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From the 2nd Edition Rulebook: The Palladium Fantasy series will offer an expansive world of magic and monsters, swords and sorcery, heroes and villains. The Trove is the biggest open directory of RPG PDFs on the Internet! Rifts - Chaos Earth Sourcebook - Rise of, , MB. The Palladium Fantasy RPG® 2nd Edition The "Rifts®" of fantasy gaming The Second Edition Palladium Fantasy RPG is a dramatically revised and updated.

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Palladium Fantasy RPG®, 2nd Edition - The Palladium Fantasy RPG® Revised Second Edition Over 25 Occupational Watermarked PDF. Download as PDF or read online from Scribd. Flag for Palladium RPG - Monsters and Animals (2nd Edition) Palladium Fantasy RPG 1st Edition( Revised). Palladium Fantasy RPG 1st Edition(Revised) - Free ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online for free. The Revised 1st edition of the.

The character can summon 1D4 lesser demons, deevils or other supernatural beings, but this is possible only through a link with a greater familiar. While magic was not substantially more powerful than during the Age of Light, it was at this point that magic reached a point of great diversity. Map Indicates location not land area of cities, The Light Cavalry is also a distinguished branch of the military where the sons of the wealthy and questionable nobility can be found. An adventurer man of arms O. Following the Age of Chaos was the Age of Light, which was a time of very high ambient magic. Zero hit points means that the character has sustained maximum damage and is on the verge of death, in a coma.

I Changing an O. Thus a playe r can only switch to a new O. A player can not decide that his thief, mid way between level two and level three of the thief O. He must wait until his charac ter reaches third level of experience as a thief.

Experience points seldom fall upon exact level figures, so as soon as a character achieves the plateau of the next level he can opt to change his O.

If they do not then the player can not take that O. No experience points go towards the abandoned O. The character does retain the skills acquired from that O. If the character should resume his previously abandoned O. Experience points now apply to the old O. However, the new O. Oplional O. SRI J. Throwing axe W. Battle Axe W. Ball and Chain W. Blunt W. Knives W.

Lance W. Pole arms W. Short swords W. Thus, while you may add any possible O. A third level thief switches to the Wizard O. However, the skill doesn't develop any farther until he reaches third level as a Wizard. At this point the skill is unfrozen ; increasing as the character reaches fourth level, and so on.

There is a period of time in which the character must practice his new O. During this period the character has none of the new O. The length of time should be measured as equivalents in experience levels.

Men of Arms: Once the equivalent of second or third level has been attained , delete all those ex perience points and NOW begin at first level in the new O. Amount of gold to buy more equipment under G. Soldiers start off with the same, but are provided with more equipment when they enlist. See Soldier. Men of Magic All have a set of clothes, boots, belt, large sack, unused notebook blank pages , ink, pen and quills, chalk, candle, one knife.

Amount of gold gold. For thi s reason you will no tice that ALL sk ill tables have leve l one throu gh fifte en indica ted wi th steadil y increasin g percen tages. Ind ividu a l O. For more. C is orien ted to a particular area of st ud y and expert ise.

Thi s knowledge is divided into three skill categories: You will find th a t eac h O. Mercenary Fighter; Elective skills: Secondary skills: As a cha racter grows with experie nce he also increases hi s capacity to learn new thin gs. This is renected by enabling cha racters to choose new electi ve and seco ndary skills when ce rlain experience levels are allained.

As seen in th e example above a mercenary fi ghter can choose 3 new electives at level three. Thus the player ca n choose three new ski lls listed under th e mercenary O. However, even though these ski lls are selected a t th ird level , the skill le vel begins at level one.

Edition 2nd palladium pdf fantasy

When the character reac hes fourth level the skills selected a t level three beco me seco nd leve l; a t fifth level they become third level; a nd so on. Lik ewise at eighth leve l the merce nary ca n again select 3 new skills. Again these begin at first level proficiency even though the character is an eig hth level fi ghter.

Some peopl e may feel that beca use of the grea ter a mounts of ex perience point s needed to attain hi gher levels, that is is unfair, taking much longer to d evelop these new skill s than it does those selected a t first level. This is not true! In a rranging this playing sys tem I have tak en into account a ll aspects of th e character' deve lopment.

