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Are You Living the Life You WAnt or the Life You've got? How To Persuade People Who Don t Want To Be Persuaded Get What You Want Every. This How to Get Whatever You Want book is absolutely not ordinary book, you have after that it the world is in your hands. The benefit you obtain by reading this . people who always seem to get what they want are just lucky. .. coolness, speed, or whatever-it-is-you-want on your way to the ultimate car.

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Kopmeyer, America's Success Counselor, will send them to you in a series of books like this one. There are several hundred PROVEN SUCCESS METHODS in the book you now have in your hands. (See the back of this book jacket for titles of other books power-packed with more PROVEN. SELF and proved that you have confidence in YOUR-. SELF, you have taken the first step in getting whatever you want in life. This book now. Chapters include: Something Touched Him; How To Get What You Want; Playing Please support it by donating a small amount of £ or whatever you can.

Brown that I can see him now? The success methods in the preceding chapter not only work-but they are work! Nor is a high percentage of compliance necessary for your success. It is HOW such miraculous achievements were accomplished in spite of seemingly insurmountable handi- caps-which should become the motivating power in your own life! ASK them. Imagine that you are in Yellowstone National Park with the huge crowd waiting to see the spectacular geyser, Old Faithful, erupt in its tremendous exhibition of irrepressible water power!

Vanderbilt planned and constructed most of his railroads when he was over seventy. He made most of his millions at an age after lazier men have retired!

When he was seventy-five, Walter Damrosch wrote and personally conducted one of the finest operas of our age.

Kant wrote some of his greatest philosophical works after he was seventy! Monet, me great French artist, was still paint- ing his magnificent pictures when he was eighty-six! Von Humbolt began work on his famous "Kos- 29 mos" when he was seventy-six and completed it at ninety! Goethe wrote the second part of Faust when he was eighty years "old.

Should "mandatory retirement" be based on age? Titian painted his incomparable "Battle of Lepanto" when he was ninety-eight! So much for "old age"! But suppose you are really handicapped? Beethoven, composer of immortal symphonies, was deaf! Milton wrote Paradise Lost when he was blind! Audubon rose from poverty and disgrace to lasting distinction through his contribution to our knowl- edge of bird life. Alexander Pope was so crippled he could hardly move yet he was a giant of English literature.

Joan of Arc, an illiterate and penniless peasant girl, became the heroine of France in that nation's crisis. Theodore Roosevelt was sickly and weak as a young man, yet by great will power and strenuous exercise he gained such strength and vigor that he rode at the head of the rugged Rough Riders up San Juan Hill and later became President of the United States!

Franklin D.

How To Attract Anything You Want In Life

Roosevelt also became President, even though he was severely crippled by infantile pa- ralysis! John Bunyan, in a prison cell, wrote a book that will live forever as an epic of English literature: Pil- grim's Progress.

Robert Louis Stephenson never for one hour 30 was free from pain and a hacking cough, suffered from fever and tuberculosis-yet gave to generations yet unborn the adventures of Treasure Island, the genial philosophy of Travels With A Donkey, and countless hours of pleasure and inspiration from his versatile pen. H is clearly evident, from the experiences of courageous men and women in all walks of life, that the so-called handicaps" of lameness, sickness, poverty, mis- fortune, lack of schooling, and old age" can be overcome by will-power and mind-power and success methods which are described later in this book.

If you. To put it simply: The next chapter gives you some keys which you can use to open the doorways to the Treasure Room of Success! The success methods which are clearly de- scribed in this book require no formal education, no un- usual talent, no exceptional ability, and no personal in- fluence.

There are few services which can be rendered to this nation which are more important than to fill this entire country with successful people who are quickly and easily obtaining all the good things in life!

Let's look at a few of the keys which will unlock the Treasure Room: The "Hollywood and T. Personal Magnetism Method" of achieving success. This is the way movie and television actors and actresses are taught to acquire the powerful personal magnetism by which they attract crowds, win fame and earn fabulous wealth.

