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Download the Book:The Dc Comics Encyclopedia Updated And Expanded Edition PDF For Free, Preface: Following the success of the first edition, the updat . Read The DC Comics Encyclopedia comic online free and high quality. Fast loading speed, unique reading type: All pages - just need to scroll to read next. [PDF] DC Comics Encyclopedia All-New Edition: The Definitive Guide to the Characters of the DC Universe [EBOOK |EPUB |ONLINE |FREE.

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The DC Comics Encyclopedia Vol. 1 - 2. Get FREE DC and Marvel Comic Download only on GetComics. Following the success of the first edition, the updated and revised DC Comics Encyclopedia offers even more incredible DC detail and imagery. The DC Comics Encyclopedia (Updated & Expanded).pdf - Ebook download as PDF File .pdf) or read book online.

Captain Trips - The Stand: Conqueror Newuniversal: Luke Cage Avengers Origins: Magik What If? None of the facts and figures in this book are relevant anymor This is a beautiful, giant-sized coffee table book for any fan of DC Comics.

Then I, as I like to put it, read up on the enemy. I have a list composed below, and it's got convincing evidence.

I must note that this list is not supposed to be in any particular order. No 'hero' gets killed. Definitely not the major ones. Also, the whole 'my parents died' backstory is probably the only use This is probably a review people who know me have been waiting for for a long time.

Also, the whole 'my parents died' backstory is probably the only used backstory for any heavy hitters of DC. Take Superman, Batman, Robin, Flash, and a lot more for instance. They've used that story close to a billion times, and still expect sympathy from the readers. There are approximately different versions of each character.

What's next A turtle? The prefixes are problematic as well. There are about 15 characters whose names start with 'Mister. There is no landscape. No map of where everything is. Where is Gotham City? It's where Gotham City is. I hate time travel. End of story. How is this a valid part of this review? It's in because DC has time travel.

And a pretty terrible explanation behind it too. Marvel has no time travel. Characters only travel to alternate universes without changing their own through time travel. This is one of the things that is most annoying. Everyone is either good or evil. The bad guys even know that they are bad guys. No one does that in real life. Oh, I want to be an evil dude when I grow up. Completely unrealistic. There are no mercenaries or anti-heroes or just regular old people. They always have to have some designated category and powers.

This meaning character variety. I noticed this while going through this book, there is perhaps one African American of actual importance. Look in Lois Lane's section and all you find is the extended version of "She likes Superman. There are lots. It's fun going through and pointing out some stuff. It's also funny that DC has a character called Captain Marvel. DC rips-off it's own stuff too. Another excuse, other than cross-overs, to put all the heavy hitters in one book.

Also, the names of these things are terrible.

Wonder Woman

It's like they are trying to come up with the most ways to put League and Justice in team names. Their theory is: Read one, read them all. After you read one crime-bust, you don't need to read anymore. I'm pretty sure they stick to the same formula every time and just change the variables.

I mean this book because the layout is kinda poor, I can't tell where one ends and whose image belongs where, and the large sections. By this I mean those side-by-side pages that show something lame like 'Team-Ups' rather than actual events or something.

Maybe they don't have any. I henceforth conclude my list, and my rant as well. I hope this brings to light some interesting points, and I shall sign off now. Jul 31, John Yelverton rated it it was amazing. This book is an essential addition to any comic book fan's library. Feb 08, Daniel A. The DC Comics Encyclopedia: The Definitive Guide to the Characters of the DC Universe mostly served to remind me why I've basically given up reading mainstream comics, at least from the so-called "Big Two", and certainly new ones from the "Big Two".

A more-or-less comprehensive catalog of the overwhelming majority of characters plus some significant events, objects, etc. This isn't to say that there isn't some real positive benefit to The DC Comics Encyclopedia ; absent a significant update of DC's classic Who's Who series from the s—which I greatly enjoyed, and akin to which Marvel has published Official Handbook of the Marvel Universe A To Z - Volume 1 with its thirteen subsequent volumes—this is all we've got, and, particularly for major characters, it is comprehensive.

Continuity is a mess, contradicting itself all too frequently, and this volume does nothing to address this, often failing to issue even a rudimentary explanation. And most irritatingly, the persistent, repeated, and frequent careless and blatant errors in editing editors' notes not being excised , obviously wrong information in data boxes, mistakes in identifying characters—things that a book of this sort really ought to get right led me to the conclusion that the corporate masters at Time Warner—note that I'm not blaming DK Publishing, as they're only the agent, as it were, though they may bear some responsibility as well—believe we're so fanatical that we'll buy anything featuring our beloved characters, no matter how shoddy.

It's disrespectful, in a nutshell. It may take two years, it may take twenty, but in one sense or another Marvel and DC are not long for this world. I hate to say it, given how many years of my life I've invested in their products, but The DC Comics Encyclopedia doesn't exactly quell this impression.

