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the krishna key ashwin sanghi free pdf Five thousand years ago, there came to earth a magicalbeing called Krishna, who brought about innumerablemiracles for the good of mankind. Humanity. The Krishna Key - Download as PDF File .pdf), Text File .txt) or read online. Ashwin Sanghi.

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LanguageEnglish. Krishna Key. IdentifierTheKrishnaKeyZEUSUPLOADS. Identifier-arkark://t13n61r7g. OcrABBYY FineReader THE KRISHNA KEY - Newstract. Pages · · MB Downloads·New! The Artist\'s Way Julia Cameron. westland ltd THE KRISHNA KEY Ashwin Sanghi's first novel, The Rozabal Line, was self-published in under his pseudonym, Shawn Haigins.

Overall I think all the suspense that were build up did not end up satisfactorily. However, the author just confined the mahabarata narration in Lord Krishna's POV to merely a paragraph just before every chapter. In italics! He agreed. Aug 26, Manikanta Avinash rated it really liked it Shelves: The only thing is , of many things he mentioned , I am not sure what sources are credible and what are fiction he wrote for the sake of book! The toilets overflowed, forcing many prisoners to defaecate directly into open drains.

Totally disliked it. Problem was I was already two third in to the book. Too late to drop. The only reason that kept me going was the epic tales from Lord Krishna's life and tales from Mahabharata. If you say this book is unputdownable then this has to be the only reason. Even in the tales section it is not flawless though - at one point the author mentions that Krishna gave up his life under a peepal tree and at other he says Krishna gave up his life under Banyan tree. The protagonist - the historian suddenly knows something that helps him in solving a riddle and then suddenly he doesn't because of which they are stuck.

Next time he knows more and that helps him proceed further. This can't be unless he went back to doing some research or study of his own related to the matter. Also the hapless ending it was like you worked so long for something precious and threw it away when you are about to lay your hands on it. Just the last 2 pages were so disappointing that I felt like tearing those and writing 2 pages on my own in stead. I could list out many reasons not to read this book while only one in favour of reading the book - Tales from Lord krishna's life.

The story talks about a professor who gets tangled up in a murder mystery of his own childhood friend. Even though he is innocent, still he is the prime suspect. A must read for all the history lovers like me. Finished this awesome mythological fiction, reading this was an amazing experience.

The book is filled with twists and thrilles that are sure to give you goosebumps. The main plot is the expedition to reveal the mystery of Lord Krishna's most prized possession that is still to be discovered, there is a serial killer on the loose who thinks himself as the ''kalki" avatar. The killer starts eliminating those who are related to the krishna key, ultimately it falls upon Ravi Mohan Saini to unravel the secret and to stop it from falling into wrong hands.

The thrill factor is really high in this thriller which will ofcourse keep the reader engaged. The only shortcoming that i found is it seems a bit extended with the detailed descriptions.

But, the credit must be given to the author for writing such an amazing thriller. The characters are well developed and play their part perfectly. Highly recommended for intense thriller fans, for ashwin sanghi fans, for dan brown fans. Enjoy reading. One of those books that comes in the genre of historical fiction and a thrilling quest for an ancient secret..

Very good use of Indian history and the monuments for a well composed write. Ending could have been a little better.

One person found this helpful. I liked it. It's sort of a Dan Brown but not the same. The story moves fast But if you wanna pick up a thriller. It's a sure pick. If you have read Dan Brown, you might not like it but if you haven't please go for it. The good thing is, you get to know a lot about Indian mythology and that's really cool. The book has a lot of interesting character names. Jumbled names are a feature of Ashwin's book. The story had a good pace. I did not like the ending though.

I really hoped the character of "Taarak Vakil" will be given more shapes and hues other than killing and saying "Mataji". At the end I felt the only necessary murder to be of varshney. Symbolism of four riversvin the mystery was also left behind. Overall I think all the suspense that were build up did not end up satisfactorily.

The storyline of mahabharata was also looking very distracting and insignificant.

Krishna key pdf the

Could have a much better ending. It was my first novel that i picked up from ashvin sanghvi's collection and no doubt in it i am glad i started with this one. The novel has a lot of information or rather i would say too much of information for a non-historical bluff. Though some readers may tend to leave some information to get to the end of the book but i would suggest not to do it. Historical and mythological information is very well crafted into a story which keeps reader hooked up to complete the novel.

