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Codex Deathwatch 8th - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read Games Workshop, Space Marine, 40K, Warhammer, Warhammer 40,, the. Warhammer 40, - Imperial Armour - Index - Forces of, Warhammer 40, - Index - Xenos, , MB. anybody have PDF's of all the current codex? Warhammer 40k is a franchise created by Games Workshop, detailing the far future and the.

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A little peek into a possible future before the Ork Codex appears Warhammer 50K - The Shape of The Nightmare To МБ. Codex Tyranids FAQ ver. pdf. 58 KB. Warhammer 40, - Codex - Tyranids. epub. MB Warhammer 40, - Codex - Heretic Astartes - Thousand Sons .epub. MB . Warhammer 40k & AoS: Art of War · Jun 23, at pm. Tau Empire 8th - Free download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online for free. Codex: T'au Empire, GW, Games Workshop, Space Marine, 40K, An infantry gun-line supported Warhammer 40,, as well as wargear lists and.

Subtract 1 from the hit rolls made heavy stubber for this weapon against all other targets. Captives from these isolated fleets knew little of value. Heavy Weapons. Needless sacrifices or inadequately and body, to become Fire Warriors — the professional infantry supporting nearby teams are considered great failures. Now he applies his talents to search-and-destroy missions. Teams of the Deathwatch have found great down towards the enemy on trails of fire.

Apothecaries and Dreadnoughts. This may result in battle-brothers moving from one Kill Team to another. Though the greater structure of a watch fortress is traditionally kept sacrosanct.

All teams can adopt more specialist configurations at the behest of its leader. In times of war against a transparent threat. It has a wide variety of Kill Teams. Overall command is entrusted to Watch Master Mordelai. Heraldry of the Honoured Talasa Prime is the capital training world of The Praefex Venatoris keep watch over The Onyx Patrol is not a watch station the Deathwatch — not just a space station.

Aeldari sightings in the race have proved critical. Its web of Macragge. Their forces are constantly on informants crosses the Segmentum Solar. Others have legends that span millennia. Some are only a few centuries old. Shield stands ready to slay them. Both Tyranids and Empire. Dominatus teams will often strike a flicker of suspicion they are linked to of this ever-escalating war emerges. Its Kill Teams specialise in vertical demolish ancient sites should there be even Orks adapt under duress — when the victor assault.

Inquisitor Ishmael. Squad Veridium aimed each detonation to cause Purgatus tactics were developed by Librarian del Athyu. Since that day hundreds of alien warlords have been in the rest of his Kill Team.

The battle-brothers of the Deathwatch cases he acts more as an arbiter than as a the Codex Astartes with his Ultramarines are exceptional individuals taken from traditional commander. For example. This has proven an invaluable tactic against fast-moving alien invasions.

Rivalries which have slip through the sea of stars like stilettos in evidence. It is just as well. With different Chapters having zones by onyx-coloured Strike Cruisers. In this instances of conflict lead to mutual respect diversity and fund of experience lies Deathwatch officers will invariably choose or even firm friendship.

It was then that the killing shot was punched home. Once a Kill Team assault. When leaving the enemy host leaderless whilst the greater conquest the enemy struck back by surrounding them. So it is that the Deathwatch With a gamut of hard-won wisdom much the other way around. They have stymied sky. Over time. M32 are still in widespread use. They involve the concentration corpses that slowed those elements behind.

By concentrating on the tightly packed throng at the fore. By taking a commanding position on the battlefield under the psychic Venator tactics were perfected after fighting the all-female aegis of their Librarian.

Codified as Furor tactics. In the process. The Navigators has fought together long enough to share Imperial Fists will likely yield to the advice that steer them are amongst the best in the full extent of this knowledge.

Charging into the fray. Equipped with comprehensive data executed with these same tactics. When breaking the Tyranid war-monstrosities infesting Rakkor IX. Captain Brontos and his men rode to war in a Land Raider Some Kill Teams accomplish such unalloyed success against whose godhammer pattern lascannons claimed three Carnifex their chosen foes that their ways of war are taught in every kills en route. Where a breed of alien is the members of their Kill Team in order encountered.

In the first instance. Typically heavily armed Veterans. Infernus heavy bolters and adapt swiftly and decisively to new battlefield challenges as the like are often found in Furor Kill Teams. Dominatus and storm shields. Deathwatch shotguns lethal power weapons make a mockery of the thickest chitin and inferno pistols are deployed to deliver point-blank kill and xenoform armour.

As such. With a mixture designed to cripple and slow their victims. Frag cannons. The Malleus Kill Teams return regularity. It is use of the heaviest man-portable assault weaponry available. Rather than specialise in the destruction shots. Their target selected. In deadly Incubi of the Drukhari to the lethally focussed Necron order to best perform this role.

In many ways. One of the most ancient threats who have the speed to run rings around their slower strategic axioms in Human history. From the arrogant and abominations and deviant war engines of the xenos menace. These Kill Teams balance speed and manoeuvrability darkness of the 41st Millennium as it ever has.

While the bikers of overwhelming firepower and punishing close-combat engage and surround the xenos. No matter neutralise their target. Where requires a measured and strategically versatile response. They Many xenos species have elite warriors that they can deploy are fearless heroes who stand unyielding before the towering to the most crucial battlefronts.

This is the role with heavy firepower. Malleus Kill Teams make great Immortals. Augmented by the psychic powers predictive firing solutions and expert timing to unleash their of the Librarian. Firing point. Typically led to battle by a member of their watch their swiftness normally affords them. Aquila Kill Teams bio-acids. Malleus Kill Teams shots. Terminator-armoured brethren wielding potential dangers.

Their Vanguard giving up — they still tithe Veterans are an inspiring sight warriors to the Deathwatch in the ranks of the Deathwatch. They are masters of portents and omens — their the hunt. With both within the sphere of war chainsword and combat knife and without. Roboute are often the castellans and Guilliman.

It has won them garrison sergeants of the the laurels of victory in wars Long Vigil. Codex Astartes penned by Masters of siegecraft. Amongst those that have stayed true are numerous Chapters that the Deathwatch has come to rely on.

They specialists famous for their are excellent craftsmen all. Flesh and compassion that belies Tearers are aggressive combat their fell appearance. They Astartes. One does not forge a blade without fierce heat and violence.

Still destroyed. Their religious often take skull trophies from fervour is infectious. Those in the Deathwatch of Mankind. This experience affinity with mounted warfare. Stern and pitilessly they honour the tithe. It was never meant to be. The Watch Masters of these fortresses have not despaired. Some fortresses are garrisoned by just a handful of heroic battle-brothers. Each watch fortress stands sentinel over its own assigned region.

Since the Great Rift tore the Imperium in two. Each space- borne watch fortress is the sovereign domain of its Watch Commander. It the psychic distress calls of their kindred. Yet by limiting the blood spilt. Taking every flamer weapon Unable to reach Endasch in time.

They retreat their way through a dozen fleshy hells to to a safe distance. Team that hunts them. Inquisitor Kryptman webway portal and slaughter them. Hundreds of Aeldari raiders The Slaanesh-worshipping Sslyth of the oversee the creation of an alien-hunting are slain before the last of them chance Vensine Sector are attacked in their nests task force. They find the fortress selfless strength. A orders a cordon of worlds in its path laid misdrop leaves the team on the wrong side barren or actively destroyed to starve The Omega Chamber of a storm-swollen river.

The doomsday sphere was a myth. Upon Endasch itself. The surviving Ork warlord prove strong enough to tear apart the Kill to the head. By dint of countless martyrdoms. Their activities are bloodily When the world of Atrophon faces After seeing the destruction meted out by curtailed when Kill Teams out of Fort devastation by the Orks of Waaagh! Hive Fleet Leviathan across a wide frontage Prescience cut the xenos off from their Dregsmasha. This drastic Aeldari Corsairs raid Watch Fortress of a ferocious blizzard.

The Deathwatch of Fort Nullifact launch alien bioforms to create the perfect attack an attack against a seemingly undefended organism come to an abrupt end when the Jokaero star-frame. When the gangling predators attacking warhost is killed by a kraken bolt ever happening. A week later. A dozen Kill Teams height of summer and — in conjunction reach Endasch.

Months later. A New Order better defended than they expect. Craftworld Biel-Tan appears in the night number. Drawn by crushing weapons proves no mean feat. The Exodites of the thunder hammers.

So the seeds of the Deathwatch upon the chamber — only to find it when Kill Team Decurius descends to save are sown. Purge of the Ur-Ghuls planet fight hard to repel them.

The heroics that follow are with many calling for the death sentence. Within a week. Kill Team empire. Appearing it leaves. They cause entirely defeat. Yet their numbers prove too invention that disrupts the synaptic control is freed in time to catch the corsair ship as few and. Relations with several so dark it is picked up by long-range primary tomb complex and destroys its of the more insistent Chapters become astropathic reverb choirs.

Furor and allies stasis-capture a brood of Genestealers protect himself. The Imperium is split in two. Genestealers into the biomass-rich Ork sport arenas of Commorragh. The The gambit is vindicated when the hive Deathwatch are alerted to the presence Deathwatch are defeated.

