Lily Lily Blue is just as fabulous, and The Raven King has a lot of great stuff going for it too [though I think it's overall not as strong as the two middle books aka my loves]. Let's talk about why I love this book so, so much. That's not to say the plot is bad - I'd give it a solid four - but it's not worthy of a five-star gush. The characters, though, are maybe interesting than any I've read before.

Ronan gave in to the brief privilege of hating himself, as he always did in church.

[PDF] The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle) Full Collection

There was something satisfying about acknowledging this hatred, something relieving about this little present he allowed himself each Sunday. Ronan's goddamn character arc is the only thing I felt emotions for at least 48 hours after reading this book.

It's so well built and written! His development is really subtle over the course of the book, and yet I got so attached to this character so quickly. This isn't even my character archetype!! I know all of you love bad-boy-with-a-heart-of-gold, but honestly, I've hardly ever seen this trope done well.

This book does the trope well. Ronan's character is written as so powerful and deep. His arc was just I'm going to go into some other minor spoilers in this paragraph; they're actually things that I wouldn't consider spoilers in literally any other book, but I feel as if I almost would've preferred letting this specific character arc dawn on me. But if you don't care - Ronan's arc follows his struggle with depression, and his struggle with internalized homophobia.

Can I just say that both aspects are done perfectly. We are totally different people. And yet his experiences and thought processes are so relevant to me. I was Thanks, guys. But you know what, that did not stop me from full-on sobbing at THAT reveal. He said, "Scio quid hoc est.

It was a Celtic knot the size of a wafer, and then Adam, who had become Kavinsky, said "Scio quid estis vos. Ronan woke with a start, ashamed and euphoric. The euphoria wore off long before the shame did. He was never sleeping again. I know some people don't like Adam in this book, and I have to admit I somewhat get it.

But listen - in hindsight, his character arc here is fantastic. Yes, I'm aware he's always angry and scared this entire book, but it is completely reasonable at this point. His character gets far more dynamic and developed. He's so easy to relate to for me that it's hard to be annoyed by his shitty behavior. His arc is actually the most flawless character arc I've ever read. Sorry, Ronan. You know how I said I relate to Ronan even though we're totally different people?

I feel differently. This character and I are actually really similar. Like, I-feel-like-I'm-being-called-out-whenever-he-internal-monologues similar. And I actually adore that. I love how fucking real this character feels, how realistic and genuine. Just her and the pink switchblade. They were a good pair. Both incapable of opening up without cutting someone.

I love the potential of her character, and I love the contrast she forms towards some of the other characters. I also love that she's It's not a spoiler because we all knew it was coming from the beginning of book one. They're destined for each other, yeah, yeah, we get it, right?

But no. I am actually super annoyed at how many people write off these books as "paranormal romance that I won't read" just because of the destined romance thing. Because oh boy, that is so inaccurate. Marketing issue - their plotline is so much more interesting than just that. I really enjoyed seeing them develop and come closer; the late-night phone calls and sweetness just really work for me.

I also enjoy that Gansey is such a non-archetypal YA boyfriend, and wow I love that this series' grand romantic love interest is an anxious pretentious nerd mess. Because oh my god, I do. What a completely heartbreaking relationship dynamic.

The goddamn mask scene is literally one of my favorite scenes in anything ever. I love banter and I love group dynamics, so this was a plus. Friendships between all of the Raven squad are really built up here. Possibly the best moment of the book is when view spoiler [Blue kissed Noah hide spoiler ]. It was heartbreaking in all the right ways. This book gives Persephone, Maura, and Calla a lot more depth well. Every character. Okay, you all know I adore having villains as narrative parallels , and I think Kavinsky is one of the most complex I've ever seen.

I do want to say that I hate the guy. Can I say that. The Grey Man, though, was awesome.

Thieves the pdf dream

I heard someone call the end of his arc "anticlimactic" and I have to say it's genuinely one of my favorite scenes ever so?? Honestly, this may be the best plotting of any of the books. The Dream Thieves gives an intriguing, well-drawn plot which never slows down. There aren't any moments where the book halts and stops progressing, despite some where nothing is explicitly happening.

Every scene either builds plot, builds character, or does both. It's usually both. Her style is super pretty, and it adds so much atmosphere and mood to this story. Maggie Stiefvater is really, really great at this aspect of writing, and I feel like these books are really great because you could miss all the symbolism and still love it, but you could also catch everything and then analyze it for 45 hours.