Skills chosen at higher levels mature slower because the character is adding new areas of lea rning while continuing to deve lop hi s o rigina l ski ll s at the same pace. Don't forget these cha racters spend a lot of time adventuring and other ex tracurri cul a r activities, too. The skills that are most closely associated with th e O. Elective ski ll s are provided to give each cha racter a variety of knowl edge and ab il ities th at th e player can enjoy.

In this way , th e player can crea te a truly individual character molded by his personal tastes and judgement. These sk ill s may have been acquired any where a nd incl ude knowledge such as carpen tr y, cook ing, faerie lore, or speak ing an a dditional language. These O. These numbers are D. Unmodified Forgery skill Forgery with D.

The development of thi s knowledge a nd proficiencies inc rease as th e cha racter accumulates experience.

2nd pdf edition fantasy palladium

This is determined by the roll of percentile dice. To successfully perform a skill , the player must roll under his success ratio. Thi s means he must roll a to crea te a successful forgery. A ro ll of is an unsuccessful a ttem p t crea ting an obviou s fr a ud.

In most cases but not all a character can a ttempt to a chieve a successfu l roll several times, provid ed tim e, materials, skill limitations, and circumstances allow it.

Some skills, like forgery, will have two sets of percentages listed.

The first usually indica tes th e s uccess rati o to perform that sk ill as exp lained in the previou s parag ra ph. The second usuall y applies to some additional area of kn owledge as it pertains to that skill.

In for ge ry, fo r example, the seco nd percentage numbe r indi ca tes the abilities to recogni ze for ger ies. Another exa mple is medical skills; the first percentage indi cat ing th e success ra tio of co rrectl y diagnosing the pro blem , wh ile the second is the execution o f proper t reatment. Not all sk ills lis t two percentage num bers pick poc kets, prowl, scale walls for example only have one a nd so me, like hand to ha nd combat, and horsemanship, list specific ab iliti es a nd bonu ses to strike, parry, damage and so on.

Edition 2nd pdf fantasy palladium

However, eac h individual skill description will ,explain what the numb ers or abilities mean. Thi s is indicated by the accumu lation of experience points. Wh en the experience poi nts reach a certa in level , that charac ter The first percentage number indicates the suc cess ratio of creating a convincing disguise preventing recognition , the second is recognize others in disguise.

For some like Druids , it is a mystical ability while for o th ers like Rangers , it is done throug h deductive logi c and knowledge of nature. The percentage number indicates the success ratio of locating fresh water. A person can roll once every melee to sense out the water, but mu st roll tIVO consecutive successful rolls to locate the water.

Hand to Hand Combat: Each of the eight men of arms O. In addition to the eight combat tables , th ere is a ninth for the Non-men of arms O. This is applicable to men of magic and most clergy, however some clergy may be trained in combat skills usually a s mercenary fig hter, soldier, thief, or assassin.

The Hand to Hand combat tables list each of the nine combal skills. The following is a brief explanation of the terms found under these skill abilities. See Combat under Men of arms O.

Attacks per Melee: Critical strike: All strikes, dodges, and parries are rolled on a sided die. The numbers listed indicate when a c haracter rolls to strike, when he infli cts a criti ca l blow doing double damage to his opponent.

Critical strikes are applicable only on natural rolls a roll not subsidized by bonuses to strike. Kick attack: It is flOt an additional attack, but an optional attack ability. Again, this applies to a natural unmodified roll to strike. Critical Strike from behind: Critical Strike from behind x 3: Critical Strike from behind x 4: Death blow: An instant kill is sco red when a natural 20 unmodified by bonuses to strike is rolled.

Because the forger is copying the symbol he does not need to be able to read or write, but it is a little more diffi cult, inducing a penalty of Time required: I to 6 days If a document has several of the above, the time requirements are accumulative. Passing forged documents: Th e charact er player or non -player receiving a forged item must roll higher than the forger's skill on percentile dice. Forgery Perception Bonus: Characters sk illed in forgery get a bonus to recog ni ze other forgeries.

This bonus is a part of the character's perception roll Example: The first percentage number is the skill of successfully creating a convinci ng forge ry.

The second percentage number is the forgery perception bonus. There are 3 ranges of horsemanship skills: General , Knight, and Palladin. Each indicates a ce rtain degree of training and expertise. The individual O. The following is an explanation of the terms found under th is skill ability: Character mu st ro ll under perce ntage to remain in sad dle and control.

