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The Call book. Read 29 reviews from the world's largest community for readers. The Call continues the message introduced in The Final Quest which challen. Final Quest” by Rick Joyner. This strange book is based . Joyner even calls “ Wisdom” the Lord God Himself! DESPATCH: The fact that Rick Joyner considers. The Paperback of the Call by Rick Joyner at Barnes & Noble. FREE Shipping on $ or more!.

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English Book from America, The Call Rick Joyner. The CALL. I stood looking at the door that I was to enter next. It was plain and uninviting. As I turned to view. The Final Quest & The Call. 90 Pages · Cook's Illustrated Meat Book, the. pdf (The Vision) Pencarian Terakhir Dan Panggilan – Rick Joyner. 1 FINAL. A great Vision/revelation whereby Jesus explains what our purpose is on Earth. What will soon happen to the world. This will give the reader a thorough understanding of precisely what their CALL is. Menu / Home HOME · Text, MP3 & PDF.

I will give them a cup of joy that will never run out. As Jonah spoke, each word was like a hammer blow. When I got to the top of the wall, I could see for a great distance and saw the sun shining beyond the walls. The Lord also wants y. This is the reality for which you asked—to see as I see.

I have given you this experience because you are a messenger and the time is short. You already knew what you have learned here, but you did not live by that knowledge. I have given you this experience as mercy, but you must choose to live by it. You must hear My messengers and obey their words that are from Me without delay, for the time is now short. To hear them without obeying will only bring a more severe judgment upon you.

This is righteous judgment. Knowledge of My ways is also increasing with My people. Your generation has been given more understanding than any other generation, but few are living by their understanding. The time has come when I will no longer tolerate those who say they believe Me, but do not obey Me. The lukewarm are about to be removed from among My people.

Those who do not obey Me do not really believe in Me. By their lives, they teach My people that disobedience is acceptable. They are about to know that the wages of sin is death. They cannot continue to call on Me to deliver them from their troubles when they still love sin.

I will give a little more time to judge yourself so that I will not have to judge you, but that time is short. I will also impart more grace to you to live by the truth that you know, but you must come to My Throne of Grace every day to get it.

I say to you again, the time has come upon the earth when no one will be able to stand in truth without coming to My Throne of Grace each day. What I am about to tell you is so that you and those who are with you cannot only live, but stand and prevail. As My people stand and prevail over the time of darkness that is coming, the creation will know that light is greater than darkness. I came to give you life.

The evil one comes to give death. In the times ahead, both will be seen in their fullness. I will therefore give those who obey Me an abundance of life such as has never been seen on earth before. There will be a distinction between My people and those who serve the evil one. Choose life that you may live. Choose life by obeying Me. If you are choosing Me and the light that is in you is My true light, it will grow brighter every day.

By this you will know that you are walking in My light. The seed that is planted in good soil always grows and multiplies: You will be known by your fruit. As the Lord spoke, His glory seemed to increase. It was so great that at times, I thought I was going to be consumed by it. His glory burned, but it was not like a fire; it burned from the inside out. I somehow knew that I would either be consumed by His glory or by the evil I would face after I went through the door.

His words were penetrating and gripping, but I knew that it was even more important to behold His glory, so I was determined to do just that for as long as I could. He appeared more brilliant than the sun. I could not see all of His features because of the brightness, but as I continued to look, my eyes adjusted some to His brilliance. His eyes were like fire, but not red; they were blue, like the hottest part of the fire. They were fierce, yet had the attraction of an endless wonder.

His hair was black and sparkled with what I thought at first were stars, and then I realized that it glistened with oil. I knew that this was the oil of unity, which I had seen in a vision before. This oil radiates like precious stones, but is more beautiful and more valuable than any earthly treasure. As I looked at His face, I felt the oil begin to cover me, and as it did, the pain of the fire of His glory was more bearable.

It seemed to impart peace and rest, and only came upon me as I looked at His face. When I looked away from His face, it would stop. I felt compelled to look at His feet. They also were like flames of fire, but were more of a bronze or golden flame.