How To Attract Anything You Want In Life - PDF Drive

This success method is simple because it is based upon doing only three things! Try it yourseH: If you can do those th1"ee things-with the right people, in the right places, at the 1"ight times-you have a key which will unlock one of the many doors to the Treas- ure Room of Success.

Lots of men and women have used this method of achieving success-and not just movie and television stars either-but all kinds of people who took time and trouble to learn, practice and use this secret of personal magnetism. It is taught in detail in my book: This method has two desirable qualities: I highly recommend it although, personally, I feel that it omits some of the powerful success techniques which will be described later in this book.

Certainly there is much to be said in favor of making friends-especially the right kind of friends-al- though too much time spent in "making friends" can greatly limit your degree of success.

Often, people have learned to their dismay that many friendships do not have the perma- nence upon which to build substantial and lasting success. Nor is the influence based on friendship by any means the most powerful. There are deep, psychological influences which are much more dependable sources of power for you to use in getting what you want. Nevertheless, as I said at the beginning, I also recommend the "Make Friends and Use Influence" tech- nique, although it is a little like being for "God, Mother and Country.

So, use it! It also is one of the 34 most sensible keys to success. Everyone in business, more or less tries to give expected, regular, good service. And, that's exactly why it doesn't produce extraordinary results. There just isn't any- thing extraordinary about doing the ordinary, expected services. It may make you a living-but it won't make you rich. One of the purposes of this book is to tell you how to get rich. The secret is to do much more for those you want to influence than anyone else is willing or able to do.

If you can't do that-you need to make some changes! If you won't do it-move over-who wants you? I'm talking about personal service-constantly day and night thinking of new and more ways to help those whose help you want in return. And then doing these personal services continuously without thought of imme- diate benefit to yourself. The less you directly benefit, the more impressed those you want to influence will be that you sincerely want to help them, and the more obligated they will feel that they should help you in return!

But remember: Of course, you have the good sense not to make a nuisance of your- self-but it's very hard to be a nuisance when you are 85 constantly helping your friends and associates be a lot more successful themselves!

Long ago, I heard an inspiring speech on the subject of "What's Your PlusP" What extra are you putting into your cooperation with others? It's your extra that attracts attention, makes you stand far above the crowd, gets you what you want, makes you rich!

So there you have another key to the Treasure Room of Success: The Overwhelming Service method. It is unlimited energy!

How to Get Whatever You Want

These tremendously successful people are human dynamos of super-energy! To have this key to success you must develop and continuously use personal energy which is so intense, so terrific, so much greater than that of your associates and others that you simply overcome all obstacles by your un- limited capacity to get things done!

The haves" and the "have nots" can be traced back to the "dids" and the did nots"! One of the great labor-saving inventions of today is-tomorrow!

Putting off action until tomorrow not only will save you labor today, but it will save you the future effOli of making deposits in your bank account. Don't think the world owes you a living. The world owes you nothing. It was here first! But you're always so tired? Because you 86 work so hard? Because you never really feel energetic?

Maybe you can sell those excuses for failure to yourself because you want desperately to believe them-but you'll never sell them to a psychiatrist, or to your family doctor, or even to your own family or friends, although some may politely pretend to believe you. Every psychiatrist will tell you that chronic fa- tigue except in very rare cases of glandular or other physical malfunction is caused by boredom, anxiety, an- noyance, irritation, worfY, resentment or a sense of guilt hidden deep in your subconscious.

This is not a book on how to eliminate chronic fatigue and I shall not pursue the subject further except to recommend that if you have chronic fatigue, first see your doctor, then read some of the good books specializing in that subject, or see a psychiatrist. And, by all means, thoughtfully study the next paragraph. This is a book on the many keys to success, one of which is the effective use of unlimited energy.