The rider gai ns a combat advantage from the height and speed of being mounted. This is a particularly ha nd y skill when gathering herb s , edibl e mushrooms, and edible fruit and berries. The first percen tile number is the success ratio of identifying plants. The second number indicates the success ratio of identifying fruit. Identify tracks: The first percentile number indicates the success ratio of trapping and the second number the ability to skin and treat pelts and leather without damaging the hide.

The first percentile number is the ability to successfully recognize the tracks and the animal that made them. Many of the castles, dungeons, and dwellings of this world have secret passages, compartments, and doors. Thus, a freebooter is wise to develop the skill of locating and recognizing these secret compartments. It takes about 15 minutes to properly search a 10 ft. This skill is identical to the one preceding it except that it pertains to large animals such as deer, moose, wolf, bear, etc.

Use poison: The use of poison can be dangerous. The percentile number indicates the success ratio of innicting poison properly. They include the cleaning and bandaging of wounds, soaking wounds, cauterizing, setting broken.

The first percentile number is the ratio of correctly diagnosing an illness or problem poisoning, fever, infection, etc.

Palladium Fantasy - World Book 03 - Adventures on the High Seas

Weapon Proficiencies W. That expertise is indicated by the gaining of bonuses to strike, parry, and throw the weapon. The skill tables indicate the specific bonuses per level of experience, per weapon type. Missile weapons sling and bows indicate the bonus to strike and the rate of fire. There are 17 different types, or areas, of weapon proficiency, including the lance and long bow.

Old Ones (Palladium Fantasy RPG)

Bonuses to strike and parry apply ONLY when that par ticular type of weapon is being used. Pick locks: A person can try to open a lock as often as desired until successful or gives up. Time required is as follows: Simple lock and key types doors, chests, pad locks: Large sword W. Staves W. Small shield W. Large shield W. Sling W. Short bow W. Long bow W. Cross bow. Pick pockets: If an attempt is unsuccessful, the pick pocket has not removed the desired item, and there is a Jfo chance of the victim's recognizing the intent of the action.

An unsuccessful prowl means that the person has been spotted or heard. A prowl cannot be attempted if that person's presence is already known, but if there is a distraction, the person can attempt a prowl and slip silently away. In the age of the Palladium world, the luxury of literacy is not a necessity.

Many men of arms and most common folk are totally illiterate. Even those who can read and write are not necessarily well practiced in the skill.

The percentile number indicates the approximate degree of literacy. This applies only to the person's native language area or race in which he was raised and not any other racial or regional language. Scale walls: This is the ability to climb or storm the walls of castles, fortifications; and just the ability to climb any structure in general.

Players should roll once for every 15 ft. If a player misses his roll rolling over his success ratio , his character loses his grip and plummets to the ground.

Innict I point of damage for each 6 ft. The first percentile indicates the success ratio of tracking outdoors, while the second number indicates the success ratio of tracking indoors.

Palladium Fantasy RPG 1st Edition(Revised)

Crilical strike: This mu st be a natural roll only and not subsidized by bonuses to hit. This is an offensive assault using only the foot and leg strength much like a karate kick. It is not an additional melee attack , but an optional attack ability. Again this applies to unmodified natural rolls to strike. The assault render s melee rounds.

Critical from behind: Critical from behind x 3: Critical from behind x 4: A natural 20 is a strike roll that is not modified by bonuses to strike. NOTES About Shields A shield's size, weight, type of material and costs all vary greatly and should be taken into consideration by the game master. The following generally applies to most basic types of shields. A good rule of thumb is that a shield is so battered that it must be replaced after each month of regular combat for wood or leather shields and every two or three months for iron or steel shields.

Ranges maximum Sling - - ft Short bow - ft Long bow - ft Cross bow - ft. The Lance is reserved for Knighls and Palladins. Those NOT trained in the use of bow weapons fire at a rate of one per melee. Preserve food: The percentile number indi cates the success ratio. The percentile number indicates the success ratio of proper construction, quality and repair.

Racial histories: A person with this knowledge is likely to recogn ize the activities and trademarks of these races when encountered. Because there are so many races and corresponding data, the player can only choose 6 specific races to study. Of course, the elective can be chose n twice to include all races. The percentile indicates the approximate degree o f information the chara cter has learned o r can remember.

The percentile number indicates the relative skill and quality of the food. If a cook rolls above the success ratio, the preparations are particularly disappointing bland, too spicy, looks icky, etc. Th e percentage numbers indicate the relative skill and quality of the dancer.

