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"Quando Éramos Mentirosos" de E. Lockhart Enter E. Lockhart's library and read online all his/her books. E. Lockhart is the author of many YA. Read all pages of Mentirosos - E. Lockhart. * Store on your device—view anytime, anywhere. * Enjoy millions of documents, books and audiobooks. We Were Liars book. Read reviews from the world's largest community for readers. A beautiful and distinguished family.A private island.A brillia.

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View eBook Eramos Mentirosos By E Lockhart EPUB KINDLE PDF EBOOK. (c) - page 1 of 7 - Get Instant Access to PDF File: Eramos Mentirosos By . Quando Éramos Mentirosos (Portuguese Edition) [E. Lockhart] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. A família Sinclair parece g: livro | Must include: livro. Emily Lockhart is the author of eight YA novels including the bestselling We Were Liars and The Disreputable History of Frankie Landau-Banks, a Michael L.

Ela fecha o livro. Not me.. O cabelo. Books by E. O cabelo branco sobressai como nuvens ao redor das orelhas. Her talking about love nearly made me put the book down. Tipper beijou seu rosto sardento.

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Lockhart Author Sarah Mlynowski Author Bad Girls E. The Main Character: You think you understand the world so much better than I do. She's beautiful, but wounded, and "mysterious" and revered, just for the sake of her blood alone, for the sake of her family's name alone.

Think about it. If you were a Kennedy, it doesn't matter if you look like an elephant stepped on your head when you were born. People are still going to love you and worship you and whisper your name with reverence because you're a motherfucking Kennedy. It's this way with the Sinclairs, only there's no paparazzi following them around. All of the benefits, and no family curse. But somehow Cadence finds a way to be a rebel-without-a-cause anyway.

She's rich. She's hypocritical about her wealth because she criticizes her own fucking family for being wealthy. She does stupid shit like give things away to random people because she can. Before the summer is over, Cadence's room will have been empty because she keeps giving shit away for no fucking reason. Cadence is unaware of others. She is spoiled. She takes her wealth for granted.

She doesn't pay any attention to "the help. Steamed clams, potatoes, and sweet corn. The staff made it. I'm sorry, but I can't sympathize with such a whiny person who's completely unaware of how privileged she is, headaches be damned. Paulo is the gardener. And my penance is to become the monster he always saw in me.

He is Indian-American. Gat Patil. He is the nephew of her aunt's boyfriend, and they've known each other for years. He is self-aware. Too self-aware in the pretentious way that teenagers can often be, but his character feels authentically teenaged.

I liked him. He is accepted into The Liars, but he's not altogether accepted in the family. Because of his skin color, because of his lack of family money, he feels left out. And I can sympathize with him. And I wonder why the fuck he cares about a waste of air like Cadence. View all comments. Jul 18, Lola rated it did not like it Recommends it for: Don't bother. But really, what a weird story and an uncomfortable and pretentious atmosphere this We Were Liars book has. Why were they called Liars anyway?

Why are they supposed to be so special? Because some of them are rich? So what? Did it annoy you? How I just wrote what I wrote? If it did, this is not the book for you. At least, not for me. The pacing is uneven and the story very repetitive. Again with the subject, is it mainly about So confusing The love story, by the way, is so so so dull.

This is all because of the hype… Oh, the hype was there. But we all know hype lies and loves doing it. He '' Thrilling, beautiful, and blisteringly smart, We Were Liars is utterly unforgettable. Except, it was boring. I wish I could burn it. This was, without a doubt, one of the most powerful and well-crafted books I have read in a really long time. Elements that made this book outstanding: Talk about setting yourself up for success!

E. lockhart pdf mentirosos

This might not make sense unless you've read the book, but wow it was powerful. I was always questioning ev This was, without a doubt, one of the most powerful and well-crafted books I have read in a really long time. I was always questioning everything. You know when an author brings in an epic moment-stopping line? This was full of those awesome drops! Everything suddenly clicked into place and it was glorious.

I think sometimes side characters can feel inconsequential and here they felt really important. There weren't very many things I didn't like, to be honest, but there was one: It does't make sense to me. I don't want to say anything in case spoilers, but I don't think it's the perfect title. Two final things: I have a theory about this book that I'm really excited to discuss so I'm going to make a video about it!

Like explode cry. Lots of tears.

And I've only ever cried at 2 other books. View all 67 comments. Jeffrey I love this book Jan 28, Henity You said pretty much all I wanted to say. Gat and Cady's relationship hit home for me.

Great review. Apr 12, Nov 07, Wendy Darling rated it did not like it Shelves: We were tedious. View all 61 comments. View all 32 comments.

Nov 18, Emily May rated it liked it Shelves: It's true what they're saying: So I will just say two things. Even though I only gave it 3 stars. The fact that it got 3 stars after annoying me so much will hopefully give you some indication of how much I liked the idea. It's a very clever book and an incredibly sophisticated piece of YA. The writing was too choppy and fragmented and I hated the frequent use of nouns as adjectives. Like this: Skin deep brown, hair black and waving.