They were beautiful, but also fearsome, as if they were about to walk with the most fearful of strides. As I looked at His feet, I felt like an earthquake was going off inside of me, and I knew that as He walked, everything that could be shaken would be shaken. I could only stand it for a moment, and then I had to fall on my face. When I looked up, I was looking at the door. Now it was even less attractive than before.

At the same time, I felt a desperation to go through it before I would choose not to. It was my calling to go through the door, and to not go would be to not obey. In His presence, even the thought of disobedience seemed to be such a base selfishness more repulsive than the thought of returning to the battle of the earthly realm.

As I looked at the door, I heard another voice begin to speak which I did not recognize. I turned to see who was speaking. He was one of the most naturally attractive people I had seen yet, regal and strong.

When there were just two brothers on the earth, we could not live in peace with one another. From my time until yours, mankind has walked in the way of increasing darkness.

Murder will be released on the earth as never before. Even your World Wars were but birth pangs leading to what is to come. But remember this: Love is stronger than death. The love that the Father is about to give to those who serve Him will overcome death. The blood of every martyr still speaks.

Your message will live on if you trust in the life that you have in God more than you trust in the life that you have on earth. Do not fear death, and you will overcome it. Those who do not fear death will have the greatest message during the times you are entering when death is released on the earth.

I thought of all of the wars, famines and plagues that had come upon the earth just in my century. Abel continued without answering me, which I understood to be the answer. Trust the power of the cross, for it is greater than life.

When you trust the cross, you cannot die. Those on earth have power for a time to take your earthly life, but they cannot take your life if you have embraced the cross. This will take place when His judgments come upon the earth. Those who are in unity will not only endure His judgments, but they will prosper because of them.

By this He will use His people to warn the earth. After the warnings, He will then use His people as a sign.

Because of the discord and conflict that arise in the darkness, the unity of His people will be a sign that the whole earth will see. His disciples will be known by their love, and love does not fear. Only true love can bring true unity. Those who love will never fall. True love does not grow cold, but true love does grow. Another man who looked almost exactly like Abel came and stood beside him.

He now rules in my place and your place. The earth was given to man, but the evil one has taken it. The authority I lost was restored by the cross. He will rule through mankind because He gave the earth to mankind. Those who live in your times will prepare the earth for Him to rule.

You must love the earth, and you must love life. My sin released the death that now flows as rivers upon the earth. Your love will release rivers of life. When evil reigns, death is stronger than life, and death prevails over life. When righteousness reigns, life prevails, and life is stronger than death. Soon the life of the Son of God will swallow up the death that was released through my disobedience.

It is not just living that you must love, but life. Death is your enemy. You are called to be a messenger of life. His judgments are to be desired. The whole world is groaning and travailing as it waits for His judgments, and when they come, the world will learn righteousness.

What He is about to do, He will do through His people, and His people will stand as Elijah in the last days. Their words will shut up the heavens or bring rain; they will prophesy earthquakes and famines, and they will come to pass; they will stop famines and earthquakes.

When they hold back armies, there will be peace. They will decide where He shows mercy and where He shows His wrath. They will have this authority because they will love, and those who love will be one with Him. What you will see through that door is to help prepare you for what He is about to do through His people. I also know the responsibility of authority. Because of the great authority that I was given, I am responsible for what has happened to the earth.

Peace will be taken from the earth, but you are called to help restore it. Peace prevails in heaven, and you are called to bring heaven to earth.

Those who abide in His presence will know peace and will spread peace. Times of trouble greater than have ever been known will begin to move across the earth like great waves of the sea. Even so, those who know Him will not be troubled.

Even the least of His little ones will be like a great fortress of peace that will stand through all that is coming. His glory will be revealed to His people first and then through them. Even the creation will recognize Him in His people and will obey them as it does Him. I used my authority to turn Paradise into a wilderness. The Lord will use His authority to turn the wilderness into Paradise again. This is the authority that He is giving to His people.

I used mine wrongly and death came. When His authority is used in righteousness, it will release life. Be careful how you use authority. With authority comes responsibility. You, too, can use it wrongly, but you will not do this if you love. Everything that is sown must be reaped, unless those who have sown evil call upon the cross in Spirit and truth. The army of the cross is about to be released, and it will march in the power of the cross, carrying the offer of mercy to all.

