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ORGANIZED TO DO JEHOVAH'S WILL " lb do your will, O my God, 1 have For this reason, this unauthorized copy was produced digital PDF format for. Organized to Do Jehovah's Will - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf), Text File . txt) or read book online. Organized to Do Jehovah's Will. File; File history; File usage. ( 0 × 0 pixels, file size: KB, MIME type: application/pdf.

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Organized to Do Jehovah's Will. Text Publication download options Organized to Do Jehovah's Will · PDF · EPUB · JWPUB · Screen Reader (RTF) · Notetaker. ; ) It was none other than Jesus who foretold that his followers. CHAPTER 1. Organized to Do Jehovah's Will. 6. ORGANIZED TO DO JEHOVAH'S WILL. "organized to do jehovah's will". pdf download (1mb) via secure anonymous piggyback link.

Certainly no overseer could measure up perfectly to the high standard set forth in the Bible. When all in the congregation attend the Service Meeting regularly. If there are not enough ministerial servants to care for some of these responsibilities. How these exciting reports must have impelled them to move ahead with their divinely commissioned work. They were to represent the Most High God! This means that they need to study the assigned material carefully to determine what the principal points of instruction are and how to handle them so that the brothers will understand and remember them.

John 1: O Jehovah. The riches and the glory are on account of you. Jesus Christ occupies an elevated position in the heavens. He saw Jehovah on a glorious throne accompanied by angelic creatures who proclaim: Yours is the kingdom..

Regarding him and his superior position. John's vision means that at the head of the heavenly part of Jehovah's organization is Jehovah God on his throne. Jesus Christ. It is the fact that we are motivated by and clothed with love. For I am as good as brought to silence. God "subjected all things under his feet. Isaiah was awestruck and humbled when he grasped the scope of Jehovah's organization.

Jehovah of armies. When we take time to contemplate these features of the heavenly part of Jehovah's organization. The prophet Daniel saw in vision the Ancient of Days on His throne and angels numbering "a thousand thousands that kept ministering to him. This resplendent vehicle pictures the invisible part of Jehovah's organization.

The question we must ask ourselves is. He rides this chariot in the sense of benevolently dominating it and using it according to his purpose. Isaiah's reaction was: Send me.

Jehovah does not let his organization go in any direction that it might be inclined to go. Ezekiel 1: Each wheel of this chariot has a wheel inside it —one of the same diameter that fits crosswise into the base wheel.

Jehovah is pictured as riding on a colossal celestial chariot. We strive to demonstrate our confidence in Jehovah's organization today. Only in this way can the wheels be said to "go on their four respective sides. As the organization moves forward.

Recognizing and appreciating Jehovah's organization motivates his people in a similar way. So we must be alert to the importance of making the best use of the spiritual and material assets that Jehovah has entrusted to us in order to accomplish his work. Jehovah himself will bless his people with peace. With the help of Jehovah's organization. Remember that the Rider of this celestial chariot is Jehovah.

As we keep pace with Jehovah's celestial chariot. It involves 'making sure of the more important things' and staying up-to-date with the spiritual feeding program. Ther would be a restoration of true worship. He be came the key figure in the outworking of Jehovah' purpose for mankind.

Meditating on these roles heightens our appreciation for God's arrangement and deepens our love for Christ Jesus. Even in pronouncing sentence upon those who had rebelled against hi sovereignty. God indicated that there would be de liverance for obedient descendants of Adam. He is our only means of being restored to God's favor. Jehovah's purpose for the earth and for mankind remained unchanged. Acts 5: During Christ's earthly ministry. Jesus serves as mankind's Redeemer.

The Bible describes his varied roles. Just as was true of his followers in the first century. Take my yoke upon you and learn from me. From his heavenly position. Jesus gives direction through holy spirit.

The apostle Paul explained: Jesus extends the invitation: As such. Jehovah said: As a witness to the national groups I have given him. Jesus Christ also serves as High Priest. Jesus also lovingly serves as Head of the Christian congregation.

As an expression of his mental attitude and willingness to help us. Jesus Christ has proved himself to be "the fine shepherd" in imitation of his heavenly Father. Jesus was rewarded. In his first letter to the Corinthians.