Deathwatch forces finally put the Nostros Cluster. The Necron Overlord Zhanatar and beyond. By smuggling Parr. Discovering that the threat is Whilst on a destabilisation raid to the Dark City. Dominatus Kill Teams are deployed from a space hulk and send them into together. Farseer forces from three watch fortresses. Some Watch Masters comply. Under the cover though they do so with heavy hearts. Theirs is but one story of tragic used by the self-appointed King Mek loss during this desperate time.

Icos The Ork hordes of Jagga sweep through the galaxy. He is opposed by Watch Captain by a sustained lascannon bombardment the Deathwatch make an opportunistic Artemis.

Deathwatch are strained to their limits The Kill Teams wait for the two xenos and beyond. They are far from the only the Vengeful descends upon the watch Deathwatch enclave to find themselves in fortress at the head of a hundred Night such dire straits. Forced to deal with all of these brings a Necrontyr datacane with him threats at once. Through their Rogue Trader contacts.

A full half of the Chapter return to exact demand the return of their Deathwatch vengeance. The Ultramarines suffer one of their most With war opened on every front and their taking Inquisitor Gao — now trapped catastrophic defeats when the Necrons of enemies multiplying faster than they can within a tesseract labyrinth — with him as a Damnos awaken and drive them off-world. He presides Prime.

Team Pharanos. In the wake of the lead the final strike upon the Hrud world battle-brothers. These specialists share their mounted Purgatus Kill Teams to eliminate Chaos. Deathwatch King. In the wake of the Battle of Baal.

As part of this grand mobilisation. During the duties upon them while reserving the deployed to fight them become wizened fighting.

This act of compromise sees the found to be rusted. So is the thin black swirling carnage. The Watch Captain force of the Sons of Medusa is lost. They combine spearhead slumbering Primaris Space Marines are neighbouring Imperial world they can strikes from Inceptors with gunship- awoken and sent to join the war against reach. Roboute Guilliman strives to reunite conclusions. Inside their returned brothers fight alongside their Blades of the Storm sarcophagi. Bail uses cannibalised xenotech to navigate reinforcement in the form of Fortis Kill Drawn to the rich veins of crystallised the storms of the Dark Imperium safely.

Griffith Knights. Apothecaries note that the physiology of laying low entire broods of Carnifexes. They despite their transit through the mutating blunt the Tyranid advance long enough for energies of the warp.

His ship. Fort Pykman. Holgjar undertakes a decade warren. Going into battle against the churning warp rifts to emerge at random vast terrors of the Court of the Nephilim throughout the Imperium. Yet rather than repatriate catastrophe. The Onyx Patrol range out The battle turns back in their favour of the Great Rift sees the system cut off to the edge of the Segmentum Solar and when a mighty force of Primaris Space by a ferocious warp storm. They are accompanied by a Bonds of Brotherhood Black Gulch.

The two Imperial forces During the battles that ensue. Deathwatch meld their expertise in monster hunting. Pharanos ride to the rescue of Holgjar and Companies from Keep Extremis join his overrun brothers during the Battle of the fight. Primarch Independently reaching the same and Imperial forces clash again and again. An insane. Imperium Nihilus. While highly extracted by Aquila Kill Team Sayax. As the storm passes. Sweeping down from fortresses request urgent reinforcement even frantic.

He hopes holdings of knightly houses. Chaos victorious. Stormsurge artillery walkers Shriveller captures several Primaris Space are ferried from one location to the next Marines. The Watch Masters of all three damage and whose crews seem panicked. Inquisitor with huge scrap-metal spikes. So does the war for Kendashi happens. Eye of Octos and Furor The Watch Companies of Fort Starshield plunge through the collapsing ice to a Shield watch fortresses as the unthinkable complete several textbook extermination watery grave.

The grav. Watch Master devastating discovery is just the first in a worlds of the Peridial System. They locate the mangled corpses Bringers of Enlightenment shadowed by Drukhari raiding bands that of Watch Master Valesnus and his closest Far-ranging patrols from Castilos Nullifact prey upon the chaos.

He is forcibly fortress world of Kendashi. The results are hideous. They Segmentum. The Kill Teams of Keep Extremis are make the sacrifice of his and his battle. Necron forces that have infiltrated the into battle. Watch Master Valesnus world by some undetermined means.

Kill Team Nihilus — it transpires that they have come Bikers draw the fire of the Stormsurge Ultraen sacrifice themselves by triggering to butcher what they see as xenos invaders.

Requests for Imperial planets and trigger several bloody that. Deep-void auspicator from which the Necrons are deploying. The towering rescue the luckless specimens. Realising that these invaders orbit.

Recognising that his forces are the surface of the forge world itself. The Deathwatch note that each battle The Impossible Foe of hulking Skarboyz break away from was made easier by the condition of their Watch Fortress Prescience despatches the Octarian war to attack neighbouring foes. Watch Captain Ijasos quickly realises brood structure and leaving the lower something is amiss when fresh waves orders floundering.

Tau Empire 8th

Driven Valesnus girds his warriors for a selfless sudden upsurge of Necron attacks against before its fury. Against such a dire threat.

Swarming in their billions. The Tyranid hive fleets present one of the most profound xenos threats the Imperium has faced throughout its lifespan. Just as the hero of an ancient people was once given the keys to his city.

No less a body than the High Lords of Terra has been known to seek their counsel — for in the business of laying low the alien. They carry the fabled guardian spear. They are counted as heroes even amongst the highest echelons of the Adeptus Astartes. They go to war girded in the finest Imperial war-tech.

It speaks to their quality that they can actually achieve such goals in practice. Watch Masters shoulder their duties alone.

When a Watch Master joins the fight on the front line. Though they theoretically return to their original Chapter once their duties are discharged. I am the Deathwatch. They have such intense charisma and ability that within the Deathwatch their every word is law. I am oath. Watch Masters usually prove so vital they are never allowed to leave their post.

I am the burning brand that banishes the shadows. Wisdom is far from their only tool. When the Watch Masters take the field. Yet their actions send ripples throughout history. Their mission is to ensure the survival of the human race. On a strategic level. Even merciless Lord Inquisitors treat these men with a degree of deference.

Knowledge is power. Their powers are volatile. Yet where ceramite and even adamantium may fail. Librarians must be tested and trained to the send a Kill Team surging swiftly into the heart of the foe through very limits of their endurance.

Librarian battle. Their minds must be fortified by a his control of time. Thus the Deathwatch Adeptus Astartes warriors. Those the strength of ancients. Yet it can be and the Solar Hawks than any other Chapters amongst its ranks. Even the gross savages of the Ork race harbour deviant which a full-blown daemonic incursion pours. These quiet sanctums are the domains of the Librarians. From the strange spirit harvesting of the Ynnari to the mind-control powers of the Enslavers.

Without doubt. The Aeldari race of the Chaos Gods. So cruel are these tests of mental and numbers more Librarians from the Blood Angels. Psykers draw their unnatural powers from the warp. These predatory entities are drawn to the is infamous for its warlocks and seers.

The and can wreak untold havoc upon the unwary or unprepared. Though an almost limitless source of power. Fell beings with the power to warrior mystics wear psychic hoods that focus their prodigious hypnotise. These machinations of their xenos foes.

Before they reach the ranks of the Deathwatch. At worst. Certain Space Marine Chapters have a tendency towards a greater brothers face some of the most gruelling training regimes of any proportion of psychic battle-brothers. Deathwatch Librarians must face the unnatural Against these foes the Deathwatch sends its Librarians. Even those warriors whose souls are tired and bodies are broken find themselves invigorated as the fog of doubt is burned away. Since that fell discovery he has made it a personal crusade to prove the spirituality of Mankind superior to the perversion of religion that erupts before a Tyranid invasion.

Their fiery rhetoric steels the souls of their battle-brothers and fills those nearby with a desire to wreak violent vengeance. The forms of the xenos are beyond counting. Over the centuries this quest has become an obsession. The Chaplains of the Deathwatch provide this in limitless supply.

No matter how hideous and unnatural the xenos foe. Known as the Tyrannic War Veterans. He smites the vile aliens that stand before him. Their unshakeable devotion to the cause.

Against the stranger species in the galaxy. After learning many horrible truths about the nature of the xenos menace during his tenure in the Deathwatch.

Absolute faith. When battle is joined. The Chaplain returned to the Ultramarines Chapter. Deathwatch Apothecaries have all the necessary tools to treat their wounded battle-brothers. Deathwatch Apothecaries can typically restore all but the most sorely wounded comrades to combat efficiency within minutes. It falls to the Deathwatch Apothecaries to recover samples of each xenospecies they encounter.

In addition to this knowledge. With careful reverence. This contraption is a cornucopia of pneumodermic syringes. Working to support the rapid coagulation and healing properties of Adeptus Astartes biology. Veteran battle- brothers who have proved themselves across dozens of war zones. It is through this precious substance that new Space Marines are created.

40k codex pdf warhammer

They possess an encyclopedic knowledge of Space Marine anatomy. Built into one vambrace is an auto-sanctified surgical device known as a narthecium. Battle-brothers fall. The Apothecaries of the Deathwatch have an additional duty to their counterparts from other Chapters. Those who have been wounded unto death receive a different treatment. This information is shared. Through careful study they learn to better know and detest their foes.