Those who reject the mercy of God have rejected life. When I walked with God, He taught me His ways.

The Call (Final Quest, #2) by Rick Joyner

As I walked with Him, I began to know Him. You must walk with God and learn of His ways. Your authority is His authority, and you must be one with Him in order to use it. The weapons of His army are not carnal—they are spiritual and much more powerful than any earthly weapons. Your most powerful weapons are truth and love. You will understand this as you walk with Him.

You will come to understand the Spirit that He has given to you to bring life and not death. There is a time to give men over to reap what they have sown, but you must do all things in obedience. Jesus came to give life. He does not desire for any to perish, and this must be your desire also. For this reason, you must even love your enemies if you are to be trusted with the authority that He wants to give to His people.

His people have prayed for more time, and He gave it to them. However, few have used it wisely. You have a little more time, but soon the time can no longer be delayed. The time is near when time itself will seem to speed up.

As it is written, when He comes, He will come quickly. However, you are not to fear the times. If you fear Him, you do not need to fear anything that is coming upon the earth. All of the evil that was sown in mankind is about to be reaped. Even so, the good that He has sown will also be reaped. Goodness is stronger than evil.

He walked the earth to destroy the works of the devil, and He will finish what He has begun. As Adam talked, I was captured by his grace and dignity. I began to wonder if he had possibly lived his whole life after the fall without sinning again because he seemed to be so pure.

Knowing my thoughts, he changed the subject briefly to answer them. Even though I had sinned, I was created to walk with God, and my desire was still for Him. I did not know the depths of sin that the following generations knew. As sin grew, life was shortened, but in every generation, those who walk with God touch the life that is in God.

Because Moses walked so closely with God, he would have lived on had the Lord not taken him. Enoch walked with Him so closely that the Lord had to take him as well. What we were on earth will remain a part of who we are forever.

I can look at all of the others here who are a part of the great cloud of witnesses and know much about their life on earth. My story is a part of the eternal gospel. My wife and I were the first to taste sin, and the first to see our children reap the consequences of disobedience.

We have beheld the death spread through each generation, but we have also beheld the cross and seen the victory over sin. During the times of the greatest darkness and evil that are about to come, His people will stand as a testimony for all time that He not only redeemed His people from sin, but He also removed sin from them. Through them, He will remove sin from the whole earth.

He will now display to the whole creation the power of His new creation. He did not come just to forgive sin, but to save mankind from sin, and He is returning for a people who are without stain from the world. This will come to pass in the most difficult of times. Even more have I loathed the sight of what has happened to the human mind. The philosophies of the human mind now filling the streams of human thought are as loathsome as the sewage filling the rivers. But the rivers of human thought will one day be pure again, just as the rivers of the earth.

By this, for all time to come, it will be proven that good is stronger than evil. He walked the earth as a man to show mankind how to live. He will now reveal Himself through His chosen ones to show them who they were created to be. This demonstration will not just come through power, but through love.

He will give you power because He is all powerful, and power is also a revelation of Him. Even so, He uses His power because of love and so must you. Even His judgments come because of love. When you send them forth, it must be because of love. Even His final judgment of the earth will be His final mercy.

I looked at Adam, Abel, Lot and Jonah as they stood together. I knew that it would take forever to understand the depths of the revelation of the great gospel of God that each of their lives represented. Righteous Lot could not save a city, while an unrighteous Jonah could. Like the four gospels, there seemed to be no end to the understanding that could be learned from them. This, too, was my call. I tried desperately to absorb every word these men had spoken to me.

Never had Wisdom said so much to me at once, yet I felt that every sentence was crucial, and I did not want to forget anything. I thought about how good it would be to have His words carved in stone like Moses and to carry the words of the Lord to His people in such a way that they could be preserved untainted by me. Again knowing my thoughts, Wisdom answered them.

You will write My words in a book and they will inspire My people. Even so, the true power of My words can only be seen when they are written in the hearts of My people.

Living epistles are more powerful than letters written on paper or stone. Because you are not writing Scripture, the words you write will have you in them. Even so, your books will be as I desire them to be because I prepared you for this task. They will not be perfect because perfection will not come to the earth until I come. For perfection, men will have to look to me. Even so, My people are the book that I am writing, and the wise can see Me in My people, and in their works.

