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Students at some dowsing classes I ran used anything from a plastic white Pendulum Book) that consists mostly of charts and lists for use with a pendulum. This book contains a set of Charts entitled Healing Modalities/Processes ( formerly Therapeutic Processes) that contains 26 charts with different dowsing. Don't forget to check out our Free Dowsing Charts E-Book! So you are All charts are available in PDF format; you will need Adobe Reader to open them.

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Dowsing Charts Parenting_With_Love_and_Logic__Teaching_Ch_-_ Trade Chart Patterns Like the Pros - Suri Feb 12, Explore Andrea Miller's board "Pendulum charts", followed by Resultado de imagem para graficos radiestesia pdf Healing Codes, Del. Free Printable Pendulum Charts Collection ~ Reveal Your Divine Spark. PDF Ebook The Book of Saint Cyprian by polyphanes on Etsy, $ Alchemy.

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Pdf dowsing charts

With the introduction of GMO foods and all the chemicals in our homes and environment, allergies seem to have become rampant. So many people have allergies these days and it is sometimes almost impossible to discover what may be causing the issue.

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This book contains Charts to assist you in taking control of your allergies, several of these charts are also in the book Dowse This Holistically Healthy. So if you have that book you may prefer to individually purchase the charts that are not currently included in Holistically Healthy. For More Information and a list of Charts you can find in this booklet. Check out the Dowse This Take Control of Your Allergies Page.

The Modalities Charts became too big to add to other books therefore I have created this supplement to add to your chart resources. This book will have several charts of Angels, Archangels, Ascended Masters, the 12 Apostles etc to use for requesting Angelic Assistance where required. When you purchase this book you will add 63 Charts to your Dowsing Tool Chest.

You can dowse your most appropriate angel guides, there are also 8 charts containing possible Angel Messages. Well this is why I created this set of charts. Children are pretty complex individuals and it is hard to know how we can help them traverse the world safely and effectively.

This Booklet contains 76 Charts to help you to understand what is going on with your child and how you can help, this chart set alone contains 26 charts with a possible items to dowse.

Charts pdf dowsing

There is even a chart for dowsing what is going on with your baby. Along with many charts to further investigate what is really going on.

What is Going on With My Child?

Pdf dowsing charts

This book contains 26 Charts with a total of possible Archetypes that may need to be balanced or cleared. To create a more centered and enlightened you. As well as supporting charts.

Who Am I? This book contains 25 Charts. This set of charts are the charts that I consider essential when dowsing. I like to have these charts handy at all times. In fact I created this booklet primarily for my personal use. Dowsing Essentials Page. That seems like a lot but truly there could be thousands. These however will provide you with many clues to discover and clear your Imprints. I have been working on these Imprint Charts for 5 years and finally I have published them.

A set of 64 charts to dowse in printable format, this book is also available on Lulu. Use the blank charts to create your own custom dowsing charts designed specifically for you, your life, and environment. The book is organized so you can create your own title for each chart and your own table of contents. Force by Dr.

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By Bryan Lundeen. Sadly the 3 charts are simple and demonstrate a lack of understanding by the author.

The first chart has 4 positions: Yes, No, Maybe, and Not at This Time are the choices; this was basically 4 ovals on the oposite sides of the page which could be drawn easily by anyone. The next is for months and seasons, I thought it was perhaps useful given the content, but the days of the month where stacked numbers in 3 rows. It would be advisable to place those numbers on a half circle or use a protractor to draw them.

As 3 stacked rows of numbers, it is impossible to know where the pendulum is swinging because a pendulum swings in an arc not in a straight linear line. This suggested her lack of understanding how to use a pendulum.

The last chart is a graphic of a thermometer to indicate percent. Percent is NEVER displayed on a thermometer, that is just a lack of understanding about what is a percent. Good thing the book is free, but it tells me she might have an ulterior motive for giving away a Report as inappropriate.

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Personal Dowsing Charts

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