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Nbr nm 67 pdf

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Therefore, for each cement, it is necessary to determine the water content of the paste that pro- duces the standard slump (NBR NM 67, ). PDF | The Brazilian standard NBR states that the time of transporting the concrete duces the standard slump (NBR NM 67, ). PDF | The common practice, in construction sites of the region of Porto Alegre, to collect test according to the speci cations of NBR NM 67 [15], (2) com-.

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View NBR NM 67 [] - CONCRETO - DETERMINAÇÃO DA CONSISTENCIA PELO ABATIMENTO DO TRONCO DE from ENGENHARIA CIV . NBR NM 67 - Concreto - Determinação da consistência pelo abatimento do tronco de cone. Uploaded by Download as PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Nbr Nm _slump Test_ensaio Download as DOCX, PDF, TXT or read online from Scribd. Flag for .. Nbr Nm Granulometria Ensaio.

For purposes of acceptance, from as the result is veriied norm, the lack of recommendations for measuring the quality of compliance with the requirements of project resistance and safety the mixer and the importance of quality control testing of concrete of the structure built. Results and discussions For the tests were taken ive samples of fresh concrete in each of the thirteen lots: The casting of the cylindrical specimens was performed using manual density with a metal rod, as recommended by the NBR [16]. Volume 6, Number 2 April p. Acknowledgment NBR There was not the formation of a repre- sentative proile of compressive resistance as the different collection point and there was not signiicant variation between the collection points.


Nm 67 pdf nbr