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The betfair atm pdf manual you purchase gives guidelines on how the author goes about the process, thankfully during the review additional. Posté le: Lun 4 Déc - () Sujet du message: Betfair atm pdf 30 Sep Final review of Betfair ATM shows you whether you want to use this system . /trading full time on Betfair /Stocks and forex markets. . So, excel sheet which you have received with the pdf should work in same way.

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I'm looking to do the Betfair ATM strategy. I'm not sure if I can always forward over the PDF of the strategy if that would help out? Thanks very. Title: Betfair Atm Manual, Author: KayleeIbarra, Name: Betfair Atm Manual, Psoriasis PDF Ebook MRR Acne Treatment Collection Of 7 PDF Ebooks PLR Anti . What you get is a simple pdf of 20 pages, 50% of which walks through some examples. There is a link to a Betfair guide if you need it though.

Another Australian system I am afraid, good copywriting on the Sales page but crap when you read it. I emailed him over 48 hours ago to get clarification on the exact timing of placing the bet in-running and no reply. I will come back to this after Cheltenham. I think most people were having trouble with the timing of the bet so the author added more detail about this in V2. IGG Hi, can you give us a little more information. I'll happily share anything but only if you're a regular on here, as you are, so pm me your addy mate.

It would be no better in a lengthy roam over the flat. The author uses a trading platform, but even with a fast bot and the best of bot minds applied themselves to this one it's not possible to make a consistant profit. This particular author has produced a few systems all market based. This is the first one of his I've tested so I can't comment on his previous ones. Jeff, I tested this over on cash-masters, and have to disagree. You know a 3m hurdle is going to take 5 to 6 minutes. So, watch for the market to go suspended, add 4 minutes and then look to place the bet.

Don't bet Sprints under 1m2f as you cannot react fast enough, and this is a lot of Flat racing excluded! I do agree, I could not get a bot to work consistently, but I make good money with this method with Betting Assistant and 2 computers; one to monitor the win market and the other the place the bet. I find I have to switch off "verify" and pre-configure the stakes. But I still use this system. In my opinion it is too much operating expense. Maybe it is controllable, but with so much time and effort are you still expect to be happy with this over the long run?

Art, I kind of applied the same stratagy but was uncomfortable 'betting blind' so to speak. I had no problem monitoring both markets as like yourself I run more than one PC but couldn't show a consistant profit. If I'd persivered for a longer period perhaps practice would have made perfect. As I also need to 'trade out' some of my other stuff 'in running', I found it conflicts with that as well which is probably not an issue for others, although that's not a fault of the system of course.

But for what was involved I found that the potential returns not worth the effort and I doubt if most punters would be able to master it. However if you are making a decent profit with it, Happy Days. I must admit I found it very hard to operate as well.

As, I do not have two computers I, suppose it is easy to dismiss. I just found it very hard work for little reward and find normal trading easier. Yes there is an updated manual that went out free to all purchasers of the initial manual. I think most people were having trouble with the timing of the bet so the author added more detail about this in V2. If you have Geeks Toy there's no reason I could see that you would need two computers as you can bring both win and place markets up at the same time and position them next to each other on the same screen.

I did actually start to earn with this but it takes a lot of practice and time which I only had at weekends. If I could dedicate myself to the whole days racing every day I'd definitely consider giving it another go but I just can't at the moment. This is V2 you're referring to? Be interested to have a look. Its saying the file exceeds the upload limit again. I'm happy to send to anyone who contributes to this forum regularly if they PM me an email address.

Lol you know what I mean shugmac there's loads who google something, find it on this forum, take it and then never return. I'll happily share anything but only if you're a regular on here, as you are, so pm me your addy mate. You can automate it using Gruss BA and a spreadsheet. I did knock up a spreadsheet sometime ago while trialling the first version, but gave up trialling it as it was not profitable during the trial.

If anyone wants the spreadsheet, let me know and I will dig it out and upload it. Though, the spreadsheet was for version 1. Don't know the changes in version 2.

Ta This would be great mate, can you upload it? This would be great mate, can you upload it? Thanks Will try and amend it to incorporate the new rules and upload soon, though a bit busy this week, but will try and find time. Could you post the new version rules? Could you post it or send a copy? Thank you and good luck for everyone! It is best to join in with the forum rather than to ask for members to upload systems for you in your first post.

Even if it was uploaded you would not be able to access it because you do not have enough posts. Ta Hi Dan, Are you still around? This would be great if you can upload it once again.

Hi Dan, Are you still around? Oh sorry then: I too agree with this point. I have been checking out this system on paper trial regarding the pre-qualification before the event starts. I do not know about the long-term results. Looking to see this one through. I am really interested with this system though.

Ta Hi Dan, if you are around, I would be really grateful if you could send me a trigger Anybody have any opinions on a recovery staking plan with betfair atm? The average odds of 1. Why would you need a Martingale or any recovery plan at those odds and strike rate?

