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Ayoade on Ayoade book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. Would it be too much to say that my somewhat-wry prose has. Ayoade on Ayoade by Richard Ayoade, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide. Editorial Reviews. About the Author. Richard Ayoade is an English comedian, actor, writer, TV presenter and director, best known for his roles as Dean Learner .

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Ayoade on Ayoade - Richard Ayoade - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read book online. Fiction, joke. In this book Richard Ayoade - actor, writer, director, and amateur dentist - reflects on his cinematic legacy as only he can: in conversation with himself. They have called their book Ayoade on Ayoade: A Cinematic Odyssey. Ayoade on Ayoade captures the director in his own words. By Richard Ayoade. During this ebook Richard Ayoade - actor, author, director, and novice dentist - displays on his cinematic legacy as purely.

Our camera respectfully pans away. Richard Ellef Ayoade is an English actor, comedian, writer, director and television presenter. To celebrate. This book tells the story of the men and women of Fighter Command who worked tirelessly in air bases scattered throughout Britain to thwart the Nazis. Repeat back to me the precise words I used.

Richard Ayoade's CV is formidable in its diversity. He's perhaps most recognisable from his work on the British comedy scene: He's appeared on a variety of panel shows. He's also directed two acclaimed feature films, 's Submarine and 's The Double. Both, like the man himself, possess a distinct style and trade in off-beat humour. And now he can add author to the list: A parody of Faber's highbrow Directors on Directors series, in which critically celebrated filmmakers discuss their work, the book sees Ayoade research and conduct several interviews with himself.

The Director-Ayoade persona he creates is ludicrously pretentious and surreal, recounting memories of his cinematic ambitions in the womb, and boasting of his plumbing skills.

Part faux biography, part collection of invented interviews, part mock journals, and wholly silly, the book is shambolic, farcical and anxiously self-aware.

Only a genuine neurosis over self-presentation could provoke such a hyperbolic semi-autobiographical character. Last month, Ayoade appeared on Channel 4 news , and showed a real aversion to any earnest interest in his career, sidestepping Krishnan Guru-Murthy's questions, from the importance of his background Ayoade was born in Hammersmith to a Nigerian father and Norwegian mother to the contents of the book itself.

This distaste for self-promotion comes through in Ayoade on Ayoade. Director-Ayoade proclaims: The prospect of needing to make a whole film before a stranger tapes my thoughtless utterances and uses them as the basis for a speculative, semi-hostile character portrait makes me very sad.

His own overtly hostile character portrait of himself is, at its best, very funny. The interviews are characterised by Director-Ayode's constant subversion of logical conversation, and crisp one-liners. But with over consecutive pages devoted to Ayoade interviewing himself, the joke is spread thin.

I feel cheated and used. I am too sad even for brunch. They should be labelled. Whither now? Slow fade to black.

My lips are ugly. The kiss becomes full. I am too sad for tears. Our eyes meet. Ayoade makes no reference to his particular epistolary process of courting actors in the first place. I have betrayed myself and my subject. I felt that that was an awkward segue. My mouth is swollen. I think people who label should themselves be labelled.

Do you like being labelled? When I wake up. Ayoade leans over and gently kisses me on the cheek. He certainly reacted with pique when an actor dared send him notes on a scenario. We end up making love. I have wet myself. Quick Steadicam push into — A buffet-style eatery. Ayoade fills a large bowl with rough chunks of onion and sits down. I do so in a politically engaged way. I believe I made some scathing comments about the euro just before I touched your underside.

It would depend what had been on Radio 5 Live that morning. I choose not to eat. When I eat. My questions have a harder edge to them. If memory serves. I still have it somewhere. Why are we putting things on pins all of a sudden? Are women a particular interest of yours? I think if my life and work is about anything. Why are you so cold?

Have you ever met a woman before? I did have a frightening episode myself once. He catches the eye of a beautiful woman at an adjacent table.

The sound of distant thunder. Why is that? I cannot take this brute a moment longer. Snap to black. I take my leave. His eyes averted. I just feel more comfortable that way. Ron Howard. It takes me several months to arrange another intervista with Ayoade. He had expected me to pick up the tab for our last meal. It takes me several more months to persuade him to reveal the location of the undisclosed location so that I could type it into MapQuest.

It is merely good or bad. And fiction is neither true nor false. Are his films in Italian? I think the only reason U2 tried to break America was so that The Edge could start wearing cowboy hats without arousing suspicion.

Call me over. No one had dared. He very wisely gave up acting before he became bald. He came up with it himself. On the one hand. Always sung in English. If he were a lawyer. Certainly not in functional terms.