Book readers having fascination towards history would love to read this. I was quite shocked to even realize a cute love story also was very well accommodated. Massive bloodsheds somehow seems unnecessary. Some detailings make me feel like reading History book or that published from Archeological Survey of India.

See all reviews. Would you like to see more reviews about this item? Go to Amazon. Back to top. Get to Know Us. Word Wise: Enhanced Typesetting: Page Flip: Not Enabled Word Wise: Enabled Screen Reader: Supported Enhanced Typesetting: His main characters are clueless, bungling fools, who seem to be detached from real emotions, logic or reason. I don't know how the story ends, because I frankly don't care. I enjoyed the history lessons though, and I did read some of the reference material that is cited at the end of the book.

I daresay that some of the blogs and articles were more interesting than this charade of a novel. Better luck next time, Mr. Sep 26, Pratul Bagri rated it it was ok Shelves: Ashwin Sanghi's latest not only disappoints but also bores the living out of me. It is a heartbreak in comparison to Chanakya's Chant which made me a Sanghi fan in first place. Sanghi has surely done a lot of research and he has lot more to tell.

The story basically seems like his research paper with characters and Dan Brown plot. He bombards the readers with loads of information at every chance he gets which makes his character seem odd and out of element. The way he takes symbolism from one m Ashwin Sanghi's latest not only disappoints but also bores the living out of me. The way he takes symbolism from one meaning to a completely different monkey is both hilarious and absurd.

What made me keep reading till the end was the information not the tasteless story line. And also why is that Krishna himself tells about Radha, him being a butter thief and cowherd but the author contradicts himself later in the story saying Radha is a fictional character brought by 12th century poet Jayadeva in poem Geeta Govinda and his cowherd and and butter thief character was established by villagers to attract audience?!

Sep 26, Pragya rated it liked it Recommends it for: Dan Brown Books Lovers. Yay, kudos to me. Well, reading a pager in a week along with other books is no mean feat, my dear. Ok, I will say this loud and clear. Though I am Indian, I have some problem with Indian writing style. So when I am reading this one along with international ones, it was obvious that this book was going to be neglected.

But I had a commitment to finish it within a week and so I did. Thankfully, the book progressed much faster after the initial pages or so. Or rather, it became fast-paced then and my curiosity grew. Cheers to Ashwin Sanghi for this extremely researched and well thought-out book.

No wonder people are comparing it with The Da Vinci Code. However, for me it was like a Dan Brown book rather than specifically a Da Vinci. I found it more in liasion with Angels and Demons. Anyhow, whichever book it was, Ashwin Sanghi is hugely inspired by Dan Brown, if I may say so, and I say it with all the good things in mind.

First of all, you not only learn so much about Indian literature but the Mahabharata and the whole Krishna legend has been easily explained in here. Now coming to the mystery-thriller part, it was good in terms of pace as the book progressed. However, the major point of killing somehow escaped my logic-seeking mind. A few tossy-turning bits were good.

I really liked the strong female character played by Radhika Singh. However, having said that, I should add somehow the links between the characters and why they were doing what they were was a bit lacking. Overall, my huge appreciation is for the amount of research done that beautifies the book. Apr 23, Shravanthi rated it it was amazing.

The Krishna key is a book that everyone must experience once. It was an amazing read right from the beginning till the end , without a moment of ennui. Though I have to agree with the popular opinion , that the book is loaded with innumerable facts that one cannot digest in the first read, I have to say that this was what kept the plot going. Saini wouldn't be qualified enough if he wasn't aware of the significance of , or of Kailash.

Other than that wonderful characterization right from the self-made Priya alias Mataji and her devoted disciple Taarak.

Every character had a good back story that weighed heavily on their actions and reactions. I liked that Sanghi introduced the Philosopher's stone in the very beginning and referenced it much later , but in a place where it made much more sense.

It gave it the goal they were all searching for. It wasn't a rat race for nothing. I want to clarify that no matter how many people claim The Krishna Key is a The DaVinci Code rip off, they cannot be further from the truth. The DaVinci code was based on one fact, one solitary symbolist who knew the facts, and some running about. But The Krishna Key has its roots in the history of not just ancient Indians , but the people from adjacent civilizations as well.

It cannot be denied that Gajini looted India 17 times; it cannot be denied that the Taj Mahal was once a Hindu temple; it cannot be denied that our ancestors were well educated in sciences like Astronomy,Medicine,Nuclear physics etc. The romance portions in the novel were hardly existent. What might have built up between Priya and Saini was true and relatable.