Jehovahs will organized to pdf do

Christ Jesus has the awesome assignment from God to lead myriads of powerful spirit creatures in removing human rule from the earth and ridding our globe of all wickedness. Jehovah God. He has been commissioned to care for us. But when all things will have been subjected to him. God resurrected him to heaven and gave him the right to be King of the heavenly Kingdom. John 4: Paul explained another facet of Jesus Christ's role.

Jesus served in heaven as God's "master worker. Acts 2: He endured the supreme test and died faithful to his Father. As for his enemies. When each member of the congregation cooperates with the others and all work in harmony under Christ's headship.

Jehovahs pdf will do to organized

From him all the body. World events fulfilling Bible prophecy prove beyond doubt that since They showed this by working together in unity under the headship of Christ. Like the human body. Jesus Christ has been entrusted with Kingdom power.

Jesus' followers in the first century fully recognized the role of Christ in God's arrangement. Acts He is now ruling in the midst of his enemies. He will appoint him over all his belongings. Truly I say to you. Jesus Christ introduced a parable. It is part of "the sign" he gave regarding "the conclusion of the system of things. Properly identifying these things and maintaining trust in "the faithful and discreet slave" helps us to do Jehovah's will.

Who is "that slave"? What are the "belongings"? What part do we individually play in this prophetic illustration? Such questions are not of mere academic interest.

Whom did Jesus appoint to feed his followers in the first century? And whom did he find still faithfully doing so when he returned in Kingdom power in ?

Included are facilities at the headquarters of Jehovah's Witnesses. The "slave" serves as God's instrument to gather into association with the congregation "a great crowd. Kingdom Halls. In turn. These are all the spiritual assets on earth that have become Christ's property in connection with his authority as heavenly King. Luke So "the faithful steward.

Jesus stated that the "slave" would provide the needed spiritual food. Christ uses this body to publish information on the fulfillment of Bible prophecies and to give timely direction on the application of Bible principles in daily life.

The "belongings" also embrace the commission to preach "this good news of the kingdom" throughout the earth and to teach those who respond. When the circumcision issue was decided. From their position in the Jerusalem congregation. They sent out letters and decrees. From Pentecost 33 C. The congregations followed the direction of the governing body. Acts 4: The value of such an arrangement is evident today.

As was true in the first century. Like the early Christians. He instructed Noah to build an ark and to preach about the coming destruction of his day. They offer spiritual direction to Jehovah's people.

First and foremost. The Governing Body also continues to carry the responsibility of overseeing the preaching work. These are some of the Kingdom interests of Christ that are being cared for today.

Jesus has appointed them over all his precious "belongings. Jehovah has used imperfect humans in the past to accomplish his will. Love never fails. Abundant blessings have been poured out upon the visible part of Jehovah's organization today. It does not rejoice over unrighteousness. Paul stated: Through much hardship and experience. It bears all things.

Love is not jealous. Why is this to our advantage? As recorded at Hebrews Regarding love. It does not keep account of the injury.

God's Word admonishes Christians to cooperate fully with those taking the lead. We greatly benefit from the interchange of encouragement that takes place when freely associating with our brothers at these Christian gatherings. Our trust in 'the faithful slave' is also manifest when we support the organization with our material contributions. On occasion important issues have been clarified. Jehovah blesses us for our obedience to his Word and to the slave class.

Even though we may not fully understand the reasoning behind certain decisions. We thus show our subjection to the Master. This includes assemblies and conventions that are arranged each year. Another way to show that we trust the slave class today is to support its decisions.

As a result. At the very beginning of the same letter. Satan is waging war against "the remaining ones" of the slave class. Holy spirit was poured out first upon these in fulfillment of Joel 2: But how was the Christian congregation to be organized?

Who would organize it? What kind of structure would it have. By letting the Bible be our guide. What can we learn about the congregation at that time? It was organized and governed theocratically. Using the illustration of a human body. The inspired account of what took place there in Jerusalem nearly 2.