Very smart guys. You know who else is smart?

On pdf ayoade ayoade

To sum up: Give them a box. The Edge did the same. And team players. The Edge. The furthermost point that one can occupy is in this room.

You see what I did? I always wanted to ask — is Ayoade your real name? I am The Edge. I want to show you something. What I did was this: I brought a very radical concept into our discourse. I wanted to be an icon in my own right. Ayoade asks me to leave his speedboat. Get out. I vault over the side of the speedboat and give chase. The Hermeneutics of Howard. I explain that the speedboat is owned by the showroom. I feel I probably put too many vowels in there. I ask if he has any documentation to back that up.

He counters by saying that. But then again. I was the one who obtained permission from the showroom to conduct the interview on the speedboat. He opens his holdall and produces a roll of microfilm. Ayoade is also a fan of Star Wars. With no prelude and no explanation. Ayoade racing up a stairwell.

Well-wishers throng the streets. Ayoade wryly swipes a bowl of onion from the buffet and gives it to the Beautiful Woman we saw earlier.

Ayoade pdf on ayoade

His colleague. A beat of shared humanity: A barricade across the road! Ayoade screeches to a halt. They both shrug their shoulders. We run in and out of buildings. The Assassin. He sees a lone sniper on the top of a nearby building. Ayoade and I weave in and out of traffic.

Me behind. Ayoade slips out of the door and hops onto a scooter. Its owner. Perhaps it was best that nothing was said. How I knew the despair of Uncle Owen!


On its release. Ayoade and the Assassin fight hand to hand. The Assassin reaches for a blade stashed in his boot. I watch. When he is in the middle of the river. Ayoade fires a zip line to a building on the other side of the Thames and travels rapidly along it.

Grace Jones hits the accelerator and they race away. How could I have told him that I was pregnant? I race to the edge of the high-rise building and look at him longingly. Do you feel your films belong to any kind of genre?

The genre of All Life on This Planet. The camera swirls round and round as if in a vortex. I like Starlight Express. What do you think of other art forms? The sky lets out a silent scream. And I like to research twenty-four hours a day. Do you go to museums? If I need a leak. Then I realise I could just text him. How much research do you do? For me. As in L. Clouds darken. All is lost. How would you like to be remembered? Do you read reviews? Only on Amazon.

A KKK I can do business with. Kula Shaker. I excite me. The latter displays an unusual naivety regarding the level of hospitality that he would have to provide. Is Ayoade saying that he wishes to become so wealthy that he would be able to own all property in which the Queen currently resides?

Or is he implying that he would like the Queen to move in with him? The former seems to ignore the enormous constitutional implications thrown up by having royal residences in the hands of one sole citizen. Or a total spanner? After this last text. What excites you? Peace excites me. Would Ayoade be responsible for maintenance. Numerous things. Reception in and out. As the freeholder. Are they allowed to put property on the market and keep the proceeds? Surely Parliament would intervene?

And if they were in such dire need of money that they did and could! I keep a wide span. Would he deal with them directly or through an agency? I like to span the totality of humanity.

Shall we meet? He can certainly engender narcolepsy in the listener. I have my transcripts. And then it hits me like the pain of finding an expired Argos. Something dangerous. Something darker. Had I met Ayoade? I need a beat. I thought I could get a thumb in.

I had some loose ends to tie up. Not one bit.

Something that can topple dynasties: Had I really met Ayoade? And that house was vide. This is the reason I will never watch Speed 2: Cruise Control on a commercial television network. And this. But this is not so much a break as a breakdown.

The jury can go hang while you and I stagger into a blind alley. I started to wonder — whose finger was on the ribbon? Was it hell. Wherein we ask.

The breaks ruin the poetry. It was my finger. Suede on top. I might creep towards clarity. By their fruits you will know them. I turn to Socrates for help. But for me.

Whenever I wear it I feel like the New Zealand-born. I will dive. And there. Where do you find T. I had to approach Ayoade afresh. Where do you find [insert name of female writer for balance]?

On [low-rent programme that works alliteratively with her name]? No [further comment deriding said programme]. Perhaps by asking myself questions. This pungent clarion call contains top notes of blackberry.

Where do you find Tolstoy? On T4? No he skews too old for their demographic. Not for the last time. Never has a scent made me feel so emotionally connected to a celebrity. Australian-raised musician and television-competition judge is wrapped around me like warm breath. I feel so confident when I wear it.

