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Explosive Calisthenics paperback - Superhuman Power, Maximum Speed and But only providing a pdf doesn't cut it - I would prefer to have an epub so I can. . /early// 10/15/,0, Home; Body Weight Exercises / Explosive Calisthenics Explosive Calisthenics, the third book in the Convict Conditioning series, is finally.

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you've mastered the hardcore exercises in Explosive Calisthenics. the early practitioners of bodyweight training, Explosive Calisthenics explains the widely. Explosive Calisthenics: Superhuman Power, Maximum Speed and Agility, Plus Combat-Ready Reflexes--Using Bodyweight-Only Methods - Kindle edition by. How to Lead, Survive and Dominate Physically—By Becoming The Complete Package As an Athlete Explosive Calisthenics is for those who want to be.

Do freestanding HSPU if you can. Perform A,B,C all straight after eachother with very little rest time between sets. So I guess it really just depends on how you look at it. Convict Conditioning 2 paperback Book. Explosive Calisthenics is the book all diehard Convict Conditioning fans have been waiting for. Phase 1: Phase 3:

Day 2: Pushing high volume A: Weighted dips on dipbar with a weight you can do 6 reps with. Day 3: Wide pull ups with 2 sec hold on top and 2 sec hold on deadhang each rep with a weight you can do 5 reps with. Push-ups on rings 5 second negative 5 second posetive each rep http: Tricep extensions 5 second negative. Day 4: Weighted dips on dipbar with 2 sec hold down and 2 sec hold up with a weight you can do 5 reps with.

Handstand push ups with back facing the wall on handles 5 second negative 5 second posetive each rep. Straight bar dips http: Weighted Close grip pull ups with a weight you can do 5 explosive reps with.

Convict Conditioning 3 - Explosive Calisthenics : bodyweightfitness

Explosive pull ups to chest or higher http: Pulling explosive day remember its about speed. Weighted Wide Pull-ups with a weight you can do 5 explosive reps with. Explosive Handstand push ups with back facing the wall on handles http: Diamond to push up http: Pushing explosive day A: Weighted dips on dipbar with a weight you can do 5 explosive reps with.

Clapping push ups on ground http: Tuck frontlever pull ups on rings http: Phase 2: Intermediate months. Handstand push ups with belly facing the wall http: Psuedo planche push ups on ground with hands to the side http: Bulgarian dips on rings with 1 sec hold on each rep http: TOP Chin-up hold on rings with a weight you can do normal 5 ring chin ups with.

No rest perform D2. Handstand push ups with belly facing the wall 5 second negative 5 second posetive each rep. Scapula push ups http: Explosive soldier pull ups on bar with a weight you can do 5 explosive reps with http: Explosive dips on rings http: Explosive Handstand push ups with belly facing the wall http: Phase 3: Psuedo planche push ups on handles with feet elevated on box http: Handstand push ups with belly facing the wall use 2 blocks or somekind of elevation to go deeper http: One arm scapula retractions on rings 3 reps of sec each arm.

Handstand scapula shrugs http: Back and forth in L-sit http: Deadhang explosive muscle ups on bar http: Psuedo planche push ups on handles with feet elevated http: Explosive Handstand push ups with belly facing the wall between higher elevation http: Frenchies on bar followed by bicep ring curls http: Phase 4: No rest between exercises. Handstand push ups with belly facing the wall use 2 blocks or somekind of elevation to go deeper Option 1: Do freestanding HSPU if you can.

Archer chin-ups on rings http: NO rest perform D2. One arm scapula retractions on rings reps of sec each arm. Handstand wall walks http: One arm pull up attempts on bar. Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Jump to Page. Search inside document. WeightedCalisthenics After you have completed each phase, you can give yourself a test and take a day to perform your 1 rep max on dip and pull-ups. Each phase consist of maximal 3 months.

