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In response to requests from members for an electronic version of the magazine, Adventure Cycling has rolled out the past year's issues in. Our Swedish editors cooperate with the British Cycling Plus magazine, one of the magazine retailer network in Sweden. File format: High res PDF dpi. Cycling Utah and Cycling West Magazine's Winter Issue is now available as a free download, Pick up a copy at your favorite Utah, Idaho, Wyoming.

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Bicycle Traveler magazine is a FREE magazine on international bicycle touring and is full of inspiring photos and entertaining stories. The online home of Bicycling magazine. Bicycling news, gear reviews, repairs, training tips, fueling, and more. PDF icon Letters: Traffic free trails, Off the beaten path, Budget bikes, KB. PDF icon Get six issues of Cycle magazine when you join Cycling UK.

Bicycle Route Implement a U. The idea was to create a journal filled with personal stories. In addition Bicycle Traveler also features interviews plus information on the newest gear and rider setups. This popup will close in: Who you ride with? Today's Top Stories. A shop that you spend too much time and money at?


Photographer Paul Jeurissen runs the website and his cycle touring and bicycle culture images regularly appear in the publication. They met on the Trans America bicycle trail in and since then have taken numerous bike trips, totaling more than 9 years over 5 continents.

You can follow their two-wheeled travels at Impressions from Bicycle Travels.

Adventure Cyclist Magazine Now Available as PDF

Bicycle Traveler Magazine. Equipment information and more… We hope you enjoy it!

Pdf cycling magazine

Download current issue Download Back Issues Enjoy earlier editions. Subscribers will also be informed when a new edition is placed online. Then download the following eBooks: Racing Apr 12, Your next great bike might literally be a Walmart bike. We took a look at whether this high-calorie food is a snack you can feel good about.

News Apr 11, Need a jolt of energy before or after your ride?

Magazine pdf cycling

Drink up. Training Apr 10, Mountain Bike Apr 10, Racing Apr 10, News Apr 9, No need to pay a penny, just wait for the files to download they may take a little while as they are about 50 mb and enjoy the great articles and pieces that have appeared.

It may not feel or smell the same as having a physical copy but hey, it is free.

So you are interested in contributing something to The Ride Journal? We are also happy to hear from photographers and illustrators.

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So with the negatives out of the way, what should you write about? Maybe you could start by looking at where you ride? What you ride? Who you ride with?

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Are there places that mean something special, or a yearly ride or race, or a person who you only know through bikes? A shop that you spend too much time and money at? A season that you look forward to?

Magazine pdf cycling

Is there a special moment that sums up why you ride? All profits from the journal are donated to a number of charities. If you are happy with this then we would love to read that amazing tale you have to tell.

Pdf cycling magazine