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Here you will get AMCAT sample papers for all subjects and download them in pdf format. AMCAT stands for Aspiring Minds Computer Adaptive Test. It is an. Where can I get the previous year's AMCAT question paper for mechanical engineering? . AMCAT question papers - Model/Sample paper download pdf. AMCAT Sample Question Paper and Download pdf for all the branches. find amcat questions for CSE/IT/ECE/EEE/CIVIL & Mechanical.

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Download Amcat sample question papers with revised Amcat syllabus, to get function (PDF); Cumulative distribution function (CDF); Standard distributions. AMCAT Previous Papers with Solutions PDF are the best way to prepare for AMCAT Placement Papers, recommend AMCAT Model Question Paper in AMCAT. In this article, we have attached the free pdf links of AMCAT Previous Year Sample Papers Interested candidates can check the following.

Job Title. So many companies and universities developed management programs and ex hundreds and thousands of people were encouraged to learn management on the job. India should take financial help from other international financial institutions to develop such ports in other places. If x increases linearly. The module assesses MBA students on their understanding of basic concepts involved in Operations Management, laying greater emphasis on the practical aspects of operations.

March 22, at 6: Hi Aishwarya, IAM preparing for amcat exam if possible pls send the material if u have to the below mentioned mailid kulkarnivna gmail.

Previous pdf amcat papers

September 3, at 9: October 19, at 1: December 30, at 8: March 7, at March 20, at 1: March 21, at Hii Satish, can you explain your query? April 2, at 8: Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Search on Alpingi. Similar Posts. The module assesses graduates from Life Sciences, Pharmacology, and Nursing backgrounds on their knowledge, understanding and application of the basic concepts of biology.

Brain and skeleton Muscular system and alimentary canal Respiratory and cardiac system. Brain and pituitary, thyroid, parathyroid glands Neuro-transmission Respiration Lymphatic system and complete blood system. Endocrine glands and gastrointestinal tract Adrenals, pancreas, testes and ovary Urinary system Reproductive system. The module assesses the candidates for all aspects of marketing ranging from fundamentals, to market research, planning and strategy and principles of economics all of which are closely linked and would be required by a marketing professional.

The module tests the ability of students to understand the increasingly complex and critical area of finance coupled with knowledge of the practices of accounting. Assets and Liabilities Cost Concepts Inventories. The module has been designed to check general financial knowledge and its application for a graduate in all subject areas that affect a financial managers decisions.

Stocks Bonds Mutual Funds Derivatives. Macro Economics Taxation. The module tests particular areas of candidates strength and identifies whether the candidate is suited for a specialist or a generalist profile in HR. Industrial behavior Group behavior Organizational structure and design. Acts Other Aspects of Labour Welfare.

The module assesses MBA students on their understanding of basic concepts involved in Operations Management, laying greater emphasis on the practical aspects of operations.


Capacity ,Resource and Layout planning Process selection and Project planning. The module focuses on assessing a student on theoretical and practical aspects of design and development of new drugs for clinical purposes, different sources, working and formulation of medicines and its analysis.

Drug manufacture Drug delivery, release and action Pharmacy know how. Basic pharmacology and therapeutics Drug action on nervous system and endocrine glands Drug action on circulatory system and GI tract.

Chromatography and electrochemistry Titration Other analytical techniques. The module tests the students on the basics of Hospitality Industry, various functions of a front office ranging from various stages of the guest cycle to the knowledge of evaluating hotels performance. The module tests candidates on the basics of Hospitality Industry, various functions of housekeeping ranging from basic cleaning procedures to its peripheral activities.

Organization chart Routine systems and records Planning and organizing Store and control desk.

AMCAT Sample Papers Pdf Download

Guest room cleaning procedures Cleaning knowledge and practice. Linen and uniform rooms Safety and security Laundry Horticulture.

Pdf amcat previous papers

The module focuses on testing the student on understanding of all basic concepts of food production along with situational based questions to check application and practical nuances. Principles of methods of cooking Equipments and new developments Safety and sanitation. Different courses of meal Presentation of dish Culinary Math. Stock management Kitchen Organization.

Pdf papers amcat previous

The module focuses on testing students understanding of the theoretical differences between the various types of service along with its practical aspects. The module focuses to assess the candidates knowledge in basics of operating system and computer architecture, computer networks and database concepts.

AMCAT Previous Year Sample Papers PDF Download with Answers -

Basic Mathematics Data Interpretation. Web search General Navigation Basics. Merchandising Inventory Loss prevention Safety. Sales Billing. Customer service orientation Self Management Customer expectation management. Face to face Telephonic. Basic programming Control Structures Conditional statements Linear data structures Advanced data structures Sorting and searching algorithms. Searching and Sorting Complexity Theory.

Basics of semiconductor Two terminal devices Three terminal devices. This module evaluates the candidates on their knowledge and understanding of the subject of Telecommunication and its applications.

Analog Digital Optics. Microwave engineering Transmission lines and waveguides Antennas and wave propagation Radar. Electrostatics Magnetostatics Electromagnetic theory. The module focuses on testing a student on theoretical knowledge as well as practical concepts of electricity, electronics and electromagnetism. Basic electrical engineering Electrical machines Power machines. Instruments and measurements Control system. Analog and digital electronics Power electronics. Thermodynamic cycles and steam generators IC engines Heat transfer, refrigeration and air conditioning.

Fluid mechanics and fluid machinery Strength of materials Theory of machines Machine design. The module focuses on testing a student on general principles of mechanics and construction, and requires the candidates to apply these principles in practical based problems.

Applied mechanics Strength of materials Building materials and construction Theory of structures Steel structures Concrete technology R. Soil mechanics Hydraulic engineering Water supply engineering. Highways engineering Railway engineering Estimation and costing Surveying. The module focuses on testing a student on theoretical knowledge as well as practical concepts in the branch of instrumentation engineering.

Transducers and industrial instrumentation Analytical and optical instrumentation Electronic instrumentation and measurements Control systems and process control. Analog electronics Digital electronics Microprocessor and microcontroller. Signal and systems Communications Fundamentals of network analysis and synthesis. January 27, at 7: March 9, at July 16, at 1: August 18, at 8: August 22, at 3: Muthyam Sujith. March 10, at 8: July 26, at 6: August 10, at 4: Kuldeep Singh.

August 11, at 9: Selva Bharathi.

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