Do the things you ought to do, even when especially when you don't feel like it-and you'll find you have plenty of energy to do them. Do it NOW! The "Mind Power" Key to Success This method utilizes the unlimited power of continuous positive thinking.

There is no doubt that certain deliberate uses of your subconscious mind can amaZingly 87 influence your life and perhaps even the circumstances surrounding it! There is growing evidence that your own Mind Power may even influence the lives and circum- 'stances of others. A detailed discussion concerning Mind Power as one of the most important keys to success would require a whole book. In fact, much of this book is devoted to the use of Mind Power through various kinds of Success Psy- chology.

Although the success methods of using Mind Power are clearly and Simply taught throughout this book, the exact means by which Mind Power produces such astounding results is still somewhat of a mystery. This is no reason why Mind Power should not be used to achieve success any more than we should refuse to use the benefits of electricity and many other wonders of this world which we cannot trace to their ultimate source.

Basically, the technique of using Mind Power is to mentally intensify a specific desire to such a focus of white heat in your conscious mind that it burns its image deeply into your subconscious mind.

There it maintains such a continuous influence on your own thoughts and actions and perhaps even on your environment and outer circumstances that it materializes your desire into reality!

Some psychologists believe that your subcon- scious mind is connected with, and is your personalized part of, a superconscious or universal MASTER MIND which controls the entire universe. No matter what the terminology, Mind Power produces such amazing results that they border on and per- haps should be called miraculous!

Definitely, Mind Power should be considered a major key to success and I strongly recommend your detailed study of it as it is clearly and simply explained in later chapters. The "WiU Power" Key to Success There is a key to another of the doors of suc- cess which in some aspects is like the key of Mind Power, but in many respects it is different. One of the elements of difference is that this method is as old as some of the uses of Mind Power are new. This key to success is as old as success itself.

It is called "will Power. Nature says, "You can have anything you want! Pay the price-and take it. Will Power will pay it! Psychologists have devised an interesting test. You are told to visualize a straight walkway which will take you directly to a desirable goal. You imagine yourself walking determinedly along that walkway when suddenly it is blocked by an obstacle of unknown substance, height, width and thickness.

You then are asked what you would do: Well, what would YOU do? Your answer to that question would tell a psy- chologist quite a lot about the kind of person you are. It also would give him a clearer insight into your degree and use of Will Power, one of the keys to success.

President Calvin Coolidge said, Nothing will take the place of persistence. Talent will not. Nothing is more common than unsuccessful men with talent. Genius will not; unrewarded genius is almost a proverb. Education will not; the world is full of educated derelicts. Persistence and determination alone are omnipotent. The slogan, 'Press On: In fact, just 40 about all they had was the Will Power to keep trying! That same survey showed that only one out of seventeen sons who had inherited large fortunes from their wealthy par- ents retained his wealth throughout his own lifetime.

Pdf whatever you how to get want

The other sixteen had everything but the need to get out into the world and go to work! Thus, they not only failed to improve, but they lost what they had. They did not have the incentive to build Will Power.

Don't feel discouraged when you're so low you have to reach up to touch bottom. Many men have suc- ceeded without formal schooling. Many have succeeded in spite of occasional poor judgment.

But none has succeeded without Will Power. Perhaps you have heard the inspiring story of the group of war refugees who were planning to escape by traveling over very rough terrain.

Since they had to walk, they pondered long over whether they could take a mother and her little girl. Finally they decided to try, with the strong men in the group carrying the child. For three weary days they trudged along and their path became more and more difficult. Finally, unable to keep up, an old man col- lapsed. He begged the group to go on without him and leave him to die, that they might save themselves. The group sadly started forward and then the mother of the little girl took her child and returned to the old man.

She gently placed the little girl in the old man's arms and calmly said, ''you can't quit now. It's your turn to carry my little girl. A great historian, having written the history of the world, was asked what he had found to be the greatest lesson in history. He replied simply, When it gets darkest.