Since they had known each other for sometime and since they had worked together a lot, a romance blossoming between them can be very much possible. But Radhika and Saini? It was not acceptable. One bone-chilling incident in a cave is really not what brings people together and I can hardly imagine them happily ever after.

So that bit didn't work for me. Will the ending satisfy the reader? I doubt it. Even though it complies with everything that our Upanishads and Vedhas preach, a crime novel in the current age just doesn't accept whatever is spiritually inclined; it seeks scientific proof which Ashwin Sanghi clearly provided throughout the book, upto the very last page infact,until he pointed otherwise.

I am afraid the audience isn't very willing to accept such a sudden switch. Overall it was an amazing book and is one of the rare ones , which I want to read again in another few years. It grew on me and it stayed with me. Oh and the Mahabharata story telling was superb!

I thoroughly enjoyed Krishna's narration.

The Krishna Key

Every element , every important incident, every key character was portrayed well. View 1 comment. Oct 25, Darshana Unnikrishnan rated it it was ok Shelves: So when i got this book as a gift i decided to read it.

Pdf key the krishna

Now, the book is a pure fiction and one should appreciate the author for the extensive research he has done before writing the book. In spite of having done all this research i would say that the auth i can only say that i somehow finished this book. In spite of having done all this research i would say that the author could not bring all the information in a more reader friendly way into the book.

Or, may be there is more information than the reader can handle. This makes one loose interest in the book after some point. But when i think of how the book bored me especially in the second half i think the rating i gave is what it deserves.

Now, coming to the plot, the main character "Ravi Mohan Saini" has a friend "Anil Varshney" who has recovered a base plate and 4 seals that fit in it and has disintegrated it and given it to some close friends including Ravi. The base plate and the seals together makes the Krishna Key and it would open up a secret which was hidden for thousands of years.

The whole plot has many twists and turns and too many characters involved. Its more like a Bollywood movie with all the drama. Read the book only if you have the patience to sit through it. Sep 11, Aparna rated it liked it. I was so looking forward to read it and when i read it turned out to be a mojor disappointment! People call him the Dan Brown of India but please i beg to differ i seriously don't think so.

Yeh he has put a lot of effort in the research department and maybe for that i would give him credit.

The characters are a little stilted, the writing tedious, but the story still manages to thrill just a bit. Names of characters were switched around in places, and overall a certain tautness was lacking in the book.

I love the Mahabharatha, and I loved all the little snippets about Krishna scattered at the beginning of each chapter though no connection to the plot and perhaps the connection of Mahabharatha and the character Krishna - who is a very controversial character helped make this book a little exciting.

A friend of mine did tell me it would be a disppointment but yet i volunteered to read it. I don't regret it much because i realised how much i respect our ancient literature the vedas n all that. Nov 23, Karthick rated it really liked it Shelves: Mahabharatha is science! Ashwin sanghi did a lot of reasearch.

I'm impressed. Please re Mahabharatha is science! Please read it atleast for the facts that every Indian should know. Jul 21, Riju Ganguly rated it did not like it. Formatted like a Dan Brown thriller, peopled by caricatures and two-dimensional characters, and dis? Within half an hour of beginning, I had guessed the antagonists, and spent the rest of the book trying to find out whether it was worse than some of my Chemistry textbooks of University days, or not.

It was. If you are interested in learning about the historicity of Krishna, better get hold of "Search for the Historical Krishna" by Dr. Rajaram if you can find it. On The Trail of the Sarasvati".

As far as the "ancient science" etc. If you are lover of a good thriller, and have grown up on a staple diet of Crichton, Cussler, Preston-Child, and then the big daddy Rollins, avoid this book like a plague. Oct 06, Mukesh rated it really liked it. Short review: Well researched book on Krishna and India, a tad too detailed, but definitely cannot be missed.

Hence, I picked up the book for review. The book is a little long one, pages. The amount of research that has gone in to the making of this book deserves a big round of applause. Absolutely captivating, you saw that earlier. Hmmm, it could have been better. Cover design: Spot on, beautiful artwork from Gunjan Ahlawat. Perfect to the theme of the book.

Murder mystery colored with history and religion Krishna. A trademark Dan Brown style. Jan 20, Selva Subramanian rated it liked it. This is my first Ashwin Sanghi. I always see his books at bookstores but somehow the idea of mixing a thriller with mythology didn't appeal to me.

This one was the best book available at the book swap space at a lit fest and so it was like it had to come to me. To be honest, I wasn't very disappointed. Like many others have pointed out it is a lot like The DaVinci code.