There's a metaphorical sex dream in this book that parallels a scene two books later and honestly that's just wild on so many levels and I love it.

I am writing a fucking essay. For now, I have this one singular thing written down: I think Stiefvater has an interesting kind of approach to morality, where it's not necessarily about what you do, but about why you do it.

There's even one moment where some borderline slut-shaming happens. Emma talked about this more in maybe the most popular three star review ever. Listen, don't tell me Militant Feminist Blue Sargent would really act like that. Her cousin is wearing a bikini. Why do we care about this. The lack of diversity is a thing. I'm sorry, Blue literally does not know a single girl her age. And everyone's white or racially ambiguous. I think I also said at some point that the first book was obnoxiously heterosexual and full of random subtext with no payoff, but I'm taking that comment back.

I'm taking it all back. I apologize I've committed slander Anyway listen this is one of my favorite books of all time and it fucked me up and I love it. I adore the characters and the parallels and the writing all so much.

You should read this! Blog Goodreads Twitter Youtube View all 48 comments. Mar 14, Raeleen Lemay rated it it was amazing Shelves: I really love how subtle Maggie Stiefvater is when it comes to the "big things" that happen in terms of the characters and what's going on. I don't want to talk about it too much because of spoilers, but I feel like some authors try to shove information down your throat, but Maggie knows how to do it in a much more natural, REALISTIC way, so much so that you don't even really realize she did it until it's done.

So magnificent. The characters feel like actual people, and their relationships develop in a real and natural way, and I can't get enough. I adore them. View all 4 comments. I love her family, all of the banter between them, the sweetness between Blue and her mom - just everything! I feel bad that Blue has to go through all of these emotions with Adam and Gansey.

Blue knows that she loves Gansey and that finally comes to light but in a very sad way: It was a bittersweet moment because she felt like that was the only kiss she would ever be able to give to anyone. Blue is a raven girl in my mind. Ronan and his sweet little raven, Chainsaw I love them both. Ronan makes out to be this really tough guy and he is in many ways, but he is human. He has a human side that does so many wonderful things for people. Brings a damn tear to my eye.

He is also a Greywaren, he can bring things out of dreams. Unfortunately, he brings some nasty things out of his dreams by accident and almost gets him and a few others killed. He's not the only one, but I'm not saying who all have this ability.

I thought I fell down the rabbit hole again until I finally caught on: He's not doing too well since he sacrificed himself for the leyline. It all works out in the end, thank goodness, when he gets some help from one of Blue's many family members. Adam had a sad life, growing up with a horrible father that beat him, having to working three jobs just to have the money to live on his own and go to the school with the other boys. He wouldn't take any charity from his friends and it made them sad and angry at times.

But, they did find ways to help him without his knowledge But that's what friends do damn it! The reason I'm making this point is that he never asked for help until he went to Blue's home and that probably saved his life and we find out something he is now: He is there to do harm to someone in the group but then he just can't. There is something really bad he did in the past and I thought it was so sad for the person when they find out.

Beyond all of the sad things that happen, there are many more good things. And the end, the epilogue, I was like what? I wonder how many more people are going to turn out to be other things Well, I forgot to add my excerpts and when I looked at my page numbers I wrote down, they didn't have what I wanted to add. I must be losing my mind or was so into the book, I wrote down random page numbers. View all 20 comments. Jan 17, C. Drews rated it it was amazing Shelves: Reread 3: Ronan is, without doubt, my favourite raven boy, and I love that this is his book.

His character development is phenomenal and intricate and done with heart. Like I'm bleeding emotions all over the place. Notable moments: Adam Parrish. So I first read this back in My biggest complaint was: I am confused.

Least to say I was not confused at ALL this time.

Thieves pdf dream the

It was beautiful. It was perfect. Omg, I have so many theories now. And I also caught so much more this time around. In fact. I will. But I digress. So here is a brief list of my thoughts while reading The Dream Thieves for the second time. If you want a more sensible review, then go to my review at the end of this.

That word exactly. And I love Ronan, like, probably far too much But I really felt for Adam, though. Don't get me wrong. It's definitely identity, because who is Ronan? Who is Adam? Who is Gansey? Why is Blue the oddball in her psychic family? What does Adam want? What can Ronan do? But it's also about love , being "rich in love" as Gansey says. And Ronan chasing after love Kavinsky in all the wrong places. And then I think there's a theme about being controlled and controlling.