The early congregation began with about members. What arrangements were made to ensure that each newly established congregation was organized and governed God's way. Acts 8: They had embraced the word about the Christ and "continued devoting themselves to the teaching of the apostles.

Through the operation of God's spirit.

Will jehovahs to pdf do organized

But wherever they went. The new disciples in Jerusalem included many Jewish priests. In congregations that Paul and Barnabas visited during their first missionary journey. The growth of the anointed congregation in Jerusalem became such that the Jewish high priest complained that the disciples had filled Jerusalem with their teaching. Jesus had said: They qualified for appointment because of meeting Scriptural requirements.

As more congregations were formed. They served as a governing body for the entire Christian congregation. Writing to the congregation in Ephesus. The apostle urged Christians there to cultivate humility and to observe the oneness of the spirit in peaceful association with all members of the congregation. Paul said to them: Such men. It has proved to be the course of wisdom to organize certain corporations that are recognized by the laws of various countries.

Mark 1: This has placed a heavy responsibility on 'the faithful slave. These religious corporations own and operate printing facilities that produce and distribute Bibles and Bible literature worldwide for use in the Kingdom ministry. May we continue to manifest full confidence and trust in this faithful slave class today. One member of the committee serves as the Branch Committee coordinator. The congregations acknowledge and conform to organizational arrangements that are outlined for the benefit of all.

Such legal corporations are used to facilitate the preaching of the good news worldwide and to care for the spiritual needs of the entire congregation of God in all parts of the earth. Circuits and districts may be of various sizes. These corporations are exclusively devoted to advancing the interests of true worship in the earth. They accept the appointment of older men who oversee the work in branches.

All in the organization recognize God's administration. The duties of traveling overseers are set out from time to time in Our Kingdom Ministry as well as in correspondence directed to them by the branch office.

Local congregations under each branch are organized into circuits. A district overseer visits the different circuits. A circuit overseer is appointed to serve the congregations in each circuit. All these legal instrumentalities cooperate with one another.

We are told at Acts As all work together in unity. By precept and example. Jesus emphasized the serious responsibility that he laid upon the apostles to care for the sheep.

Jesus proved himself to be "the fine shepherd. When speaking to Peter on one occasion. They look to "the faithful and discreet slave" for spiritual food at the proper time.

How different Jesus was from the false shepherds of Israel. Each week they preside with earnestness at congregation meetings. The responsibility of overseers today is the same as it was in the first century. Imitating Jesus. We can be grateful for the spirit-appointed overseers in the congregation.

Peter emphasized the proper attitude that overseers should have in caring for such responsibility. In his first inspired letter. Titus 1: In his letter. Peter's words apply with equal force to overseers in the congregation today. For example. The benefits we receive are many.

It should be obvious to all that the overseers are individuals who apply Bible counsel in the affairs of life. At 1 Timothy 3: The high standards call for those appointed as elders to be good examples in the congregation.

The apostle Paul set out in his first letter to Timothy and his letter to Titus the basic Scriptural requirements for overseers. Only if they qualify can it be said that they are appointed by holy spirit. The overseer should therefore be irreprehensible. This is indicated by what the apostle Paul wrote in describing how "gifts in men" are provided "with a view to the readjustment of the holy ones.

Although the Scriptural requirements may at first seem to be somewhat overwhelming. For an overseer must be free from accusation as God's steward. By taking the lead in manifesting fine Christian qualities. Other Bible writers discuss additional Christian qualities required of men appointed as overseers. Paul instructed Timothy and Titus to appoint qualified men in the congregation to serve as overseers. Those qualifying for appointment as overseers of the flock of God would be demonstrating a measure of practical wisdom in their daily lives.

Their overall way of life would show this. If married.

Jehovahs will to pdf organized do

If the overseer has believing children who are in subjection with all seriousness and are not under a charge of debauchery nor unruly. The overseers would be individuals who have the courage to speak up when wrongdoing exists and to take the needed action to correct it. They would not be mere boys or newly converted men. One whose senses have been dulled by intoxicating drink easily loses self-control and is not in a position to watch over the spiritual interests of the congregation.

Others in the congregation would be moved to imitate this fine example and entrust their spiritual life to the shepherds' care. Their blamelessness would give them freeness of speech before the congregation.