It is actually a lot of historical details with a semblance of a plot to carry it to the reader. The amount of information and theories thrown at the reader is impressive. And to know that it was based on solid research makes it even better. Also, a refresher course on Mahabharata runs parallel to the narrative. I liked it coz I had forgotten most of it: Actual rating: Jan 30, Varunsp rated it it was amazing. This is my second novel by the author. The author has put a lot of effort in the researching and one can see it throughout the book and there are facts that every Indian should know.

The protagonist is Ravi Mohan Saini, a historian who is accused of murdering his close friend over an ancient artifact which is eventually a part of the mythical "Philosopher's Stone". The This is my second novel by the author. The entire story revolves around how Saini can prove his innocence, outwit his enemies, and at the same time solving- What is the legacy that Krishna left behind for us? One thing which I really liked about this book is that in the beginning of every chapter, the story of Krishna is written in a short and concise way.

It was really a great learning experience too.

Dec 05, Neeleisch G rated it really liked it. This book is the best work of the author Ashwin Sanghi. A gripping hunt for the precious stone of around five thousand years old. Here we are witnessing Krishna era blends with today's era. A complete hunt for the the stone leads us to the monument which is an unimaginable thing of the book. Surely a must read for mythological fiction lovers.

Dec 18, Nikhil Harindranath rated it liked it. This is definitely not the first review of The Krishna Key that you have read. There are thousands out there - All you have to do is to "Google it"! And there is a reason for that - It is Good! But then how good is it depends entirely on you!

Let me make it clear right at the start - It is not a book for everyone! The protagonist is Ravi Mohan Saini, a historian who is accused of murdering his close friend over an ancient artifact which is eventually a part Introduction: As expected, apart from the extremely smart cop who is hellbent on capturing him, there is another set of people who would go to any length to get their hands on the same object.

The entire story revolves around how Saini can prove his innocence, outwit his enemies, and at the same time solve what has been baffling historians and conspiracy-theorists for centuries - What is the legacy that Krishna left behind for us? The parallel story much like in Chanakya's Chant is about Krishna telling his story in his point of view. The author was successful in linking Chanakya's story to that of Gangasagar Mishra in Chanakya's Chant, but failed to do that effectively in The Krishna Key!

The Author: Ashwin is a changed man! He had no clue on how to structure the book in The Rozabal Line. This he mastered in Chanakya's Chant. But the numerous jokes and one-liners that he pulled out from email and SMS forwards in Chanakya's Chant made me cringe although he did give due credit to each at the end of the book. But The Krishna Key is as fresh as Spring! He has set a style of his own and it is awesome. To say he has improved as an author is an understatement.

He is Reborn! But despite trying really really hard not to compare, I still could not help thinking that he is highly influenced by Dan Brown.

How could it have been Better: At too many places the book points an ugly finger at the beliefs of religions other than Hinduism. Could have been avoided or atleast a bit more subtle. Too much research, too much information - Again, depends on how you feel about it. I loved the book for how much research the author had done, but putting all that into one book was probably not that great an idea.

Better proof-reading could have helped. Number of mixups with the names of the characters, facts, etc. He has acknowledged this on his website. Who Will Like It: Do you think that conspiracy theories are fun?

Do you like fast-paced stories that actually make you wanna flip the pages and find out what happens next? If the answers to these questions are YES, then this is definitely a book for you. Trust me, you will find yourself literally sitting on the edge of the seat as the story reaches the climax. This book is a definite no for people who get easily offended on the basis of religion and for people who take things a bit too seriously.

Think of it as a story and nothing more. It is fiction. And it is good fiction. My Rating: This is definitely a 3 out of 5: If you thought 3 is too high - I rated it 3 for the sheer dedication that the author has put in to do the required research to make a piece of fiction look like a documentary.

And for the effort he has put in to connect all the dots in the end. If you thought 3 is too low - I rated it 3 due to the same reason. The author has tried to put in too much of his research into the book.

We are constantly bombarded with numerous research findings and conspiracy theories and he had to rush through everything to make sure he did not leave any loose ends. The story is fast-paced and interesting, giving a fresh new look at our puranas. The characters are convincingly real. The language is simple enough and yet catchy. Good research has gone into it.

And it has a perfect ending. I am really not sure why most of the feedback for this book says that the first half is great and the second half, not so much. I personally feel that there couldn't have been a better ending and the second half is equally thrilling. Ashwin has grown and flourished as an author and the maturity and confidence is evident. Loved it that he has given extensive details about all the places he has referred to including YouTube video links as a part of his research.