Ronan looks for control over his dreams with Kavinsky. And Gansey constantly feels anxious if he can't control a situation. Like someone please get Ronan a kiddie-leash; he should not be allowed on his own. And I cry when Adam fights with Gansey.

This is why I get so angry at Adam. She seems to exist on yogurt and broccoli. Squishy gay little nasty Ronan. She wore a dress Ronan thought looked like a lampshade. Whatever sort of lamp it belonged on, Gansey clearly wished he had one. Ronan wasn't a fan of lamps. Don't be subtle there, Ronan. I forget he kills himself I'm really sad. That's Ronan's last thoughts of him: And the dragon was Kavinisky. What a pathetic and pointless life.

I mean, I'd go mad. It was so delightfully cluttered and sprawly and exceptionally described. In like a few sentences she can describe something and I actually see it and want to be there.

I AM there. I absolutely love this book. It swallowed me, okay?

The Dream Thieves (The Raven Cycle, #2) by Maggie Stiefvater

It's one of the few books I actually don't care if it takes me aaaages to read. Plus I laugh out loud! And that is NOT a usual thing. Maggie Stiefvater is a wizard word wielder and I will read anything by her, no regrets. View all 37 comments. I actually moved to a monastery in the hills of Tibet are there hills in Tibet?

This is for dudes. Really pious and wise ones. But then I looked up from u Welp. We can go with my only concrete negative opinion as of this moment: The not like other girls trope rears its ugly head in this book.

Maybe the Tibetan monks taught me a respect for truth and justice and, like, evidence? I am very boring now, and also in love with Blue. What do I do, bro? Hey man. Time is a circle.

I really might have to read her entire collected works just because of it. Get it? I often felt Which I hate. Moving on. I was told this book would make me love, or at least like, Ronan. And it Almost overexplained. Also, Adam was so whiny and annoying this whole time. He is so spooky and cute. My favorite. Blue was somewhat cool still.

I do love reading about her house and her relatives. Ahhh, Gansey. My head has become a heart eyes emoji. I am an emoticon perched atop a torso currently. I literally loved the villain? This never happens to me, because villains are always annoying. They usually lose, and I do not support the losing team.

This goes contrary to my ambitions. But anyway. The Gray Man quickly became a real fave of mine. But as long as he continues his badassery and his new good-ness enables him to be in the next book, I will be just peachy, thanks.

There were a lot of things that felt worse in this book, but also a few that were better. Bottom line: If the next two are good. Please let them be good. Read a book with a person on the cover Honestly not sure how I felt about this one. Will gather my thoughts and get back to you. Review to come Oh, it's been so long since I've liked a villain. This bodes very, very well indeed. The Dream Thieves in hand, I go into the paperback-sale section to avoid conflict and build up the courage required for the oncoming shaming-by-librarians.

To further set the scene: There are usually like 15 books, and 14 of them were published before in a thousand-book series about a boring girl who goes to high school, or whatever. What absolute miracle appears in front of me like a goddamn mirage?

This book. I seriously held the library hardcover in one hand and the for-sale paperback in the other and just ogled. I even excitedly informed my traitorous sister the very same one who racked up an astronomically large fine. All of this is to say that a miracle occurred, and it is clearly a sign that this book is going to be amazing and life-changing and wild and probably kill me.

To which I say: View all 27 comments. Sep 26, Natasha rated it it was amazing Shelves: You guys don't even KNOW, you guys. You guys! This book, guys. This frickin' book! Spoilers below so avert your eyes you Dream Thief virgins.

It's hard, but man. This book is everything YA should be. Everything YA Paranormal should be. It's everything that's good about my life, really. It's that good. The writing? Amazing, as well. The characters were all badass. Like, so badass. Everyone was. I even ended up liking Mr. Grey and in the last book I thought he was a totally evil bastard. Where's Neeve? I don't know where to start with reviews like this because the book blew me away.

I wish I could tell you what was good about it, but it was all amazing. The Raven Boys I'm so in love with him. My desires towards this book character are so real, they're tangible. It's pathetic and I don't care. There were so many parts of this book that shocked me. Things that were hinted at in the first book but you never caught onto and then this book exposed them and left you all "wtffff?! I lost my shit! I actually said, "Awwwww shiiitttt! Damn, is it ever funny. The wording is like, for smart teenagers, and kind of underhanded humor, which is perfect.

