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This paper reports a study of nine American textbooks Hopkins, B. S. General Chemistry for Colleges, 1st ed.; D. C. B. S. General Chemistri for Colleees. GENERAL CHEMISTRY TOPICS (1 – 37) (Ebbing: Chapter 3: Calculations with chemical formulas and equations: Mass and . (Practice book and lecture). Free Organic Chemistry textbook - Individual chapters of Organic Chemistry by Daley & Daley can be downloaded as pdf files.

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EPUB, PDF, and HTML) and on every physical printed page the following .. Our Chemistry textbook adheres to the scope and sequence of most general. program that embodies the spirit of the textbook so that, when instructors and . interest to students taking general chemistry appear throughout the text. Warning: This book contains descriptions of chemical reactions and integrates textbook content with (Experiments in General Chemistry) (PDF format).

It can kill you! MoleCalc is a free molecular weight calculator Windows-only utility by Davd Defoort. What is an orbital? The mole concept, calculations based on formulas and equations - these three chapters of the Chem1 Virtual Textbook provide in-depth treatment at an elementary level. Water to Wine: A very well-done site with interesting graphics and lots of cross-links. Equation- and function plotting software.

The goal of this text is to address the increasing close relationship among various disciplines and to show the relevance of chemistry to contemporary issues in a pedagogically approachable manner. This book explains the following topics: This idea is one of the major themes in this book. Throughout these chapters, author will attempt to convince you that you play with chemicals every day, perform chemistry every day, and depend on chemistry every day.

Topics covered in this note are: These pages provide a brief review of a number of general chemistry topics. Covered topics are: Structure and Nomenclature of Hydrocarbons, Organic Chemistry: These notes on Quantum Chemistry were written by Professor David Sherrill as a resource for students at the college through post-graduate level interested in quantum mechanics and how it is used in chemistry.

Author s: Nano capsules for delivery and reactions, Supramolecular switches, molecular machines, self assembly in surfaces and Supramolecular chemistry of polymaric materials. This note explains the following topics: Joachim Steinke and Ramon Vilar. About Us Link to us Contact Us. Free General Chemistry Books. General Chemistry Books This section contains free e-books and guides on General Chemistry, some of the resources in this section can be viewed online and some of them can be downloaded.

Photochemistry and Pericyclic Reactions This note exposes students to the fundamental principles that are foundational to understanding photochemical transformations. National Open University of Nigeria Pages. General Chemistry Principles, Patterns, and Applications The overall goal of this note is to produce a text that introduces the students to the relevance and excitement of chemistry.

Bruce A. General Chemistry II by Dr. Michael Lufaso This note covers the following topics: Michael Lufaso NA Pages. Advances in Titration Techniques This book is specifically aimed at broadening and deepening the theory and applications of titration.

Textbook pdf chemistry general

Vu Dang Hoang Pages. General Chemistry I This book covers the following topics: General Chemistry Lecture Notes This note covers the following topics: Here is a brief summary of those you should know about.

Covalent, ionic, or what? Coming to terms with covalent, ionic, and metallic bonding, and with mixtures thereof. Guaranteed to give you more insight to this than your textbook does! The electron-tunneling model of chemical bonding How can those electron-dot diagrams showing shared electrons happily sitting between the nuclei be consistent with the principle that opposite charges attract?

The model described here is the simplest one that really explains bonding, but you are unlikely to find it in any textbook! All about Electrochemistry - An in-depth, comprehensive treatment Steve Lower. Baird of Brown Univ. Properties of gases: Includes numerous examples of application of kinetic molecular theory and a section on real gases. Part of the Chem1 Virtual Textbook. Interactions between molecular units - this tutorial for first-year students looks at ionic-, van der Waals attractions, and the universal repulsive force, and how these lead to potential energy curves.

Chemical Kinetics and Dynamics - An introduction to rates of reaction, rate laws, half-life, activation energy, the Arrhenius equation, and reaction mechanisms. Chem1 Virtual Textbook. Kinetics Explorer - an introduction to the study of chemical kinetics based on the exploration of dynamic phenomena. Includes some good simulations. Olaf College. Online kinetics simulator from Gary Bertrand.

The mole concept, calculations based on formulas and equations - these three chapters of the Chem1 Virtual Textbook provide in-depth treatment at an elementary level.

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Atomic, molecular and formula masses or "weights" - a nice tutorial, with built-in quiz, for beginning students. David Dice. Balancing Chemical Equations - this ChemTeam site provides numerous links and drills. The fall of the electron. How to predict the direction of oxidation-reduction reactions. Discussion of the activity series of the elements and of oxidation-reduction in metabolism. Lower, SFU. ChemTeam lessons on oxidation-reduction. The Particle Adventure: This Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory site allows you to explore the world of fundamental particles and forces and then to investigate the experimental evidence and techniques.