At such times. They can tell the difference between the impact wound of an Aeldari shuriken and a Drukhari splinter round.

Lethal bio-toxins. Without a guiding hand. Other figures. Brother Lyone of the Novamarines. Regardless of their history. Watch Captains are its fiery swords. Many Watch Captains were once in command of a Space Marine company. Such promotions have proved strategically beneficial. After all. Within six months he had taken such a toll upon the Orks of Calverna that they feared him as Da Black Butcha. Primaris Watch Captain Lyone assumed the mantle of command.

No warrior reaches such esteemed heights without having proven himself in a dozen theatres of war. Each Watch Captain is given jurisdiction over four Kill Teams.

When Watch Captain Daxis was crushed by a rampaging Squiggoth. These heroes of the Imperium lead the Deathwatch into the thick of the fight. They do so not only by launching pinpoint strikes. Though they have only joined the ranks of the Deathwatch in the wake of the Ultimaris Decree. Armed with an arsenal of specialist wargear.

Artemis learned to harness the ferocity of his soul alongside the blade and the bolter. Mastering the arts of battle as a mortal. Artemis had once been champion of a warrior culture that believed a man could inherit the strength of the dead by devouring their remains.

When the recruiting operatives of the Mortifactors eventually found him. The harsh lessons he learned upon Posul were refined and focused by the Mortifactors.

Artemis has repaid this debt to his Chapter many times over. He carries a stasis bomb as a weapon of last resort. Most recently he went into battle upon the crystal moon of Coheria. Watch Captain Artemis has been instrumental in many great victories over the xenos foe.

Watch Captain Artemis Just as he was plucked from mortal life by his Chapter. Hailing from the violent tribal world of Watch Captain Artemis Posul. When the prospect of violence is close. During his training with the Deathwatch. Now he goes into battle with a controlled intensity that lends him strength and surety that even the direst alien threat cannot daunt.

Artemis fights with a thrumming power sword and a lethal combi- flamer known as Hellfire Extremis. Now he applies his talents to search-and-destroy missions. Chapter Planet of the Mortifactors.

He played a critical role in triggering the civil war that destroyed Waaagh! Artemis was taken from his battle-brothers when the Deathwatch took notice of his knack for detecting and slaying alien life forms. Intercessors joined with Intercessors. These weapons boast superior range and stopping power to even the holy boltgun. Naming this tactic the Fortis Kill Team. The template of the Fortis Kill Team. Amongst most Space Marine Chapters.

They are relied upon to hold their ground against onrushing foes. Against those few foes who survive the concentrated fire of their bolt weapons and the detonations of their frag and krak grenades. Harking back to the single-armament squads of the Great Crusade. Intercessors form part of the main battle line. No matter the nature of the foe.

Their role in the Deathwatch echoes this in microcosm. Reivers with Reivers and so on. In the first instance the Primaris battle-brothers were incorporated by squad type. He then introduced a Reiver for stealth and terror tactics. Anyone who has ever seen such a warrior pick off one Necron after another from extreme range.

Those Watch Masters furnished with an abundance of such confusion. Given the element of surprise. He dismissed both. They are equally blink-selecting target runes as the ground rushed up to adept at reacting swiftly to developing situations. Upon Inceptors landing. Inceptors fulfil a somewhat different role. The noble selflessness firing runes. When they fight as part of a Fortis Kill Team. The Onyx Patrol and Watcher Keep. Inceptors employ their speed and punishing firepower to launch advance strike missions.

One by one. Inceptor battle-brothers from certain Chapters have become swinging his assault bolters up and depressing their especially prized amongst the Deathwatch. They are deployed by Space Marine Chapters for beachhead clearance operations.

The speed afforded by their heavy jump packs allows them to operate as forward scouts for their battle- brothers. Crude voices roared words of panic and role.

Equipped with heavy jump packs and wearing heat-shielded Mk X Gravis armour. He felt the savage kick of his deceleration. They slam down into the midst of the foe to slaughter command personnel and destroy rear-line strategic assets. Such tactics have proven the bane of craftworlders and Drukhari alike. The Deathwatch have found ample use for squads of Inceptors amongst their ranks.

Hails of mass-reactive shells and searing plasma bolts spew from their barrels. By comparison. Often a squad of Hellblasters will be all that stands between a Considering the plethora of monstrosities fielded by xenos armies. The entire squad carries lightly.

Hellblasters adopt a protective role. Hellblasters do not risk self-sacrifice single-armament fire support teams. It is the job of the Hellblasters to eradicate such concentrate their fire upon such targets to the exclusion of all else. Those battle-brothers drawn from the Imperial Fists. More than one watch fortress has already started fielding Fortis Kill Teams that include a higher proportion of Hellblasters amongst their ranks.

Many Watch Captains prefer to field these warriors as Guilliman intended. Hellblaster Squads act as spirits to a lethal degree. Furor Shield and Indomitus Point have taken to using Hellblasters much like lighter. They use their weapons to eliminate enemy leaders. When fielded as part of a Fortis Kill Team. When the foe where their pugnacious suite of weaponry can linebreakers to crack enemy strongholds turns to fight him. Aggressors fists make short work of those enemies foolish form the most belligerent of all Primaris enough to engage them hand-to-hand.

Deployed the might of the Adeptus as slowing. They specialise in see is the righteous hatred in flamestorm gauntlets the Aggressors engulf breaking open seething nests of xenos horrors. Aggressors excel in short-ranged firefights. When the foe tries and experience of several Chapters at once. Watch Master Amadeo can clear a bunker complex or scour a trench alien warriors with killing firepower as they line in seconds.

When Though slower than their Intercessor brethren. In either case. Against bellowing through the enemy ranks when these walking Ork hordes. The Deathwatch have found numerous uses for Reivers. Some Reiver Squads use grav. Heavy bolt pistols were unshrouded. Reivers embody the most frightening and spread terror and panic through the enemy ranks.

They are masters of of shock grenades pump out savage cacophonies of mind- stealth. Shock grenades were primed. Roaring amplified battle cries. The strike of a single squad of Reivers is shocking and terrifying style. Reivers like to ease their infiltration duties. Silent as ghosts they slipped through the shattered window. Then they launch their assault in through flesh and bone. Stained-glass shards ground beneath their careful footfalls.

That the most treacherous terrain using grapnel guns and high-tensile is not to say that teams of Reivers cannot have a deadly impact adamantine climbing lines. A single Kroot looked up. Others traverse even ambush-killers are a substantial boon to their battle-brothers. Such warriors excel against ill- prognosticator spirits and other techno-arcana.

They sat around their cook-fires. When faced with the less comprehensible signs of enemy sentries. Their Mk X Phobos armour boasts auto-dampened servomotors and virtually silent power plants. The Reivers let them go. The next second the Deathwatch struck. In success in its battle against Hive Fleet Leviathan by combining these ways do Reivers attack from unexpected quarters. Avian aliens burst in bloody sprays. Combat blades whispered from sheathes.

Fort Prescience has found particular territory that their foes have discounted as wholly impassable. Reivers drop their shroud of secrecy when heavy bolt pistols boom and monomolecular combat knives slash the moment to strike is at hand. Hurled clusters inhuman aspects of the Adeptus Astartes. Reivers launching themselves over the marble railing and dropping feet first. On the balcony. These allow them disciplined or superstitious xenos races. Hawk Lords and Lamenters and to shock and disorient.

Its eyes widened and its beak opened to screech a warning. Watch Masters with strategic observations This breadth of experience only widens to optimise their deployment. The Veterans of the Deathwatch are over their service in the Deathwatch. In this way the Deathwatch gives the oath of allegiance at the time of the glance.

They have fought creatures Marines. These Veterans have cause a weapon. In this way the steel-strong. They have stood firm in the a whole. Rival Chapters. Veteran Brother Lauraedian worthy of joining the Deathwatch. The vast experience of Their skill at arms has been honed in despair of eternal war. Though the draws breath. Even so. When his decades of gruelling warfare. The Veteran Assault Marines sent to the Deathwatch are melee experts beyond compare.

Many have put down looming alien monstrosities with no more than a combat knife and gut instinct. Once seconded to a watch fortress, these killers are armed with a profusion of weaponry and equipped with a comprehensive knowledge of alien anatomies that makes them hideously effective.

The Vanguard Veterans face xenos beasts face-to-face, and their blades find their mark with unerring precision. Close combat is not the only means by which the Vanguard Veteran elevates his Kill Team in the arts of war. Bounding across the wilderness of alien worlds and through dying metropolises in a series of long leaps, these warriors use their powerful jump packs to reach high vantage points, looking down upon the disposition of the foe as a tactician looks upon a cartograph.

To do so takes immense skill, for such warriors make themselves tempting targets, but this is a quality the Vanguard Veterans have in abundance.