A lot of celebrity perfumers might have settled with just the smell of suede. How does one find the true essence of a great artist? How do we get close to them? On Daybreak? The Ellen DeGeneres Show? Later that morning I lop off my finger with a bolt cutter and come up with a new re solution: I had time and one other proud Prufrockian possession: Who would dare peer into those peripheral fields of film-related whim? Who had the courage?

Ayoade on Ayoade: A Cinematic Odyssey

Who had the passion? His target? The Moving Pictures Business. As I review these pieces. Especially for something so tiresomely specific. I have resisted the urge to rewrite or tinker. Quaff deeply or sip demurely — I entrust them to your care.

I looked forward to bin day. I believe everyone has been given one special gift. I had great swathes of time. They could be freed from the compulsion to critique film on the page. Like Lady Gaga. To pastiche. I was drunk with time. I got up early. They could use their time for the things that were important to them: I am reminded of my younger self. I had it marked on the calendar.

He was an unruly buck. Each month I sat on my puce aqua bench and carefully honed five hundred words of non-topical. The writer must recede and the reader must reign! They could focus with unearned confidence on their sublimely average quests towards the quotidian. Let us consider his introduction to Compose Thyself: The Collected Columns of Richard Ayoade.

Film Flap and The Eye Inside. I humbly present them to you now. But I was often not busy. I wrote these columns. And while I waited in vain for mine. I hope and expect that this collection will change your life for ever.

I must march on. You WILL brood on your unworthiness as my mots justes offer up fresh riches and insights. Ayoade is so terrified of criticism that he prefers to criticise himself often mid-sentence.

But sometimes the city is a character in the film. I hope this book goes some way to allowing men one small step towards parity within the entertainment industry. Whom you MUST not thank. We can only conclude that his braggadocio masks a more heartfelt desire to express his truth using the written word. As a husband. I challenge the reader to think of more than two really great male directors. You WILL feel guilty to have received so much.

But enough. We have come too far to turn back now. But before we set up camp inside the man.

Ayoade ayoade pdf on

A wearisome refusal to use a comprehensible idiom. The chest-puff. We must not fail. You be Good Cop and get me a coffee. I want to elevate you. For far too long. Our voices go unheard. Artists are often frightened folk. The pre-emptive strike. We must not falter. A simple. These pieces are gifts. But like some scrawny jackdaw frog-marching up to a mighty falcon. I needed that. But you and I are looking to breach its walls. We have before us.

For perhaps these walls form a pentagram. Or maybe they evoke The Pentameron. Writing Routines II. A Writing Masterclass V. Writing for Hire X. Scriptwriting VIII. So this is the part of the mission where we agree on a plan.

An Audition II. Space for Notes VII. A Plum Part X. Pause for Thought VI. Pause for Thought XII. Writing Music XI. The Art of Adaptation IV. Where we work out how to crack the safe. A Pentagon. Acting the Part IV. The joint divides into two main areas.

An Actor Asks V. I always inferred from the way he spoke that Ayoade was borderline illiterate. Rewriting IX. Terms of Engagement III. And like that institution. Character Acting IX. And a praise.

We can do this. Several close friends and colleagues said that they resented the thought of even lifting up the book in order to dispose of it. If you have no loved ones. And this is the right time. Do not attempt to read these articles in one go.

Ayoade on Ayoade - Richard Ayoade

We pose no immediate threat to the USA. I was effectively holding your hand all the way through. The original quote was.

But before you undertake this journey. Take breaks. My recommendation? I would recommend that you put aside no less than FIVE days to read these pieces. And I want to give you an acknowledge. Reading any of this material is an achievement. So just trust me. I advise you to skip straight to Part 2C. I had to get you ready. Very well. Credit for much of this passage must go to my encyclopaedia.

There are designated rest points for you to gather your wits and make notes. I assumed he would seek to avoid any embarrassing mention of his thespian divertissements. I have added my own comments and analysis. If you feel depressed. We are comrades. But here you will find him thumping on into next week about composition and his mimetic method. As such. You had a very clear objective going in. You have done well.

We had to wait till it was the right time for your mind and your body to do this. Clearly he does not advocate a reader-led free state. There are sixteen in all: Ayoade ironically and literally could not give these columns away. I wake up at 5. I only have one acting muscle.

I like peaches. I like to make sushi but am sadly unable to. This can take up to four hours. Therefore I eat a lot of curry. I outline an average day in the life of Ayoade. At about 2. Nectarines have been the ideal solution. A Cinematic Odyssey by Richard Ayoade. Would it be too much to say that my somewhat-wry prose has changed the way the film community thinks about itself and indeed how it thinks about the concept of community?