But whenever and however we get it, the key of Will Power will surely open one of the doors to the Treasure Room of Success! The success methods described in the preced- ing chapter all WORK! There is not the least doubt about their positive effectiveness! Each of the success methods described will definitely make you successful! That is why they are given to you.

Naturally, some success methods require more effort than others. The success methods in the preceding chapter not only work-but they are work!

Hard, tiring, time- consuming work! The fact is that all success methods are not quick, simple and easy. That is why many people do not succeed. They iust can not or wiU not pay the price of suc- cess in terms of the success method they have chosen to use-because that success method requires more knowl- edge or more experience, or more patience, or more effort than they have-or that they are willing to pay as the price of success.

And, that is better-at any price-than suffering the consequences of being unsuccessful! In those terms, let us briefly re-examine some of the success methods described in the previous chapter: The "Personal Magnetism" success method re- quires the hard work of seH-training and constant practice to develop a magnetic personality which attracts people, opportunities, success, wealth and fame. But one doesn't hear the millionaire movie and television stars complaining about it! Nor the other million-dollar personalities com- plaining about this success method which they used to achieve their own famous careers I The "Make Friends and Use Influence" success method takes a lot of time and demands a very active, busy life-often all day and far into the night.

But it is exciting and fun-and an altogether pleasant way to acquire in- fluence, power and great wealth. The "Overwhelming Service" success method 44 requires continuous effort, long hours, and personal skill in dealing with people. The Human Dynamo of Unlimited Energy" success method, by its very name and nature, describes the enormous and continuous output of energy required to power your way through all obstacles by the sheer force of your capacity to do more and do it better!

It's hard work but it assures that no person and no barrier can block your power-drive to success! Yes, each of the foregoing success methods re- quires work. This "magic" three-letter word is revealed in the next chapter which describes some of the almost un- limited things it will EASILY accomplish for you! There is a "magic" word which will produce miracles in your life! Who says so? The Bible says so.

And the teachings of ALL of the great religions are based on the use of this "magic" word. The entire medical profession uses this "magic" word. Yes, your own family doctor, ALL medical special- ists, ALL mental specialists; psychiatrists, psychoanalysts and psychotherapists use this "magic" word.

Educators, business leaders, researchers, sci- 47 entists, salesmen-ALL people whose success depends upon obtaining information or cooperation from others- use this "magic" word. Actually, this "magic" word really isn't magic -but it produces such miraculous results that it seems like magic! This "magic" word is: Here are some of the things it will do for YOU: ASK the expert and you'll get expert advice and perhaps even expert training in almost any subject in which you are interested.

If s just as easy to ask an expert as it is to ask a novice-so don't settle for less than expert advice. ASK the news editor for deserved publicity and you'll be surprised how easy it is to get. After all, he's looking for interesting information to print in his paper.

I know because I was president of one of the largest pub- licity organizations in the nation. ASK for a discount. ASK for a better deal. ASK for a "refigured competitive quotation.

ASK more than one seller before you buy. ASK for the job you want. I once was president of a large employment agency. Amazing as it seems, un- employed people were either afraid to or didn't know how to ASK for jobs for themselves-so they paid us a big fee 49 to ASK prospective employers to give them the jobs for which they were obviously qualified.

ASK strangers impersonal, pleasant questions while you are waiting for the elevator or the bus or any. ASK the stranger what he or she thinks about the weather, the crowded conditions in which you find yourselves, or any general, casual question. The key is "casual. Don't cross-examine. Don't be impertinent. Don't be offensive. Just start a pleasant, casual conversa- tion with a question. In the first place, it's a lot more en- joyable than staring at each other in glum silence.

And then it's one of the best ways to start to learn the delightful art of pleasant conversation. Don't miss an opportunity to do thisl It's interesting and it's funl ASK important people any sensible, pertinent question-for their opinion, for their advice, for a favor, for anything which will enable you to meet and know them.