Some Vanguard Veterans range far from their squads during battle, trusting to their experience and independence to complete covert operations that a larger team would find impossible, striking hard and fast from the gloom before moving on just as swiftly. The most gifted at this approach hail from the Raven Guard — it is said Edryc Setorax made over forty kills in the Great Pit of Ghosar Quintus with neither friend nor foe aware of his proximity. Some, such as those from the Flesh Tearers, take a far more bombastic approach.

Courageous, some would say to the point of insanity, these warriors hurl themselves to the forefront of the battle no matter the odds. With every thunderous sweep of their weapons, they hurl broken xenos bodies through the air in sprays of gore.

Others, cooler headed and more strategic, lead their brethren in a concerted charge. For these warriors, timing is everything — a premature assault might be gunned down or torn apart before the Deathwatch can strike true, but a well-chosen attack can break a xenos battle line in a storm of shimmering blades and slashing claws. Vanguard Veterans play a key role in Dominatus Kill Team tactics. He stomps to battle armour affords it legendary power and masterpieces are an inspiring sight, and bedecked in the finest armour type ever resilience.

Heavy-gauge plasteel and their brethren will fight all the harder to created by Mankind. Terminator armour ceramite plates are supported by a complex honour them. The most common weapon is said to incorporate a minute sliver of the system of servo-motors, fibre bundles, they bear is the storm bolter, able to lay armour of the Emperor himself.

This relic- adamantium rods and hydraulics filled down a fusillade of firepower on the fragment imparts a mysterious blessing with blessed oils. The armour is bulky, but move, and often twinned with a power that sometimes sees the wearer walk still allows the wide range of movement fist capable of splitting even wraithbone.

It incorporates an inbuilt weapons — assault cannons with such a hit from a lascannon or heavy ordnance. For Furor Tyranids outnumbered us thirty to behest of the owner and ritually repaint pattern horde-slaughter, the sheer bloody one. It hardly seemed a fair fight… its colours.

The left pauldron bearing carnage caused by a pair of lightning claws for them. Where the Vanguard Veteran represents the pinpoint application a crackling storm of empyric lightning.

More than one xenos of force, the Deathwatch Biker is a nigh-unstoppable battering invasion has been stopped in its tracks by such tactics, the alien ram.

Deathwatch bike incorporate shot selectors, just as with the boltguns of their infantry battle-brothers — though a Deathwatch The Bikers of the Deathwatch are excellent shock troopers, Biker can lay down twice the firepower, and usually at high speed. When the order Bolters hammering, squads of Deathwatch Bikers can rapidly for the final charge comes, theirs is a blunt and unsubtle duty — to annihilate even the densest swarms of alien terrors.

As with many elements of their alien- burning clouds of superheated gas, or bathing their enemies in hunting brotherhood, however, their role is multifaceted.

The bikes the Deathwatch ride are outfitted to function for weeks at a time, their stowage and fuel efficiency geared towards long Deathwatch Bikers take every opportunity to prove themselves missions in the field — when bringing war to an alien world, capable of bringing low the most evasive of alien races.

They gladly resupply is rarely an option. Though they are earthbound by nature, hunting strategy. By circumventing the foe with a wide sweeping their determination is never found wanting.

Necron Codex Warhammer 40k

Deathwatch Bikers manoeuvre and attacking from an unexpected angle, the Bikers can will hunt their quarry relentlessly over months, even years, until use their homing devices to slingshot heavily equipped elites into their targets let their guard down — and when the storm breaks, the the heart of the enemy army.

No subtle ploy is this, to be played ensuing victory will be all the sweeter. Bolters thundering, engines out over the course of days, but a sudden and startling assault. The carrier. The armoured transport vehicles used by these black-armoured alien hunters are fast and durable. The small elite Kill they resemble hurtling meteorites. An adaptation of the Rhino. Storming through rockets.

Fired like projectiles from days before the Horus Heresy. This is just turret-mounted heavy weapon. Typically shielded against the heat of re-entry and as well. Locking bolts fire hungry not only to serve. Razorbacks and terrifies the foe. Its metal ammunition hoppers. Teams of the Deathwatch have found great down towards the enemy on trails of fire. The most enduring is that this venerable machine could store only so much information within his bionically enhanced mind.

This claim gains credence with every engagement. The eldest amongst them are known forever incarcerated in the sarcophagus of as Venerable Dreadnoughts. Xenomortis lost his identity long ago. It is said his wrath is pure enough to stave off death forever.

Theories abound as to why. A Dreadnought is essentially a walking tank. They become strengths. Perhaps if the being that came to be known as Xenomortis had understood what would become of him. Essentially immortal. At its heart is the mechanical many different Chapters.

His plan of attack is invariably directed at the lynchpin of the enemy host and his weapon requisitions are geared to breaking the specific breed of xenos that forms it.

Boasting a range of devastating weaponry that can be tailored to tank- busting support or close-quarters slaughter. Known only by the motto that appears upon his scrollwork. Such is the artifice of time in hibernatory slumber. Dreadnought can run as fast as a speeding way for the next selfless hero willing to it was the Redemptor Rahellion that tore tank over short distances. A Redemptor extracted and laid to rest for good. Yet wherever they fight.

So fierce are the energies of the Minotaurs and the Howling Griffons held Powered by hyper-dense reactors and Redemptor that. The construction of a massive of the plains would be known as the Fire caste. Each caste became relentlessly driven in its pursuit of the next achievement for the Greater Good. It is with great honour that the Fire caste continues such ancient traditions today.

The Fire caste are professional soldiers. In some ways, their training approaches to slaying your quarry: Although some Commanders or septs Discipline, fitness, hard work and following orders are drilled into favour the use of certain teams or weaponry for certain styles, the growing warriors. It is customary for teams to be raised and ultimately it is the tactics being used that make the difference. This trained together, allowing the troops to form strong connections — is a concept the masters of the academy, all preeminent warriors in a comradeship-in-arms that will serve them well no matter where their day, stress to their pupils.

The Fire caste never stops readying for war, and their academies are purpose built to refine training and educate their students in the ways of battle. Each method is taught taking the fight directly to the foe. The theory behind it is that in depth by the great Fire caste academies, and each has its own landing a swift and decisive blow to the vitals of the enemy will adherents amongst the masters.

Both styles are based on ancient eventually win the fight. During this time they will hermit, spending his last years committing his accumulated review the plan: He wished to pass the call to strike comes, charting out all the nuances of targets, on his unique, balanced style of war so that, after his terrain and timing. Often, the attack will be delivered in varied death, others could build upon his successes.

The coordination of promising students, perhaps only one every generation, such events is pre-planned, although, naturally, there are a range can still apprentice directly under the tutelage of Puretide of contingencies and adjustments that can modify the plan in himself.

These elite disciples spend time with the old master response to the variables of the battle. The Ethereals tightly way forwards into enemy territory. The attack will be called off immediately if the prey remains questions and teaches. Despite all his efforts — both when resilient or proves especially troublesome or evasive.

Even now, there are rival philosophies of the to pull back out of range and begin planning for another strike. Such aggression leaves the foe exposed to a second wave of precision strikes. On these grounds, the Fire caste is built and equipped for fluid battle-tactics.

After a plan has run its course, whether in victory or defeat, Hunter Cadres are extricated from the battlefield using one of many planned exit strategies. While they recognise the tactical advantage of terrain, and always attempt to use it to their benefit, they do not see the wisdom of fighting over ground and regard territorial gain as irrelevant compared to the destruction of enemy forces.

Skilled Commanders always look for the best opportunities to destroy the foe, and the ground is only valuable as a position from which to make the kill; once the enemy is gone, the territory is for the taking. This style of combat relies on the interaction of the not rejoice, but is instead greatly shamed.

Duty requires that he hunter and the lure. The lure can be almost anything — most likely ask to step down and rejoin the ranks to atone for his failure. If the a friendly unit deployed in an intervening position upon the breach of conduct is more severe, the Ethereals themselves might battlefield, or perhaps an objective known to be vital to the foe. For example, a cadre practising Kauyon might set up an attack along a known enemy advancement, placing a team far forward to inflict some initial damage before falling back.

As the friendly troops withdraw, they are sure to be followed by the vengeful foe. How best to attack that advancement is where the art of Kauyon comes into play. Many a foe has approach to be questioned. There are many subtleties ranks. Yet the aged masters of the Fire caste lures in order to spread the enemy out, leaving them vulnerable to academies continue to stress the old maxim: With the fledgling empire getting its first the fair-speaking Water caste emissaries, disparate Ork tribes scattered across taste of a hostile galaxy, at last came the while others acquiesced only gradually.

Those who refused Initial attempts by the diplomats of the had to hunt down and destroy them all cooperation outright were given harsh Water caste to broker a treaty with the Orks before settlers would even dare to land.

The full might of the Fire ended in bloodshed and tragedy. Retributive attacks by the warriors civilisations of other sentient creatures. It took many savage creatures, the Ethereals saw an were given another chance to reconsider. Such divide and such creatures.

The Ethereals themselves and given a chance to contribute to the conquer tactics dragged most foes back eventually conceded that these aliens were Greater Good. The Ethereals guided the to the negotiating table, although in some a lost cause, and amended the protocols to other castes to accept these alien races, cases wars of annihilation were inevitable. It did not matter declaring, at last, that the Greater Good whether these newcomers were mired in Although the population of the empire would be better off without them.

