Metal detector circuit pdf

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Metal detector is very common devices for checking the person in shopping The LC circuit is nothing but inductor and capacitor which is connecter in parallel. metal detector it can now be determined beforehand whether there are metal Position all parts on the PCB (Printed Circuit Board) as shown on the drawings. Read this post to get good idea about circuit diagram of metal detector. Metal detector is used to check the persons in shopping malls, hotels.

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The aim of this project was to create a circuit that was capable of detecting metal. It had to be battery powered and use a commonly available and understood. Later, I built various different metal detectors from plans published in electronics magazines. search coil as part of its resonant circuit. Its frequency depends. A metal detector consists of an oscillator. (a transmitter) with an LC resonant circuit. Metal objects The calculations of the circuit is really quite complicated - but.

This robotic vehicle is controlled by an android application. They are basically coils left in air. A simple metal detector circuit diagram project is designed using IC , as you can see in the timer circuits , these circuits detect the metals and magnets. Pls send components details And also video. Could we replace the speaker with and LED instead?

This value is much more than the air cored one of the same size and shape. So if the inductance value changes the value of reactance or impedance changes.

The figure shows the circuit diagram of metal detector.

The capacitor between pin2 and pin1 should not be changed as it is need to generate audible frequencies. In the circuit there is an RLC circuit formed by 47K resistor, 2.

This RLC circuit is the metal detection part. Now as mentioned earlier in previous section, a metal core inductor has a high inductance value over a air cored one. With this sudden increase in inductance of coil the overall reactance or impedance of the RLC circuit changes by a considerable amount when compared without the metal piece. At first when there is no metal piece the signal fed to speaker causes some audible sound.

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Now with the reactance change around the RLC circuit the signal sent to speaker will no longer be the same as before, because of this the sound produced by the speaker will be of different to the first one. You can also check this Arduino based metal detector. Its not 2. Its micro u not milli m. And yes the value shouldn't be changed. The circuit is present in the description.

Detector circuit pdf metal

What to do to increase it's sencitivity so that it can be used in various industries? Would you plz help me to make it.. Can I change the speaker to motor or solenoid? It's nice but the speaker turns always on. It will be fine if the speaker turns off when there are no metal near inductor coil and the speaker Turns on when a metal brought near inductor.

Metal Detector Circuit Diagram and Working

How to increase its range? Can u help me out with design Steps? How to choose the values of R, L, C and inductance? I now understand the concept behind metal detectors. Can anyone help me? I didn't connect this circuit, although I have question: Output Frequency of changes, when we bring Metal near to the coil, so sound of Speaker changes according to the frequency.

What transformer should be used so that it connects directly in the power source?

Metal Detector Circuit

You can try having 9v or 5v of regulated DC power supply form the 1A transformer. Video is already given, please check at the end of the Article. No of Turns and diameter are important in the coil, so use it as suggested in the article. Use the coil as mentioned. What is the function of 10 micro farad capacitor here?? I m doing this project in my collage. I will build the circuit and examine it under oscilloscope and if there is time I will publish results here Yes hossameddeen, please share the results of you findings when you are done: I used all the above components but the circuit is not working.

Why there is a continuous sound occuring.

Because timer is generating a square wave which is causing the sound and bringing metal near to it will change the frequency of that square wave hence the sound will also change. How can we find the frequency generated by IC in this circuit? Please inform me because I'm in great need of it.

Pdf metal detector circuit

Can anyone tell me how much does each components cost? Whats are the voltage of capacitor.

Metal detector circuit diagrams and projects

I can't find inductance in my country My country stops import it What should I do? You can build it easily using copper wire. I am a hobbyist of metal detecting. Metal Detectors detect the presence of metals. There are different types of metal detectors like hand held metal detectors, walk through metal detectors and ground search metal detectors. Metal detectors can be created easily and the circuit for a basic metal detector is not that complex. In this project, we have designed a simple DIY type Metal Detector Circuit using very simple components that can be used in our homes and gardens.

The following image shows the circuit diagram for the metal detector circuit. It can be used detect metal objects by detecting the slight changes in the high frequency Eddy current losses.

The changes in supply current will determine the output signal i. If it is available in the market, go ahead and make this fun project. We will try to update if any similar IC is available. If you find any Proximity Detector ICs, please mention it in the comments section.

Coil Inductor: We have taken a 30 AWG Copper wire for this project. It is then wound in to a coil using a 5. The coil consists of — turns. There are three main parts in the metal detector circuit: The coil and the capacitor C1, which are connected in parallel, will form the LC circuit.

Circuit metal pdf detector

The Proximity sensor will then turn on the led and produces alarm using buzzer. LC Circuit: LC circuit has inductor and capacitor connected in parallel. This circuit sarts resonating when there is same frequency material near to it.

The LC circuit charges capacitor and inductor alternatively. When the capacitor is charged fully ,charge is applied to inductor. Inductor starts charging and when charge across the capacitor is nil, it draws charge from the inducutor in reverse polarity. Then inductor charge is reduced and again the process repeats.

Note inductor is a magnetic field storage device and capacitor is electric field storage device. Proximity Sensor: The proximity sensor can detect the objects with out any physical interference. The proximity sensor will work same as infrared sensor, proximity also release a signal, it will not give output unless and until there is no change in the reflected back signal. If there is a change in signal it will detect and give the output accordingly. There are different proximity sensors for example to detect plastic material we can use capacitive type proximity and for metals we should use inductive type.

When the LC circuit detects any resonating frequency from any metal which is near to it, electric field will be created which will lead to induces current in the coil and changes in the signal flow through the coil.

Variable resistor is used to change the proximity sensor value equal to the LC circuit, it is better to check the value when the coil is not near any metal object. When the metal is detected, the LC circuit will have changed signal. The changed signal is given to the proximity detector TDA , which will detect the change in the signal and react accordingly. The output of the proximity sensor will less than 1mA when there is no metal detected and it will be around 10mA usually greater than 8mA when coil is near to the metal.

When the output pin is high, the resistor R3 will provide positive voltage to transistor Q1. Q1 will be turned on and LED will glow not shown in the circuit and buzzer will be activated. I am confused at the bobbin inductor part!!