Like I said at the start, this is not a book for everyone. It is for people who love to read just for the love of reading. If you expect too much before you start, you will be disappointed. So assume nothing - Just pick up the book and give it a shot - I am pretty sure you will not be disappointed! Happy Reading! Read this and more reviews on my Blog Jul 27, Bhavin Antala rated it it was amazing Shelves: The rhetorical tone of analysis, information and thriller fiction go but a little way in describing The Krishna Key.

Sanghi, towards the end of his triad makes a splendid job by painting the Indian subcontinent in the light of historical fiction interspersed by archaeological and cryptic analysis. The thriller opens with a gruesome murder and goes on describing a deadly plot, with a fanatic murderer, an observant historian and a pursuant symbologist.

In the quest to identify the key, the author takes the reader on a journey across the vast stretches of India and brings forth the unheard analysis of Indus Valley civilization and the impact of Lord Krishna on the generations to follow. The book even explores the depths of the scientific rationale of the contemporary times with the present advancements and paints our forefathers in a new light altogether. Truly, by the time you reach the end of the pages, you essentially do not want it to end.

It grows interesting by the word. Ashwin sir truly knows the key to success and with The Krishna Key he has unlocked the title for himself- India's Dan Brown. Nov 21, Ritika Gupta rated it did not like it Shelves: They always say learn by other people's experience and when you don't pay heed to such advice, you end up reading stuff like Krishna Key.

Having read negative reviews, I thought maybe the readers are being overly critical and with an impressive Colophon I found the book irresistible. But I guess that Colophon was the only good thing about the book.

The idea of someone thinking of himself as the Kalki avataar seemed intriguing, and having a high interest in mythological fiction, I started this bo They always say learn by other people's experience and when you don't pay heed to such advice, you end up reading stuff like Krishna Key.

The idea of someone thinking of himself as the Kalki avataar seemed intriguing, and having a high interest in mythological fiction, I started this book. The characters are predictable, storyline attempts to be desperate. The author has just Indianized Da Vinci Code and off course in disrespectful way.

The author's fixation with symbols and Maths and relating every single thing to mythology is annoying and most of the times you just flip through pages when he attempts to corelate and perhaps thinks that he is solving a mystery.

The only part I liked in the book is the start of every chapter when he describes Mahabharata. Thank God for he couldn't screw up in that.

If you have read Dan Brown, perhaps you may feel pity for the author and his attempt. That one star is just for that idea in the Colophon.

Perhaps you should listen to reviews. Aug 27, Sai Sasidhar rated it liked it. The Key Seems Lost!! Having read his previous books The Rozabal Line and Chanikya's Chant, I did expect a lot from this book hoping to find some conspiracy theories and untold tales about Lord Krishna.

But this book turns out to be a slightly less than what I have expected. Ashwin Sanghi's style of developing a plot shares some similarities with Dan Brown's style for which Sanghi is called Dan Brown of India. Nevertheless, Sanghi managed to get readers attention with loads of interesting facts a The Key Seems Lost!! Nevertheless, Sanghi managed to get readers attention with loads of interesting facts about Indian's, its civilization and the Vedas. At times it was tough separating facts from fiction.

The way Sanghi manoeuvred the plot with a meticulous compilation of Mythological, Theological and Scientific facts is splendid. Sanghi tried to arouse curiosity all through the book except the climax which tends to be subtle and the key point of the book is lost amidst the interesting facts and theories.

The Krishna Key : Free Download, Borrow, and Streaming : Internet Archive

More on my blog Aug 26, Manikanta Avinash rated it really liked it Shelves: I was skeptical as to whether he is trying really hard to become Dan Brown of India. But I really liked how well he tried to build up the premise and how much research he has done. Though he is not an author who can engage you in general, the story will help you to peg on.

The only complaint I have is how he is closely following Dan Brown. A mercenary, a secret group, a professor of history But I like how he tri I was skeptical as to whether he is trying really hard to become Dan Brown of India.

But I like how he tried to connect a lot of things. I was also surprised that I didn't know so many things about Indian history. The only thing is , of many things he mentioned , I am not sure what sources are credible and what are fiction he wrote for the sake of book!