One moment, she was wearing clothing, and the next moment, she was wearing a bikini. Fifty percent of the world was browned skin and fifty percent was orange nylon. You have been staring for too long. The larger part of his brain said: I love stories where things seem They don't live in an alternate universe where magic exists, they live in this one and happen to come across it. Well, happen is a bad word.

Search feverishly seems more like it. But you really have to be careful when you create that kinda plot.. Uh, duh. I loved Blue x Adam in the first book, but always loved Blue as one of the best YA characters ever, same with Gansey, and I still would've liked them to be together. And in this book? Oh, you get lots of hints and signs of their obvious affection.

I'm not even saying the best romance was Blue x Gansey, even though it maybe was for me. Can I just say I totally knew it about Ronan? They're my primary diet. I just know when shit is up, and I knew that boy liked boys.

The way he noticed Gansey's smile, his laugh, and was always watching him. Even if he seen him as a brother, he was still always noticing Gansey. And god, book 3 better have some serious Adam x Ronan going on in order for me to live the rest of my life happily.

Under all this. I don't even KNOW! She scratched her calf with her bare foot. This book is so sweet and so cool and nothing boring is ever happening and I hung on every word like it was the edge of a cliff. If you like YA, especially YA Paranormal, read this series guys, but I just know there will be even greater parts of this series in the future.

Previous review I'm sorry, what? I have to wait A YEAR? September ??!! View all 24 comments. In all honesty, I'm already halfway through Blue Lily, Lily Blue and this series is kicking ass so far. There comes occasions where though it's not a 5 star book When the rating doesn't really matter at the end, because whether you give this series one star or all the stars in the damn universe.

It still is unforgettable. The trees speak Latin. I've seen myself fall in love with TV shows, movies and other series that follow the same pattern. I can really only describe it as being bittersweet. With such a dense plotline filled with so many story arcs and side character stories, we see this ragtag group intersect themselves into each other and start to stitch together themselves as people. It's that simplicity and effortlessness that really shines out for me.

There was a scene in the beginning with Gansey on the phone, and all you can develop from the background is that Ronan and Noah are messing around and being teenage boys. Till all of a sudden, you find out that Ronan pushed Noah off the window. It was a filler scene and it still is one of my favorites in the whole series so far.

The sort of beauty that always hurt. I'm going to admit, The Raven Boys didn't open me to hardcore ships. I had inklings of where certain pairings were heading but if anything, I fell in love with the platonic friendships in the first book.

The Dream Thieves was a slap to the face. Quite literally every pair in this book even the ones that were unconventional made my heart sing: They have taken my heart. Yogurt is the mascot. He deserves the milkyway galaxy. A story about how a hard-ass stayed up all night nurturing an animal from his dreams, and secretly has a heart of gold.

The Dream Thieves

For anyone who's watched Stranger Things, I see Gansey as a total Steve Harrington and the fact that he mothers and babysits the whole gang, but he needs them as much as they need him makes me grin like a psychopath So I have a lot of ideas and theories on where Ms. Stiefvater is planning on taking this story, some of them are realistic. Most of them are so absurd, you would look at me like I was batshit crazy even more so than I usually am if I post them here. I also am an avid Tumblr user especially when I search up art and book related stuffs , so going through some of the beautiful fanart really makes me want to consume this series for breakfast and just sit there looking at my self knowing that I have a problem, but being okay with it.

Re-Read, January Umm, is there a better way to start off the new year?? Though I really enjoyed the writing in the first book, it completely blew me away here. The words were all perfectly chosen to craft simply beautiful and engrossing senten 5 Stars Overview: The words were all perfectly chosen to craft simply beautiful and engrossing sentences.

These characters are fantastic, and the writing is smart. I often preach about showing vs telling, and this book nails it. To feel awake when my eyes are open.

It becomes apparent how much of his steely personality is a front. I still like her character and feel her behavior is part of her overall arc—but she was frustrating. All the characters are always talking about how charismatic and larger-than-life he is, but I still just want to grab a beer with him. Interested to see if this changes.

Tragic backstory doesn't excuse sadistic behavior. Where is the logic in this?? He has some major consent issues. But he's also incredibly captivating and really moved this story forward. View all 31 comments.

The Dream Thieves, the second book in The Raven Cycle series, to say it in a few words is what I think how every book in the YA genre should strive to achieve in their characters development. I have heard a lot of great things about Ronan Lynch and I finally understood why this character is really beloved by every reader I know.

Turns out I was completely wrong. Every dream sequences give Ronan more necessary spotlight for his character and yes, this also means his development here is definitely the best one out of all the character in the series so far.