They would not have been reproved recently for serious wrongdoing. Men qualifying for appointment as overseers would display moderation in personal habits and in their dealings with others. They would not be fanatics.

No valid charge of improper conduct could be brought against them to mar the reputation of the congregation. Moderation would be demonstrated in such things as eating. Such qualified men would be able to serve the Christian congregation in a role similar to that of the older men of Israel who were described as "wise and discreet and experienced.

They would be moderate in the use of alcoholic beverages so as not to leave themselves open to charges of drunkenness or of being a drunken brawler. He should be receptive to counsel and direction. He should be levelheaded. An overseer must be reasonable. He would not be prone to wrath but would be peaceable in his dealings with others. This means that he should have a good comprehension of Jehovah's principles and their application.

He should have a proper view of himself in relation to others. Reasonableness comes as a result of basing one's conclusions solidly on the Scriptures and of striving to imitate the example of Jesus Christ. This includes his personal appearance. He adheres to theocratic order. He would not be self-willed. Paul reminded Titus that an overseer should also be a lover of goodness.

He should not be double-minded. Such a man avoids procrastination. Others may excel in qualities or abilities that he may lack. As a reasonable person. He must be able to work in unity with and cooperate with others within the body of older men.

He should be righteous and loyal. In order to carry out his assignment effectively. He would be unwavering in his devotion to Jehovah and consistent in upholding righteous principles when making judgments. According to Paul's words to Titus. His love for the brothers. He would not use his office to take material advantage of the brothers under his care. He would be able to keep a confidence. Nor would the overseer be unduly concerned about material advantages for himself.

As one who is sound in mind. The overseer would be able to exercise such teaching ability under circumstances both favorable and unfavorable. They should be taking the lead. The effect is that the body as a whole will have within itself all the fine qualities that are necessary for exercising proper oversight of the congregation of God.

All of this may seem like a great deal to expect of one who serves as an overseer. When recommending men for appointment as overseers. They should be enthusiastic in their endeavors. Certainly no overseer could measure up perfectly to the high standard set forth in the Bible. Romans The apostle Peter wrote that the older men of the congregation should serve willingly and eagerly. Some elders may have certain outstanding qualities.

None should prove to be "righteous overmuch" when examining the qualifications of another. Being qualified to teach either before an audience or on a one-on-one basis would give evidence that the overseer meets this important requirement. Men meeting the Christian standards for overseers are able to protect the congregation from spiritual dangers.

Like Timothy and Titus. They would be producing the fruitage of the spirit. This is one of the serious responsibilities they shoulder. Allowing for human imperfections and being free of biased leanings and hypocrisy. They have freeness of speech. Reaching out for the office means striving to meet the qualifications set out in the Scriptures.

It means making oneself available to serve the needs of the brothers. A yielding spirit shows that one is guided by "the wisdom from above. While having personalities that vary widely. As long as no Bible principle is being violated. The overseers of the congregation have both responsibility and accountability in caring for those entrusted to them. Elders are really cooperating with Jehovah when they cooperate as a body for the good of the congregation.

Their course of conduct and the fruits of their labors would give evidence that they are appointed by holy spirit. Paul admonished the brothers: Just as Jehovah uses holy spirit to appoint a man.

They are representing him and his theocratic rule. Hebrews Jehovah will remove from office those overseers who fail to manifest the fruitage of the spirit and whose pattern of life falls short of the Scriptural requirements. The overseers must prove themselves to be loving shepherds of the flock of God.

Do we not truly appreciate the hard work and fine example of the congregation overseers? In writing to the congregation at Thessalonica. Overseers take very seriously what is stated at Hebrews He is still worthy of the double honor given to all hardworking older men who are serving to the best of their respective abilities in shepherding the flock. There would be no need for him to step aside on account of his limitations. Even so. Paul makes mention of the attitude that members of the congregation should cultivate toward the overseers.

But if a brother should feel that it would be best for him to step aside because of changed personal circumstances that limit his ability to serve. The presiding overseer serves as chairman at meetings of the body of elders. Whenever there are appointments or deletions of overseers.