Be sure they remember you and be sure you main- tain your contact. Don't you think it will help you be more successful if you personally know the one hundred most important people in your city?

ASK yourself, "How can I do it b. ASK yourself, "How can I do more? The success combination in business is 50 the answer to those two questions. If you don't know the answers, find someone who does and ASK him. You must have them to succeed.

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Do better-do more! ASK your doctor. You might prevent a serious illness or an operation. ASK your dentist. You might prevent a painful toothache at an inconvenient time. You might save a tooth. ASK your eye specialist. You might improve or even save your vision. ASK your lawyer. You might avoid a lawsuit or legal loss. Or you might obtain a legal gain. ASK your banker or investment counselor. You might prevent a financial loss or make a substantial finan- cial gain.

ASK your insurance agent about new policies with more benefits and lower rates. Insurance -is taking on a merchandising complex to meet modem competitive conditions. The deals are better if you know where and how to shop for them. There are lots of legal ways to save tax expenses.

The taxes you save and the trouble you avoid will easily offset the expert tax accountant's fee. ASK major business executives how the top leaders got on top and how they stay there. There is no substitute for getting the facts! ASK expert opinions about your own plans. Do not announce your plans as though they had been handed 51 down with the Ten Commandments. Polish your plans with other people's ideas. ASKI It is dangerous to travel in a fog-espe- cially a mental fog! ASK for favors.

People get a satisfying sense of pleasure out of doing favors for those who ASK for favors courteously and properly-and if you thank them sincerely afterward, they will be glad to do other favors for you later.

Don't make a nuisance of yourself-but do give oth- ers the satisfaction of being helpful. This will increase your familiarity with them. People and places often seem to be unfriendly when they are merely unfamiliar. ASK," says the experienced raiser of funds for charities.

Hundreds of millions of dollars are contrib- uted to charity every year because people are ASKED for them. ASK is what every preacher does before the offering is taken each Sunday.

I could give you hundreds of other examples to 52 prove that ASKING is unquestionably one of the most im- portant-and the quickest, easiest, surest-of all success methods. Why is this so? Why do people-often people who do not even know you-tend to do what you ASK them to do? Why do people-often people who have no interest in you at all-use their time and sometimes go to a lot of trouble to furnish you information just because you ASK them for it?

You will find out WHY in the next chapter. You will find that it pays. This training to do or say what they are ASKED to do or say starts in the home as soon as little children are first able to understand anything. When the child begins to learn, he or she is expected-and I do mean expected-to answer promptly and correctly a continuous bombardment of questions. The dialogue begins something like this: Is it Ma-maP" Note: It doesn't really start out so easily, but gradually the child does proudly answer the question to an d "M " even prou er a-rna.

It progresses to such questions as: Not just requesting a verbal reply, but increasingly requiring compliance. Then comes school-consisting of at least half of the time being taken up with required answers to what is ASKED by the teachers.

And unless there is a measurement of learning, there can be no evaluation of teaching methods. The value of what is learned, establishes the value of the teacher-not what the 55 teacher knows, as certified by academic degrees, but what the teacher implants into the mind and personality of each student. It becomes an unconscious habit-a way of life. In fact, your mental conditioning to replying with a favorable response to what is ASKED of you has just begun. School's out!!! But then comes the business world.

It's a world of bosses. At first, everybody is your boss. Finally, if you study this book carefully, you may become president of a big corporation -and then only the stockholders perhaps 10, of them! So, you always will have bosses and you might as well get used to the boss-employee relationship.

Whatever how you pdf to get want

In business, it is the boss' job to ASK you to do things. That's how business is run and it applies to all levels of management and employees. You do what you are ASKED to do-and you do it promptly, courteously and correctly--or you find yourself holding a pink termination slip! No longer can anyone become a business leader by fighting his way to the top. The days of ruthless battles for leadership are gone. And so are the days when one could climb the ladder of Success by kissing the feet on the rung of the ladder above and kicking the face of the fellow holding the rung of the ladder just beneath.

