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Motel of the mysteries by David Macaulay; 6 editions; First published in ; Subjects: Modern Civilization, Humor, Antiquities, Protected DAISY, In library. Motel of the Mysteries. Our community's buildings, structure, art, statues, and personal belongings can tell a lot about us. Archeologists study the physical. [Free download] Motel of the Mysteries. Motel of the Mysteries ebooks | Download PDF | *ePub | DOC | audiobook. 1 of 1 people found the following review.

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Motel of the Mysteries. David Macaulay. David Macaulay is a brilliant illustrator and author whose many books illuminate the workings of humankind's. motel. What will be his startling – and wholly erroneous – conclusion about American startling discovery at the Motel of the Mysteries, in the area called Usa. Carson, with his companion harriet burton, began seven years' work of excavation of the. Motel of. Mysteries complex. Tomb

Unit 2 Unit 1: To ensure maximum comfort during eternal life, several pieces of beautifully crafted furniture were placed in the room, along with additional garments stacked carefully in a specially designed rectangular pod. Lesson Author. Wahyu Hadi Trifadli. It's all enhanced by Macaulay's detailed and meticulous pen-and-ink sketches. The similar postures of the two bodies led Carson to the conclusion that the proper burial position had the chin resting as much as possible on the chest. The kids share their results with the class.

October 8, History. By David Macaulay. Go to the editions section to read or download ebooks.

Motel of the mysteries David Macaulay. Motel of the mysteries Close. Want to Read. Are you sure you want to remove Motel of the mysteries from your list? About the Book. Places North America. Times , s. Motel of the Mysteries , Scholastic Inc.

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Motel of the mysteries , Houghton Mifflin. Clarify When You Analyze Unit We're Always Writing Something! Unit Speaking and Listening Practice Unit Tall Tales and Legends Conglomeration. An Archaeological Satire Add to Favorites 3 teachers like this lesson.

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TSWBAT analyze an excavation through the narrator's point of view, and determine the accuracy of the archaeologist's discoveries. Big Idea Confirming the locale of Usa and uncovering the mysteries of Tomb 26, show how tricky the job of an archaeologist really is! Lesson Author. Grade Level. Nonfiction Reading. Warm Up 5 minutes. The kids share their results with the class.

Application 30 minutes. Closure 15 minutes. Previous Lesson.

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An Archaeological Satire

Harriet immediately began tagging and identifying each item while Howard drew conclusions. Image 9. As he had predicted, a second body was present, and this one appeared to have been buried with more care and ritual than the first. Wearing the Ceremonial Head Dress No. The proportions of the sarcophagus had been precisely determined to prevent the deceased from ever sliding down into a fully reclined position.

The similar postures of the two bodies led Carson to the conclusion that the proper burial position had the chin resting as much as possible on the chest. Although the outer surface of the sarcophagus was plain, there were two sets of ceremonial markings on the inside.

The first consisted of ten parallel rows of slightly raised discs along the floor of the sarcophagus over which the body had been placed. The second was an almost entirely faded line that ran all the way around the walls parallel to and about ten inches above the floor.

Two water trumpets, one about five feet above the other, projected from the end wall facing the deceased. Some of the music required during the final ceremony was produced by forcing water from the sacred spring through the trumpets and out through a small hole in the floor of the sarcophagus. Other music came from the music box No. Articles No. Carson was overjoyed to find that the Sacred Point was perfectly preserved on the sacred parchment. Very few had previously been uncovered, and none in such remarkable condition.

The Headband, which bore the ceremonial chant, and the Sacred Collar not numbered were still in place on the Sacred Urn to which they had been secured following the ceremony. Harriet insisted that she be allowed to wear some of the priceless treasures.

Carson gave in. For the remainder of the day, Harriet proudly strode around the site wearing the Sacred Collar and matching Headband. She also wore the magnificent plasticus ear ornaments and the exquisite silver chain and pendant.

Image Slowly, a vast funerary complex began to emerge from the soil.

The tombs, which had all been destroyed except, quite miraculously, for Number 26, lined both sides of a long ceremonial passage. The overall structure was laid out on the familiar "U" plan, and at the base of the "U: By far the largest and grandest room of the complex, the sanctuary contained a magnificent altar covered entirely in sheets of plasticus petrificus, or, as it was called by the ancients, "Formica.

motel of the mysteries

Offerings from friends and relatives of the deceased were probably placed in a particular slot once the tomb had been sealed. Behind the sanctuary was the room in which the sacrificial meals were prepared.

Beyond this area was the great courtyard, in the center of which was the ceremonial pool. Prior to the ceremony within the tomb, each body was apparently washed in the pool, which was also fed by the sacred spring. Specially marked funerary game areas intended to occupy the spirits of the dead during eternal life were located around the sacred pool and were accessible to each of the tombs through sliding panels.

The archaeologists responsible for this great find were able to obtain funding to support a museum exhibition of some of the most important discoveries.

By the time of the opening, there were thousands of excited people lined up under the canopied walkway that surrounded the building - each hoping for at least a glimpse of the treasures about which they had read and heard so much. Aware of the potential popularity of the exhibition and wishing to avoid the congestion that had plagued so many of THE MUSEUM's earlier efforts, the particularly far-sighted Curator of Yankology had arranged the entire display on a specially constructed sloping floor.

As the visitors entered the exhibition they were strapped into a pair of well-oiled roller skates.

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Carson was so overwhelmed by the enthusiastic response to the objects on display, that he spontaneously removed the Sacred Collar and Ceremonial Headband from their respective cases, put them on, and performed the ritual chant of the ranking celebrant into the Sacred Urn.

Those rolling by at the time went wild with excitement. Some of the treasures on exhibit from the Motel of the Mysteries site: Why or Why not? Flag for inappropriate content. Related titles. Muller J. Ideology, Economics and Power in the Andes. Jump to Page. Search inside document. Documents Similar To motel of the mysteries. Ernest Mancenido. Miguel Vas.

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