The Governing Body is not bound by the recommendations of any local body of elders. Some elders. In congregations where the number of overseers is limited. He also arranges for public talks. The elders serve in these positions for an indefinite period of time. There is a presiding overseer. Of course. Such recommendations serve merely as a guide and may even be rejected for reasons well-known to the Governing Body. Elders care for a variety of responsibilities in the congregation.

This enables all concerned to know who are currently serving within the local congregation. He should be a good organizer and able to preside in real earnest. Besides teaching in the congregation. Depending on the number available and their individual abilities. The specific duties of these brothers. The elders are responsible for presenting instructive public talks.

It is suggested that the body of elders in each congregation meets periodically to discuss matters related to the spiritual progress of the congregation. He schedules regular visits to all Congregation Book Study groups so that once each month he visits a different group and gives a service talk. In smaller congregations where there are only one or two book studies.

These meetings are planned and prepared so that they will be informative and spiritually upbuilding. Arrangements for field activity and other service-related matters come under the direction of the service overseer. The secretary handles congregation records and keeps the elders informed about important communications. Congregation Book Study overseers.

On the weekend of his visit. If necessary. In addition. It also approves applications for auxiliary pioneer service and other avenues of service.

While elders on the service committee have been given certain authority to care for matters. From time to time. These four meetings during the year are most likely sufficient for resolving any matters requiring the attention of the entire body of elders. About three months after each visit of the circuit overseer. But if each one gives proper attention to his assigned duties and if the work of the elders is being adequately supervised and coordinated through the presiding overseer.

Two such meetings are held each year in conjunction with the regular visits of the circuit overseer. Members of this committee are involved in handling and signing various forms. This requires a conscientious effort on his part. Because this responsibility is a serious one. Such overseers have the opportunity to help others in a number of areas. How a ministerial servant is used is something for the elders to decide. In order to do so adequately.

He should know not only the answers to the study questions but also the reasons behind those answers and the value of the material. Or a capable ministerial servant can be used until such time as an elder can take over.

It should be his goal to help the group get a clear understanding of what is being considered so that they can apply the truths learned to their own life as well as explain them to others. They also decide to which group the elder or ministerial servant is assigned.

If not. A ministerial servant working in this capacity is called a Congregation Book Study servant. Because the brothers appreciate the encouragement and help that come through being together. The regularity. Those who become ill or depressed will benefit from a personal visit. As a loving shepherd. The service overseer is a real help to the book study overseer and the entire group. An encouraging suggestion or a word of counsel might prompt some to reach out for additional privileges in the congregation and thus become of greater use to their brothers.

When he cannot be there. There will be a corresponding improvement in their field activity. A wise book study overseer will plan ahead for the visit of the service overseer. Each book study group is purposely kept small. He tries to give personal help and encouragement for the field ministry. When all in the group are kept fully aware of the arrangement. This allows the book study overseer to become well acquainted with all assigned to it. He will conduct the meeting for field service and organize the publishers for that day's work.

He is lovingly concerned for all and is ready to help any who are in need. Other overseers are able to advance Kingdom interests by serving as members of Regional Building Committees. This can be done by submitting their reports directly to the book study overseer at the end of each month or by placing them in the box designated for service reports at the Kingdom Hall. A responsibility of the Congregation Book Study overseer is to assist in collecting field service reports from the publishers and pioneers in his book study group.

These men visit hospitals and doctors to encourage continued and expanded treatment of Jehovah's Witnesses without using blood. Individual publishers can assist the book study overseer by turning in their field service reports promptly. Assembly Hall Committees. These reports are then given. The hard work of these brothers and their willingness to expend themselves in this way are very much appreciated by all in the organization.

They also periodically visit pioneers. The presiding overseer takes the lead in organizing matters so that the visit will prove spiritually refreshing to all. He makes sure that all. The city overseer does not exercise jurisdiction in any congregation other than the one in which he serves as an elder. The circuit overseer will contact the presiding overseer regarding the scheduling of meetings.

The branch office may wish to communicate with him on various matters.