Body wired with energy. Gat seemed spring-loaded. Like he was searching for something.

He was contemplation and enthusiasm. Ambition and strong coffee. I could have looked at him forever. View all 68 comments. It's been awhile since I have so totally hated a book. I'm surprised at how varied the feelings on here about this book are I still love them Let's get to why I hated this so very frigging much. The main character is a twit Welcome to the beautiful Sinclair family.

No one is a criminal. No one is an addict. No one is a failure. The Sinclairs are athletic, tall and handsome. That's actually the good part o It's been awhile since I have so totally hated a book. That's actually the good part on her family. In some parts of the book the author tries and make the character act like she has redeeming qualifications-but then a short few pages later I just want to smash her again. The writing style: Good grief.. I thought it was only going to last for a few pages.

Tell him the ones from the Boston house. The cream ones with the embroidery. And later, I told her I had.

But Bess has asked Mirren to do the same thing, and neither one of us begged Granddad for the fucking tablecloths. Then that lovely twist of an ending: I'm probably going to hell for this but don't click if you gonna whine She would be seeing dead people cuz that head of her's was fucking empty of anything else.

Cady the main character keeps talking about bleeding.. Did she cut or was that just supposed to be a metaphor or some crap? Now after reading this crap I need: And lastly.. GO suck monkey ass.. Courtney I completely agree with this review! Nov 30, I especially appreciated the gifs- huge Amy Poehler fan- and how fitting t I just finished We Were Liars, it was okay, but I enjoyed this review more! I especially appreciated the gifs- huge Amy Poehler fan- and how fitting they were.

Ever considered writing a book? Tragic, yet hauntingly beautiful story. View all 7 comments. People who like mind fucks. Recommended to Steph by: I went into We Were Liars one cocky son of a biscuit eater, feeling above it all right from page one. All the while, I was sitting on the sidelines with my shades on, posted up with my arms folded, saying, "Yeah, yeah, yeah.

Hot potato. I even had an ARC sitting on my shelf for the long I went into We Were Liars one cocky son of a biscuit eater, feeling above it all right from page one.

I even had an ARC sitting on my shelf for the longest time, but due to a lot of the hype, I kept putting it off. I highly value her opinion when it comes to books, because we almost always agree. So when I happened to get my hands on the audiobook, I thought, "What the hell? I was supposed to read and review this anyway, right?

I can see how the fragmented sentences could be a pain to read, but this might be one of those cases where it sounds better out loud. That being said, I if you haven't read this book, possibly check out the audio version first. It felt like a really random story about a rich, white girl and her white girl problems, crying her white girl tears and I felt myself unsure about what the point of it all was.

But somewhere along the lines, I started to become intrigued with the story because it became this strange, wild thing that I couldn't piece together. Lockhart uses a very odd narration with fragmented sentences and strange descriptions, but I thought it was beautiful and unique.

It added a very creepy layer on top the the existing oddness. It makes you question the main character, her account of the incident and the entire book. She's not very reliable and has the habit to cut off mid-sentence. I'm not sure if that was used as a way to distract the reader or if it was to used to make us question her sanity. Maybe a little bit of both.

E. lockhart pdf mentirosos

Either way, it worked on me. As things started to heat up and I reached the cusp of the climax, the narrator's voice increased in intensity. She began talking faster, became very emotional, then suddenly on the verge of tears!

By the end, I was all: I know this review might not be the most helpful in the world, but it's true what everyone says about We Were Liars. You should absolutely go in blind, with no expectations and let this book take your feels as it sees fit. If you are a fan of psychological thrillers like Stephanie Kuehn's Charm and Strange or Complicit , than this one may be up your alley.

I'll be here to hold you when you're finish. More reviews and other fantastical things at Cuddlebugery. View all 52 comments. Mar 01, karen rated it liked it Shelves: View all 73 comments. So yeah, I just decided to read it and hoped it would be good and looking at it in retrospective this actually was the best decision I could have made!

And I want you all to scream: And before you ask, yes I screamed it loud and clear!!! XD Meet the Liars: She is curiosity and rain.

He is effort and snark. Skin deep borwn, hair black and waving. It was a really nice and fast read and it definitely exceeded my expectations. Truth be told, it completely messed with my mind. I do not suffer fools.

I like a twist of meaning. View all 60 comments. Sep 27, Miranda Reads rated it it was ok Shelves: Cadence and her family spend every summer on a private island, courtesy of her racist and classist grandfather. All of her aunts constantly vie for the grandfather's attention and favor in an attempt to keep ahold of the family fortune.

Cadence and her cousins consider themselves above such petty actions and spend most summers making trouble, being rich and taking advantage of the liquor bar.