Patience and level stakes would work just fine! Must admit I'm with tt here - don't like recovery plans. If your selection process is sound you should do just fine to level stakes, increasing say once your bank has doubled. Just my opinion! I checked out betdaq yesterday as betfair was down.

Atm pdf betfair

The place odds for some favourites were simply blank. I believe betfair can be more reliable in getting some odds, though what odds, is not known.

Also, I have checked out this system through jetbet, marketfeeder, fairbot, BA If manual betting is to be done, I believe the Toy is the best, as I can keep several markets open simultaneously on the same screen.

The only bottleneck would be bandwidth and system configuration. As the refresh rates are very fast, it drains bandwidth. Dave Good suggestion Dave, and tt your opinion is very practical. Today's paper trading so far: Missed out the names of the races tough.

Will update Update: Won both Kempton park Sending a software key is absolutely secure as it does not contain any information about your BetFair account: Lingfield If this system works well, I am purchasing the mfp. I am currently on trial. Punchestown Key is in waiting for the final moments. Moleskin 1.

Pdf betfair atm

One for the road: This is only paper trading though I do place virtual bets Hi mcbee. Lucky you, u have your trigger to help out!!!

Betfair ATM – Final Review

Hi mcbee, my average calculation is about 2 minutes to the mile. Moreover the new version of the toy has a timer which approximates the time remaining. I also monitor the odds differentials and if the chance for a reversal is low. Hi again, yesterday was sunday. Uploading today's trials. Was not too true to the system. Not recommended unless you want to take the risk. The file is in xlsx format.

I have added some comments as well. Hi i do not post much but i have used Betfair ATM for a while now and through trial and error i have tweaked the rules to suit what i do. Personally i prefer flat racing but understand why NH is preferred as a slower pace but to me i like to try and avoid fallers.

From my experience you need to know standard time for the race and be careful not to bet too early. Using a flat 1 mile race time of 1 min 36 sec placing a bet before 1min 10 can be dangerous as a second phase happens where the horse you thought was going to place drops off. I take lower prices with larger stakes and use software but place bet manually.

Hi Deanov, You are absolutely right. I am doing my trial manually and I am subject to human faults, such as failing to discipline myself. Setting tweaked rules through a triggered bot is I guess the best option.

But even with human faults, I am trying to train myself on all tracks and terrain and regardless of the number of runners, except for one today where out of only 4 runners, one more non-runner came in and that too the favourite. About the timing, I have a distance bar on my bot Gook's Toy that indicates how much of the race is over. BTW, I would like to know if you have suffered any reverses where you have locked in a bet at less than 1. Hi Phoebursk Yes i have lost under 1. It is frustrating as it takes time to make up for the loss but i am making a profit.

Pdf betfair atm

I have win market and place market open at the same time and then concentrate. If i can help with anything PM me thanks. Hi Mcbee Yes i agree i have looked at placing a bet in win market and greening up or bet earlier in the place market but have found this difficult as a lot is going on and you can make more errors.

I now bet on less races but higher stakes to try and minimize losses. An average of 2 losses out of 14 average races per day at 1.

I have tried to bet on another horse that suddenly drops and so far it has worked out. Yesterday, I managed to recoup losses in the same match. But then nothing's perfect. All we should look for is a long term profit. And this system does look promising. I don't believe much in hedging as the margins are minimised and one loss is sufficient then to wipe out hedged profits in one go.

Rather, a staking plan should more than cover all losses and maximise profits. Hi again, twisted my ankle in the subway today. Hi all!

Hi all, does anyone still tries to make money with this system, please? And how are you faring? Thanks in advance for your answers.

Nope it is too choppy whilst the race is running to get the bets in. Not a good system if you dont have robot. No profit for manual bet using this system. The odds that they are aiming is in range of 1. Pretty good one at first glance. But any one out there please? IGG Hi, can you give us a little more information. I have this method version 5 from , and would like to know how to automate it. What is the software..? Is this something you have purchased or had written for you.

Is it still making money?? Hi Dave i have recently purchased this system but i have not yet began to paper trade with it. Could i just ask where you get the information regarding whether or the not the race is over or mile or if it has jumps or not. I have recently started using this strategy and have had decent success.

Betfair ATM | Betting System Reviews

Which are good races? With a clear favo are different favos? Your email address will not be published. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment.

This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. So lets cut to the chase and list those punters the betfair atm strategy will not suit: You want easy money expect something for nothing. Cannot spare time even at the weekend or in the evening. Want selections handed to you on a plate. Cannot think outside of the box. Not interested in learning something new. Cannot focus on a subject for more than a few seconds, easily distracted. Cannot keep a cool head or rational mind under pressure.

No patience to paper trade or back to very small stakes whilst undertaking the learning process. Eliminate Amateur, Apprentice and Conditional races. Conclusion If you are prepared to learn this well betfair atm will provide a steady source of income, also once you understand the In Play market you could lay or back to win or trade.

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