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The Oxford-Duden Pictorial English Dictionary Pictorial Dictionary of Ancient Athens Lietuviskas paveiksleliu zodynas (Lithuanian Pictorial Dictionary). The Oxford - Duden Pictorial English Dictionary. Home · The Oxford Size Report. DOWNLOAD PDF Oxford Picture Dictionary: English Arabic. Read more. Word by word picture dictionary / Steven). Molinsky, Bill Bliss. p. cm. Includes index. 1. Picture dictionaries. English. 2. English language - Textbooks for foreign .

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The Neru Oxford Picture Dictionary contextually illustrates over 2, words. The book is a unique language learning tool for students of. English. It provides. PDF Drive is your search engine for PDF files. As of today we have 78,, eBooks for you to download for free. No annoying ads, no download limits, enjoy . Science — An Illustrated Dictionary has added many of these new forensic words used in criminal caite.infoI.

Ismaili, I. Thousand words in the dictionary. Once the file has been read and the java bean object loaded into the memory, then that object is put The Figure 3 shows the details of various classes along inside a hash table structure. Some of the specific aims of creating this young school children to learn their native language. According to each type of dictionary, separate GUI has been designed this approach we provide a single input mechanism for and developed to incorporate the usability aspects, as both categories of dictionaries. Figure 10 b. Lietuviskas paveiksleliu zodynas Lithuanian Pictorial Dictionary

Adobe Photoshop tool to design images at our own. Most of the images were generally obtained from google images. American Journal of Software Engineering 3 2. Design and Methodology 2.

The main design of the pictorial dictionary consists of two key sections. Pictorial dictionary is further uploading the picture illustration of each word.

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This distributed into Sindhi keyboard, Pictorial dictionary section of application is developed on the principles database and English dictionary. Sindhi Unicode class is discussed in [7]. The architecture of this Bilingual divided into Sindhi Unicode encoding. The use of Java technology provides platform independence and supports the Unicode character encoding scheme very efficiently. The data structure framework implements Hash table structure of Java for the proficient storage and retrieval of the dictionary data, as opposed to conventional approaches, which make use of third-party databases [7].

Project Activity When the user runs the children pictorial dictionary, first a welcome screen of the dictionary will be shown. After that pictorial dictionary class will be loaded in memory. Then the Dictionary files are loaded into the system using object Input Stream class that reads the file Figure 2. Class Structure of the System as on java Object.

Once the file has been read and the java bean object loaded into the memory, then that object is put The Figure 3 shows the details of various classes along inside a hash table structure. As Sindhi characters are not with attributes and Operators. The activity diagram in Figure 1, illustrates the actual working of the pictorial dictionary. Figure 3. Class Diagram of the system 2. Hash Table Structure Our system implements Hash table to save the data instead of any conventional database.

A hash table or hash Figure 1.

Kids Picture Dictionary.pdf

The java beans contain the data which are saved in names to associated values e. The hash function is used to transform the key There are four attributes used in the Pictorial dictionary into the index the hash of an array element the slot or database as shown in Figure 5. The attributes used in the bucket where the corresponding value is to be sought [23].

This advantage is more apparent when bean object. These methods and attributes are saved as a the number of entries is large thousands or more as single java object, and then this object is later put inside a aimed in our project to incorporate at least more than Fifty hash table with corresponding word as key.

The Oxford-Duden Pictorial English Dictionary

Thousand words in the dictionary. The other reason is that The methods declared are for saving and retrieval of the Hash tables are particularly efficient when the English Word, Sindhi Word, English Meaning or Sindhi maximum number of entries can be predicted in advance, Meaning and finally fetching image or picture for the so that the bucket array can be allocated once with the corresponding word.

This same class would be used for optimum size. With record of each Sindhi Word, its relevant information is saved in the Dictionary Database bean as object and then the record is put into the hash table. The administrator section is consists of two internal sections, English to Sindhi dictionary and Sindhi to English Dictionary.