What few people realized — and the Curies were reluctant to admit — was the great harm this radioactive element could do. For periodic table T-shirts, neckties, etc. Eric Scerri, author of The Periodic Table: The Periodic Table of Videos - This is not just another periodic table, but a huge resource that has expanded to include more than videos, mostly quite short. At its simplest, you just click on an element, and watch a two-minute video that describes the element and its uses.

There is also a larger series of " Molecular Videos " that describes different chemical substances and their uses — all designed to convey the fascination of Chemistry. Chinese periodic tables - Yes, there are such things! Comic book periodic table - if both comics and chemistry are important in your life, you'll love this! The Photographic Periodic Table of the Elements - the home page features photographs of or related to the elements, but it includes "many thousands of pages of text, stories, pictures, and data" by Theodore Gray.

It's Elemental - this is not so much a periodic table as a series of links to excellent and interesting articles focussing on the history and uses of each element, written by authors having special expertise or interest in the element. Periodic Table mnemonic song -. Periodic Table of Poetry "Chemistry and poetry together as never before. If gems like this fascinate you, have a look at this site, which is all about the origins of the element names, not just in English, but in 97 different languages.

Periodic Table of Haiku - for those who find elements lyrical. WebElements Sheffield, UK The elements in this online periodic table are linked to an extensive variety of chemical and physical data as well as background, crystallographic, nuclear, electronic, biological and geological information. You can ever hear how the Brits prounounce the name of the element! How to avoid telling lies with numbers. Provides an understandable, in-depth explanation with many examples. Lower, Chem1 Virtual Textbook.

It uses examples of nanotechnology and advanced materials to explore science and engineering concepts mainly at the college level, but there are also sections for K There are links to movies, lab experiments, kits including Lego nanobricks and instructional materials. Ionic and ion-derived solids - a detailed look at alkali halide energetics and structures, and extended structures.

Introduction to crystals - how the external forms of crystals relate to their internal structures.

Cover the empirical laws of crystals, lattices and unit cells, Miller indices, and factors affecting growth habits. Cubic crystal lattices and close packing - the origins of long-range order in solids. Face-centered and body-centered structures. Exploring Materials Engineering - links to a variety of sites relating to materials and polymer science.

BuckyBalls Buckminsterfullerenes, those soccer-ball-like carbon structures. This Nanotechnology Now site has a good overview of nanotubes and Buckyballs and many links. The outstanding site Macrogalleria covers the structures and properties of polymers in an uncommonly engaging way. Highly recommended. Chemical Energetics: Lower, Simon Fraser University. Thermodynamics of equilibrium: Energy, enthalpy, and the First Law - a nice set of tutorials from Purdue U.

The Second Law: The biggest, most powerful, most general idea in all of science. A lively, non-mathematical exposition of the way that entropy and activation energy battle it out in the world as we know it. By Frank Lambert of Occidental College. An alternative version , directed to non-science students and adults, is also available. See also Lambert's non-technical description of how activation energies modify the application of the Second Law.

See also Shakespeare and Thermodynamics: Dam the Second Law , and Entropy is Simple If We Avoid the Briar Patches! Explains how the development and evolution of life is consistent with the principle that the entropy of the world never decreases. Kelvin is Lord!! All praise Lord Kelvin! A spoof cult site for the thermodynamically inclined. Units and dimensions for chemistry - includes charts showing the ranges of the scales such as length, mass, temperature, etc.

Online unit conversions - Here are several useful ones: Units, measures and conversions information can be found at a number of sources: How do I solve it?

Just ask Antoine - If your instructor doesn't have the answer, try here! Ask a Scientist - an online community for science, math and computer science teachers and students. The Chemistry Cluster is a Yahoo group where you can ask or answer! Chemical Forums for students of Chemistry - a place where you can post questions and answers. There are separate forums for high school chemistry, college general chemistry, organic, analytical, physical nuclear and inorganic chemistry, and chemical biology, as well as others of more general interest.

Registration is required, but it is free. ChemiCool forums is another site on which you can post questions and answers relting to General Chemisry and biochemistry as well as organic, theoretical and computational chemistry.

Cramster is another board for "chemistry help" with practice exams, textbook excerpts, and user-posted questions. Chemistry tutors for hire - You can use this WyzAnt site to search for local tutors, review profiles and qualifications, run background checks, and arrange for in-home lessons.