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Bratu Dragos. Alexandre de Oliveira. John Hislop. Jesus Rojas El Chino. Anonymous gt1aCgk. Anonymous eYvR9pw. Eliza Cristina. Popescu Radu. Skoop Ck. Get this book and become amazing! However, the way the movements are broken down into stages of progressions is nothing short of fantastic. Back in the day, we would see a move and attempt to emulate it. This was often met with failure and sometimes injury. You no longer need to subject yourself to these pitfalls.

CC3 gives you the steps to achieve new levels of explosive fitness! The Explosive movements will also yield more muscle mass than standard bodyweight training. Explosiveness is also necessary for developing striking and throwing power used in combat. This type of training is a prerequisite for fighters, martial artists or self defense experts. The progressions are easy to understand and are set with logical steps leading the reader to the highest levels.

Even if you have no desire to perform back flips, the training leading you toward them will result in increasing your strength and flexibility. If people adhere to the training regiments advocated in these books, the days of the machine laden, strength and fitness limiting gyms are numbered!


Coach Wade has brought us CC1 and CC2 which needed the newest edition "Explosive Calisthenics" in order to sum up the perfect completion to his book series! I have so many people looking at me while I do my body-weight exercises saying, "Dude, that's not going to help you build muscle.

You need more intensity! You need weights! You need to make it more challenging, more explosive, more powerful, etc. The power you build, the feeling you get when you achieve your first muscle up, the body-weight plyometrics, the way you will look! Trust me on this after following Coach Wade's methods here it will make everything worth while and it will pay off! This is the book of the year and Al and Danny Kavadlo were the best choice of models for this.

Thanks to all these guys for confirming why I truly believe in calisthenics and why I have no need to work out on a machine and why I don't need dumbbells anymore! Words can't express how great of a read this was for me and what it'll do for my training in the future. Coach Paul Wade made this book very easy to absorb mentally providing wonderful detail, not only in his writing but with images as well to help with the process of becoming an explosive athlete.

If you have CC1 and 2 then its a must to add this to your library. Being coaches in the world of fitness I will say that this book got me excited to elevate my training to another level but for you as the future reader of this book, when you purchase this and say to yourself that its missing something then add it to your training.

We will always continue to be students in the fitness world and this CC3 edition just proved that the human body is capable of doing so much more than we thought to believe. Have fun with it and watch yourself fly! Tyler "The Iron Ronin" Perez. Having been an end user of the first two volumes for some time now, I was incredibly excited to hear about the upcoming release of this volume. When the article appeared in the PCC blog back in December the exhilaration I experienced was quite palpable, and ever since then I have been scrutinizing every Dragon Door product update email that finds its way to my inbox.

So, when I came to understand earlier today that the thing had finally dropped, I was very, very anxious to leave work and get home. After firing up my Mac, I went straight to the product page here on Dragon Door and ordered a physical and a digital copy.

Are you an experienced CC person? If so, you will be thoroughly familiar with the layout, starting with the advance praises given by many different people, through to the table of contents, the dedication, the forward, the disclaimer talking about the primary importance of health over strength, and the contents of the book, with the first section covering history and theory, and then on through the big six power moves and the programming, etc As always, the pictures and layout are stunning, the editing is great, and the sum total of it just makes you want to get up off your backside and train.

If you are at all experienced with this system of bodyweight training, you need this book.

Pdf explosive calisthenics

Like me, you might not be quite ready to start tackling the progressions, but the shot of inspiration and increased determination you will receive from absorbing this information will be well worth the price.

Look at Danny Kavadlo busting a full on superman, or in mid flight over the broomstick at the apex of the suicide jump with that really intense look in his face. Danny, Al, Grace, and Adrienne are all there, along with a guy I don't know with a very developed physique busting out backflips. Anyway, the long and short of it is that this book is a must have if you are part of the CC tribe. With this volume, the training system that Coach started laying down in Volume 1 becomes a little more complete.