At this point, I'm no longer sure. Trying to remember Eclipso and why he has such attitude? Ever wondered what Lois Lane's middle name Joanne and true eye color is blue? Then this is your one-stop shop for the sillier of the two long-standing comic universes, DC. Filled with minutia and busting with color, it's A-Z with characters, super groups, organizations, alien races, vehicles, weapons, greatest battles, even romantic entanglements.

If superhero comics is your soap opera -- as it is mine -- this is the ultimate scorecard to who's who.

NOT a good sign, but, well, things change! Buy this! Great cover art by famed realist painter Alex Ross. More pictures at parkablogs. Over characters are packed into this page hardcover. The characters are arranged alphabetically so they are pretty easy to find, and all are illustrated with beautiful images from original comic books. Since there are so many characters, the lesser known ones get only a small entry.

It's a very good read with lots of interesting details on character background. Great More pictures at parkablogs. Great book for those into superheroes and comics. Jul 29, Agilulfo Kurz rated it it was amazing. I really love this.

I use it as a reference when it comes to DC Comics. Hopefully Marvel has something similar. Nov 23, RazoDrn10 rated it it was amazing. Incredible comic, I like the description of the characters. My coffee table source book for DC comics quick reference. Nov 23, Lostshark rated it it was amazing.

It is a beautiful fantasy. Crooked Little Vein has become one of my guilty pleasures, and thankfully I found the book at a good price in a used bookstore.

For as many times as the book made me grin, laugh, or just shake my head there were times I felt like I should feel slightly ashamed reading the story. The sound bite description of the plot is this.

Comics pdf dc encyclopedia

By reading this book at l Crooked Little Vein has become one of my guilty pleasures, and thankfully I found the book at a good price in a used bookstore. By reading this book at large gatherings the government plans to reset U. It is not a piece of great writing.

Truthfully, author Warren Ellis, much better known for his graphic novels, appeared to have strung together a series of his internet articles and items he and others, whom he acknowledges in an afterward, have found on the net.

But, I had lots of fun reading this light page novel. And, there is something to be said for posing questions such as, what is Mainstream? Would you give the government a mind control device in this case the book , and is information a WMD in essence and not in the way you might think after reading this review.

I will begin by saying that I am not a comic book reader but after reading this book, I'm considering taking it up. I wanted this book because I am a fan of the animated TV shows featuring heroes from the DC comics i. The hardcover is fairly large. It giv I will begin by saying that I am not a comic book reader but after reading this book, I'm considering taking it up. It gives a brief but detailed summary of each character's history. It also features at least one illustration of the character.

The more prominent figures get a larger spread Batman gets 4 pages, for instance.

I have looked through this book many times since I got it. Of course, I cannot vouch for the accuracy of the information. Like I said, I'm seriously considering getting into comic books. This is an amazing volume. May 07, Roberta rated it liked it Recommends it for: DC comics enthusiasts. This source was somewhat disappointing for me. Yes, it has all of the characters you would think of although John Constantine does not get his own separate entry oddly enough. The descriptions don't do justice to the history of characters like Superman and Wonder Woman.

Most of the details of these icons are cursory of the past half century or so and much more detailed about the current incarnation. Most of the pre-Crisis history of any character still active post-Crisis is very cursory. Honestl This source was somewhat disappointing for me.

Honestly, I'd have settled for no descriptions of their various Western heroes and non-superpowered heroes except for folks like Batman, Robin, Nightwing and Lois Lane. I didn't much care about that stuff; I wanted more details on the superheroes not every character in their comics which according to the encyclopedia were not covered.

The artwork was snippets from comics, which of course meant as early as the late 's for some comics, so some was really good and some was good for the time but not good for today. The writing was okay, but not stellar. My only other criticism is I wish they'd detailed the powers of each character a bit more.

Overall, it is a good detailed reference for current characters, but do not expect it to be comprehensive for each character. I was heartbroken to read under the entry for Bouncing Boy that: Bouncing Boy has yet to leave his mark in other Legion timelines. How come every time they revamp a comic universe they ruin my favorite characters?

It mak I was heartbroken to read under the entry for Bouncing Boy that: It makes me sick. When I was a kid, watching Diff'rent Strokes with my Grandma in the room was very unpleasant. I loved her, but she could be bitter. You couldn't exactly savor Arnold Jackson's dry wit with her yammering on every 72 seconds about how she'd never let any kid talk to her like that. I guess I was fortunate that she was unable to gain possession of the remote control.

God knows what we would have watched. Probably Hee Haw. And yet, I am now so completely beginning to understand Grandma's disgust. Even by my relaxed standards of odd, Grandma struck me as being rather odd.

And not the kind of odd I want to understand. Thanks again, DC. No doubt Frank Miller is somehow responsible. Oct 29, Eric Klee rated it liked it. This is a beautiful, giant-sized coffee table book for any fan of DC Comics.

It gives you an in-depth, yet succinct, account of DC Comics' heroes, villains, and those in between. It provides their statistics and a well-written history for each. Each entry is dotted with images from the actual comics across the years.