Clergy , men of magic and scholars are the most adept in this area. A player may choose on ly one additional language, but may selec t this elective repeatedly to include as many languages as desired within the limited number of electives available to him. The percentile indicates the approximate degree of literacy. Demon and Devil lore: The percentage number indicates the approximate degree of study and knowledge in these areas.

The person with thi s know ledge is likely to recognize activities , sym bols, and temples of those creatures of darkness roll percentile. If the roll is under the success ratio, the y recognize the handiwork influence of demons or dev ils. If the roll is over the success ratio, he has no recognition of them as they pertain to the present situation. Recognize poiso n: It does not include the ski ll in safe ly using poison. Faerie lore: Imitate voices: The imitator mu st have heard the voice he is attempting to mimic at least once, fo r no less than 60 minutes or a series of encounters totalling at least 60 minutes.

He must also have been studying that person's voice fo r to ne quality, inflection, accent, mannerism, etc. The imitator can also mimic the voices of people he knows intimately. If he fails to roll unde r the success ratio, he temporarily loses th e vocal elements in that imitation can try aga in with minor prepara tions and concentration in 6 melees. This ability also enables the person to discern fakes from the real. The percentile number is the likelihood of correctly identifying metals and gems.

A charac ter gets only one chance roll to appra ise such items or will otherwise respond according to their obvious appearance. Recognize weapon Quality: This skill also enables the person to recognize if the weapon is cra fted by dwarf, kobold or o thers and if it may have bonuses to strike, or parry or may have some unnatural magic properties.

Although the person may be able to tell that a weapon is superbly crafted with bonuses, it is impossib le to determine exactly what these bonuses are until used in a combat type situation. The percentile number indicates the relative knowledge and sllccess ratio of so lving mathematical problems. The percentile indicates the quality of technique and rendition. Religious doctrine: Of course, a player may select this skill knowledge more than once, adding 8 new choices each time. The percentile number indicates the degree of knowledge one has about a particular religion.

Play string instruments: The percen tile number indicates the quality of technique and performance. Play wind instruments: Identical to the preceding skill as it pertains to wind instruments flutes, harmonica , whistles, etc. Lo re deals with the knowledge and legend s abo ut plants and their healing or special properties as well as the basic knowledge for their growth and care that is where the farm element comes in , the growing and harvestin g of plants.

Sense of Direction: This skill includes basic knowledge of determining direction by the placement of the sun, moon, stars, and other tricks used in establishing recognizing one's loca tion.

The percentile number indicates the su ccess ratio of doing so properly. If un successful, the charac ter is not likely to realize that he is lost or misdirected. The percentile number indicates the relative level of quality and skill.

Speak additional languages: This sk ill invol ves the study of other spoken languages. While many people cannot read or write, mo st ca n understand and speak one or more languages othe r than their own native tongue. A player may choose only one additional language for each speak additional language elective taken player may select thi s skill more than once learning one new langua ge with each se lection.

The percentile number indi cates the deg ree of understandin g and ability to successfull y communica te in that tongue. The percentil e number indicates the degree of experti se in this area. The perce ntile number indicates success ratio in the proper construction, quality and repair of clothing. This can be done up to a maximum of 5 ft. The percentile number indicates the su ccess ratio of successfully throwing one's voice.

These are wugh and tumble men of adventure who sell their sword and muscle for gold and glory. Their skills are usually directly oriented to combat and self-preserv a tion. The jacks of all trades when dealing with the fundamentals of combat and adventuring they are often skilled in such areas as tracking, trapping, picking pockets and prowling. However, as with most men of arms they seldom deal in subtleties.

If a door is locked , kick it in, if a man won't reveal a secret, slap him around a little, reading and writing are unimportant skills on the field of combat. They tend to fight hard, work hard, and play hard. A mercenary's entire orientation is physical. One of the great advantages of being a mercenary is the freedom to come and go and do as one pleases without being responsible to a commander or king as are soldiers. Mere's are generally free agents. Mercenaries and armour Most mercenaries prefer the heavy armour types which provide maximum physical protection when in combat, but they can use any type of armour.

See Soldiers and armour. BaLLle axe W. Ball and chain W. Large swords W.