Explosive training work is the logical next step for everyone as they move progressively forward in their march through the big six, and again, the sheer amount of impetus one will receive from looking at what is possible down the road should make anyone want to pick up a copy of this book. According to what Coach wrote in CC II, the whole system is complete in four parts, so now that CC III has dropped, I want to step up and say that we all definitely want to see the thing in its entirety.

While you're busy putting it together, we will be busy pushing ourselves to master the big six, along with the neck, grip, calf and flag techniques, and then adding in the explosive stuff from the new volume.

We are hungry for all that you have to offer us. Thanks for bestowing all of your hard-earned experience on us.

We will repay you in sweat and hard work. My hat's off to you, El Entrenador. Another "Big Six" moves with excellent progressions from "anyone can do that" to "can anyone DO that?!?

A bunch of useful extra stuff at the end, too. If you've read the other CC books, you'll know what to expect. I've been following the CC progressions for about a year and a half now. When I began I was starting from square one due to a long period of forced inactivity due to a broken shoulder and severe whiplash. Courtesy of the Big Six and CC2's trifecta, I'm stronger and more flexible than I ever have been in my life, and have no reason to think I won't continue getting more so as I carry on with the progressions.

I don't doubt that the explosive Big Six detailed in here will prove every bit as effective as the strength Big Six in CC. I'm certainly looking forward to mixing them in. The catch tuck jump's first bullet point is "This bullet-point description is wrong"; Super-speed tactic 2 has the line "Most people are too used to instinctively 6 than 6 making rapid predictions"; etc.

Calisthenics pdf explosive

These really detract from the quality of an otherwise excellent book. I hope they can get these fixed before too many copies make it out. Detailed, concise and easy to follow. Although they were a hard act to follow, this book is even better than its predecessors in the Convict Conditioning series. Even though I decided that I needed to cut back on the exercises described in this book and spend more time developing the basics from CC1, the progressions are easy to understand.

I look forward to revisiting this book once I have worked up to it again - if anything, it's given me even more motivation to work on the basics. Gaining strength is great, but actually putting it to use in these techniques is amazing. Highly recommend.

I gave it a 9 as 10 is elusive and I'd like to think always to be worked on. First off, I'm not famous. I am in my 40s and generally out of shape but working to turn that around.


So why did I buy these CC books? Each book can be done and take time. No promises were made of instant results or that it would be easy.

The pictures and statements are straight and to the point. Get working. Get working hard. And keep working hard. For the rest of your life. Seems real to me. The breakdown of each exercise is simple and logical and most people can start on step one of almost any exercise and if they can't then they can work up to step one. I'm cool with that in any task. The images are quite inspirational but there is a bit of history sprinkled around. Lastly, I can go do these things in a park and my city, Ottawa Canada has two calisthenics parks and the closest one to has kids parks and soccer fields.

So my daughter can be there and see me doing stuff. So she won't just have a dad who does exercise but she will see him and maybe join in; no chance of that at a big box gym. And calisthenics was the gym class standard when I went to school in the 70s so any kids can join in. What could be better?

Pdf explosive calisthenics

Cities make these parks and these books show you what you can do in them. Love it. Sorry, it went from a book review to a lifestyle review which is probably how it should be. Good books aren't just books. I think it's the best Explosive Calisthenics book I've ever read. With a great content about to train your power with bodyweight exercises progressions. Them explain very well in a easy form any kind of exercise. You should read it!!! As with all Paul Wades books this is a great resource.

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Write Review. That's how sure we are! Teach your body to be the lightning- fast, explosive, acrobatic super-hunter your DNA is coded to make you… With Explosive Calisthenics , Paul Wade challenges you to separate yourself from the herd of also-ran followers—to become a leader, survivor and winner in the physical game of life. If you want it, then here it is… " Explosive Calisthenics is an absolute Treasure Map for anybody looking to tear down their body's athletic limitations.

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Pdf explosive calisthenics

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