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PDF | The purpose of writing this book entitled “INNOVATIVE ENGINEERING Mechanical Engineering Design of a Compressed Air Car. This page contains a big list of Mechanical Engineering projects,Automobile engineering projects with full report in pdf and word for final year Diploma. Student can Download project on various mechanical topics like Automobile Engineering,Production Engineering,Plant List Of Mechanical Engineering Major & Minor projects with complete reports in PDF, DOC, PPS, PPT or ZIP formats.

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mechanical engineering project for college students, mechanical projects list, mini project for mechanical engineering in pdf, innovative. Explore Mechanical Projects Pdf| Mechanical Projects Topics, 's of Mechanical Engineering Projects, Mini Final Year Automobile Projects. Best Mech topics for fabrication and auto, aeronautical projects. . simple mechanical engineering projects for final year students, mechanical mini projects pdf.

Mech — Pneumatic Autofeed Punching Machine. Unknown - October 14th, at 3: Latest projects based on composite materials with testing and reports. Anonymous - October 7th, at 4: Main emphasis was givenin designing a simple dryer to be made from locally available materials and different products or materials are dried like cereals,legumes, condiments, fruites, vegetables, meat and fish mostly in open air or under shade. Download this Mechanical Engineering Project with report for Free.

This machine is best for farmer or a gardener. Your email address will not be published. This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. Learn how your comment data is processed. Steering System projects For Mechanical Engineers. Spread the love. Browse More Posts related to above topics: Anonymous - March 13th, at 3: Manas Chauhan - April 11th, at Mohamed Idson - April 27th, at Unknown - June 22nd, at I want project report on electromagnetic hydraulic crane Reply. Unknown - July 15th, at 2: Tushar Bhagwat - July 15th, at 2: Anonymous - July 26th, at 3: Niteesh Yelke - August 14th, at 8: Anonymous - September 3rd, at I want project on Rotating Information Board.

Prajwal Bhandaribettu R - September 14th, at I want to know how to do Fabrication of quick lifting jack with gear arrangement Reply.

Prem Kumar Naidu - September 23rd, at 5: Provide me information about single wheel bike balancing and motor control Reply.

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Anonymous - October 7th, at 4: Want to fabricate solar tracker using water drip mechanism Reply. Unknown - October 14th, at 3: I want a topic that is not too expensive that I can be handle by one person Reply. Daniel Dammy - November 21st, at 2: JyothiPrakash Joga - December 1st, at Ahmed Ali - May 2nd, at 3: Anonymous - September 4th, at 4: Sir, just suggestion of simple project topic in my m.

Pushpendra patel - October 30th, at 4: I want synopsis of design and optimisation of helical spring of rectangular wire. Sankar - November 29th, at 6: I want failure project list for mechanical engineering Reply. Nketsiah Samuel - April 4th, at Please can anyone help me with evaporative cooling system for vegetables tomatoes Reply. Daksh shah - June 13th, at 6: These concecetrates have to be separted in order to generate metal produse that exhibit sufficient purities for the utilisation as secondary raw materials.

Mechanical Engineering Project, Magnetic Seperator. Download Report. A submersible pump is a device which has motor close-coupled to the pump body. The whole assembly is submerged in the fluid to be pumped. The main advantage of this type of pump is that it prevents pump cavitations, a problem associated with a high elevation difference between pump and the fluid surface.

Submersible pumps push fluid to the surface as opposed to jet pumps having to pull fluids. Submersible pumps are found in many applications. Single stage pumps are used for drainage, sewage pumping, general industrial pumping and slurry pumping. They are also popular with aquarium filters.

Multiple stage submersible pumps are typically lowered down a borehole and used for water abstraction, water wells and in oil wells. Download this Mechanical engineering project with complete report. They do it using a device called an oil water separator.

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Its really pretty simple. Water is heavier than oil so oil will rise to the top. That's the reason you can see the oil spill on the water in the gulf right now. If you have a container with a bottom drain and you fill it with a water and oil mixture the oil will float to the top and you drain the water from the bottom. Up to the present day a large number of significant marine oil spills had devastation consequences for the maritime and coastal environment followed by economical disasters for the local fishing industry and tourism.

The risk of further oil spills is present every day.


In these operating systems of the oil recovery fleet and their operational limitations are discussed. Basically all recovery systems can be assigned to four basic working principles. Before converting raw materials to a finished product we need an accurate design of the product and also data required for manufacturing.

If the design is not accurate then defects will occur in the manufactured product; small mistakes in designing a product makes the manufactured product useless so more amount time is allotted for designing a new product or for modifying the existed design.

A progressive die is a multiple station die. In this work authors have designed a progressive die which has two stages of operation. The former operation is piercing and is followed by blanking. In both operations a finite volume of metal is removed from the sheet metal. If the final product happens to be removed portion then the operation is blanking, on other hand if pierced sheet metal is the final product then the operation is piercing.

Both the operations are performed simultaneously in a single stroke of press, thus enabling the user to obtain the final product in a single stroke. This design procedure can also be extended for manufacturing washers for M-series bolts by modifying the punch and die plate dimensions.

Abrasive Jet Machining AJM or Micro Blast Machining is a non-traditional machining process, wherein material removal is effected by the erosive action of a high velocity jet of a gas, carrying fine-grained abrasive particles, impacting the work surface.