A brave attempt nevertheless, and a thumbs up to Ashwin Sanghi. He lived up to his fan's expectations and deleivered another awesome book! I only hope, he becomes as famous as Amish Tripathi. Apr 02, Devdoot De Roy rated it really liked it. Just one word for this one - Awesome!!! Really well written It was really a great learning experience too as I didnt know most of the things written about Krishna and Mahabharata I really felt guilty sometimes while reading as I didnt know about one of the greatest e Just one word for this one - Awesome!!!

It was really a great learning experience too as I didnt know most of the things written about Krishna and Mahabharata I really felt guilty sometimes while reading as I didnt know about one of the greatest epics but learning has no age - better late than never. Would strongly recommend to everyone.


Jan 25, D. Vasudevan rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Sreeramprasath R K. This book speaks Mahabharatham and present day hunt for the secret left over by Lord Krishna in parallel fashion. Starting with Indus valley civilization Saraswati civilization , the author goes on and on touching the most controversial theories ever heard off regarding Hindu mythology. Abraham- put the 'A' as last, you will get Brahama Impressive points: Shiva lingam at Mecca's Kabba- Man!

I was literally blown away when the author gave comparisons between Hinduism and Islam where it says most following of Islam have emerged from Hinduism. The word Allah in arabic language, in ancient hindu symbols resembles OM 2. Taj Mahal: A palace and temple co-existed before Taj mahal came into picture. He also lives by his word proving the lotus,coconut mango images in the form of symbols at Taj mahal.

All through the book, the author never says Vishnu, instead its Vish stating that Shiv and Vish are two sides of the same coin. Wonders of somnath temple: The rumors of alchemy transforming lead to gold behind the somnath temple pillars. Hanging shiva lingam which is destroyed by Muhhamed ghazini and captured.

Plenty of argumentative facts in the form fiction maybe. Not-so Impressive: Kalki- 10th avatar from 21st century: Here , the author failed to take things to next level. I was disappointed 2. This mentioning appears at many chapters. Infact the whole idea of Krishna key was based on the ceramicplate, but again the author failed here atlast. What about the 4 seals as well?! Is Lord Buddha the 9th avatar of Vishnu??

Again conflict of theories, but this didn't hold good. Star defined as symbol of life creation: Already this has been said by Dan-brown, Mr. Indian Dan Brown. Pick this book if you are a history buff and interested in Hindu mythology. My rating would be 3. Nov 15, Harish Challapalli rated it really liked it Recommends it for: Recommended to Harish by: Nimal Prashanth. I must say I am more than impressed with his interest to write about our history, culture in a more sophisticated and logical way possible.

The Krishna Key is a compilation of many historical incidents, scientific researches with some fiction out of the author's imagination. The extensive research done by the author shows his commitment for giving a perfect output.

The entire book goes on with a rapid pace except for the sub This is the second book of Ashwin Sanghi I read after Chanakya's Chant. The entire book goes on with a rapid pace except for the subplot of the lead antagonist. Those chapters made me feel that the author drifted from the plot. Apart from that, every subplot will interest you. At this point, the comparison with the infamous "Davinci Code" is worth mentioning. Yes, we can clearly see many resemblances both the novels have.

The author took the former as a theme and befit the later into it. Like the protagonist being a middle aged academician, symbols, codes, ending the story at a monument and etc. Also the way story goes back and forth to mahabharata era and present era will also make the reader compare it with the author's earliest work , Chanakya's Chants. However, the author just confined the mahabarata narration in Lord Krishna's POV to merely a paragraph just before every chapter.

One can say, without any qualms that " The Krishna Key" is definitely a knowledge imparting fictitious narration of History.

I am glad that i read this , though not a path breaking but, enchanting narrative of Sri Ashwin Sanghi. I was disappointed with the ending.. What you guys think about it?? Do we have enough historical characters to serve as heroes for thrillers today? Readers Also Enjoyed. Videos About This Book. More videos About Ashwin Sanghi. Ashwin Sanghi. Ashwin Sanghi—entrepreneur by day, novelist by night—has all the usual qualifications of an Indian businessman.

Economics from St. Finance from the Yale School of Management. Besides being a businessman, Ashwin manages a parallel career as writer of fiction. The book was subsequently published by Westland in and in India under his own name and went on to become a national bestseller. UTV has purchased the movie rights to the book and a film based upon the story is expected soon.

Ashwin is also working towards a Ph. Ashwin lives in Mumbai with his wife, Anushika, and his eight-year old son, Raghuvir. Books by Ashwin Sanghi. Trivia About The Krishna Key. Quotes from The Krishna Key. Welcome back.