Short Bow W. Hand to Hand mercenary , W. Choose 6 at level one, 3 at level three, 3 at level eight and 3 at level twelve. Choose 8 at level one, 4 at level four and 4 at level twelve. Levels of experience Mercenary Fighter 0- - - - 12, 12, - 20, 20, - 30, 30, - 45, 45, - 65, 65, - 90, 90, - , , - , , - , , - , , - , , - , The discount mayor may not usually not apply to mercenaries under military employ.

Silence of movement is of little consequence when actively engaged in hand to hand combat; protection high armour rating and S.

Palladium Fantasy RPG 1st Edition(Revised) | Dwarf (Middle Earth) | Dwarf (Dungeons & Dragons)

Thus, the average soldier or mercenary, of any quality, will be decked out in a full suit of heavy armour. Which specific armour type depends on personal preference and prosperity. Soldiers are men of combat trained in the formal arts of combat.

Their primary orientation is combat and the inflicting of damage killing of one', opponent as quickly and accurately as possible, where it will do the most harm. Being the instruments of war defensive or offensive the majority of skills and training are directed toward developing weapon proficiencies, scaling walls and similar combat areas.

Generally soldiers are not freebooters with the freedom to come and go as they please like the mercenary fighter. They are usually directly responsible to a specific commander or leader knight, king, ruler and required to obey laws and orders. A soldier usually cannot pick an assignment or area to work, but is generally told what to do, how to do it, and where to go. Military life can be particula rly restrictive and petty in those garrisons near large civilized kingdoms and those about to engage in battle.

The assignments which afford the most freedom are patrols, law enforcement, and border towns. Of course, border assignments tend to be in hostile or unexplored territories, or so far from civilization that aid in the case of an as sault is weeks if not months away. Olher advantages to becoming a soldier is the benefit of formal arms training Mercenaries are self-taught, learning from watching, practice, tips from others and real combat experience , a monthly salary and the benefit of free room and board and basic equipment.

Hand to Hand Soldier , scale walls "70 , W. Bailie axe w. Large Swords W. Cross Bow. Enlistment and salaries: Soldiers usually sign up for a minimum 2 year period of enlistment. Re-enlislmenl is usually for a 1 to 4 year period. Condilions jor discharge include poor behavior, lack of obedience, and injury sorry, no V.

They are obligated to abide by all military rules, laws, and authority. Room and board is provided under the terms of Mercenary enlistment. Period of enlistment is usually 6 months to a year with re-enlistment of the same terms available.

Merc's must provide their own equipment. Salaries for Mercenary fighters in the Military: Typical soldier: Equipment provided to Soldiers not Merc's upon enlistment. Soldiers and buying equipment Almost all towns and cities even border towns will have special shops, weapon smithes, and armourers who are sub-contracted by the military Levels of experience Soldier o. An adventurer man of arms O. Although good fighters, their main skill is the use of the long bow.

The Long bow is not a com mon weapon and requires specific training to develop expertise. Those who master the long bow can become one of the deadliest lon g dist ance fighters in the land.

Mastery of the long bow is the main thrust of their cc mbat training. Tne lon g bow is a very effective weapon, having nearly double the maximum range of a short, and does twice as much damage. Those skilled with a long bow are extremely accurate and usually develop a s tagger in g rate of fire. Otherwise, long bowmen are adventurers or mercenaries for hire. Long bowmen ca n wear any type of arm our, light or heavy, but seem to prefer studded leather, chai n and double mail, a nd plate and cha in.

Hand to Hand Long Bowma n , W. Long Bow Electin skills: Choose 8 at level one, 3 at level three, 3 at level eight and 3 at level twelve. Choose 7 at level one , 4 at level four and 4 at level ten. Bailie axe W. Levels of experience Long Bowman - - - 15, 15, - 23 , 23, - 33, 33 , - 48 , 48,40 I - 68, 68, - 93, 93, - , ,4 01 - , , - , , - , ,40 1 - , , - , To live one's life so that it is worthy oj respect and honor by all.

Fair PIa ': Never attack an unarmed foe. Never charge an unhorsed opponent. Never attack from behind. Avoid cheating. Avoid torture. Exhibit se lf discipline. Show respect to authority. Obey the law. Admini ster jus tice.

Administer mercy. Protect the innocent. Resp ect women. Exhibit courage in word a nd deed. Avenge the wronged. Defend the weak and innocent. Fight with hon or. Never abandon a friend, ally, or noble cause. Always keep one's word of honor. Always maintain one's prin ci ples. Never betray a confidence or comrade.