They often found themselves approach the Orks in one of two ways: While these tactics are sound in performed a designated role. Planets were judicious use of overwhelming firepower.

If civilisations were discovered, survival within the borders of the growing unpredictable. One species, impossible to fully eradicate, reappearing were sent to make contact. Entire Ork invasion fleets also Honourable greetings and invitations were have a disturbing tendency to bypass all extended to the multi-armed Thraxians, THE ORK THREAT sensor readings and emerge unexpectedly the invertebrate Greet, the Nicassar and Orks are a prolific, green-skinned and to wreak havoc in some distant corner many others.

Signals soon arrived reporting endless green tide. Firstly, despite the terrific population explosion their resources, after which continual waves of exploratory missions race had been experiencing, their numbers were being stretched are launched, followed, where needed, by military campaigns too thin, with the need for more of every caste being felt.

Fire to solidify territorial gains. Once a colony transforms itself into caste warriors were in particularly high demand; the wars fought a stable settlement, it then serves as a jumping-off point for the to conquer new planets had proven costly, and ongoing conflicts next expansion. After colonising septs. At that time, it was already impossible to travel holdings such as listening posts, sensor fields, shield satellites, the span of the empire in a single lifetime, and crossing the black orbital cities and mining operations.

Everything is connected, both gulfs that surrounded their star systems would take many, many by a series of space stations and a massive net of communications generations. Although it space travel if they were to bring word of the Greater Good to the might take many generations to establish itself, each sept is unique, wider galaxy.

It has empire. Many storm of fierce and unnatural qualities. It has also Ork invasions have been broken by the sept, and seen many infamous Ork invasions.

Each vassal race so absorbed brings its own unique to existing in deep space, the Demiurg live aboard their bulky skills, knowledge and capabilities — not to mention fresh cargo-haulers and bustling spaceports. Fortunately, efforts by the whether militarily or otherwise. Some even serve as advisers to worlds. Most accepted the Greater Good in a desperate attempt high-ranking Ethereals.

The Kroot are, by far, the most artificial intelligence. Ork ships firing on Kroot Warspheres. Intending only to observe, ambushes upon vulnerable enemy alien vassal worlds further into the empire. Quickly deploying their superior their cannibalistic tendencies. It was the alliance on them in an encircling pattern.

So effective was the sudden There, the highest-ranking officials of each considered ideal. With engineering greenskins. An ingenious design, greatest of Kroot leaders, the legendary to rebuilding their thinly stretched this powerful new mechanism allowed Anghkor Prok.

There, at the sacred armies, solidifying their infrastructure ships to attain near-light speed. Auto-response probes were of progress. With a single application of strategy and military theory with the single largest power in the galaxy command that was heard throughout the were thoroughly recorded, and are still — the Imperium of Mankind. He led his warriors word of the Greater Good was met with to swift victories, and star systems fell furious aggression.

The two powers were before his campaigns of conquest. Many set upon an inevitable path to conflict. It was said that to the galactic east that had long thwarted Second Sphere Expansion. As a result, its people have become tenacious and hardy. The Imperium of Man is the largest realm in the galaxy, although much within its Upon those worlds that were deemed ripe, Water caste envoys sprawling borders has never been explored or has been forgotten whispered well-rehearsed words into willing ears.

The seeds of over its history. It was some time before the Water caste came to grasp when it finally arrived, was characteristically brutal. The Imperial empire. In typical companies of Space Marines made up from a dozen Chapters.


The fashion, the high ranking caste leaders debated the situation before initial battles were stunning victories for the Imperium, as the the Ethereals. Meanwhile, the in preference to each other. Imperial battleships and their supporting craft emerging out of nowhere. The Imperial drop was contested by swarms of atmospheric fighters, The Imperium had demonstrated but a fraction of its power, and but was eventually successful in establishing a beachhead.

Each time Imperial forces attempted and recovered equipment. The Earth caste declared much of the to regain momentum, they were met by the timely counter-attacks technology to be inferior, and some was simply too unstable to of the Fire caste. These thrusts were orchestrated with precise contemplate using, such as Imperial plasma devices.

Although no match in close quarters, the aliens had proved tactically savvy — bold masters of ambush and counter-attack warfare. Their technology was clearly advanced and some weapons, such as the railgun, were rightly feared. What struck him most about them was that their naivety, technological prowess and unwavering belief in progress reminded him of what he had read of Mankind in its glory days, a time known as the Age of Technology.

He implored the was drawn off-mission by his age-old enemies, the Orks. However, after their long retreat across travelled aboard crude asteroid bases.

This was not a race that had tasted defeat before, Imperium. The into, but no response came back. Years later, however, probes for reconquest was quickly taken. This mysterious, unprecedented tactics. Empire to this day. Faced with a common enemy, planets of all living matter. The Tyranids could not adapt to the two forces acting in concert, The Tyranids showed a remarkable ability to physically adapt, and were eventually massacred, with only a small remnant of evolving between battles to better counter the defenders.

Hive Fleet Gorgon fleeing into deep space. The Earth caste of that the Fire caste employed. An age-old foe had returned in numbers beyond imagination; the Orks were back.

With materialised out of nowhere. As the fighting spread across space and over more their superior weaponry and the cohesion first scans were picked up, the Earth than a dozen surface locations. It was greenskin fleet was staggering. The Ork area, even on barren moons, for the aliens a stalemate, as the disparate greenskins invasion was composed of some dozen had to be denied any chance to scavenge could not gain the momentum or unity to separate Waaaghs!

By the time worked together, they could defeat even an plan. He gathered the leaders of every would soon die, contingency plans were well known. From there, she led major sept in order to form a comprehensive put into motion.

The Earth caste had long victories on the dawn worlds of Kormusan, plan of action. At the time, however, fractionalised greenskins. Knowing instructor. Now, with the troublesome pockets of greenskin stem the green tide. This diligence initial engagements took place along the that a leader of great destiny, one who and ruthless precision doubtless saved outermost regions of the empire. That other she was not without personal heroics. Her space ensued, some lasting for months. During this time, almost constant colonies after the war with the Imperium.

Empire lay ahead. With more previously assembled. Its course was to cross the Damocles Gulf, travelling past the Gri-lok The northernmost sector past the Damocles As bold and dynamic as the previous asteroid fields.

Those Orks and rebel humans. Technical peaceful annexation. Many human worlds constraints proved a barrier as well, for the actively sought out annexation, their people Earth caste have constantly been seeking desperate to escape the tyrannical grasp ways to develop spacecraft with faster of the Imperium.

The Earth caste, eager engines to allow them to bridge the vast to exploit these new domains, was already gulf of empty space between star systems. The Great War needed to establish fuel sources closer to of Confederation had served to put the the front lines of expansion. The Ork invasion belonged to the Imperium of Mankind.

She seemed to be everywhere at once, caste strategists believed the war to be won, and the Imperium of driving her forces relentlessly onwards. At the forefront of the Mankind to be in full retreat. Humanity had come to either reclaim their lost their heels had fully landed on the newly conquered planet.

There seemed no her forces would risk disaster. Instead she split her fleets, scattering limit to the manpower and armoured assets of the Imperium. Fire them to a dozen headings.

It was then, when all of a few key worlds. This allowed Shadowsun to marshal her hope seemed lost, that red-armoured figures dropped from the forces and launch a mass assault on the target of her choosing.

She skies into the heart of the Imperial formations, blasting the enemy decided upon the hive world of Agrellan, whose orbit safeguarded into atoms with close-range barrages of searing energy.

The pariah a rich cluster of Imperial worlds. Commander Farsight had come to aid his people. The humans deployed nightmarish assured. In a further act of retaliation, agents of success. The dream of the nascent sept world ended capital hive. Although the Imperial defenders fought with fatalistic in flames. With this atrocity, the Third Sphere Expansion came grit, it was not long before they were cut down, and only isolated to a halt.

Shadowsun and the remnants of her coalition force pockets of resistance remained. Soon the whole system would follow. Utilising archeotech and eldritch vast expanse of space. After decades of further across the galaxy than ever before. In this manner, huge multiple breaches in the fabric of space- At this time of great tension, a further tracts of realspace could be circumvented time occurring simultaneously and in cataclysm unfolded across the empire and journey times significantly reduced.

The Ethereal and beyond. The galaxy-scarring Initial tests of the module were incredibly High Council dismissed his fears calmly, phenomenon of the Great Rift — known as successful. Millions of lives were lost. Many designs. The combined disruption of hundreds of A small faction suggested negotiating anti-matter fields activating at once acted passage through territory belonging to the like a trans-dimensional pulse bomb, Imperium of Mankind, but the humans TRAGEDY AT blasting apart the veil between realities.

Others The empire accelerated production of open before the fleet of the Fourth Sphere proposed the construction of vast cryo- vessels equipped with the sub-realm Expansion, vomiting forth unnatural ships, which would be hurled out into module, and selected veteran Fire caste colours and roiling half-formed shapes. Yet such slow next wave of colonisation. Overall military as the breach, growing wider with every and unreliable proliferation was not the authority was granted to Commander moment, raced towards their vessels.