The process is particularly suitable to cut intricate shapes in hard and brittle materials which are sensitive to heat and have a tendency to chip easily. As Abrasive jet machining AJM is similar to sand blasting and effectively removes hard and brittle materials.

AJM has been applied to rough working such as debarring and rough finishing. With the increase of needs for machining of ceramics, semiconductors, electronic devices and L. Our project report deals with various experiments which were conducted to assess the influence of abrasive jet machining AJM process parameters on material removal rate and diameter of holes of glass plates using various types of abrasive particles.

Mechanical EngineeringRoom

The experimental results of the present work are used to discuss the validity of proposed model as well as the other models. With the increase in nozzle tip distance NTD , the top surface diameter and bottom surface diameter of hole increases as it is in general observation of abrasive jet machining process. As the pressure increases, the material removal rate MRR is also increased. The present study has been introduced a mathematical model and the obtained results have been compared with that obtained from the theoretical.

Pressure vessel is leak proof vessels which have a function as container Contain or separate hydrocarbon compound to gas and liquid Main part of pressure vessel is a cylindrical shell and head which is supported by saddle. Which on its operation, pressure vessel get much kind of loads, like internal pressure, loads because of itself weight and fluid weight.

Loads that are occurred, it will be variation stress on vessel wall. The aim of this final project report is to obtain position and value maximum stress on pressure vessel. Material strength of horizontal pressure vessel is also obtained from maximum stress that is occurred Location of maximum stress on shell part is occurs on middle of saddle edge and Location of maximum stress on head occurs on curve region.

By using Failure analysis, material can be concluded in the save condition. But, conventional heat exchangers with segmental baffles in shell-side have some shortcomings resulting in the relatively low conversion of pressure drop into a useful heat transfer. Mechanical Engineering Project,Heat Exchanger. Extrusion Process In general, extrusion is used to produce cylindrical bars or hollow tubes or for the tarting stock for drawn rod, cold extrusion or forged products.

Most metals are hot extruded due to large amount of forces required in extrusion.

Engineering projects list pdf mechanical

Complex shape can be extruded from the more readily extrudable metals such as aluminum. Similar to forging, lower ram force and a fine grained recrystallised structure are possible in hot extrusion. However, better surface finish and higher strengths strain hardened metals are provided by cold extrusion.

Complete project report for production engineering. Different commodities are dried locally using different methods including natural drying in open area, solar drying. Different solar dryer designs can be found in various parts of india and a suitable design can be selected for the prototype depending on the type of drying contents, climatic condition, etc. Open air drying was reported as most common method of drying agro-commodities.

The purpose of this project was to study, design, fabricate and test a solar cabinet type of dryer for drying mango. Main emphasis was givenin designing a simple dryer to be made from locally available materials and different products or materials are dried like cereals,legumes, condiments, fruites, vegetables, meat and fish mostly in open air or under shade. A prototype dryer was designed for 1kg of mango slices to be dried by means of direct solar heat in conjunction with an auxiliary heater.

Processed mangoes enable exporters to serve their market even during off season period for fresh mangoes. Having gained the confidence on the dryer performance, detailed tests were conducted to study the effects of drying modes. From performance and graphs it is seen that the percentage moisture removal desired at the design stage was achieved.

This is a one of the best project developed to help farmers using concept of mechanical engineering. Mechanical Engineering Project,Solar Dryer. Company has a various machine tool for machining process. The Mechanical paver machine was construction on road whenever the dumper continuos to supplay the great and paver machine goes on road and layer by layer constructed the road.

When some variable load on paver machine by dumper great. The hydraulic cylinder has misalignment in rare case the machine was out of his road line and transfer the other road line.

So road was not properly constructed. So we decided, we are study whole hydraulic cylinder and design modification and resist the failure of hydraulic cylinder.

Inspection, Periodic cleaning, Ram and cylinder maintenance. Cyilnder block replace, If material faults so changed the material, Treating surface for ram and cylinder, Using a good lubricating and modification its design so we are minimize this problem.

Mechanical Engineering Project,Hydraulic Cylinder.

Projects pdf engineering mechanical list

Spanner tool system is am improved and advanced technology that has brought about revolution in the automobile industry. Today all the automobile companies using it as their unique selling point. The primary function of the spanner tools system is a maximum use in automobile industries as make of different type of vehicle.

Our project is result of intense research and study of the various spanner tools, it consist of a working model that the demonstrates the whole concept of the working of spanner tool system in automobile.

The project includes designing, manufacturing and analysis of spanner tools system.

Pdf list engineering mechanical projects

The peculiarity about our project is that, we have tried to implement spanner in simple mechanical system and the thus we have made an attempt to demonstrate the concept of spanner tools system in the simplest manner possible. The whole system is designed by us per our understanding and is not just copied from any existing designed.

The components and the mechanism used here are totally different from the conventional spanner tools system. However we have made all the effort possible to bring its working as close as possible to the actual one. During the shearing process, an upper blade and a lower blade are forced past each other with the space between them determined by a required offset.

Normally, one of the blades remains stationary. Its ability to make straight- line cuts on flat stock Metal placement between upper and lower shear blades.