"Organized To Do Jehovah's Will" book PDF download

They plan their routing and notify each congregation sufficiently in advance so that the visit will result in the most benefit. These are assigned by the branch office to visit the congregations that make up their circuits on a regular basis.

The presiding overseer will be sure to have them at the location where they will be checked. This will give him some insight into possible needs of the congregation and how he may be of assistance to those responsible for keeping these records.

It is helpful if a member of the Congregation Service Committee can be present to render any assistance needed. The circuit overseer will examine the Congregation's Publisher Record cards.

Since the circuit overseer will check the congregation records on Tuesday afternoon. All need to be informed in advance concerning the times of the meetings with the congregation. During his visit. This will enable all to adjust their affairs so that they can benefit from the entire week's activities. Much good can be accomplished by taking the circuit overseer or his wife on Bible studies and return visits.

He will strive to foster love and appreciation for Jehovah. One of the primary objectives of the circuit overseer's visit is to provide leadership in field service. If there is anything that the branch office needs to do in following through. While visiting the congregation. Those desirous of working with him or his wife can make an appointment through the presiding overseer. The circuit overseer will also encourage zealous participation in field service.

If there has been some serious wrongdoing and the elders need his assistance in handling such. He will strive to help the elders or individuals involved to locate the Scriptural direction that applies.

He will give several talks designed to encourage. At times. If there are other matters that need attention. These may be adjusted from time to time in harmony with directions in Our Kingdom Ministry or letters from the branch office. Some may be able to arrange to auxiliary pioneer the month of his visit. Many in the congregation may be able to adjust their schedule so that they can have a fuller share in field service that week.

The circuit overseer designates other capable men to care for various departments. The circuit overseer reports his field service directly to the branch office at the end of each month. Traveling representatives have confidence that as Jesus promised. He is also reimbursed for certain modest expenses incurred. Your extra effort to give full support to this aspect of the week's visit is deeply appreciated.

This will enable the circuit overseer to give his primary attention to the assembly program. They are to work closely with the circuit overseer in caring for the assembly organization. He also arranges for an audit of the circuit accounts after each assembly. Every year a circuit assembly and a special assembly day are arranged for each circuit.

On the circuit overseer's recommendation. The circuit overseer is responsible for the operation of the assembly organization on these occasions. He takes the lead in group witnessing and gives an upbuilding Scriptural talk to the host congregation. The district overseer is informed of this and plans to spend a week in the circuit for each circuit assembly to be held. Because of distances involved for the publishers or the small size of assembly facilities.

In advance. The first part of each week in which a circuit assembly is held. The branch office assigns each circuit the dates for its circuit assembly and special assembly day and notifies the district overseer of this schedule.

The circuit overseer and his wife may have matters with which they desire assistance. On Tuesday afternoon of his visit. He serves as chairman of the circuit assembly programs in his district and gives the public discourse on such programs.

One of the committee members serves as the Branch Committee coordinator. At the conclusion of the circuit assembly or assemblies. He will also see that adequate territory is available and make appointments on behalf of any who have requested to work with the traveling overseers.

The circuit overseer and his wife will also give full support to the field service activity that week. The presiding overseer will make sure that all are informed of the arrangements for meetings for service. He will report on the spiritual condition and the needs of the circuit. If the elders need advice or assistance with some congregation matters.

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During the first part of the week with the host congregation. Once a month. His accommodations and expenses are cared for in the same way as for the circuit overseer. He and his wife will have a full schedule of field service. They arrange for the distribution of publications furnished by "the faithful and discreet slave" to strengthen all associated with the congregations.

Brothers serving in this capacity are known as zone overseers. This allows for closer supervision of the work where the Country Committee serves.

A Country Committee is appointed in some lands that come under the oversight of a Branch Committee in another land. When there are assemblies and conventions. Those serving on the Branch Committee handle matters pertaining to all the congregations in their territory. The Governing Body makes all appointments of those selected to serve as members of Branch Committees and Country Committees.

It cares for matters in the Bethel Home and office. The Branch Committee also gives attention to the missionary field and to special. They work for the common good of all and cooperate in spreading the Kingdom good news. If there is a printery. He talks with them about their problems and needs. We will benefit even further as we continue submitting ourselves to congregation elders and other appointed overseers charged with shepherding the flock and overseeing the work.