Then, two summers ago, something terrible and tragic happens. Everyone knows but Candace And she's bound and determined to find out, one way or another. I don't want to go into too much depth with the plot because I strongly feel that by giving away the twist even hints at the twist would completely ruin the novel. The twist was literally the only thing that kept me going. Candace ooo, that girl This chick literally goes to a private island every summer I guess I understand why the author does this, by the end of the novel, I felt so bad for this poor little girl, who only could go to a single island every summer.

Honestly, I don't know how she could handle it. I suppose she did have one, overarching hobby: I'm not kidding. Her only hobby is waxing poetic about how how in love she is. And this is not normal love, this is YA love shudders. Which is a whole other class of adoration.

There's this: The universe was good because he was in it. Her talking about love nearly made me put the book down. In typical YA fashion, she is more in love with the idea of being love than feeling any emotion. Just her whining on and on about how much she loves the boy OR about how her rich family. Audiobook Comments The reader did her best with what she was given. Blog Instagram Twitter View all 40 comments.

Its quiet calamity. The suspense is painted on rather thickly, which is not to say that readers will not form an accurate theory early on. The plot introduces itself in a vague manner and slowly unravels. I found that the messages held more power than the characters delivering them—the sum was definitely greater than its parts.

Which fit the tone nicely. This review may seem just as ambiguous as the story itself, but it must be if you wish to obtain the full effect of its delivery. I will say this, however: We Were Liars is a haunting portrayal of a group of teenagers who have formed a sacred bond; each one striving to be free and longing for acceptance.


They consider love more important than social and economic stature, and are displeased with the prejudices surrounding their world. They are young. They are passionate. They are imperfect. They each suffer their own personal injustice. And this is their story. What if we could somehow stop being the Beautiful Sinclair Family and just be a family? What if we could stop being different colors , different backgrounds, and just be in love?

The story is told through the voice of a confused, emotional, and dejected eighteen year old girl—and the writing remained consistent with her distinctive perspective.

It was poetic and profound—drifting in as a gentle breeze and building to the swirling force of a hurricane. It may not knock your socks off, but it certainly took my breath away. She made me act normal. Because I was. Because I could. She told me to breathe and sit up. To readers who can accept the bittersweet circumstances of life displayed within their fiction. This is not a character-driven novel.

The story shines brighter. I don't think I ever fully connected with any character at all--and the fact that I was moved to tears by the finish is what made this a five-star read for me. Someone once wrote that a novel should deliver a series of small astonishments. I get the same thing spending an hour with you. Its haunting tone, as well. A truly addictive, out-of-the-box read!

Book Stats: Simple yet profound. First person: But somewhat I like the premise, it's enticing; who doesn't want to read about the fragile cloistered lives of insular rich white people who summer on their own private island? I guess? Jan 21, Sana rated it did not like it Shelves: I love the writing style. It wasn't confusing at all!

It was totally not annoying! I loved the characters. They were so complex and not bland at all. They definitely didn't want to make me want to shoot myself in the head! I knew what was going on and I enjoyed this story a lot! The ending was just beautiful. Literally all I can ask for! Dec 22, Nick rated it really liked it Shelves: I liked this book,you can see it by my rating, but I don't feel it ended right.

I am not saying it was a bad ending, not at all, I enjoyed it, but there was no justice. Beside the summary, I like the writing style, it was rich and beautiful and I would recommend this book to readers out there. It's a very dark book and I assure you that you will find it very interesting. View all 11 comments. Nov 09, Kierra rated it it was amazing. View all 9 comments. View all 30 comments. Jun 05, Christine Riccio rated it really liked it.

It's better the less you know about it! I just posted my full booktalk! View all 24 comments. Mar 28, Candace rated it really liked it Shelves: I went into 'We Were Liars' blind, for the most part. It had been sitting on my Audible shelf for so long that I had long-since forgotten what it was supposed to be about. Sometimes, I get it in my head that a book is going to be about something, when it absolutely has nothing to do with it.

God only knows where I get these ideas, but I do. As a result, I often find myself being surprised by the content of the stories I read without re-reading the blurbs. This was one of those times. Note to oth I went into 'We Were Liars' blind, for the most part. Note to other readers: This book has nothing to do with WWII. Where do I even get these ideas? Instead, 'We Were Liars' tells the story of four young teens. They spend the summer together on Beechwood Island, a private island owned by the Sinclair family.

Needless to say, the Sinclair family is filthy rich. The story is centered on Cadence, the oldest granddaughter of Mr. She is her grandfather's favorite.

Along with her cousins, she has spent many a summer on her grandfather's island, getting into trouble and taking her privilege for granted.

mentirosos e lockhart pdf to word

One summer, her Aunt's boyfriend brings along his nephew, Gat. He has lost his own father and his uncle has taken Gat under his wing, so to speak.

Despite the obvious differences in race and financial standing, Gat becomes good friends with Cadence and her cousins. Together, they come to be known as "The Four Liars". Cadence and Gat soon become inseparable.


He makes her think about life and the wrongs of the world. He brings depth to her pampered existence, prompting thought on topics such as race and social standing. It was young love.