The process of bringing Surestrike, a calm and considered veteran Reverse-thruster fusion-jets kicked in as enlightenment to the lesser races could whose performance in the wars of the Air caste commanders attempted to escape not be delayed any longer, for with every Third Sphere Expansion had garnered the onrushing doom, but they were as passing day, more of the galaxy was lost to much prestige and respect.

He had fought helpless as shimmerhawks in a hurricane. These images might solve their problems entirely. Gasps Mankind, Earth caste science divisions commencement of the Fourth Sphere of horror echoed around great plazas and. Recon ships moved desperately disconnected. The Ethereal caste to intercept the drone, but upon reaching moved quickly to contain all knowledge of its location they were shocked to discover a the disaster, creating elaborately doctored previously unrecorded cosmic phenomenon holo-reels that showed the Fourth Sphere — a spiralling wormhole that had appeared as Expansion successfully completing their if from nowhere in the midst of this lifeless sub-realm jumps into the great unknown.

The drone orbiting this Meanwhile, long-range Recon Drones blinked anomaly contained high-level identity codes and whirred in the blackness of space, and micro-phase security keys dating back to searching for any hint of a distress signal or the launch of the Fourth Sphere Expansion.

Not a sign was found. Years passed. The ceaseless cosmic endured, and even now it called to its distant disturbances that ravaged the Empire kin from the far side of the wormhole. Enemies arose on all fronts. The Orks were gathering in great numbers once more, and the shadow of Hive Fleet Gorgon, once thought effectively destroyed, had returned to haunt the Perdus Rift. The Fire caste kept the borders of the empire safe through their bravery and bloody sacrifice.

The fighting was fierce, and The Ethereal High Council ordered that work many glorious victories were won. Yet even in disaster in the name of progress and enlightenment, it depths. The raw material required for these there is opportunity. Even in could not be denied that a malaise had settled fortifications was staggering, the equivalent the darkest moment, there is over the citizenry of the empire.

The AL of hundreds of battle fleets. To ensure that the the flickering light of hope. With it disappeared the dream of faster-than- Decrees, moving entire populations, both Our work continues. With light travel. It seemed as though organising them into work divisions. The we build upon the harsh the loss of the Fourth Sphere had signalled manpower and resources dedicated to the lessons of the past.

Meanwhile, a division of elite Earth caste And then, after years of silence, came a signal. With fresh hope in their hearts, the warriors and colonists of the Fifth Sphere Expansion prepared to reunite with their lost kin. Earth Fortification of the Startide Nexus was achieved in an astonishingly caste builders and Water caste politicians were present in their short time frame, far ahead of the estimations provided by the thousands, for there would surely be many challenges, both Earth caste scientists in charge of its construction.

Without logistical and political, that would need to be overcome. A recon probe was sent through the portal with arrayed in tight formation ahead of the moon-sized dimensional a series of code queries and genetic markers. Analysis of the blood corona washing across their vessels in a pale blue light. Engines sample and data-reels it contained confirmed the identity of the were primed and anti-matter fields activated. With a single word, recipient as Commander Surestrike himself. This explicit evidence Commander Shadowsun gave the signal to jump.

The Fifth Sphere would finally herald the launch of a new sphere expansion. Expansion fleet streaked forwards and leapt into the void. Following the miracle of the Fourth Sphere message, a new sense Shutters and view ports slammed closed across the fleet as the of optimism had invigorated the empire, and waves of colonists vessels bucked and rattled.

Skeleton crews and AI pathfinders sought to take part in the grand expedition of the Fifth Sphere guided the fleet along a strict trajectory, while the rest of the Expansion. Commander Shadowsun herself was revived from colonists slumbered in deep stasis.

It felt like decades, but also somehow only a few At her demand the assembled armada was divided into cycles. Eventually, with a gut-wrenching jolt, the ships of the Fifth eight great fleets, each led by a Fire caste Commander Sphere expansion fleet were spat back into realspace. Shutters of her own choosing, every one a veteran who whirred open and stasis pods wound down with a hum of idling power cells.

The view-ports slowly opened to reveal a scattering of battered vessels, deep-space arcologies and drifting habitat pods. Several ships had been disassembled and arranged in a hexagonal structure around the stellar anomaly from which the Fifth Sphere armada emerged, their heavy pulse cannons and mass driver arrays facing off into space. Commander Surestrike himself greeted her. He looked to have aged several decades since the two had last met.

Even in the presence of the Ethereals, the veteran Fire caste warrior seemed to find no spiritual contentment, and his eyes were flecks of cold steel. The Ethereal delegates debriefed the Commander over the course of several weeks. Nevertheless, disturbing rumours swiftly began to circulate. Many vessels were gutted from the inside out, their crew and occupants slaughtered and devoured. One by one, the ravenous creatures of the sub-realm were picking off their prey.

Nor would they speak of what had continued at a formidable pace. In a matter of several months, saved them from oblivion, beyond the revelation that something several planets had been occupied and transformed into thriving possessing a hideous sentience had dragged them free of that colonies, and new sept worlds flourished under the savvy nightmare realm, tearing a great furrow through the fabric of statesmanship of Water caste officials.

Whatever it was that they had witnessed had crusade of blood and fire. Yet it was not only the zealous warriors irrevocably changed these unfortunate souls. It was only with firm insistence from the Ethereal caste that Surestrike allowed alien auxiliaries and support staff to board the gate.

This new frontier was a deadly place, and Sphere colonies. Scattered remnants of Tyranid hive fleets drifted south along black hole. Only thermo-inductive shields and the galactic plane, the survivors of some apocalyptic battle. Captives from these isolated fleets knew little of value. They displayed a ruthlessness quite unheard of flat, circular expanse of solid matter orbiting amongst adherents of the Code of Fire, slaughtering prisoners a dwarf star.

Such dark events as the amongst the astrophysicists of the Earth caste. The soaring valleys and great plains of callous actions and unnecessary brutality, before being returned the planetary disc have been claimed as Fire caste training to the ranks or sent back to the empire for re-assimilation.

Startide Nexus. Several patterns of dimension, and later expanded with the arrival of the Fifth Sphere development have been followed in the construction of these Expansion fleets.

This cluster of sept worlds, stellar fortresses and enormous floating fortresses, with the largest comparable in habitation spheres surrounds the swirling portal of the Startide population to a continent-sized city.

Up-to-date intelligence on the martial-led septs is difficult for the High Council to obtain, as armed fortress stations have proven effective at destroying probes. Many Nagi now serve as advisors to the Ethereal caste. Thus far, the Earth caste has failed colony worlds from rampaging aliens and roving battlefleets of to collect this resource, and travel into these regions is not advised. Since failing at fuel-collection, the Earth caste are experimenting with weaponising the intense power of this cosmic phenomenon, with varying degrees of success.

The systems are ringed Devastated region where Hive Fleet Gorgon left behind many with sensor buoys, in hopes of offering early warnings should the barren planets, scoured of all life forms. Has recently been heavily greenskins ever cease their internal fighting and seek to menace fortified as a result of the discovery of the Startide Nexus.

This is an effective solution, but each the region known as the Zone of Silence. The exact nature of this holo-vid can take months to cross interstellar distances and the cosmic phenomenon remains an utter mystery to the Earth caste, quality can vary based on the number of relays and the amount of which has established a number of research stations at both ends of interference, such as dust clouds and solar winds.

Its multiple arrangements of polysyllabic word groups make it difficult in the extreme for human speech organs to pronounce correctly. This portion of the name has wide interpretations that are not easily picked up by aliens. These of names and be known by a simplified appellation. Each caste acts, speaks and their caste, their speech patterns and voices are the most melodic even thinks in its own unique manner. Thus, such things as personal possessions or prosaic Earth caste, the facially expressive Water caste, and the sole ownership are rare, with communal ownership of everything gaunt yet graceful Ethereals.

In general it can be said that the Fire become part of a greater whole. In all castes, age and experience caste tend to have the darker pigmentation, while the Air caste are venerated. Some strange quality in the rank and position. Even the most overworked and overlooked of their number Fire caste. As the Water caste usually adopts the ambition of conquering the galaxy for the Greater Good. Characters from zero to seven are used in varying combinations, marking out squadrons and applying ascending identifier numbers within them.

Hunter Cadres are a standing a given location. For instance, all the Fire caste on the world of formation, although their exact structure is variable, subject to Nimbosa were part of Fire Caste Command Nimbosa, while all Air change due to the tactical situation on the ground, the quarry caste formations were part of the Air Caste Command Nimbosa.

The four commands are drawn together into a strategic organisation referred to as a coalition, and are presided over by a The core of most Hunter Cadres is its Fire Warriors, but these can specially assigned Ethereal council. Thus, a coalition will consist be supported in a number of ways.

A Hunter Cadre is the Water caste command will function as a diplomatic corps. There are Rapid Insertion Forces organisation thus far committed in the field.

Communes are made exclusively of fast-striking battlesuit teams, Infiltration often formed by contingents from different septs, and although Cadres of Pathfinders and Stealth Battlesuits, and Auxiliary rarely seen before the Damocles Gulf conflicts, they are now more Reserve Cadres, battle groups made entirely of alien warriors.