The zone overseer also examines the various records that are kept for operating a branch office. When the zone overseer visits branches. Kingdom preaching and disciple making.

He is especially interested in what is being accomplished in the field as far as the Kingdom preaching and other congregation activities are concerned. Their primary work is to help the Branch Committee with problems or questions they may have in carrying on the preaching and disciple-making work.

Wherever practical. These men evidently fulfilled an important role in assisting the elders in the congregation back then. God's spirit permeates the congregations worldwide. Have you become acquainted with the ministerial servants in your congregation? Are you aware of the many fine services they perform for your benefit and for the benefit of the entire congregation? The apostle specifically mentions them and states: The same is true in our time. Ministerial servants render a number of services that help the overseers and that contribute to the good order of the congregation.

Whether younger or older in years. For the men who minister in a fine manner are acquiring for themselves a fine standing and great free-ness of speech in the faith in connection with Christ Jesus. The work of ministerial servants generally involves nonteaching responsibilities.

Holding to such a standard serves to protect the congregation from any legitimate accusation as to the kind of men to whom it entrusts special responsibilities. By their hard work and exemplary Christian life. This becomes obvious when we consider what Paul had to say in his letter to Timothy about the qualifications of ministerial servants: They should be exemplary in their dress. Let ministerial servants be husbands of one wife. The specific Scriptural requirements for ministerial servants mentioned by Paul in his first letter to Timothy indicate that a high standard is set for men who are used in this capacity.

In their response to the good news. In doing so. One ministerial servant may be assigned to take care of the congregation literature. Another may care for the magazines. They are indeed examples for others in the congregation to imitate. Just consider some of the services they perform. These are men who have been "tested as to fitness. Others are assigned to keep records. In making the service assignments. How the elders work out these assignments handled by ministerial servants would be according to the congregation's needs.

Hall and keeping it clean. In some instances.

Organized to Do Jehovah's Will

Depending on local circumstances. Ministerial servants are also assigned to serve as attendants. If there are not enough ministerial servants to care for some of these responsibilities. In some congregations. Thus they would gain experience that would be useful later when they. Or if brothers are not available. If you have not done so already. In time. Though their work differs from that of the elders.

They may be assigned to handle parts in the Service Meeting and on the Theocratic Ministry School and to deliver public talks in the local congregation. In this way. In assisting the elders.

By taking the lead in the field service. Other privileges may be extended to some of the ministerial servants when there is a particular need and if they meet the requirements for the assignment. You can show your appreciation for their hard work by cooperating with them as they care for their assigned duties.

Jehovah commanded the nation through Moses: It is important for all of us to gather together to hear God's Word so as to learn his requirements and how we may serve him. This applies to both younger and older ones.

File:2005 od E Organized to do Jehovahs Will.pdf

He wrote: Regarding every seventh Festival of Booths. This is also true of Jehovah's Witnesses today as they meet together to worship Jehovah. We heed the inspired exhortation found at Hebrews They continued devoting themselves to the teaching of the apostles.

Christians today live among a crooked and twisted generation. We have repudiated the ungodliness and worldly spirit of this system of things. In our day Christian meetings in many respects follow the pattern set in apostolic days. Jehovah's Witnesses who leave often feel guilty and depressed. Because as long as they unconsciously continue to use the same words after they leave, they remain firmly under the control of the Watchtower. They can't seem to move on. Learn how mind control works.

Watchtower July 15, pages 22, What was 'the truth' between and according to the Watchtower? Were Jehovah's Witnesses organized to do Jehovah's will prior to ? They thought they were. Some faithful Witnesses quit their jobs and sold their homes to go door to door full time, warning the wicked. Many of them had just enough money to last until What happened? Why didn't armageddon come in ? Find out what happened before Organized To Do Jehovah's Will.

Apostate Jehovah's Witnesses Matthew 5: Jehovah's Witnesses. Org Homepage Salvation. The Best Religion. Will It Save You? The Watchtower Organization and True Christianity.

Obedience To Jehovah's Organization.