I could have judged the world after My resurrection, but the course of the world was allowed to continue so that My righteous ones could be proven and the power of what I did on the cross would be seen in mankind.

I did this because of love. You are the witnesses of My love. This is My commandment to you: Love Me and love your neighbor. Only then will your witness be true. Even when I command you to speak of My judgments, it must be in love. My redemption is the demonstration of Our love, and the cross is the greatest love that the creation will ever know.

Even the angels who stand before My Father so love the story of redemption that they, too, long to dwell with men. They marveled when We made man in our image.

They marveled when men chose evil, even in the midst of the Paradise We had made for man. Now, because of redemption, the marred image of God is restored and is revealed even more gloriously in mankind. The glory is still in earthen vessels which makes the glory easier to see for those who have eyes to see. Through My new creation, we are making a new Paradise that is greater than the first Paradise.

Every man, woman and child that embraces My redemption is a book that I am writing which will be read forever. Through the new creation, We will also restore the former creation, and it will be a paradise again. I will restore all things, and all evil will be overcome with good. Until now, the world has wanted to read the book that the evil one has written about My church, but soon I will release My book. I will have many like Paul, John, Peter and the others. To prepare them, I AM sending many like John the Baptist who will teach them devotion to Me and lay the foundation of repentance in their lives.

These apostles will also be like John the Baptist. Because of this, I will use them to build highways through the wilderness and rivers through the deserts. They will bring down the high places and raise up the lowly. When you go through that door, you will meet them. They will love Me and walk with Me, even as Enoch did.

Each will be a pure well from which only living waters flow. At times, their water will be hot for cleansing; at times, it will be cold for refreshing. I will also give them lightening in one hand and thunder in the other. They will soar like eagles over the earth, but they will descend upon My people like doves because they will honor My family. They will come upon cities like whirlwinds and earthquakes, but they will give light to the meek and lowly. When you go through that door, you will also meet them.

I will give them a cup of joy that will never run out. They will heal the sick and cast out devils; they will love Me and love righteousness; they will carry their crosses every day, not living for themselves but for Me. Through them, the world will know that I live and that I have been given all authority and power. These are the fearless ones who will attack the gates of the enemy and raid the dark places of the earth, leading many to My salvation. These, too, are just beyond that door, and you will meet them.

These will feed My sheep because they love Me. They will care for each of My little ones as if they were their own, and they will lay down their own lives for My sheep.

Then the world will know Me. I have given these choice food to serve My household. These are the faithful ones that I will trust to watch over My own house.

These, too, are beyond that door, and you will meet them. They will know Me and teach My people to know Me. They will love the truth. They will not retreat before the darkness, but they will expose it and drive it back.

They will unstop the wells that your fathers dug, and serve the pure waters of life. They will also carry out the treasures of Egypt and use it to build My dwelling place.

You will meet these, too, just beyond that door. As the Lord spoke, I looked at the door. Now, for the first time, I wanted to go through it. Each word that He spoke brought a rising expectation in my heart, and I badly wanted to meet these last-day ministers.

I have brought you here to show you how to recognize them and help them on their way. Suddenly, I was standing in a large prison yard. There were huge walls such as I had never seen before. They extended for as far as I could see, hundreds of feet high and very thick. There were other fences and razor wire in front of the wall. Every few hundred feet there were guard towers along the top of the wall.

I could see guards in each one, but they were too far away for me to see much about them. It was grey, dark and dreary, which seemed to perfectly reflect the mass of people who stood in the prison yard. All over the yard, people sat in groups of their own kind. Old black men were in one group, young black men in another.

Old and young white men also stayed apart, and the women were also separated. With every race, this seemed to be the same.

Those with any distinguishing characteristic were separated, except for the youngest children. Between the groups, many people seemed to be milling around. As I watched, I could tell that they were trying to find their own identity by finding the group which they were the most like.

However, it was obvious that these groups did not let anyone join them easily. As I looked more closely at these people, I could see that they all had deep wounds and many scars from previous wounds. Except for the children, they all seemed to be nearly blind and could only see well enough to stay in their own group.