There is a glimpse of vivid emotions in every characters thoughts and actions, Gansey and Adam relationship here in particular took an intriguing and complex turn which imo is also one of the best part of the book other than Ronan. But that was the trick, wasn't it? Everyone had their disappointment and their baggage; only, some people carried it in their inside pockets and not on their backs.

Seriously, her love for cars can truly be seen from her writing and intricate description on every single race and cars description such as their brands, engines, wheels etc. The only time where she made a notable appearance here is the one where she spent her time with Noah, which was really well written and amusing to read.

Third, insta-love between two characters one being a completely new character in this installment that were completely pointless and I seriously have no idea why I have to read their relationship progression like that. Finally, this is my adult fantasy attitude and longing being nitpicky here, the buildup to the climax were so well written but the conclusion of it was in my opinion very underwhelming.

I gave this book the same rating with 'Six of Crows' and my overall experience of it is that I enjoyed it even more than the first book. I finished it in 2 days. It was magical, filled with great character development, magical and as usual, atmospheric. A good sequel I enjoyed and I hope the next book will be even better. This review is also featured on Booksprens where I'll be a guest reviewer for this series, check it out!

View all 44 comments. Excuse me for a moment while I go slap myself senseless for having resisted this long. It took months to get here but I finally made it. I read the raven boys last summer and though I enjoyed it and swore to finish the series by the end of the summer, other books ended up getting in the way while my attention kept going where the wind blew.

After the events of The Raven Boys , all the mysteries that were left unanswered and the consequences of the things that happened, my head Excuse me for a moment while I go slap myself senseless for having resisted this long.

After the events of The Raven Boys , all the mysteries that were left unanswered and the consequences of the things that happened, my head was kind of spinning with theories as to how this book would address those questions or at the very least, some of them and give some clarification or explanation.

However, TDT took a completely different direction than I'd anticipated and I have to say, I might be one of the few ones who is actually pleased with that. Wait, not so fast because the slow pace really worked for me here and this is coming from the world's most impatient reader but I was genuinely glued to the pages from start to finish and loved it far more than I did the first one.

There was something oddly luring and eerie about this book that I couldn't, for the life of me, pry myself away from. And to be quite frank, as much as I was intrigued by the plot of the first book, I mainly enjoyed it for the characters and not exactly the mystery elements of the story which also turned out to be the same case with The Dream Thieves.

So, where plots are concerned, it wasn't the most action-packed nor did it make any developments to the series, which almost felt like a side story with some links to the overall story arc of The Raven Cycle but the character developments and the beautiful writing more than made up for it. What stood out for me above all else was the poetic yet potent writing style which instantly grabbed me and left me with a perpetual grin through the end.

Moreover, the character interactions were fantastic. The dialogue between the casts flowed so well all the way through displaying their distinct personalities and somewhat eerie humour ever so beautifully, which in my pinion, was one the high points of this book. I love characters that make my head spin with intrigue and Ronan did that from start to finish. He is multi-layered, unpredictable and had such an incredible level of depth with so many different facets of his personality depending on who he was interacting with.

And though a bit haphazard in its execution, his story was the one most thoroughly explored and consequently the best. I loved the rest of the characters as much as I did in the first one, if not more. However, her very little presence in the book makes it hard to talk about her when in fact, I'm struggling to remember any memorable moments with her in it, aside from that one single, albeit endearing scene with Noah. Her actions are based almost solely on what the boys are doing as she spends much of her time tagging along on their quest and not much else.

The remainder of her appearances is spent on the continued formation of the love triangle and her confusing shifts in feeling towards Adam or Gansey or both which felt somewhat organic in the first book but a bit more contrived here. I totally and completely give in.

About damn time anyway. View all 30 comments. When Taylor Swift??

The Dream Thieves by Maggie Stiefvater PDF & EPUB

I've been obsessed with him since he first showed up, and it's only gotten worse after that. I enjoy reading about Gansey, Adam, Blue, Noah, but when Ronan is on pages it's like they come to life. I'm telling you, it's not normal the way i feel about him. When i read this book last year i When Taylor Swift?? When i read this book last year i was mad because i wanted it to be all about Ronan, i realize now that i was being unreasonable. This time i will try my best to keep it together.

Also, i kind of miss Kavinsky. Let's go! I was really mad because Adam was getting hurt because of Blue and Gansey! Now that we have Ronan, how can i stay mad at Blue. This series is perfect!