Chemistry of Cleaning - a nice overview of the nature of "dirt" and the agents used to get rid of it. Another useful source: UK page How do detergents work? Chemistry behind cleaning contains many useful links to other sites. Stain removal guide - How to remove just about every kind of stain you can think of. Links to topics from bread to pickles help enhance understanding ot the science behind food and cooking. Food Science Videos - good collection of videos.

More Food Chemistry sites: Gas pressure in a can of soda. The Chemistry of Egg Whites - an unusually well-done treatment of this topic.

Structure of ice cream - all about the chemistry and physics of your favorite treat from the Dairy Science Faculty of the Unversity of Guelph Ontario, Canada. Stain removal guide - here is something to make your parents regard you as a Chemistry expert! What's in skunk spray, and what can you do about it? How to keep jewelry from discoloring your skin. Why does eating asparagus make your pee smell funny? For information on other disgusting bodily fluids and odors, check out the Grossology site.

Why is water blue? It's all about O-H bond stretching! The Causes of Color section has pages on Why is water blue? Water to Wine: Why is the sky blue? Science Knowledge Quiz - "Test your knowledge of science facts and applications of scientific principles by taking our short question quiz.

Then see how you did in comparison with a nationally representative group of 3, randomly selected U. Chemistry Explained: Foundations and applications - At first glance, this site appears to be just an A-Z index to a series of short definitions of the many topics it covers, but clicking on the name of the topic itself brings up a fairly detailed but anonymously composed description or exposition of the subject.

A series of handounts in Web page format describing how to approach General Chemistry problems. The original site is long gone, but this archived advice is still worth knowing!

The Alchemy Web Site - A very comprehensive source. This series appeared in Slate in mid What is chemistry good for? A nice rejoinder to those who accuse chemistry of polluting the world.

Textbook general pdf chemistry

Elemental discoveries A weekly 'zine featuring chemistry topics and reviews. Chemistry crossword puzzles. How Bread Works - You probably eat bread every day. You may even know how to make your own bread. But have you ever thought about bread as a technology? Human Thermodynamics - this rather far-out site apparently seeks to relate chemical affinity to human interactions. Measure Converter - conversion factors between SI and cgs units of all kinds, organized both by category and name of unit.

Mineral Gallery - A good minerology site with information and excellent photos of a large number of minerals organized both by name and by classification. What is pseudoscience? All about pseudoscience, bad science, and pathological science. How to tell the difference from science. If you are interested in science, you ought to know something about the nonsense that is being flogged in the name of science. Water to wine: The molecular basis of indicator color changes.

A very well-done site with interesting graphics and lots of cross-links. Very readable and interesting, set at the "Scientific American" level and suitable for high school and introductory college courses.

Free General Chemistry Books Download | Ebooks Online Textbooks

Boiling water without bubbles - an interesting article about the nanoparticles and the Leidenfrost effect. John Oliver on "scientific studies" and their reporting - A Last Week Tonight YouTube video on how and why media outlets so often report untrue or incomplete information as science.

General Chemistry Jeopardy games - a collection from U. Chemistry Trivia Quizzes - this site provides access to a variety of quizzes from different sources. Seiler, an Illinois high school teacher. Chemistry Joke-a-rama - guaranteed by the American Chemical Society to make you laugh. Molecules with silly or unusual or suggestive names - an amusing and informative site by Paul May of Bristol U UK that will likely have special appeal to teen males of all ages. Science humor WebRing - some of it is pretty corny.

WV site.

The story of Schroedinger's cat an epic poem. It can kill you! All about this nefarious chemical in our environment. Sciences Jeopardy! Games - this U Pittsburgh site covers general, organic, analytical and biochemistry. Show the world that chemistry matters to you! Here are a few U. Cotton Expressions offers some nice chemistry, biology and geology T-shirts. Science On T-Shirts has a wide selection of Chemistry-related slogans , some pretty corny.

Made-with-molecules This scientist-turned artist with a fascination for molecules offers molecule-themed silver jewelry, keychains, baby gifts, holiday cards— and, for the guys, testosterone boxer shorts. The Atomic Dashboard - is an interactive chemistry resource and learning tool developed for the Mac by Bitwixt Software Systems.

Used by educators, students, scientists, and the simply curious. With its 3D Molecule Library, and its 3D models of atomic orbitals, molecules, compounds, gases, and crystals, The Atomic Dashboard helps you explore the relationships between the behavior of atoms and molecules and their 3D structure.

Intelli Balancer - this downloadable, Windows-only program will balance almost any chemical equation for you.