Even within their groups, they were constantly trying to see the differences that others might have. When they found even a small difference, they would attack the one who was different. They all seemed hungry, thirsty and sick. I approached an older man and asked him why they were all in prison. He looked at me in astonishment, declaring emphatically that they were not in prison, and why would I ask such a stupid thing.

What guards? I asked a young woman the same question and received the same response. I then realized that they were so blind that they could not even see the fences or the guards.

These people did not know that they were in prison. I decided to ask a guard why these people were in prison. As I walked toward the fences, I could see holes in them that would be easy to climb through.

When I reached the wall itself, I found it so irregularly built that it was easy for me to climb. Anyone could easily escape, but no one was trying because they did not know that they were captives. When I got to the top of the wall, I could see for a great distance and saw the sun shining beyond the walls. It did not shine in the prison yard because of the height of the wall and the clouds that hung over it.

I saw fires far off in the prison yard toward the end where the children were gathered. The smoke from these fires formed a thick cloud over the yard that turned what would have been just shade from the walls into a choking, dreary haze. I wondered what was burning. I walked along the top of the wall until I reached the guard post. I was surprised to find the guard dressed in a fine suit with a collar indicating that he was some kind of minister or priest. He was not shocked to see me, and I think he assumed that I was another guard.

That question shocked him, and I watched fear and suspicion come over him like a blanket. I am a minister of the gospel.

I am not their guard—I am their spiritual leader. Son, if you think your questions are funny, I am not laughing! As I walked away, I expected to hear shots at any moment. The man was so insecure I knew he would shoot before thinking if he felt threatened.

I could also tell that he was sincere. He really did not know that he was a guard. I walked along the wall until I felt I was a safe distance away and turned to look back at the minister.

He was pacing back and forth in his guardhouse, greatly agitated. I wondered why my questions disturbed him so much. It was obvious that my questions did not open him to seeing anything differently, but rather made him even more insecure and more deadly. As I walked, I felt a desperation to find out what was going on and I thought about how I could rephrase my questions so as not to offend the next guard I tried to talk to. As I approached the next guard house, I was again surprised by the appearance of the guard.

It was not another minister, but a young lady who was about 25 years old. What can I help you with? As I expected, this got her attention. I may be here the rest of my life. It must be interesting for you to consider spending the rest of your life doing it. It is my job to shape the philosophy and world view of these young minds.

What I teach them will steer them for the rest of their lives. What do you write? She seemed even more interested after this answer. What do you feel is the best way for this peace and security to be achieved?

We are together on this spaceship earth and we have to get along. Through education, we are helping deliver the masses from their caveman, tribal mentality to understand that we are all the same and that if we all do our part for Society, we will all prosper together.

The Final Quest & The Call

It is also interesting that all of the people down there are becoming even more divided and separated than ever. Do you think that it may be time to possibly modify your philosophy a bit? She looked at me in both amazement and agitation, but obviously not because she even considered for a moment that what I said was true.

Joyner the call pdf rick

It seems to me that the conflict between them is worse than ever. I could tell that my statements were like slaps in the face to this young lady. It was as if she just could not believe someone was even saying these things, much less believing that there was a chance there might be some truth to them. As I watched her, I could tell that she was so blind that she could barely see me.

She was in such a high tower that there was no way that she could see the people below. She really did not know what was going on, but sincerely thought that she could see everything.

If there are still people acting like beasts such as you described, we will change them, too. We will prevail. Mankind will prevail. She bristled even more at that statement, but before she could respond, two women appeared walking toward the door of the guard house along the top of the wall. One was a black woman who appeared to be in her fifties and the other was a very well-dressed white woman who was probably in her early thirties.

They talked with each other as they walked, and both appeared confident and dignified. I could tell that they could see, which is obviously how they reached the top of the wall.

To my surprise, the young school teacher grabbed her gun and stepped outside of the guardhouse to meet them, obviously not wanting these women to get any closer. She greeted them with a very superficial cheerfulness and an obvious air of superiority that she seemed to want to impress on them. To my surprise, the two women became timid and overly respectful of one who was so much younger. I was standing close by, amazed by this whole scene.