Their story was so intense and fascinating. I hope to see more of them in Blue Lilly rather than Gansey and Blue. Can i just say how much i don't like Blue at this point, and now she is making me not like Gansey. I couldn't care less who your true love is! Just pick someone and shut up!

Stop jumping from one friend to another. All i care about is how that person would die. I don't feel any chemistry between her and Gansey or maybe i just don't care.

I found myself skipping pages while reading about these two. I love Gansey when he with his friends and family, this romance thing is just not working for me. View all 87 comments. Apr 02, Kai rated it it was amazing Shelves: Beautiful things like this series. I was transfixed with The Dream Thieves. It's another fascinating novel made by a brilliant author.

Some things still irritate me though. My best example: Ronan Lynch. Sometimes I just want to punch him in the face, especially when he behaves like the biggest dipshit earth has ever seen. His actions and words make me furious.

Maybe it's his recklessness or his attitude, but often he doesn't make sense to me at all. Other times I want to punch Adam in the face for being so stubborn. Him though, I do understand.

I just wish he'd swallow his pride and accept his friend's aid. Anyway, what bothers me most is that sometimes I just didn't understand a single word. I totally missed the meaning of what Maggie wanted to tell me. There was a whole chapter where I just sat still and thought "??? I guess that calls for a reread. I wish there was a little or a lot more clarity, it gets extremely confusing at some point.

It's hard to explain why exactly I was confused. When their words get so cryptic and mysterious that I lose them. The only thing left to say is that Maggie created such raw and pure characters, that I don't want to let go of them. Find more of my books on Instagram View all 7 comments. Aug 04, Katerina rated it really liked it Shelves: Slightly disoriented , like I can't separate reality from fiction. Like I can't remember the exact context of this bizarre dream but I can recollect scattered images and emotions.

For this series and its raw, complicated and real characters. At the same time, Adam struggles to come to terms with the sacrifice he made, Gansey continues his relentless search of the long dead Welsh king and Blue realizes that heart is a traitorous thing and you can't choose who you fall in love with.

When a mysterious man appears and strange r paranormal activity strikes their little town, Blue and her raven boys must solve the riddles of their abilities and the ley lines and discover what they're looking for before it is too late. Before someone else does. I was overwhelmed with a constant restlessness , I almost skipped sentences and pages because I wanted something more , something else to happen but I can't pinpoint what that was.

Perhaps I got tired from the frequent switch between dreams and reality, and I ended up a tad unsatisfied. This book's greatest asset was that it explored more thoroughly the relationships between the characters and their personalities , their inner battles and desires and needs. It explained Ronan's hatred against the world, it uncovered the secrets he safeguarded for so long and I fell for his wounded, more vulnerable side.

Adam on the contrary became more unpredictable. I can't shake the notion that he is jealous of Gansey and that's the source of his bitterness. He is changing, I can see that he's changing and I hope that he'll understand how awful he has been to Gansey who only wanted to help him. My sweet, dear Gansey, whose wilder, boyish side is equally intriguing with his scholarly one. But their connection, their stolen moments, the longing, they made my toes curl and my heart beat rapidly, sending warmth to every single cell of my body.

I am scared and excited at the same time, but I hope, hope, hope. Parate regis corvi. When I end this series, I'll probably need therapy. View all 23 comments.

Aug 05, Ryan rated it it was amazing Shelves: Okay, there is no way I could possibly love Ronan Lynch anymore than I do now. Post-Dream Thieves Me: Think again, bitch. I've written and re-written this review so many times now, that I've just accepted I'll never be able to put into words how much I love this series, and how much I loved this book. So I wrote a gif-review instead.

This book: The Gray Man: Ronan and Kavinksy: Ronan and Adam: Blue and Gansey: Maura and The Gray Man: My reaction to Ronan's second secret: My reaction to the ending: Me after this book: My review of The Raven Boys View all 26 comments. I paced myself and went through this book so slowly, because I couldn't stand not to savor it.

It was easily one of the best books I've read all year, and has made this one of my favorite series of all time. Adam is so full of heartache and rage and hurt, and then poor little Noah is the epitome of a cinnamon roll and I just want to hug him and fix everything. This felt like Ronan's book, first and foremost, and I loved every single word on every single page that involved him.

Dream thieves pdf the

He's such a brilliant, badass, lovable character and the development that he underwent in this installment was mind-blowing.

I loved learning about his dreams, and his family, and the soft little heart tucked under all that anger and stubble and ink.