No, you can no longer fight your way up to Success. To begin with, that means cooperating with everybody! It means doing more. Note this well: One of the nation's business leaders says there is only a four-word procedure for Suc- cess: For example: Brown that I can see him now?

Black on the phone? And all day long, day after day, Miss Jones and every employee is being consciously and subconsciously conditioned to respond to being ASKED-and to respond courteously, promptly and efficiently-or else. Meanwhile the executives, at all levels, are equally being conditioned to the benefits of doing what is ASKED-courteously, promptly and efficiently.

All exec- utives have bosses-and when you reach the top you will find that the public is your most demanding boss of all! All of us, from early childhood throughout all our lives, are constantly, continuously and irrevocably be- ing taught and trained to do what is ASKED of us, and the doing becomes a "conditioned response.

Even if we do stop and seriously think about whether we should do what is ASKED of us, the farces of a lifetime of teaching, training and conditioning bear heavily upon our decision, urging us to comply. It is unnatural, difficult and often dangerous. You can be sure that the person you ASK to do something for you or to give you information already has 58 had a lifetime of teaching, training and conditioning which will strongly favor his or her doing it.

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So ASK! It makes them feel superior to you and gives them that warm inner glow of having been helpful. At the same time you, too, have gained. And, you, also have the inner satisfaction of having helped someone else feel important and helpful. On the negative side, the other person would lose his sense of importance by refusing to do what you ASKED because it might indicate his inability to do so. Or it would be rude, discourteous and probably antagonizing for the other person to respond unfavorably by declining.

Most people would not want to put themselves in that unpleasant position. Marcus Aurelius, one of the wisest men who ever ruled the Roman Empire, wrote in his diary, "I am going to meet people today who talk too much, people who are selfish, egotistical, ungrateful.

But I won't be surprised or disturbed, for I could not imagine a world without such people. You will meet people who not only will refuse to do what you ASK, but they will not even civilly answer your reasonable questions. But don't let those few stubborn, neurotic peo- ple bother you. Joyfully ignore them and get on your way to success. Throw anything you want into our cage and we will give it serious consideration.

All but a few abnormal people just can't ignore a logical, courteous request for ac- tion or information. As Will Rogers said, "They will give it serious consideration.

The proper success-method is for you to make it easier for others to do what you reasonably ASK-than not to do it. Here's how: As explained in the previous chapter: This "doing what is ASKED" is a form of "learned response" which is begun in early childhood, and continues throughout life. Without it, civilization could not function smoothly and the result would be chaos, total conHict and the ultimate destruction of organized society.

Nor is a high percentage of compliance necessary for your success. Not your suc- cess in getting a favorable response every time you ASK, but enough of the times to make you a sure success! The other psychological push-button" tech- niques of ASKING will be discussed in various other chap- ters in detail as they apply to other success methods.

Obviously, people are not going to do unrea- sonable things just because you ASK them to. The more reasonable your request is and sounds," the more readily it will be granted. Never use the word: Do not let your voice or manner imply pressure. Pressure cre- ates resistance-and resistance is the exact opposite of what you want. What you want is agreement, cooperation and friendly compliance.

Let your voice and man- ner, in every way, imply that, of course, the other person will be agreeable and cooperative by gladly doing what you ASK. More about Positive Power in later chapters. This is the most difficult and probably the most important technique of ASKING suc- cessfully-because you must give the firm impression that what you ASK is so reasonable, logical and iust-that you shall pleasantly persist until you get it!

The needed skill is to ASK firmly-with the implication of continuing persistence-BUT to do it cour- teously, reasonably, persuasively, pleasantly, without any offensive pressure and without threatening argument. De- velop the skill of implying persistence-without pressure. When you master that skill, you will make it easier for others to do what you want-than not to do it! And your success is thereby assured! This applies to your dealings with everybody 64 -individuals, groups, businesses.