The teacher turned and looked at me nervously. I could tell that she was afraid I might say something to the women. As she fingered the gun, she demanded that I leave. The women looked up to see to whom she was talking, and I realized that they could not see me. Their fear had blinded them. I called out to the women, entreating them to have courage and believe what they felt in their heart. They looked in my direction as if they could only hear noise.

They were losing their ability to hear as well. Seeing this, the young teacher smiled. She then aimed her gun at me and blew a whistle. I felt as if she perceived me to be the most dangerous person alive. I knew that I could not wait for whoever she had called with her whistle. I also realized that if I just stepped back a little, I would be safe because this young teacher was so blind. I was right. I walked away with her screaming, blowing her whistle, and finally becoming so enraged that she began to shoot at the two women.

As I stood on top of the wall between two guard posts wondering about all of this, I felt the presence of Wisdom. I will be with you. Know that you have the vision to escape any trap or weapon. Only remember that fear can blind you.

As you walk in the faith that I am with you, you will always see the way to go. You must also be careful to only reveal your vision to those to whom I lead you.

Vision is what the guards fear the most. I know you want to ask me a lot of questions, but they will be better answered by the experiences you will have there. I climbed down and began to walk through the yard. As I passed by the prisoners, they seemed almost completely disinterested in me or all of the commotion on the wall. I then remembered that they could not see that far.

A young black man stepped into my path and looked at me with bright, inquisitive eyes. I can see. What else do you want to know about me that you do not already know? They would also be able to see, and they would tell us who we are and how we can escape from this prison.

I started to protest that I did not know who he was when I remembered what Wisdom had told me about those whom I would meet when I passed through the next door. He said that every soul who had ever been imprisoned was held captive here. He always told me the truth, so I believe this.

He could see better than anyone and seemed to know everyone here. It is strange, though. I have met others here who said that they have also met Wisdom, but they all described Him differently.

Some said that He was white and others said that He was a woman. I am afraid that He has left or maybe even died. I have been very discouraged since He departed.

My Vision even started getting worse until I saw you. As soon as I saw you, I knew that everything He told me was true. He said that you knew Him, too, so why are you asking me so much about Him?

And be encouraged, your Friend is not dead. I will tell you His real name, too, but first I must ask you a few questions. I can take you to some of them. I also know that you and the others are coming to help a lot of these other prisoners to see. I am surprised by one thing though. I never thought that the ones who came to help us see and be set free would be white. As I looked at Stephen to be sure he was listening, I was moved by how open and teachable he was, in striking contrast to the teacher who had been about his same age.

This man will be a true teacher, I thought as I continued. We will not judge others by appearances, but after the spirit. True peace will only come when we respect the distinctions we have. When we really know who we are, we will never be threatened by those who are different. When we are free, we are free to show those who are different from us honor and respect, always seeking to learn from one another, just as you are now doing with me. I understand. I am encouraged that you were able to recognize me in spite of the color of my skin.

But remember, every time we open our hearts to learn from those who are different, our vision will increase. Your eyes are already brighter than when we first met. Every day you must do that which will help to increase your vision. Stay away from the people and things that make you lose your vision.

Discouragement blinds. To know our purpose is one of the greatest ways that our vision grows. It is also one of our greatest defenses against things like discouragement which destroys vision. I think my main purpose here is to help you and the others whose vision is being restored to know their purpose. But first we need to talk about something even more important.

When Stephen spoke, I could hear the voice of Wisdom, so I knew that this young man had been taught by the Lord. I knew that I would need wisdom just to share the name of Wisdom. I thought about the apostles, prophets, evangelists, pastors and teachers that Wisdom said I would meet when I went through the door.

I never dreamed that I would meet them in a place like this. As I looked out over the great mass of people, I felt His presence. He was with me and even in the gloom of this terrible prison, excitement was welling up in me. This is what I have been prepared for, I thought. The treasure is everywhere and in almost every form. You are a treasure hunter.

Some of the greatest souls who ever lived are trapped here, and you will help find them and set them free. That is your next lesson.