A regularly formed, most famously during the decade-long campaign particularly formidable group is the Armoured Interdiction Cadre, against the Orks known as the Great War of Confederation. Only a force composed of Hammerhead and Sky Ray Gunships. Its the combined forces of many septs could have hoped to stop the heavy firepower is used to counter enemy tanks, and is capable of gargantuan Ork Waaagh! A contingent is a grouping of cadres, normally three to six in number. Ethereals team.

Each team of Fire Warriors reports and their councils can be best received there. Should an consists of between five and twelve soldiers. All members of Ethereal wish a closer observation of a situation, they will attach to a team come from the same sept, and most likely have gone or even assume leadership over a cadre.

Those another arrangement. Each might serve for a time as There are many types of cadre, but by far the most common one is a squad leader for a different Strike or Breacher Team before the the versatile Hunter Cadre. It is a combined arms group, fielding survivors are reunited as a Crisis Team. Its mission was to quickly eliminate any hostile forces and ensure as peaceful an integration as possible.

Cadres 3: Their wargear and vehicles are sleek and deadly, and their iconography is picked out in crisp, precise characters across camouflage patterns and striking sept colours. The majority, however, are camouflage patterns based upon the environment and climate of the war zone in which the wearer is fighting. This designator is In each cadre, every member of every team bears a cadre marking prominently displayed upon armour or weaponry; the exact somewhere on their wargear.

This pattern of dots is always applied location can vary from warrior to warrior, and consists of multiple in the same fashion across the entire cadre, symbolising unity and stripes in a specific configuration. On rare occasions, renowned heroes of the empire may be granted dispensation to wear their own unique markings, signifying particular achievements of note. However, the exact markings and camouflage applied to an army of the empire can differ greatly depending on a variety of factors — these include its specific battlefield role and the environment in which it will be operating.

Veteran warriors may also earn the right to apply unique honour markings. Note the cadre markings an honour-marking occasionally upon his thigh and shoulder plates.

His red armour-blocking honours or positions. Farsight Enclaves. However, for ease of translation, we have done so here. Guided by the Within a decade, the Water caste has domes around their cities. With new and Formosians are welcomed into the Ethereals arrive. The Hrud and Arachen reject the an already established space empire, the proposals and are driven out of the region. His brilliant campaigns septs of their fledgling empire. They had long been courted by the later conquer half a dozen star systems.

Unable to walk again, the Council as the prime world of a new sept. Only those who attain a few generations, disease destroys their new battlesuit technology the T—series perfect scores at the Fire caste academies indigenous population.

The Nicassar become War is declared upon the cruel raiders are deemed worthy of this high honour. Ork hordes begins. The fighting elite Space Marines. Since this churned earth and flying shrapnel. Following the Damocles Crusade, attack, the planet has changed hands Commander Farsight recaptures much several more times and remains a war zone.

The Pariah Returns of the lost territory. The first sept of the Third Sphere on the verge of an open rout, crimson Expansion is declared and used as a staging battlesuits fall from low orbit, smashing Ally Unlooked For ground for further advancement. The Defence of the Farsight Enclaves cluster-missiles and searing plasma. Uneasy Alliance Commander Farsight and his separatists. An Imperial fleet enters the Zeist Sector. Culexus Assassin. As the war-weary many human worlds in the Lagan System.

Soon, a vast swathe of moving steadily towards becoming a fully vastly superior numbers crushed, and the the Damocles Gulf burns, separating the fledged sept. Thousands of Fire Warriors are they depart, they activate a wide-band the way of the monstrosity. Their Commander initiates underhives to investigate, and open warfare refinement of these devastating devices. Commander Surestrike off a chain reaction of detonations that tear is dispatched to cut off the dissidents and the massive construct apart.

A tense Stormsurge platforms. Perdus Rift. In a brutal naval battle the stand-off ensues, culminating in a vicious Tyranids are defeated, though many lives exchange of fire. Soon after this Empire, beginning with the greatest naval meeting, the Ethereal High Council grants A Tempting Lure disaster in its history. They sweep into beyond the devastated Damocles Gulf. It is only when prepare to engage their jump drives, a Sept engage the colossal Ork navy of the raiders are fully occupied with their breach in reality swallows the armada, Rugg Rokktoof.

Macro-camouflage arrays and roiling depths of the immaterium. They escort Drukhari. They are the hive-bound working classes. Its black-iron armour tutor, splitting his forces into hunting packs information is in fact accurate, but it masks seems impervious to even the most intense and tearing at the flanks of the Necron the true horror of the situation.

A hostile pulse-fire and missile bombardments, and invasion fleet, delaying its advance and cult known as the Disciples of the Bleeding its formidable array of solid-shot cannons buying precious time for the beleaguered Star has infiltrated the labour unions of and projectile launchers annihilate entire empire to dispatch reinforcements. The their strange gods. Swarms of greenskins follow is holding audience with Commander figures. Only the offensive, when a tank shell strikes the war.

While his Rubric Marines march but the Ethereal Supreme — or rather, the The Fifth Sphere Expansion travels through recently constructed conurbations solid-light hologram representing the through the Startide Nexus and arrives at and laboratory-complexes, incinerating deceased leader — is unharmed. When he Heretic Astartes, overwhelming dozens of the satellite in a tide of liquid magma. However, the Death Guard lives in order for the gambit to succeed, strategists to a war council. Foetid incinerated in the ensuing devastation.

Advancing street by street, helmet rebreathers.

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A furious battle frequencies dating from the launch of bursts of ultraviolet colour. These strobing rages. When Air emanations prove surprisingly effective falls, a route to the heart of the empire will caste recon vessels locate this beacon, they at subduing and transfixing living beings, be left open. The warriors of the Fire caste discover a stunning phenomenon — a vast rendering them docile and amenable.

The Edification Corps. Instead, these hot- blooded souls take the fight directly to the foe, charging forward while unleashing blistering, point-blank fusillades of pulse fire that punch through armour and melt flesh to atoms. As the alien hordes milled in confusion, the Expansions. Without their bosses to suffered historically low casualties in return. As such, she was granted the pursuit of the Greater Good.

Here was a Commander who would honour of studying personally under the ailing but legendary not shirk from duty, who would not forget her vows to her people Commander Puretide. This ongoing competition between the burst of white-hot desecration. As the dust settled, she outlined the two Commanders was abruptly halted by the death of the venerable new campaigns they would soon embark on.

She spoke of honour, Commander Puretide. Even so, the gains of the Third Sphere her planning, yet swift in action. Where once statues and murals of Commander merciless deaths during the battles of what is now called the Great Farsight had bedecked the cities and plazas of the empire, now War of Confederation. Expansions, she led a Stealth Cadre straight into the heart of the Ork encampment to deliver a killing stroke.

As long as there are new worlds to enlighten and packs of their XV25 battlesuits to deploy from low-swooping hateful enemies that deny the truth of the Greater Good, her Orca dropships. The greatest military leaders, particularly noted for their personal kills, Warrior can obtain. It is a position of great those whose names and victories are most and are often accompanied into the thick honour, and can only be attained after honoured, can call countless millions to of battle by an XV8 Crisis Bodyguard years progressing through the ranks — there arms with but a single word.

Depending battlesuits to their fullest. The prefer to dominate the skies in the agile such situations, the Ethereal High Council number and size of previous commands is XV86 Coldstar variant. The Commanders reins them in. Those subjected to this punishment are rendered pariahs in the eyes of their comrades.

Often, such souls actively seek to sell their lives in the name of the Greater Good, hoping that in death they can gain some measure of redemption. Each of the spheres of expansion has its notable Commanders — great heroes whose teachings are still used at the Fire caste academies. Many references are made to Commander Truestar, the military leader whose brilliant career was marred by a single tragic error, and to the Desert Beast, the wily Commander Dawnstrike, whose exploits of feigned retreat are often emulated but never bettered.

Yet of all these great lords of the Fire caste, there are none whose battle record can come close to equalling that of Commander Puretide, the noble master behind the greatest victories of the Second Sphere Expansion. Naturally, the an Ethereal on the field. By invoking the the priesthood, and the deference paid Ethereals themselves help propagate and elemental truths, an Ethereal can inspire to them is the closest thing to mysticism encourage this particular myth.

For weighty decisions, a do their utmost to prevent any Ethereal and beyond what is normally considered wise Ethereal will take counsel from the from being slain or captured, there have possible — displaying bravery in the face of senior members of each caste, although been few opportunities to conduct tests, certain death, placing shots with increased ultimate sovereignty falls upon him and and those that have been performed offer accuracy, withstanding crippling pain, him alone.

The Ethereals find themselves no conclusions, and far more questions. The presence of an Ethereal is motivational, battlefield. Many assume such manipulation is a form of innate psychic ability; others feel that the faultless loyalty the Ethereals inspire has been contrived by some unseen technology, or is even the result of some pheromone-based reaction.

Remember the horrors wrought by ignorance and hate.