PDF] DC Comics Encyclopedia All-New Edition: The Definitive Guide to …

The downside? None of the facts and figures in this book are relevant anymor This is a beautiful, giant-sized coffee table book for any fan of DC Comics. None of the facts and figures in this book are relevant anymore in DC Comics' New 52 reboot. The heroes and villains in the current DC Comics no longer have the history displayed so wonderfully in this book.

So, if you're a huge fan of DC Comics pre, this is a fantastic book for you. It serves as a great reminder of the classic stories that DC offered prior to scrapping everything and starting over. Just be aware that none of the information presented apply to present-day DC Comics. May 09, Grayson rated it it was amazing Shelves: I love both of them. Just like the Marvel book, you can look up anybody that's in DC Comics stories or movies and read everything you would ever want to know about them.

You can look up Superman, Batman, or any others and that includes the villains and other characters and creatures. It gives information about what they look like there are pictures for most all of them , their My mom and dad gave me this book, "The DC Comics Encyclopedia" for Christmas in along with The Marvel Encyclopedia.

It gives information about what they look like there are pictures for most all of them , their secret names if they have one like Clark Kent or Bruce Wayne, how they get their powers and what they are, and more stuff about their background. I enjoyed reading it and sometimes I will get it out or the Marvel book out and look up someone if I see a movie about them or something.

It's really fun and I recommend that you get both of these books and buy them so you can have them to look up characters. They are awesome! Add all three to Cart Add all three to List. Buy the selected items together This item: Ships from and sold by Amazon. FREE Shipping. Customers who bought this item also bought. Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1.

Marvel Encyclopedia, New Edition.

The DC Comics Encyclopedia Vol. 1 – 2

Stan Lee. Ultimate Marvel. Adam Bray. Melanie Scott. Marvel Encyclopedia. Matt Forbeck. Marvel Studios Character Encyclopedia. Brandon T. From the Publisher. Green Arrow Green Arrow has undergone many changes since his first appearance in Jonah Hex As if cursed by his name, Jonah Hex's life was blighted by bad luck. Harley Quinn To say Harley Quinn is a little bit disturbed is putting it mildly.

Pdf dc comics encyclopedia

Wonder Woman "You know who I am. Who the world needs me to be. I'm Wonder Woman. The Joker The Joker possesses what must arguably be the most dangerous criminal mind on the planet. Metal Men After Doctor Magnus discovered the Metal Men were intended to be assassins, they rebelled, seeking refuge in his home.

On the Record From the outset, Wonder Woman has been portrayed as a complex amalgamation of feminist icon and glamorous heroine. Review "…this is the updatiest of them all… get this copy. Read more. Product details Hardcover: DK; New edition October 25, Language: English ISBN Tell the Publisher!

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Comic history is very fluid and none are more so than DC Comics. With all the origin changes and world changing events its hard to keep up to date with it all in a printed medium.

So the timing of this encyclopedia is curious. With the Rebirth event debuting only weeks later they come out with this latest reference guide. The On The Record sections are great to give you a heads up to upcoming changes. Although its limited due to Rebirth having just lauched.

Book:DC Comics

So no big Superboy aka Jon Kent spread. No Watchmen or Superwoman. So if your a fan of Rebirth. You aren't going to find much here. This is definitely a book for the casual reader and DC fan alike. Makes following the time line a bit easier. Great book. I owned the DC encyclopedia edition before this one as well as the Marvel Encyclopedia. I used to think both were pretty good, although the DC one was less appealing at the time as I found the formatting and numerous blemishes sloppy.

The actual information in that edition wasn't very good either, nor was the artistry and colors. Then I got this encyclopedia as I got rid of the DC one before it. Holy shmokes! This one blew not only the model out of the park, but also the Marvel Encyclopedia!

Now listen, I'm more a DC fan at heart but I like Marvel too, but even with all of my biases removed, this encyclopedia is simply the best. The entries clearly come from passionate writers and every paragraph manages to fit an impressive amount of information.

The artwork is masterful and fresh, and there are no blurry or poorly pasted images anywhere; they all truly come from the best of artists. While the Marvel Encyclopedia had better art than the DC one before, it still had its fill of blurry drawings and outdated designs. But this encyclopedia does away with all of that! So not only are the paragraphs filled with meaningful and well-written info, the art is top-notch too. The only criticism I have is that on some pages that contain dark ink, such as the Batman entry, the ink must be too sensitive because my fingerprint becomes visible if touching some of those page's dark ink.

However this only effected four pages that I have seen and is a minor nuisance; the text cannot be smudged whatsoever. Also, this book covers everything from pre-flashpoint to rebirth, so it takes the best of all three "Eras" which is good if you were someone who disliked any of them.

Overall, great product and is absolutely worth it and unlike the Marvel Encyclopedia, the binding is actually very well done and the book itself thinner. Very nice and thick hardback with cover lighter for reference in photos. This was for my 20 year old son who was very pleased with the book.

It has so many pages that it can be enjoyed for a long time by either looking at and reading detail filled page or just by using as a reference when a character detail is needed.