You must also remember that you will always know your purpose in a situation by seeing with the eyes of your heart. What you see from your innermost being will always reveal your purpose. But you must be free before you can become who you were created to be. I also saw the holes in the fences and have gone through them. When I got to the wall, I tried several times to climb it, but fear would overcome me because I am afraid of heights. I also thought that if I got over the wall, I would be shot.

This seemed to really surprise Stephen, but I could also tell that it opened his eyes even more. Call them different worlds, or realms, if you will. There is one important principle that I have found to be true in every place, and you must remember it for the rest of your life. If you can see the top of the wall, you can get there. When you get to the top of the wall, you will be able to see farther than you have ever seen before.

You must keep going for as far as you can see. Never stop as long as you can still see farther. Is it safe? If you do not use your vision by walking in what you see, you will lose it. Then you will perish here. I can only tell you now that you have a great journey you must complete first.

At the end of your journey, you will find a door leading you back to this prison, just as I found. When you return, your vision will be so great that they will never be able to trap you here again. Your vision will also be great enough to see the treasure that is here. Stephen turned and looked again at the wall.

Is there something that will help my faith to grow as my vision increases? Faith comes from knowing who Wisdom really is.

You must know His true name. Just knowing His name will give you enough faith to get you over that wall to freedom. The better you get to know His name, the greater the obstacles and barriers you will be able to overcome on your journey. One day you will know His name well enough to move any mountain. Stephen looked at the ground, and then up in the air as disbelief seemed to come over him.

I watched as the struggle went on between his heart and his mind. Finally he looked at me again, and to my great relief, he still had hope in his eyes. I knew that he had listened to his heart. I also know that you are telling me the truth. But I have some questions. Can I ask them? In fact, they are some of the most bound people that I know here. I think that every case is different, but there are many who know His name, but do not know Him. Instead of drawing closer to Him and being changed by seeing Him as He is, they try to make Him into their image.

Knowing the name of Jesus is much more than just knowing how to spell it or say it. It is knowing who He really is. This is where true faith comes from. I continued. These are the ones who let the wounds or mistakes suffered on the journey turn them back. These have tasted freedom, but they returned to prison because of disappointments or failures.

You can easily recognize them because they are always talking about the past instead of the future. If they were still walking by their vision, they would not always be looking backward. If you are to fulfill your destiny, you cannot be overly discouraged or encouraged by others who use the name of Jesus.

We are not called to place our faith in His people, but in Him. Even the greatest souls will disappoint us at times because they are still human. Vision and faith can be restored, even in those who have become the most discouraged and disappointed. As a treasure hunter, this is your job. We cannot discard any human being—they are all treasures to Him. He never seemed to do much for our people.

He created all and He is the Lord of all. When you start to see Him as the God of any one group, you have greatly reduced who He is, and you have greatly reduced your own vision.

I watched silently as Stephen wrestled with many other things in his heart. I continued to feel the presence of Wisdom, and I knew that He could explain all things much better than I could.

Finally Stephen looked up at me, with the light shining brighter than ever in his eyes. I know what you are saying is true. I also know that He has sent you here to help me get started. What do. You already know His voice. He is your Teacher. He will speak to you through many different people, sometimes even through those who do not know Him. Be quick to hear and obey what He says.

Faith and obedience are the same. You do not have true faith if you do not obey, and if you have true faith you will always obey. That means that you will no longer live for yourself, but for Him. In the presence of Wisdom, you know the difference between what is right and what is wrong. When you come to know Wisdom, you will also understand what is evil.

You must renounce the evil that you have done in the past, as well as that which comes to tempt you in the future. You are called to be a soldier of the cross. When you embraced His name and the truth of who He is; when that great light came into your eyes; when the peace and satisfaction began to flood your soul just a few moments ago, you were born again and began a new life.

Wisdom has been speaking to you for sometime, guiding you and teaching you, but now He lives in you. He will never leave you again. But He is not your servant, you are His. This is also your call—to see Him more clearly and to follow Him more closely. That is what the journey is for. On your journey, you will learn about His name, and the power of the cross. When you have been trained, you will return here in that power, and you will help to set many of these captives free.