But let's use businesses as an example: The most successful businesses have learned that it simply requires too much valuable time to argue with a customer or a prospect. At today's high wage-rates, executive and employee time probably will cost much more than whatever could be gained or saved by arguing. The most expensive element in business is time! Time is too costly to waste in arguing.

The usual business policy now is: If what a customer or prospect ASKS is reasonable and if the cost of doing it does not greatly ex- ceed the cost of arguing about why the business may not do it-then do it pleasantly and agreeably. Do it promptly -do not waste time arguing! This policy began many years ago, when the more intelligent businesses started using the now famous slogan: The customer is always right! So now almost all busi- nesses have adopted this policy, even though they may no longer visibly display the slogan: Arguing with customers and prospects not only wastes costly employee and company time, but it loses sales and it incurs ill will.

So every cost-conscious, public- relations-minded business acts on the proven principle that it is less costly, as well as good business, to agree with its customers and prospects, and promptly comply with their reasonable requests.

With unobtrusive guid- ance by the salesman, the prospect will sell himself 01" herself! This makes selling easy and pleasant.

Yes, businesses have learned that it pays to operate by the slogan: So you can be sure that most busi- nesses will respond favorably to what you ASK.

In fact, almost all people will do what you rea- sonably ASK-for the very practical reason that it prob- ably will be easier to do what you ASK, than to risk the time-consuming explanations, discussions and possible which might result from refusing your reason- able, logical, courteous request. Also, agreeably doing what you ASK will win your goodwill which is preferable to incurring your ill will by refusing to do what you pleas- antly and expectantly ASK.

You psychologically underscore the advantages of doing and the disadvantages of not doing what you re- quest-when you ASK firmly with "implied persistence. Remembelt, "implied persistence" must be friendly, courteous, reasonable and persuasive-without offensive pressure and without threatening argument. Simply give the impression that a "No" reply will NOT send you scurrying out the nearest door but, on 66 the contrary, you will not have moved an inch and will calmly be inquiring. Your attitude must never show a trace of belligerency.

Now he was amazed to see the dogs, the wolves, and other animals which formerly had so terrified him flee from him. I am only a sheep, and just like other sheep. I cannot do what they cannot do. But for the roar of the lion on the distant hill, which had aroused the sleeping lion within him, he would have continued living the life of a sheep and perhaps would never have known that there was a lion in him.

The roar of the lion had not added anything to his strength, had not put new power into him; it had merely aroused in him what was already there, simply revealed to him the power he already possessed. There is in every normal human being a sleeping lion. It is just a question of arousing it, just a question of something happening that will awaken us, stir the depths of our being, and arouse the sleeping power within us. Just as the young lion, after it had once discovered that it was a lion would never again be satisfied to live the life of a sheep, when we discover that we are more than mere clay, when we at last become conscious that we are more than human, that we are gods in the making, we shall never again be satisfied to live the life of common clods of earth.

We shall feel a new sense of power welling up within us, a power which we never before dreamed we possessed, and never be quite the same again, never again be content with low-flying ideals, with a cheap success.

Ever after we will aspire. We will look up, struggle up and on to higher and ever higher planes. Phillips Brooks used to say that after a man has once discovered that he has been living but a half life the other half will haunt him until he releases it, and he never again will be content to live a half life. The benefit you obtain by reading this. Most of us know what we want out of life, but only a handful of us have learned how to get it.

Now The Success Principles not only gives you the road map. I have been studying the Laws of the Universe for years now. One very powerful laws of the universe is the Law of Attraction — but what is the law of attraction?.

You are about to learn the fundamental principles of wealth creation and life success.

Stay with it. As Wallace himself says, trust and believe. Whatever you want. The greater clarity you have regarding. If you Most of us know what we want out of life, but only a handful of us have learned how to get it.