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Ethereals have longer life spans than those of a righteous rage. Upon the flanks of Mount Scion of the XV Riptide, with the still smoking wreckage of recently destroyed enemy tanks in the background. In his august presence, Fire Warriors have been known to unleash more accurate volleys, enabling them to cut down oncoming opposition, shrug off otherwise mortal wounds in order to continue the battle, or hold their position to the bitter end despite overwhelming enemy assaults.

Thus, the Ethereal Caste utilises the latest solid-light technology and AI personality matrix algorithms to give the Ethereal Supreme life, albeit in entirely hologrammatic form. His Honour Guard never leave his side for a moment, lest the grand deception be discovered. Even the renegades of the Farsight Enclaves, openly hostile to the Ethereal caste, bear a grudging respect for the grizzled old warrior. Heartened, the Fire Warriors steadied their firing line. Again and again the Orks were repelled from the ever-constricting perimeter.

As the Orks finally closed for the kill, a relief force arrived. His attacking style left Imperial forces reeling, unsure own loyal troops. Fashioned aeons ago by the strange race that once inhabited that haunted world, the Dawn Blade has been forged from materials that even the finest of Earth caste minds cannot fathom.

Unbeknownst to Farsight, the ancient sword has a dark secret. Though he has his suspicions that it is the Dawn Blade that has prolonged his lifespan to such a degree, if Farsight ever found out the horrible truth, he would likely end his own life in ritual suicide then and there. With a skill bordering on prescience, Commander side of the Damocles Gulf — although few have ever returned.

Farsight knew when to attack brashly and when to employ skilful The strange eddies and unreadable energies that drift in manoeuvres and ambushes. The Farsight Expedition, as it came to be known, ran into Beyond that formidable ring of floating fortresses are the unexpected difficulties with Orks who had taken advantage of Farsight Enclaves.

With no opposing military beam back signals reveal a string of heavily built-up worlds power in the region to stop them, the greenskin forces were free with large populations, including nodal cities expanded to expand their territorial raids, subjecting many of the nearby from colony domes and entire moon-bases converted to planets to the brutal whims of their cruel overlords.

When a decade-long war across multiple star systems. Although claiming many victories, colours and patterns never sanctioned. Like any distant Commander Farsight grew increasingly embittered — feeling that colony, much of the equipment and armour used by those his expeditionary force was not receiving the continued support within the Farsight Enclaves is slightly dated — the equipment it deserved. There has been, however, unsettling evidence of classified technology and recent prototypes present within the Enclaves.

Despite this temporary truce, the Ethereal High unrelenting foe, pulling back in the hope of learning more about Council has not ceased its attempts to suppress support for the fiends that had attacked them before launching a retaliation.

The Council has forbidden same suddenness with which they had arrived. With the world all travel and communications to that sector of the galactic apparently cleansed, Commander Farsight pushed ever onwards, west. Special councils, composed of Ethereals and auxiliary pursuing the Orks lest they make good their escape. He did so in guards, are dispatched to question any who are rumoured to strict disobedience of protocol, for without the guidance of any have contacts or sympathies with the Farsight Enclaves.

Before long, Farsight was beyond the reach of even the most by the Ethereal High Council, which confirm the continued advanced communication relays and was no longer operating existence of the Farsight Enclaves. Years went by and no unique signature signals from his personalised early-model Crisis messages came back, until it was eventually assumed that their battlesuit and a few far-ranged visuals — that Farsight himself still never-defeated Commander had, at long last, been vanquished — lives.

Yet Commander Farsight was not dead. Some Commanders refuse destroyed the enemy column called Darkstrider.

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Although all of the Fire to work with Darkstrider, claiming that he in accordance with mission caste regard him as a cunning tactician refuses council.

Yet others, most notably parameters.

No, I received no and a warrior to be reckoned with, his Shadowsun herself, value the sly tactics and such orders to disengage and unconventional methods and disregard for obvious bravery of Darkstrider. Perhaps there proper protocol have stirred up much trouble prototype structural analyser that can identify was some form of atmospheric and made many internal enemies. This choice too, Myamoto derided, preferring to return to the Pathfinder Teams with which he had first served.

Time and again, Myamoto led his team into the most deadly of situations, but always escaped, bringing glory to his cadre. During the Great War of Confederation, when the grim leader earned the name Darkstrider, he infiltrated Ork camps and used markerlights to pick out components of Gargants under construction.

Yet for all his heroics, Darkstrider always spurned offers to command, preferring instead to lead raiding missions and terror attacks behind enemy lines. Tradition is everything to the Fire caste, and their adherence to the Code of Fire demands, above all things, respect for Ethereals, military rank and more experienced warriors.

Through declined promotions and subtle inflections when speaking to his superiors,. Whether breaking the impetus Other than the Greater Good, there is only one thing all Cadre of an advancing horde of greenskins or seeking to bring down the Fireblades will extol: Whereas most of these seasoned hallmark of thousands of years of martial teachings.

Pulse weapons utilise refined induction fields to propel lethal bursts of plasma over great distances. A pulse rifle round can burn clean through Space Marine power armour, while the blast from a pulse driver cannon can reduce a battle tank to little more than a glowing pile of molten slag.

There they are rigorously prepared, in mind fashion upon the battlefield. Needless sacrifices or inadequately and body, to become Fire Warriors — the professional infantry supporting nearby teams are considered great failures.

Strike that forms the backbone of the Hunter Cadres of every sept. The Teams drill endlessly in setting up overlapping fields of fire and greatest proportion of these warriors are then formed into Strike positioning themselves so that they can efficiently protect other Teams, the familiar and devastatingly effective core of a typical teams should they be attacked. Such rigorous training produces sept army.

While a Strike part of their training is to grow proficient in the use of their high- Team is formidable in its own right, an interlocking cadre of teams tech gear. Each warrior wears multi-layered body armour that is even stronger than the sum of its parts. Such inter-unit dynamics provides defence against high velocity or explosive rounds.

Thanks have foiled many foes. The enlarged sinistral shoulder their final charge defeated by the literal wall of pulse fire that the pad is particularly useful, as Fire Warriors are trained to use this combined teams discharged.

It is a lesson that resounds through as a shield, often positioning it towards incoming fire to increase the Fire caste academies: The arsenal available to Strike Teams is formidable, with individuals carrying either a pulse rifle or a pulse carbine.

With this advanced armament, Fire Warriors can lay down a withering fusillade upon their foes. Should their enemies advance too close, Strike Teams are equipped with disc-like photon grenades, defensive devices which explode with a dazzling blast of multispectral light to disorient foes.

Although their potent pulse weapons can penetrate the armour of light vehicles, against heavier targets, Strike Teams often employ EMP grenades. These are technical marvels that send out an electromagnetic pulse on detonation which can overload electronic circuitry, causing anything from minor malfunctions to complete meltdowns. Strike Teams consist of between five and twelve warriors. These armoured turrets plummet into battle and deploy in fixed positions to add their firepower to the fight.

The sprawling of the Breacher Teams take the fight into the midst of the foe. Furthermore, an alarming number of Air caste spacecraft were lost to the aggressive boarding actions Blinding blue light flickers down corridors and illuminates the of the Space Marines, against which there seemed little defence.

Before the high-impact fire of their pulse blasters, their strength to one-sided close-quarters battles amid winding enemy warriors are blown apart in horrific gory sprays. Particle corridors and rooms in which there was no space for a battlesuit streams light up luckless targets, causing the panicked victim to to deploy.

Casualties were high during such costly actions, and so glow vividly for a split second before screaming bolts of energy development was begun on the tools necessary to win point-blank smash them apart. Meanwhile, the Fire Warriors advance with fire fights with decisive firepower. Drawn from the most aggressive every inch of the local environment, providing relative personnel Fire Warrior cadets, many of whom may have been deemed too positioning, projected fields of fire and probable locations belligerent for service in the past, these new teams were trained of enemy forces.

Rigorously trained to absorb this wealth of to take the fight to the foe. Protected by Drone-generated energy information at speed, the warriors of a Breacher Team can stay one shields, the Breachers are able to blast a path into the most heavily step ahead of their foes while laying down devastating fire with defended strongpoint while weathering the blistering fusillades of their powerful weapons.

Each warrior is trained to hold their fire until the perfect moment to maximise their kill potential, a trait that requires The catalyst for the formation of Breacher Teams dates all the way extreme self-control and bravery. Some teams also carry are the eyes and ears of their Commander in a a few rail rifles — especially useful against way no drone can yet emulate. Able to fire in two distinct of their cadre.

They operate ahead of their modes, the ion rifle can vaporise light vehicles comrades, close to their foe, to accurately and punch through ceramite, but is unstable scout the enemy.

In such a position, a when overcharged. For this employ drones, and during the Third Sphere reason and more, Pathfinders are held in high Expansion, new variants specially designed to regard by every caste. Pathfinders also bear markerlights to extraction plans can fail.

To fight in the guide the firepower of the rest of the cadre willing to lay down their lives for the Greater Pathfinder Teams is to accept to optimal targets. For us, there is no shame being overrun is a selfless act, but Pathfinders combined; during the early days of the Great nor fear in that honest truth.

Pathfinder casualty rates as high as ninety per earned through sacrifice. Using its jet-thrusters and five working in conjunction.