Sometimes I will have work to do here, and sometimes I will have work to do helping others on their journeys. I might meet you again out there where you are going. I am also still on my own journey. This is part of it. On your journey, there will be many doors that you must go through. You never know where they will lead. Some may bring you back here. Some doors may take you into the wilderness which all must travel through.

Some lead to glorious heavenly experiences, and it is tempting to always look for those doors, but they are not always the ones we need to help us fulfill our destiny.

Do not choose doors by their appearance, but always ask Wisdom to help you. Stephen turned his gaze upon the wall. I watched a smile appear. Hi, i am completely new to goodreads. How am i going to be able to read this book?

Somebody plz, help really appreciated! Thank you!

Call pdf joyner the rick

See 1 question about The Call…. Lists with This Book. Community Reviews. Showing Rating details. Sort order. Jun 14, Jasminfrank rated it it was amazing. This book changed my life. Nov 17, yoon rated it really liked it. This book had less of a shocking impact than the first one, but there were still such rich truths personified and illustrated in a manner that spoke straight to the heart.

To love deeply, to remain in humility, to build up the house of God, to seek Him actively, to see Him and His working through His people, and to behold His beauty. This cause This book had less of a shocking impact than the first one, but there were still such rich truths personified and illustrated in a manner that spoke straight to the heart.

This causes you to turn from the truth that is in Me and turn to the deception that is in your fallen nature. You can only measure your true success by how much more clearly you are able to behold the Lord, by how much better you know His voice, and by how much more you love the brethren. When you start to feel embarrassed, ti is because you are beginning to move in pride. Let the embarrassment be a warning that you have departed from wisdom.

Never let embarrassment control your actions. If it does, you will fall even further. Learn to embrace every opportunity to be humbled, knowing that I will then be able to trust you with more authority. As you began to really hear Me through My people just before you took off your cloak of humility , your eyes were opened to begin seeing My house as it is.

There is much more glory to be seen in it than how you can now behold. This is the door, but there is much more. When you return to the realm of your own time, this is what you must seek. This is what you must lead my people to. This is what you must fight for, and this is what you must help to build - My House. Oct 03, Ron rated it did not like it Shelves: Not among Joyner's best. When the reader is forced to choose between the Bible and Joyner's "vision," it's probably safer to stay with the Bible.

This is a continuation of the beautiful visions Wisdom gave to the author. Sometimes they are difficult to understand but they are all thought-provoking and compelling. May 23, Jeremy Steng rated it it was amazing. Riveting Read!!!! I turned open the first page, and could not put it down. The flow is this book was nothing like I have ever experienced. If I could place 10 Stars on here I would! Amazing step of Courage to share this with the world. I asked God 1 question 2 months prior to reading this.

In a specific chapter he answered my question and gave me full confirmation. This question I asked only God knew of this.

This book has shifted my perception of myself on a deeper level. The greatest lesson of Riveting Read!!!! The greatest lesson of all is love! I found it hard to listen to most of what this book was saying because i couldnt trust it as truth.

Its spoken as prophetic words about the future or how geaven works. I struggled in reading it but there were a few gems of wisdom i will hold on to. Maybe another day i would recieve more. I liked the first book much more because it flowed as a story and this one only did in a few chunks. Jun 10, Iliana Hdz rated it it was amazing. Excellent book. May 19, JSNL rated it really liked it. Very good book much relevant lessons full of divine revelation. Sep 19, Jess rated it it was amazing. The Call is book 2 in this series.

It's difficult to follow the Final Quest book 1 for starters, and even harder when you consider that Torch and the Sword book 3 was also better than the Call in my view.

That said, this was still a good book. May 17, Ragy Nekhela rated it really liked it. Great book. It can't be described. You must read it to understand all the meanings inside. I love that kind of books. It opens your mind for large meanings that we may have taken them for granted for a long time. Finished on 6 April Feb 27, Lauren Schwartz rated it it was amazing.

Follows after The Final Quest. Lots of insight into the importance of living for the Kingdom, as well as learning from others' past mistakes. I particularly enjoyed the tale of Stephen, and the myriad bits of wisdom contained therein. Dec 11, Bob George rated it liked it. This is the sequel, if you will, to the Final Quest. It was not as good as the original in my opinion. Mar 05, Sean rated it it was amazing.