The Figure 4.

Oxford Picture Dictionary Books

Hash table structure for the Dictionary Database object admin of the application selects which dictionary type he wants to work on as shown in Figure 6. Pictorial Dictionary Database Class Figure 6. Administrator Page for selecting dictionary type Figure 5. Figure 7. Locate the Database file The pictorial dictionary database class shown in Figure 5 contains the attributes and the operands for saving the As the admin selects the dictionary type, he is asked to dictionary data in the customized database.

As discussed locate the database file from the computer as shown in earlier this database consists of hash table and java bean Figure 7. According to each type of dictionary, separate GUI has been designed this approach we provide a single input mechanism for and developed to incorporate the usability aspects, as both categories of dictionaries.

By this we mean that, shown in Figure 10 a—e. Through this approach user only needs to enter a single record for English to Sindhi dictionary, and the Sindhi to English dictionary is automatically created by the system. The Figure 8 shows the main GUI of the administrator page.

Dictionary pdf pictorial

The UI has been designed so that the data can be entered and saved quickly and easily. The user is able to insert dictionary records with word, meaning and also load an image file. The administrator can easily traverse the Figure 10 a. GUI of User section for English to Sindhi Dictionary previously entered records, along with editing and deleting the invalid entries.

Figure 10 b. The administrator page will only be available to the developers for them to quickly and easily enter the database records. However the User GUI will be distributed publically for the general use. For the General public a simplified welcome screen is designed as shown in Figure 9.

Pdf pictorial dictionary

In this figure it is shown that when we select any English word, it will show the Sindhi meaning and its picture also. Figure 10 c. Welcome Screen for the general user As discussed the project involves two separate types of dictionary; English to Sindhi and Sindhi to English. For Figure 10 d.

English to Hindi Meaning with Picture Dictionary - DailyVocab

Conclusion and Future Work In this paper we discussed the development of a Unicode based bilingual Pictorial dictionary for children in English to Sindhi and Sindhi to English. There is a great need of such an application, which is user oriented, easy to use and more convenient for children belonging to rural areas of Sindh, especially for young school going children. This application does not need any regional language support and also Figure 10 e. This English to Sindhi Pictorial Dictionary, whereas Figure 10 application implements an internal keyboard mapping c to Figure 10 e present the interface of Sindhi to mechanism.

The system uses It is essential here to mention that the project does not hash table for its internal database where we use java bean use and copyrighted images and sources. We have ensured class, saved as an object of hash table element. One of the that all the data and pictures are obtained from open main features is that this dictionary includes the pictures source and free with non-copyrighted mediums.

The dictionary currently contains approximately thirty three thousand words in its repository along with pictures. In future we intent to increase the 4. Project Evaluation number of words and reduce the image size and dictionary size for faster loading and processing.

It is observed that in the projects of dictionaries, whether English, Urdu or Sindhi, it is very much necessary that such type of application projects should be Acknowledgement user oriented. To achieve this goal we firstly settled meetings with reputed educational personalities, and the We sincerely thank all those who helped in various various editors, got their notion on how should our Sindhi ways throughout the development of this project.

We dictionary be implemented. The second major criteria sincerely thank the students who took part in aiding in the which we have considered in developing this application development especially in developing the database and is how we can make this dictionary more and more easy inserting the records; namely, Mohsin Ali Soomro, Irshad for new users especially for children because our Ali Palal, Pir Farhan Ahmed and Rashid Ali Solangi.

We also met with some project developers for the suggestions and guidelines in order to work in right directions. Finally we conducted usability test and survey amongst [4] I. Ismaili, Zeeshan Bhatti, A. Figure 11 shows the results of the usability Technology, Volume 30, No. Amongst the students that were asked to take [5] Allana, G. January Ismaili, Zeeshan. Bhatti, A. Figure American Journal of Information Dictionary: Systems, 1 1 , Rule Based Part [21] Arora, B.

Pictorial Dictionary.

Dictionary pdf pictorial

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