Pdf edition fantasy palladium 2nd

Avoid deception. Respect life. Exhibit manners. Be polite and attentiv e. Respectful of host, authority and women. They are, in fact, highly trained so ldie rs or have been so ldiers ; versatile, educated, and lethal. Would you like to tell us about a lower price? If you are a seller for this product, would you like to suggest updates through seller support? Read more Read less. Discover Prime Book Box for Kids. Learn more. Frequently bought together. Total price: Add all three to Cart Add all three to List.

One of these items ships sooner than the other. Show details. Buy the selected items together This item: FREE Shipping. Sold by StarWarez and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Palladium Books Presents: Sold by BuyBoxer and ships from Amazon Fulfillment. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. Kevin Siembieda. Palladium Fantasy Role-Playing Game. Perfect Paperback. Mysteries of Magic Book One: The Heart of Magic. Erick Wujcik. Old Ones Fantasy Adventure, No 2.

Read more. Product details Paperback: Palladium Books; 2 edition April 1, Language: This resulted in the Elf—Dwarf War, which nearly destroyed the two empires, as each tried to outdo the other in magical atrocities.

It culminated with the destruction of the Golden City of Baalgor, and the creation of the Baalgor Wastelands. Following the war, dwarves forever foreswore magic, and both cooperated to purge the world of "evil" magic, sparing only a few types which they judged worthy of remaining in a Millennium of Purification.

Many other traditions of magic went underground or to other worlds, however, or survived in a few members who have since spread. Since that time, ten thousand years ago, humans have become the dominant race on the planet, controlling four of the major kingdoms or confederacies. In the past fifty years, the Wolfen of the Northern Wilderness have become highly organized, developing a society which now clashes regularly with humans in the Eastern Territories.

The game takes place on a single continent and several nearby islands. The extreme south of the world is tropical, having a jungle on the western coast, while the extreme northern portions of the country are subarctic forest. Given the size of the continent approximately 2, miles north to south , this makes the planet slightly larger than Mars.

The continent represents only part of the world, but it was revealed in the first edition supplement Island at the Edge of the World that the game setting is surrounded by a large, impenetrable black wall for unknown reasons. Land of the Damned Two: Eternal Torment also revealed that there are other lands on the Palladium world that were not involved in the war against the Old Ones. Politically, there are several nations and several alliances amongst races.

Humans are allied to both elves and dwarves, though those two races still maintain personal hostility because of the Elf—Dwarf War. Humans are in charge of the Western Empire, a decadent empire which lies between the two inland seas of the continent. The Eastern Territories are also called the "Domain of Man" and have a large population of humans as well as elves and some dwarves.

Immediately north of the Eastern Territories is the Wolfen Empire which is open to all races, though it is dominated by Wolfen and is somewhat suspicious of humans due to long-running conflicts with the Eastern Territories over some disputed land. To the south of the Eastern Territories is the predominantly human kingdom of Timiro. In between the Western Empire and the Eastern Territories lies the Old Kingdom, the former center of elven civilization, now populated by large numbers of orcs, ogres, and similar monsters.

South of the Old Kingdom is the giant-run kingdom of Mount Nimro, which is centered around two volcanoes. West of Mount Nimro is the Land of the South Winds, of which only sketchy information has been presented, and the Baalgor Wastelands, created at the very end of the Elf—Dwarf War as the result of a catastrophic dwarven attack which destroyed the elven capital.

The Palladium world is a magical world, with several different kinds of magic practiced, as well as psychic powers. In the past, many more types of magic were practiced, but immediately after the Elf-Dwarf War, a Millennium of Purification saw the end of many types of "questionable" magic. The major remaining forms of magic are Wizardry spell-casting , Diabolism magical writing, used for wards and empowerment , Summoning using magic circles to protect, to bind demons and other creatures, or activate various powers , Alchemy creating magic items , Elementalism in which a person, known as a Warlock, uses a special bond with one or two classical elements to cast spells and summon elementals , Witchcraft in which a person signs a pact with a demon, trading souls, servitude, or other favors in exchange for power , Priestly Magic, and Druidism nature magic.

Psychic powers are also common, though several races lack any psionic potential at all. Those characters whose race does have psychic potential have a chance to possess a few powers, regardless of their O. All of these operate on Palladium's standard system of magic being powered by Potential Psychic Energy P.