It wouldn't. In fact, it's actually pretty insulting that this so-called 'Community' hasn't done more to acknowledge or even begin to repay its undoubted debt to me. Richard Ayoade is many things - Would it be too much to say that my somewhat-wry prose has changed the way the film community thinks about itself and indeed how it thinks about the concept of community?

Ayoade ayoade pdf on

Ayoade on Ayoade captures the director in his own words: Get A Copy. Paperback , pages. More Details Other Editions 3. Friend Reviews. To see what your friends thought of this book, please sign up. To ask other readers questions about Ayoade on Ayoade , please sign up. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews.

Showing Rating details. Sort order. Richard Ayoade is a treasure. His comedic style is pretty much unrivalled on television today. So how well does his unique branch of humour translate to the page? Quite well actually, well, at least I thought so. Ayoade on Ayoade can be seen as a spoof, a mockery, a satire on those pretentious novel length interviews given by directors who only a handful of intellectuals have heard of and even fewer have actually witnessed their works.

One that comes to mind is probably the most famous, Hitchcoc Richard Ayoade is a treasure. This book is presented as a series of interviews given by Richard Ayoade to Richard Ayoade hence the name stupid! His quick-witted and subtle humour flows wonderfully throughout these interviews. However it's more than just that. It is entirely held together by a series of footnotes, in fact nearly half of the book is just footnotes. It would make David Foster Wallace proud but made navigating this book on my Kindle a task akin to Dante's journey through the Inferno.

The footnotes are full anecdotes within themselves, made up of letters and diary entries and strange Pinteresque short film scripts. The book's subtitle, "A Cinematic Odyssey", is really the best description of it.

So who wants to read this book? Well, let's see. Here's a test. If yes, then congratulations this book is for you! If no, well then, carry on with your life. View 1 comment. Jan 10, Joey Woolfardis rated it liked it Shelves: Richard Ayoade: Actor, Writer, Director. Father, Husband, Man. Nasal, Norwegian, Nigerian. Some Other Things, Too. In this book, Richard Ayoade interviews himself, Richard Ayoade, about his life in the limelight, mostly concentrating on his love for film and the films he has made, namely the only two he has made, Submarine and The Double.

This is not a biography. Or an autobiography, though there are some elements of such here. It's more of an assault of autobiographies and interviews and cinema a Richard Ayoade: It's more of an assault of autobiographies and interviews and cinema as a whole, and so many other things.

Don't buy this book on Kindle. You will regret it and want to kill yourself for not heeding my Wise Words. This book is built upon the footnote and appendix system, and you MUST flick back and forth between the three in order to fully appreciate Ayoade's might.

View all 5 comments. Dec 27, Laura Caley rated it it was ok. I was disappointed with this book if I'm honest - I'm a huge fan of Richard Ayoade and had high expectations for this book. The first part with the interviews was funny at times and I could cope with reading this but the second part was far too Annoying I guess is the correct term. Jokes had been stretched too far and it just wasn't my cup of tea sadly.

That Richard Ayoade is so willing to poke fun at this, whilst apparently engaging with it in his own films, made me like him even more - and I already like him a lot.

I would suggest that if you like the idea of Richard Ayoade interviewing Richard Ayoade about half of the book whilst taking celebrity introspection to absurd new levels, or - for example - you know who Terrence Malick is, and you are attracted to reading a series of highly unlikely tweets he sent whilst making the film 'The Tree of Life', then you should find much to enjoy here.

If not, give it a miss. I wanted so much to like it! I tried so hard to like it! But the appendices were Just. Ayoade is probably one of my favourite actors and comedians. I hadn't read anything from him before this, and maybe if I had I would have been better prepared for this book, but it was not to be.

Settled for 2. Jan 18, Gareth rated it really liked it. Mostly pointless in a charming way. Then a bit irritating. Just enough "laugh-out-loud moments" to qualify for my enduring respect. View all 4 comments. Sep 25, Theediscerning rated it liked it. For those who, like me, wondered if this was coming a little too early in the career of Richard Ayoade, rest assured — this is a spoof of those grandiloquent career-spanning interview books.

Ayoade on Ayoade : Richard Ayoade :

It's a very competent spoof, too — one showing that he can put pen to paper and come up with something clever enough, enjoyable and witty and at times sprightly, and very well sustained. Unfortunate, then, that he has sustained mediocrity too far. From the book we can gather that he has a brilliant line in se For those who, like me, wondered if this was coming a little too early in the career of Richard Ayoade, rest assured — this is a spoof of those grandiloquent career-spanning interview books.